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Name: Chinesisch - Pinyin
Erstellt von: Jörg-Michael Grassau
Erstellt am: 19.06.2002
Copyright: (c) Gerard van Wilgen; wichtiger Copyright-Hinweis zu den Wortschätzen auf vokabeln.de
Inhalt: Grundwortschatz, Aufbauwortschatz und Spezialwortschatz
Chinesisch (Pinyin-Umschrift / Schriftzeichen) - Englisch
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Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 1(25 Vokabeln)
he2 (和)and; together with; with; peace; harmony; union
bi4 xu1 (必须)to have to; must
you3 (有)to have; there is; there are; to exist; to be
zhong1 (中)within; among; in; middle; center; while (doing sth); during; China; Chinese
xiang4 (向)direction; part; side; towards; to; guide; opposite to
zuo4 (作)to regard as; to take (somebody) for; to do; to make
yu2 (予)I
yi3 ji2 (以及)as well as; too; and
ji2 qi2 (及其)and; as well as
ba1 qian1 (八千)eight thousand; 8000
zai4 (在)(located) at; in; exist
bi3 ren2 (鄙人)your humble servant; I
ta1 (它)it
suo3 you3 (所有)all; to have; to possess; to own
nai3 shi4 (乃是)to be
nai3 (乃)to be; thus; so; therefore; then; only; thereupon
yu2 (於)at; in; in regard to
zhi4 (至)arrive; most; to; until
dao4 le (到了)in (a past time); there were
cao1 (操)integrityto hold; to drill; to exercise; to act; to do; to take in hand; to keep; to manage
nin2 (您)you (formal)
wu2 (无)-less; not to have; no; none; not; to lack; un-
zhen4 (朕)I; we (imperial use); subtle
bu4 de2 bu4 (不得不)have no choice or option but to; cannot but; have to; can't help it; can't avoid
qi1 shi2 nian2 dai4 (七十年代)the 1970's
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 2(25 Vokabeln)
jie2 zhi4 (截至)up to (a time); by (a time)
dui4 (对)couple; pair; to be opposite; to oppose; to face; for; to; correct (answer); to answer; to reply; to direct (towards sth); right
zuo4 (做)to do; to make; to produce
zhi1 (之)(literary equivalent of µÄ); (subor. part.); him; her; it
gei3 (给)to; for; for the benefit of; to give; to allow; to do sth (for sb); (passive particle)
dao4 (到)to (a place); until (a time); up to; to go; to arrive
wu4 (勿)do not
ben3 ren2 (本人)I (me; myself); oneself; in person; personal
wei2 (为)act as; take...to be; to be; to do; to serve as; to become
shi2 qi1 (十七)seventeen; 17
bing4 bu4 (并不)not at all; emphatically not
gai1 (该)that; the above-mentioned; most likely; to deserve; should; ought to; owe
bing4 qie3 (并且)and; besides; moreover; furthermore; in addition
zhe4 wei4 (这位)this (person)
ban4 (办)to do; to manage; to handle; to go about; to run; to set up; to deal with
bu4 fu2 (不服)not accept (something); want to have (something) overruled or changed; refuse to obey or comply; refuse to accept as final; remain unconvinced by; not give in to
cong2 shi4 (从事)go for; engage in; undertake; to deal with; to handle; to do
ji4 (继)to continue; to follow after; then; afterwards; to go on with; to succeed; to inherit
ju4 shuo1 (据说)it is said that; reportedly
ta1 (他)he; him
hao2 bu2 (毫不)hardly; not in the least; not at all
ge3 (合)1; 10 of a peck
ru2 (如)as (if); such as
guan1 xi (关系)relation; relationship; to concern; to affect; to have to do with; relations; guanxi
tong2 (同)like; same; similar; together; alike; with
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 3(25 Vokabeln)
shi4 (是)is; are; am; yes; to be
xing2 (行)all right; capable; competent; OK; okay; to go; to do; to travel; temporary; to walk; to go; will do
zhi1 yi1 (之一)one of (sth); one out of a multitude; one (third, quarter, percent, etc.)
you2 (由)follow; from; it is for...to; reason; cause; because of; due to; by; to; to leave it (to sb)
bu4 dan1 (不单)not the only; not merely; not simply
shi3 (使)to make; to cause; to enable; to use; to employ; messenger
dong3 de (懂得)to understand; to know; to comprehend
yi3 mian3 (以免)in order to avoid; so as not to
xi3 huan (喜欢)to like; to be fond of
er4 shi2 san1 (二十三)23
bo2 (博)extensive; ample; rich; obtain; aim; to win; to get; rich; plentiful; to gamble
shi2 san1 (十三)thirteen; 13
bie2 (别)leave; depart; seperate; distinguish; classify; other; another; do not; must not; to pin
nei4 ge4 (那个)that one
chao1 (抄)to copy; to plagiarize; to search and seize; to go; to transcribe; to take a shortcut; to search and confiscate
da3 xiao1 (打消)dispel (doubts, misgivings, etc.); give up on
ying4 yong4 (应用)to use; to apply; application; applicable
shou4 (授)to teach; to instruct; to award; to give
er4 shi2 (二十)twenty; 20
er2 qie3 (而且)not only ... but also ....; ... as well as ...; moreover; in addition
ai1 ge4 er2 (挨个儿)one by one; in turn
fa1 xian4 (发现)to find; to discover
min2 (民)the people; nationality; citizen
zou3 (走)to walk; to go; to move
ben3 (本)roots or stems of plants; origin; source; this; the current; root; foundation; basis; (a measure word)
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 4(25 Vokabeln)
ding3 yong4 (顶用)to be of use
dang1 shi2 de (当时的)of that time; former
duo1 shao3 (多少)how much; how many; which (number)
zhi4 (志)the will
yi1 (一)one; single; a(n)
wan2 (完)to finish; to be over; whole; complete; entire
mou3 (某)(used before measure word and noun) some; (a) certain; so and so
mei2 (没)(negative prefix for verbs); have not; not
geng4 hao3 (更好)better; more
zai4 pang2 (在旁)by (a place)
qu4 (去)to go; to leave; to remove
bao1 kuo4 (包括)to comprise; to include; to involve; to incorporate; to consist of
jing1 li4 (经历)experience; go through
geng4 jia1 (更加)more (than sth else); even more
qi1 man3 (期满)to expire; to run out; to come to an end
ji4 (暨)and; reach to; the end
zhan3 (展)to use; to spread out; to postpone; to unfold
deng3 (等)class; rank; grade; equal to; same as; wait for; await; et cetera; and so on
you4 lai2 le (又来了)Here we go again
zhao4 gu (照顾)take (good) care of; show some consideration; to attend to; to look after
bu4 er4 fa3 men2 (不二法门)the one and only way; the only proper course to take
ci3 hou4 (此後)after this; afterwards; hereafter
zai4 (载)to carry; to convey; to load; to hold; and; also; as welb as; simultaneously
lun4 (论)by the; per; discuss; theory; to talk (about); to discuss
da4 gai4 (大概)roughly; probably; rough; approximate; about
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 5(25 Vokabeln)
yi1 ci4 (一次)first; first time; once
liu4 shi2 (六十)sixty; 60
ci3, zhe4, zhei4 (此, 这, 这)this; these
cai2 (才)just; not until
wan2 bi4 (完毕)to finish; to end; to complete
bi3 (彼)that; those; (one) another)
zai4 zhi1 nei4 (在?之内)in; within
yuan2 (援)to help; to assist; to aid
yao1 bu4 (腰部)waist; small of the back
lai2, lai2 (来, 徕)to come
meng2 (萌)people; sprout
bu4 zai4 (不在)not be in; be out
yun3 (允)just; fair; to permit; to allow
huo4 de2 (获得)to obtain; to receive; to get
er2 (而)and; as well as; but (not); yet (not); (shows causal relation); (shows change of state); (shows contrast)
fan3 fu4 (反复)repeatedly; over and over
wo3 de (我的)my; mine
si4 chu4 (四处)all over the place; everywhere and all directions
na3, na3 (那, 哪)how; which
yi1 ran2 (依然)still; as before
ru2 chu1 yi1 zhe2 (如出一辙)be precisely the same; be no different
nian2 yi3 lai2 (年以来)since the year ...
hu1 yu4 (呼吁)call on (someone to do something); appeal; to appeal (to)
ben3 nian2 du4 (本年度)this year; the current year
gui4 xing4 (贵姓)what is your name?
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 6(25 Vokabeln)
ke3 wei4 (可谓)it could even be said
mo4 (殁)to end; to die
ai1 ci4 (挨次)one after another; in turn; one by one
qi1 jian1 (期间)period of time; time; time period; period
xing2 (形)to appear; to look; form; shape
bu4 shuang3 (不爽)not well; out of sorts; in a bad mood; without discrepancy; accurate
fu2 he2 (符合)in keeping with; in accordance with; to agree with; to correspond with; to be in line with; manage; to handle
ruo4 (偌)so; such; to such a degree
bu4 hen3 (不很)not very
na4 shi2 (那时)at that time; then; in those days
gou4 cheng2 (构成)to constitute; to form; to compose; to make up
huai2 nian4 (怀念)to cherish the memory of; to think of
shi2 liu4 (十六)sixteen; 16
chu1 (初)at first; (at the) beginning; first; junior; basic
fen1 fen1 (纷纷)one after another; in succession; one by one
bian4 (便)ordinary; plain; convenient; handy; easy; then; so; thus; to relieve oneself
ding3 zhu4 (顶住)to withstand; to stand up to
lin2 (临)to face; to overlook; to arrive; to be (just) about to; just before
zheng4 (正)just (right); main; upright; straight; correct; principle
zi1 (滋)excite; nourish; this
lu4 (碌)laborious; small stone; to record; to tape; to write down; to hire; to employ
fang4 (放)to release; to free; to let go; to put; to place; to let out
fu3 yang3 cheng2 ren2 (抚养成人)to bring up (a child)
bu4 xia2 (不暇)have no time (for sth; ); be too busy (to do sth; )
qian2 nian2 (前年)the year before last
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 7(25 Vokabeln)
bi4 (畀)confer on; give to
bu4 zu2 (不足)insufficient; lacking; deficiency; not enough; inadequate; not worth; cannot; should
jiang1 jiu (将就)accept (a bit reluctantly); put up with
wei2 (惟)-ism; only
you4 (又)(once) again; also; both... and...; again
bu4 ji4 shi4 (不济事)no good; of no use; not of any help
hui2 qu (回去)return; go back
ba1 shi2 (八十)eighty; 80
da4 zhong4 (大众)people; public; masses
zhe4 zhong3 fang1 shi4 (这种方式)(in) this way
bei4 hou4 (背後)behind; at the back; in the rear; behind somebody's back
jin1 (今)today; modern; present; current; this; now
qi1 shen1 (栖身)stay at; live in (temporarily)
li2 (离)to leave; to depart; to go away; from
du3 (睹)observe; see
bai3 yang4 zi3 (摆样子)do sth; for show
ci3 shi2 (此时)now; this moment
yin1 ci3 (因此)that is why; for that reason; therefore; for this reason
bu4 xiang1 gan1 (不相干)be irrelevant; have nothing to do with
duo1 shu4 (多数)majority; most
yi4 (诣)go
yuan2 (爰)therefore; to lead on to
cheng2 (承)to bear; to carry; to hold; to continue; to undertake; to take charge; owing to; due to; to receive
nan2 ren2 (男人)a man; a male; men
zhi2 zheng4 (执政)be in power; be in office
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 8(25 Vokabeln)
mou3 xie1 (某些)some; certain (things)
kai1 yan3 (开演)(of a play, movie, etc.) to begin
mu3 (亩)about 1; 6 acre (M)
kan4 (看)it depends; think; to see; to look at
xi4 (系)be; system; to tie; department; faculty
cheng2 (盛)to hold; contain; to ladle; pick up with a utensil
de2 dao4 (得到)to get; to obtain; to receive
jin1 zhao1 (今朝)at the present; now
ta1 men dou1 (他们都)all of them
dai4 biao3 (代表)representative; delegate; to represent; to stand for
huan4 (唤)to call
tong1 guo4 (通过)by means of; through; via; to adopt; to pass through; to get through; to switch over
yi2 wang4 wu2 ji4 (一望无际)as far as the eye can see (lit: look afar no bound)
er4 bai3 (二百)two hundred; 200
bu4 shi2 (不时)frequently; often; at any time
ni3 men (你们)you (plural)
guan1 yu2 (关於)pertaining to; concerning; regarding; with regards to; about
yu4 jia1 (愈加)all the more; even more; further
hai2 shuo1 (还说)to add (in speaking); to also say
bu4 bi4 (不必)need not; does not have to
bing4 (并)and; also; together with
peng4 jian4 (碰见)to run into; to meet
ban1 (般)sort; kind; class; way; manner
she4 (设)to set up; to arrange; to establish; to found; to display
jiang4 (降)to drop; to fall; to come down; to descend
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 9(25 Vokabeln)
dang1 jin1 (当今)current; present; now; nowadays
ai4 hao4 (爱好)to like; to be fond of; to be keen on; interest; hobby
cun2 zai4 (存在)to exist; to be
ban1 nong4 (搬弄)move sth; about; fiddle with; show off; display
yong1 (庸)ordinary; to use
ban4 fa3 (办法)means; method; way (to do something)
zuo4 chu1 (做出)to put out; to issue
bai4 nian2 (拜年)pay a New Year call; wish sb a Happy New Year
ju3 (举)to lift; to hold up; to cite; to enumerate; to act; to raise; to choose; to elect
hui4 bu4 hui4 (会不会)(posing a question: whether someone, something) can or not; is able to or not
zhi3 you3 (只有)only
shi2 po4 (识破)to penetrate; to see through
yi1 jiu3 si4 jiu3 nian2 (一九四九年)the year 1949 (Communist revolution)
jue2 (厥)his; its
guo4 lai2 (过来)to manage; to handle; to be able to take care of
gui1 ding4 (规定)provision; to fix; to set; to formulate; to stipulate; to provide
gai3 zao4, gai3 bian4 (改造, 改变)to change; to alter; to transform
shi2 qi1 (时期)a period in time or history; period; time (interval); phase
zui4 xian1 (最先)(the) very first
chi4 (啻)(not) just; (not) only
liang2 hao3 (良好)good; favorable; well; fine
ji4 hua4 (计划)plan; project; program; to plan; to map out
bu4 shan4 (不善)bad; ill; not good at; not to be poohpoohed; quite impressive
dong3 (懂)to understand; to know
jian1 (间)between; among; space; (measure word)
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 10(25 Vokabeln)
yi4 (亦)also
ji2 jiang1 (即将)on the eve of; to be about to; to be on the verge of
zha4 (乍)for the first time; suddenly
fan2 shi4 (凡是)every; all
chu1 (出)to go out; to come out; to occur; to produce; to go beyond; to rise; to put forth; to occur; to happen; (a measure word for dramas, plays, or operas)
san1 qian1 wu3 bai3 (三千五百)3 500
shang4 xia4 (上下)up and down; top and bottom; old and new
ru2 he2 (如何)how; what way; what
da4 shi4 (大事)a major event; (do something) in a big way
ai4 (爱)to love; affection; to be fond of; to like
fu3 (甫)just; just now
jie4 (价)great; good; middleman; servant
yu2 (余)extra; surplus; remaining; after; I; me
juan1 zeng4 (捐赠)to donate; to give (away)
dai4 zhi1 yi3 (代之以)(has been) replaced with; (its) place has been taken by
zhang3 quan2 (掌权)wield (political, etc.) power; be in power
gou4 (够)to reach; to be enough
xia4 jiang4 (下降)to decline; to drop; to fall; to go down; to decrease
gan3 dao4 (感到)to feel; to sense; to have the feeling that; think that; to move; to affect
gai3 jin4 (改进)to improve; to make better
qi2 zhong1 (其中)among; in
zai4 jin1 nian2 nian2 di3 (在今年年底)at the end of this year
wu2 (吾)I; my
xiao4 (肖)similar; resembling; to ressemble; to be like
sheng1 ji2 (升级)to escalate (in intensity); be stepped up; to increase; to rise; to go up
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 11(25 Vokabeln)
qu4 wei4 (趣味)to interest
dang1 shi2 (当时)then; at that time; while
dong4 (动)to use; to act; to move; to change
yao4 (要)important; vital; to want; to be going to; must
zi1 (资)resources; capital; to provide; to supply; to support; money; expense
gan3 (感)to feel; to move; to touch; to affect
qi2 ta1 (其它)other
pai1 (拍)to clap; to pat; to beat; to hit; to slap; to take (a picture)
tong2 nian2 (同年)the same year
ke3 yi3 (可以)can; may; possible; able to
guan4 (罐)can; jar; pot
nian2 lai2 (年来)over the last ... years
ji3 yu3 (给予)accord; give; show (respect)
yi1 nian2 duo1 (一年多)more than a year
yong4 yi3 (用以)in order to; so as to
er4 shi2 liu4 sui4 (二十六岁)26 years old
nei4, na4 (那, 那)that; those
shi4 (事)matter; thing; item; work; affair
zhi3 hao3 (只好)to have to; to be forced to
yi1 ge4 (一个)a; an
zhuo2 (ぴ)to wear (clothes); to contact; to use; apply
chen2 (陈)arrange; exhibit; narrate; tell; old; stale; a surname; to state; to display; to explain; (surname)
tong2 shi2 (同时)at the same time; simultaneously
bu4 tong2 (不同)different; distinct; not the same; not alike
chu1 kou3 (出口)to speak; to exit; to go out; to export
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 12(25 Vokabeln)
fa1 (发)to send out; to show (one's feeling); to issue; to develop
yu3 (予)to give
wan4 (万)(surname); 10,000
wang3 (往)to go (in a direction); past; previous; towards
bei4 (被)by (marker for passive-voice sentences or clauses); quilt; blanket; to cover; to wear
er4 shi2 duo1 (二十多)over 20
cha2 (察)examine; inquire; observe; inspect; look into; to examine
zhen1 dui4 (针对)in connection with; directed towards; to direct at; to aim at; to point against
xu1 (胥)all; assist; to store
cheng2 (乘)ride; mount; make use of; take advantage of; multiply; to avail of; to ride
dei3 (得)to have to; must; ought to; to need to
tun4 (褪)fade; take off (clothes)
fa1 fang4 (发放)provide; give; grant
wei2 yi1 (唯一)only; sole
dan4 shi4, ke3 shi4 (但是, 可是)but; however
tun1 tu3 (吞吐)to take in and send out (in large quantities)
dai4 you3 (带有)have; involve
ni3 hao3 (你好)hello; how are you
bu3 chang2 (补偿)compensate; make up
qian1 (佥)all
zou1 (诌)make up (a story)
bai2 da1 (白搭)no use; no good
dang1 chu1 (当初)at that time; originally
bie2 wu2 (别无)have no other (choice, alternative, etc)
zhi1 yuan2 (支援)provide assistance or backing; to support; to back
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 13(25 Vokabeln)
gui4 (贵)expensive; noble; your (name); precious
jia1 shang4 (加上)to put in; to add; plus; to add on; to add into
wo4 (斡)to turn
bu4 neng2 bu4 (不能不)have to; cannot but
ji4 (觊)covet; long for
zao4 (造)to make; to build; to invent; to manufacture
yun4 yong4 (运用)to use; to put to use
shi2 hou4 (时候)time; length of time; moment; period
xun2 zhao3, xun2 qiu2 (寻找, 寻求)to seek; to look for
shang3 (赏)enjoy the beauty of; give
du2 (独)alone; independent; single; sole; only
mo4 ru2 (莫如)it would be better
chu1 lu4 (出路)a way out (of a difficult situation, etc)
you3 zhi4 zhe3 shi4 jing4 cheng2 (有志者事竟成)where there is a will, there is a way
neng2 (能)can; may; capable; energy; able
liao3 (了)to know; to understand; to know
cao1 lao2 (操劳)to work hard; to look after
yi1 wan4 si4 qian1 er4 bai3 (一万四千二百)14200
tan2 dao4 (谈到)to refer to; to speak about; to talk about
she4 ji4 (设计)plan; design; to design; to plan
si4 shi2 (四十)forty; 40
zhi3 chu1 (指出)to indicate; to point out
sui4 (岁)year; years old; (a measure word)
bian4 (变)to change; to become different; to transform; to vary; rebellion
zhi4 (置)to install; to place; to put
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 14(25 Vokabeln)
chang2 jiu3 (长久)(for a) long time
cheng2 (呈)to assume (a form); to submit; to petition; to show; to present; to offer
hou4 mian (後面)rear; back; behind
fa1 dong4 (发动)to start; to launch; to mobilize
fu2 (服)clothes; dress; garment; submit; take (medicine)
yi2 xiang4 (一项)an item; a thing
she4 li4 (设立)to set up; to establish
dai4 (待)wait; treat; deal with; need; about; intending to do something
ji4 cheng2 (继承)to inherit; to carry on; to succeed
bu4 neng2 (不能)cannot; must not; should not
dang1 (当)to be; to act as; manage; withstand; when; during; ought; should; match equally; equal; same; obstruct; just at (a time or place); on the spot; right; just at
jin3 jin3 (仅仅)barely; only; merely; only (this and nothing more)
xia4 (下)under; second (of two parts); next (week, etc.); lower; below; underneath; down(wards); to decline; to go down; latter
jin4 xing2 (进行)to advance; to conduct; underway; in progress; to do; to carry out; to carry on; to conduct; to execute
xu1 yao4 (需要)to need; to want; to demand; needs; to require
li4 yu2 (利於)be beneficial; be good for
na2 zhu3 yi (拿主意)to make a decision; to make up one's mind
yu2 shi4 (於是)thereupon; as a result; consequently; thus
zhi1 xi1, xiao3 de (知悉, 晓得)to know
shu4 (述)to state; to tell; to narrate; to relate
neng2 gou4 (能够)be capable of; can; is able
ke4 fu2 (克服)(try to) overcome (hardships, etc); to conquer; to put up with; to endure
zhui1 jiu1 (追究)investigate; look into
san1 shi2 (三十)thirty; 30
bai3 (摆)pendulum; to place; to display; to swing; to oscillate; to show; to move; to exhibit
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 15(25 Vokabeln)
dun4 (顿)a time; jerk; stop; meal; bout; spell; (measure for beating)
tong1 tong1 (通通)all; entire; complete
jiu1 zheng4 (纠正)to correct; to make right
gao3 (搞)to do; to make; to go in for; to set up; to get hold of; to take care of
bu4 zhi3 (不只)not only; not merely
cu4 shi3 (促使)spur on; urge; to cause; to bring about
pin2 pin2 (频频)repeatedly; again and again
tuo2 (佗)carry on the back
pan4 wang4 (盼望)to hope for; look forward to
biao3 xian4 (表现)expression; manifestation; show; display; manifest; to show (off); to display
bu4 da4 li2 er (不大离儿)pretty close; just about right; not bad
hui4 (会)can; be possible; be able to; to assemble; to meet; to gather; to see; union; group; association
tong2 ling2 (同龄)of the same age
chu3 yu2 (处於)be (in some state, position, or condition)
jie1 (皆)all; each and every; in all cases
shi4 bu4 shi4 (是不是)is or isn't; yes or no; whether or not
xun2 mi4 (寻觅)to look for
xie2 (携)to carry; to take along; to bring along; to hold (hands)
qia4 (恰)exactly; just
jia1 (夹)clip; folder; hold between; to press from both sides; to place in between
yi4 xiao3 bu4 fen (一小部分)a small part; a small section
shang4 xue2 (上学)to go to school; to attend school
huan4 (擐)pass through; to get into (armor)
biao3 (表)surface; exterior; to watch; to show; express; an example; a list or table; a meter; a watch; chart; external
wei4 (为)because of; for; to
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 16(25 Vokabeln)
bi4 se4 (闭塞)stop up; close up; hard to get to; out of the way; inaccessible; unenlightened; blocking
ai1 jin4 (挨近)get close to; be near to
mi3 (靡)extravagant; go with fashion; not
ta1 men (他们)they
xie1 (些)some; few; several; (a measure word)
zu3 cheng2 (组成)component; part; element; constitute; make up
zou3 kai1 (走开)Get out of the way!
he2 (何)carry; what; how; why; which
bing4 (并)and; furthermore; (not) at all; simultaneously; also; together with; to combine; to join; to merge
bei1 fu4 (背负)bear; carry on the back; have on one's shoulder
nai4 (奈)how can one help
shang4 shi4 (上市)on the market
shi4 tu2 (试图)to attempt; to try
ji4 jie2 (季节)time; season; period
zhao4 yang4 (照样)as before; (same) as usual
shu2 xi1 (熟悉)to know well
shi4 ren2 (世人)(common) people
yong1 hu4 (拥护)to endorse; to support
zhi3 (指)finger; to point; to direct; to indicate
bu4 zhong1 yong4 (不中用)unfit for anything; no good; useless
jin4 er2 (进而)and then (what follows next)
wo3 (我)I; me; myself
gao4 su (告诉)to tell; to inform; to let know
yi3 bian4 (以便)so that; so as to; in order to
zhuan4 (转)to revolve; to turn; to circle about; to walk about
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 17(25 Vokabeln)
duo1 (多)many; much; a lot of; numerous; multi-
ceng2 (曾)(refers to something that happened previously); already; at some time in the past; before; once
gong1 bu4 (公布)publicly announce; to make public; to publish
yi1 hao4 (一号)first day of the month
man4 chang2 (漫长)very long; endless
zhi4 li4 (致力)work for; devote one's efforts to
jiu4 bian4 (就便)at (your) convenience; while (you're) at it
fei1 chang2 duo1 (非常多)much
shao1 (捎)bring or take (along)
gao1 du4 (高度)height; very; high degree; highly; height; highness
zhe4 tian1 (这天)today; this day
xiang4 (像)(look) like; similar (to); look; appearance; elephant; to look; to appear; to seem; image; portrait; resemble; seem
nie1 hu2 (捏合)to act as a go between
chu1 lai (出来)to come out; to emerge
fang1 (方)square; quadrilateral; direction; just
liu2 (流)to flow; to spread; to circulate; to move
zai4 zhi1 shang4 (在之上)over
bei4 mian4 (背面)the back; the reverse side; the wrong side
gang1 hao3 (刚好)just; exactly; happen to be
shi1 xing2 (施行)to put in place
gong1 shang1 jie4 (工商界)industry; the world of business
fang1 shi4 (方式)way (of life); pattern; style; mode; manner
zhan4 you3 (占有)to have; to own; to hold; to possess
dao4 (倒)upset; turn over; to tip; to pour; to go home; to the contrary; inverted
bi4 (毕)the whole of; to finish; to complete; complete; full; finished
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 18(25 Vokabeln)
zheng4 dang1 (正当)timely; well-timed; just when (needed)
lai2 dao4 (来到)to come; to arrive
bai4 bie2 (拜别)take leave of
bao1 (包)to cover; to wrap; to hold; to include; to take charge of; package; wrapper; container; bag; to hold or embrace; bundle; packet; to contract (to or for)
xi4 (系)be; connection; relation; tie up; bind
na4 li (那里)there; that place
yi1 bai3 er4 shi2 liu4 (一百二十六)126
fou3 ze2 (否则)if not; otherwise; else; or else
zui4 wei2 (最为)the most
ri4 qian2 (日前)the other day; a few days ago
yong4 (用)to use
yi2 xiang4 (一向)all long; the whole time; constantly; earlier; lately
jiu4 (就)at once; then; right away; only; (emphasis); to approach; to move towards; to undertake
bu4 shi2 zhi1 xu1 (不时之需)a possible period of want or need
yi1 zhou1 (一周)one week
bao3 liu2 (保留)continue to have; retain; hold back; reserve; reservations; hold back (approval or acceptance); to preserve; maintain
jiu4 shi4 (就是)(emphasizes that something is precisely or exactly what is stated); precisely; exactly; even; if; just like; in the same way as
tang3, yao4 shi4, jia3 ru2, ruo4 shi4, de hua4 (倘, 要是, 假如, 若是, 的话)if
liang3 qian1 nian2 (两千年)the year 2000; 2000 years
teng2 (腾)to soar; to gallop; to rise; to prance; to hover; to move out
shi2 jian1 (时间)time; period
na4 yang4 de (那样的)that kind of; that sort of
jian4 (见)to see; to meet; to appear (to be sth); to interview
zhi1 jian1 (之间)between; among; inter-
tou2 fang4 (投放)to put in (circulation); to throw in
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 19(25 Vokabeln)
hen3 (狠)fierce; very
hao4 (耗)mouse; new; to waste; to spend; to consume; to squander
er3 (尔)thus; so; like that; you; thou
xiao3 shi4 (晓示)to tell; to notify
jiu3 wei2 (久违)(haven't done sth) for a long time
ben4 (奔)go to; towards
an4 qi2 (按期)on schedule; on time
gong1 fu (工夫)work; labor; effort
shi2 er4 (十二)12; twelve
wei4 ci3 (为此)for this reason; with regards to this; in this respect; in order to do this; to this end
yi2 dong4 (移动)mobile; movement; to move; to shift
nie1 (捏)to pinch (with one's fingers); to knead; to make up
bu4 xu3 (不许)not allow; must not; can't
nuo2 wor1 (挪窝儿)to move (to a house)
zou3 chu1 (走出)to move away from; to walk away from
bu4 yi1 (不依)not comply; not go along with; not let off easily; not let sb; get away with it
you2 yu2 (由余)owing to; thanks to; as a result of
sui2 zhi1 er2 hou4 (随之而後)from that; following from that; after that
mo4 (没)drowned; to end; to die; to inundate
zhao3 dao4 (找到)find (what one was searching for); succeeded in finding
bu4 jian4 (不见)not see; not meet
fan3 hui2 (返回)return to; come (or go) back
ling4 wai4 (另外)additional; in addition; besides; separate; other; moreover; furthermore
kao3 l` (考虑)to think over; to consider; consideration
yi1 (壹)one (alternate form of Ò»)
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 20(25 Vokabeln)
xiao3 (晓)dawn; to know; to tell (sb sth); dawn
shi2 (识)to know; knowledge
nai3 er3 (乃尔)thus; like this
zhi4 yu2 (至於)go so far as to
di4 er4 ci4 (第二次)second; second time
bu4 lai4 (不赖)not bad; good; fine
yong1 (拥)crowd; thong; to hold; crowded; to support
yi2 yang4 (一样)same; like; equal to; the same as; just like
lu2 (胪)belly; skin; to state
ban4 lu4 (半路)halfway; midway; on the way
fang4 zhi4 (放置)put
tui1 chi2 (推迟)to postpone; to put off
bu4 lun4 (不论)no matter (what, who, how, etc.); whether; or; regardless of
shang1 pin3 (商品)good; commodity; merchandice
ren2 shu4 (人数)number of people
bu4 he2 (不合)not conform to; be unsuited to; be out of keeping with; should not; ought out
you3 shi2 (有时)sometimes; now and then
zen3 yang4 (怎样)how; why
zhi4 (制)system; to make; to manufacture; to control; to regulate
xiu1 (修)to decorate; to embellish; to repair; to build; to study; to write; to cultivate
yi1 tao4 (一套)suit; a set
gan3 jue2 (感觉)to feel; to become aware of; feeling; sense; perception
xiang4 xia4 (向下)down; downward
di3 (氐)foundation; on the whole
tu2 (途)way; route; road
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 21(25 Vokabeln)
da4 ti3 (大体)in general; on the whole
xiang3 (响)to make a sound; to sound; to ring; (a measure word for sound); loud
hui4 jian4 (会见)to meet with (someone who is paying a visit)
xi2 (习)to practice; to study; habit
ran2 hou4 (然後)after; then (afterwards); after that; afterwards
gan3 shang4 (赶上)keep up with; catch up with
gen4 (亘)extend across; through
yun4 xing2 (运行)be in motion; to move; to run
tang3 (傥)if; unexpectedly
xu1 (需)to require; to need; to want; necessity; need
chan3 sheng1 (产生)to come into being; to produce; to cause; to bring about; to generate; to yield; to engender
di4 yi1 li4 (第一例)first case; first instance; first time (sth is done)
que4 (却)but; yet; however; while; to go back; to decline; to retreat; nevertheless
yan3 shi4 (演示)to demonstrate; to show
jin1 shi4 (今世)this life; this age
zuo4 ye4 (作业)school assignment; work; task; operation; to operate
ce4 hua4 (策划)plot; scheme; bring about; engineer
jing4 (竟)unexpectedly; actually; to go so far as to; indeed
zhuan3 dao4 (转道)make a detour; go by way of
shu2 (孰)who; which; what
shi3 de (使得)usable; workable; feasable; doable; to make; to cause
shen4 zhi4 yu2 (甚至於)so much (that); even (to the extent that)
xiang4 (项)(surname); back of neck; item; thing
ge1 (搁)to place
yu3 (与)and; to give; together with
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 22(25 Vokabeln)
si4 shi2 liu4 (四十六)forty six; 46
chu4 (触)knock against; touch; to feel
bang1 (邦)a state; country or nation
shou4 shi2 (授时)time service
zen3 me (怎麽)(interrogative pronoun); how (can it be that)
kong4 (控)to accuse; to charge; to control; to sue
chang2 shi4 (尝试)to try; to attempt
xun2 (寻)to search; to look for; to seek
ji2 (及)to reach; and
ting1 shuo1 guo (听说过)to hear said
wan1 (蜿)to move (as snake)
ren4 yi4 (任意)arbitrarily; at will; random
shan4 chang2 (擅长)to be good at; to be expert in
an1 pai2 (安排)to arrange; to plan; to set up; to set up
nar4 (那儿)there; that place; then; that time
an1 she4 (安设)install; set up
jing1 guo4 (经过)to pass; to go through; process; course
zhan3 shi4 (展示)to open up; to reveal
zhu4 zuo4 (着作)a literary work; a book
cao1 zong4 (操纵)to operate; to control
ji4 (洎)to reach; when
ling4 yan3 xiang1 kan4 (另眼相看)to view in a new light
duo1 da4 (多大)how big; how much; how old; etc.
lu4 xu4 (陆续)in turn; successively; one after the other
bo4 (薄)thin; slight; meagre; small; ungenerous; unkind; mean; frivolous; despise; belittle; to approach; to go near; peppermint
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 23(25 Vokabeln)
gui1 (归)to go back; to return
ri4 ye4 (日夜)day and night; around the clock
xian4 (现)appear; present; now; existing; current
ju4 (巨)very large; huge; tremendous; gigantic
huan4 (换)change; exchange
huo3 (夥)assistant; partner; many; great; numerous
lian4 ai4 (恋爱)to have a love affair; to be in love; to love; love
ni3 (拟)plan to
shu4 qi (竖起)hold up (high); raise up
lian3 se4 (脸色)complexion; look
shou1 ru4 (收入)to take in; income; revenue
qi2 (其)his; her; its; theirs; that; such; it (refers to sth preceding it)
bu4 (簿)a book; a register; account-book
dan4 (诞)birth; birthday; brag; boast; to increase
zuo3 you4 (左右)about; approximately; left and right; around
ban4 (半)half; semi-; incomplete; (after a number) and a half; half
zhe2 (折)tenth (in price); to break; to fold; to turn
qian2 wang3 (前往)leave for; proceed towards; to go
qi2 (亓)(surname); his; her; its; their
qi1 shi2 (七十)seventy; 70
bu2 da4 (不大)not very; not too; not often
ti4 (替)to substitute for; to take the place of; to replace; for; on behalf of; to stand in for
zai4 ye3 (在野)be out of (political) office; out of power
qu4 (趣)interesting; to interest
ri4 yi4 (日益)day by day; more and more; increasingly; more and more with each passing day
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 24(25 Vokabeln)
ping2 min2 (平民)(ordinary) people
yin3 qi3 (引起)to give rise to; to lead to; to cause; to arouse
kui4 (馈)food; make a present
zhan4 ling3 (占领)to occupy (a territory); to hold
bu4 (布)to declare; to annouce; to spread; to make known; spread; (cotton) cloth
zhu4 (着)to make known; to show; to prove; to write; book; outstanding
jie4 zhu4 (借助)to get help from
tan2 lun4 (谈论)to discuss; to talk about
zao4 cheng2 wen4 ti2 (造成问题)to create an issue; to cause a problem
kan4 jian4 (看见)to see; to catch sight of
xi1 (悉)in all cases; know
shang4 ban1 (上班)to go to work; to be on duty; to start work; to go to the office
jie1, xie2 (偕, 偕)in company with
gong1 zheng4 (公正)just; fair; equitable
jiao1 (浇)to water
an3 (俺)I (northern dialects)
li4 shi2 (历时)to last; to take (time); period
mei3 nian2 (每年)every year; each year; yearly
shen3 (审)to examine; to investigate; carefully; to try (in court)
he2 shi2 (何时)when
xin1 (新)meso- (chem.); new; newly
jia3 (假)fake; false; artificial; to borrow; if; suppose
nuo2 dong4, qian1 (挪动, 迁)to move; to shift
guo4 lai (过来)to come over; to come up
song4 (送)to deliver; to carry; to give (as a present); to present (with); to see off; to send
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 25(25 Vokabeln)
bu4 wu2 xiao3 bu3 (不无小补)not be without some advantage; be of some help
lia3 (俩)(a numeral-measure word) two; both
de (的)(possessive particle); of
bu4 (不)(negative prefix); not; no
yong4 yu2 (用于)use in; use on; use for
gao4 bie2 (告别)to leave; to bid farewell to; to say good-bye to
bi4 (避)avoid; shun; flee; escape; leave; to keep away; to leave; to hide
duo1 nian2 (多年)many years
zui4 chu1 (最初)first; primary; initial
zai1 (栽)to force; to stick in; to plant
za2, zan2 (咱, 咱)we (incl.)
dang4 zuo4 (当做)to treat as; to regard as; to look upon as
si4 shi2 san1 (四十三)43; forty three
jiao4 zuo4 (叫做)be called; be known as
chang2 (偿)to compensate; pay back; to recompense
guan1 nian4 (观念)notion; thought
qian2 (前)before; in front; ago; former; previous; earlier; front
shei2, shui2, he2 ren2 (谁, 谁, 何人)who
yi2 (遗)to lose; to leave behind
zan2 men (咱们)we (including the person spoken to)
yi3 gu4 (已故)the late; deceased
zao1 (遭)a time; incident; meet by chance; turn
hui2 gu4 li4 shi3 (回顾历史)to look back at history
yi1 jiu3 jiu3 qi1 nian2 (一九九七年)the year 1997
bai2 tian1 (白天)daytime; during the day; day
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 26(25 Vokabeln)
zhi3 (只)only; merely; just; but
luo4 (落)alight; to fall; to drop (behind)
pou2 (掊)take up in both hands
xue2 xi2 (学习)to learn; to study
bu3 bao4 (补报)make a report after the event; make a supplementary report; repay a kindness
lao3 bai3 xing4 (老百姓)ordinary people; the €person in the street€
li4 zi (例子)case; (for) instance; example
liang2 (良)good; very; very much
pan4 (盼)to hope for; to long for; to expect
ji4 (际)border; edge; boundary; between; among; interval; while
jiu3 qi1 nian2 (九七年)'97; the year 1997
lu4 (路)(surname); road; path; way
shi3 yong4 (使用)to use; to employ; to apply; to make use of
hui4 bao4 (汇报)to report; to give an account of; report
zhi3 shi4 (只是)merely; simply; only; but
fan2 za2 (繁杂)many; diverse
pao3 bu4 (跑步)to walk quickly; to march; to run
dang1 xin1 (当心)to take care; to look out
bu4 ran2 (不然)not so; no; or else; otherwise; if not
bian1 zao4 (编造)compile; draw up; work out; fabricate; invent; concoct; make up; cook up; create out of the imagination
xiang4 (象)shape; form; appearance; to be like; to ressemble; to take after; to seem; elephant
shou4 shou4 (授受)to give and accept
lao3 (老)(a prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family to indicate affection or familiarity); old (of people)
yu2 (于)(surname); at; in
zhi4 jin1 (至今)until now
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 27(25 Vokabeln)
mao4 (懋)be great; exert the mind
yue1 han4 yi1 shu1 (约翰一书)1 John
yin1 (因)cause; reason; because
qi4 shi4 (弃世)to leave this word; to die
shu4 (束)bunch; (a measure word); to bind; to control
wang3 chang2 (往常)habitually in the past; as one used to do formerly; as it used to be
fang1 fa3 (方法)method; way; means
ban4 yi3 shang4, ban4 shu4 yi3 shang4 (半以上, 半数以上)more than half
na4 xie1 (那些)those
xian2 (咸)all; in all cases; salty
que1 fa2 (缺乏)shortage; be lacking; to be short of; to lack
bo1 (拨)to push aside; to appropriate (money); to move; to set aside; group; batch; to poke; to stir
ying3 xiang3 (影响)influence; to effect; to influence
ding1 (叮)sting (of mosquito); to ask
ding3 (顶)go against; most; peak; top; to replace; to substitute; a measure word (use with €hat€)
fu2 (弗)not
yue1 mo (约莫)about; around; approximately
zhe4 ge4 (这个)this
nan2 (难)difficult (to...); problem; difficulty; difficult; not good
di4 yi1 ci4 (第一次)first; first time; number one
zu3 (组)to form; compose; make up; group; to organize; cord
ai2 (挨)next to; suffer (hunger); endure; drag out; delay; stall; play for time
duo1 nian2 lai2 (多年来)for the past many years
bu4 shi4 wei4 er (不是味儿)not the right flavour; not quite right; a bit off; fishy; queer; amiss; feel bad; be upset
ju3 xing2 (举行)to hold (a meeting, ceremony, etc.)
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 28(25 Vokabeln)
die1 (跌)to drop; to fall; to tumble
ban4 tian1 (半天)half of the day; a long time; quite a while
ya4 (轧)crush; in the first place
gong1 zuo4 (工作)job; work; construction; work; task
jiao4 (徼)boundary; go around
bi4 you2 zhi1 lu4 (必由之路)the road one must follow or take; the only way
bai3 ban1 (百般)in hundred and one ways; in every possible way; by every means
guo4 (过)(past tense marker); to cross; to go over; to pass (time); to live; to get along; (surname)
wei3 (韪)correct; right
biao1 xin1 li4 yi4 (标新立异)start something new in order to be different; do something unconventional or unorthodox; create something new and original
yue4 (越)to exceed; to climb over; to surpass; the more ... the more
shi4 qing2 yao4 zuo4 (事情要做)thing that needs to be done
tao3 (讨)ask for; send punitive expedition; to demand; to marry
san1 shi2 si4 (三十四)thirty-four; 34
yan3 ran2 (俨然)just like; solemn; dignified
ci4 gei3 (赐给)to bestow; to give
zen3 me yang4 (怎麽样)how about; (used in the negative)(not) so good
shu4 zi4 (数字)number; figure; amount; digital (electronics, etc); numeral; digit
gan4 (干)to work; to do; to manage
she3, ba4 shou3 (舍, 罢手)give up
can1 (参)take part in; participate; join; attend; to join; unequal; varied; irregular; to counsel; uneven; not uniform
tong2 (潼)high; name of a pass
zou1 (驺)go; mythical animal
yi1 nian2 ban4 (一年半)a year and a half
ceng2 chu1 bu4 qiong2 (层出不穷)to come out one after the other
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 29(25 Vokabeln)
chen4 tuo1 (衬托)to set off
ji3 (几)a few; how many
jing3 (井)warn; well
zhe4 yang4 (这样)this (kind of, sort of); this way; such; like this; such
bie2 de (别的)else; other
chu3 (处)to reside; to live; to dwell; to be in; to stay; get along with; to be in a position of; deal with
sheng1 huo3 (生火)to make a fire; to light a fire
zhong1 yu2 (终于)at last; in the end; finally
ying2 ye4 (营业)to do business; to trade
yi4 zhi4 (意志)will
yi3 shang4 (以上)more than; above; over; the above-mentioned
hui2 gu4 (回顾)to look back; to review
wu4 (物)thing; object; matter
duo1 me (多麽)how (wonderful, etc); what (a great idea, etc); however (difficult it may be, etc)
zhuang4 (状)accusation; suit; state; condition; strong; great
ti2 gong1 (提供)to supply; to provide; to furnish
yi3 wang3 (以往)in the past; formerly
ji3 (几)how much; how many; several; a few
bu4 sheng4 (不胜)cannot bear or stand; be unequal to; very; extremely
you3 xie1 ren2 (有些人)some people
jun1 (钧)30 catties; great; your (hon.)
jian4 (建)to establish; to found; to set up; to build; to construct
ji4 (冀)Hebei; to hope
bu4 chi4 (不啻)not less than; as; like; as good as
xun4 (讯)to question; to ask; to interrogate; rapid; speedy; fast; news; information
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 30(25 Vokabeln)
chi2 chi2 (迟迟)(be) late (with a task, etc.); slow
ju3 ban4 (举办)to conduct; to hold
gong1 (公)just; honorable (designation); public; common
ba1 (巴)(suff. for certain nouns); to hope; to wish
jiao3 (绞)hang (a criminal); to turn; to twist; to wind
mu4 qian2 (目前)at the present time; currently
cao2 (曹)a company; a class; a generation; (a surname)
bai3 shi2 (百十)a hundred or so
zhu2 (逐)to pursue; to chase; individually; one by one
gai3 (改)to change; to alter; to transform; to correct
si4 (似)to seem; to appear; similar; like; to resemble
bian4 (遍)a time; everywhere; turn; all over; one time
zuo4 yong4 (作用)action; activity; actions; acts; effect; to play a role
di4 er4 ci4 shi4 jie4 da4 zhan4 (第二次世界大战)World War 2
cai3 yong4 (采用)to adopt; to employ; to use
chang3 suo3 (场所)location; place
ru2 ci3 (如此)in this way; so
dang1 ran2 (当然)only natural; as it should be; certainly; of course; without doubt
lao3 ren2 (老人)old people; the aged
chuan1 (川)river; creek; plain; an area of level country
ji3 (脊)spine; back; ridge
ze2 (则)(expresses contrast with a previous sentence or clause); standard; norm; rule; to imitate; to follow; then; principle
hu2 (胡)(surname); beard; what why how
zhan4 ju4 (占据)to occupy; to hold
qi3 lai (起来)beginning or continuing an action; upward movement; stand up
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 31(25 Vokabeln)
gao3 (杲)high; sun shines brightly; to shine
he2 chu3 (何处)whence; where
chang3 shang1 (厂商)company; firm
dai4 (带)band; belt; girdle; ribbon; area; zone; region; wear; carry; lead; bring; consists of; show; and
cha1 (插)insert; atick in; pierce; to take part in; to interfere; to interpose
chu1 fa1 (出发)to start out; to set off
nong2 (侬)you (Shanghai dial.)
huo4 zhe3 (或者)or; possibly; maybe; perhaps
yin3 dao3 (引导)to guide; to lead; to conduct; introduction
quan2 (权)authority; power; right
niu3 (纽)to turn; to wrench; button
fan2 (凡)ordinary; every; all; whatever; worldly
yao4 you3 (要有)need; require
ke3 neng2 (可能)might (happen); possible; probable; possibility; probability
di4 er4 wei4 (第二位)second place
zhi1 chi2 (支持)to be in favor of; to support; to back; support; backing; to stand by
jia4 yu4 (驾驭)to control; to drive
chu1 ban3 (出版)to publish; to come off the press; to put out
liao4 (料)material; stuff; grain; feed; to expect; to anticipate; to guess
ti2 (提)to carry; to lift; to put forward; (upwards character stroke); lifting (brush stroke in painting); to mention
shu1 (纾)slow; to free from
kai1 hui4 (开会)have a meeting; be at a meeting; to hold or attend a meeting
bu4 dan4 (不但)not only (... but also...)
shuai4 xian1 (率先)take the lead (showing inititative)
man3 zu2 (满足)to satisfy; to meet (the needs of)
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 32(25 Vokabeln)
jian4 mian4 (见面)meet; see (someone)
kui2 (馗)cheekbone; crossroads; high
gen1 (跟)to follow; to go with; heel; with; and
fu4 (负)lose; negative (math. etc.); to bear; to carry (on one's back)
nai4 (柰)crab-apple; how can one help
wu1, wu1 zi (屋, 屋子)house; room
bei4 ji3 (背脊)the back of the human body
shou4 dao4 (受到)get; be given; receive; suffer
da1 (搭)build (scaffolding); take (boat; train); hang; join; match; take passage
nian2, zai3, nian2 tou2 (年, 载, 年头)year
bi3 lu4 (笔录)put down (in writing); take down; notes; record
zhuang1 zhi4 (装置)equipment; system
ma3 shang4 (马上)at once; right away; immediately
wan2 nong4 (玩弄)resort to; engage in; play with
shen3 li3 (审理)to hear (a case)
jing1 yan4 (经验)to experience; experience
gao1 da2 (高达)attain; reach up to
duo3 (躲)avoid; get out of way; to hide; to go into hiding
zhi4 ding4 (制定)to draw up; to formulate
jiao3 (缴)hand in; hand over
ba1 zhang3 (巴掌)palm; hand
shou4 (受)to bear; to stand; to endure; (passive marker); to receive
bu4 xiang1 shang4 xia4 (不相上下)equally matched; about the same
rang4 kai (让开)to get out of the way; to step aside
jin4 (尽)to use up; to exhaust; to end; to finish; to the utmost; exhausted; finished; to the limit (of sth)
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 33(25 Vokabeln)
ba1 jiu3 bu4 li2 shi2 (八九不离十)pretty close; very near; about right
nian2 di3 (年底)the end of the year; year-end
jie1 zhe (接ぴ)continue; went on to (do something); to follow; to carry on; then; after that
hai2 (还)also; in addition; more; still; else; still; yet; (not) yet
mo4 (莫)do not; there is none who
mei2 you3 (没有)haven't; hasn't; doesn't exist; to not have; to not be
er2 jin1 (而今)now; at the present (time)
wei3 (委)give up; indeed; to commission
bu4 mai3 zhang4 (不买账)not buy it; not go for it
liao3 jie3 (了解)understand; come to understand; find out
tao3 lun4 (讨论)to discuss; to talk over
zui4 hao3 (最好)best; (you) had better (do what we suggest)
bi3 lin4 (鄙吝)vulgar; stingy; miserly; mean
sheng1 ming4 (生命)life (force)
zhang3 guan3 (掌管)control; be in charge of
zuan3 (缵)carry on
bai4 hui4 (拜会)pay an official call; call on; visit in an official capacity
jiu4 yuan2 (救援)to save; to support; to help; to assist
fu4 you3 (富有)rich; full of
yun2 (匀)even; evenly (divided); uniform
jing4 (净)clean; completely; only
ji4 shu4 qing2 bao4, xin4 xi2 ji4 shu4 (技术情报, 信息技术)information technology; IT
yi4 wei4 zhe (意味ぴ)signify; mean; imply
jiang3 shu4 (讲述)talk about; narrate an account
yi1 wan4 wu3 qian1 (一万五千)15000
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 34(25 Vokabeln)
wu2 yi4 (无益)no good; not good for; not beneficial
zhi4 (治)to rule; to govern; to manage; to control; to harness (a river); cure; treatment; to heal
han2 (函)envelope; case; letter
fu2 (扶)to support with hand; to help sb. up; to help
rong2 (容)to hold; to contain; to allow; appearance; look; countenance
tai4 hao3 le, ting3 hao3 (太好了, 挺好)very good
zhe4 zhong3 (这种)this kind of; this sort of; this type of
qu1 yu4 (区域)area; region; district
zai4 yan3 qian2 (在眼前)now; at the present
mo4 qi1 (末期)end; last part; final phase
bei4 (背)learn by heart; the back of the body
pai2 (排)a platoon; line up
rao4 (绕)go around; to wind (around)
jiao4 (叫)to (be) call(ed)
xiang1 tong2 ming2 zi4 (相同名字)like-named; having the same name
zhi1 (支)(a measure word); to support; to sustain; to erect; to raise; branch; division; to draw money
biao3 da2 (表达)to voice (an opinion); to express; to convey
bai2 yan3 zhu1 (白眼珠)the white of the eye
shi4 (试)to test; to try; experiment; examination; test
cai3 qu3 (采取)adopt or carry out (measures, policies, course of action); to take
di4 yi1 (第一)first; No. 1
dui4 yu2 (对於)regarding; as far as (something) is concerned; with regards to
ma3 (码)a weight; number; yard; pile; stack
jian1 (缄)letters; to close; seal
liu2 shi1 (流失)be drained away; to run off; to wash away
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 35(25 Vokabeln)
shen4 (甚)very
pi1 (批)to assertain; (measure word for batches, lots); to act on; to criticize; to pass on
ding4 (订)to agree; to conclude; to draw up; to subscribe to (a newspaper, etc.); to order
bu4 hao3 (不好)no good
lan2 zhu4 (拦住)to stop; to bar the way
chi2 you3 (持有)hold (eg, passport, views, etc.)
quan2 li4 (权利)a power; a right
bi4 (必)certainly; must; will; necessarily
yuan2 zhu4 (援助)aid; assistance; support; help
zhou1 (周)(surname); complete; encircle; circuit; lap; week; cycle; all; every; attentive; thoughtful
mi4 (宓)(surname); still; silent
yong4 tu2 (用途)use; application
gan3 (澉)place name; wash
nong4 (弄)to do; to manage; to handle; to play with; to fool with; to mess with; to fix; to toy with
shi4 (视)to look at; to regard; to inspect
xian4 ru4 (陷入)sink into; get caught up in; land in (a predicament)
hun1 (婚)to marry; marriage; wedding; to take a wife
yan3 xi2 (演习)exercise; practice; to put on a play; to act
yi4 (挹)give up; ladle out; pour out
lai2 zi4 (来自)to come from (a place)
cheng2 (成)finish; complete; accomplish; become; turn into; win; succeed; one tenth
xuan4 (炫)dazzle; to show off
dao3 zhi4 (导致)to lead to; to create; to cause; to bring about
jia4 (架)to support; frame; rack; framework
chong1 man3 (充满)full of; brimming with; very full; permeated
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 36(25 Vokabeln)
xin1 nian2 (新年)New Year
wu2 (毋)no; not
si4 (泗)place name; snivel
zhi3 (只)but; only
yi4 xing2 (一行)party; delegation
yun2 shi, yun2 jing4 (匀实, 匀净)even; uniform
sheng1 xiao4 (生效)to take effect; to go into effect
lian4 (恋)feel attached to; long for; love
jing4 (迳)way; path; direct; diameter
xia4 ban1 (下班)to come or go or get off work
ming2 nian2 (明年)next year
lan2 (阑)door-screen; exhausted; late
chi2 man4 (迟慢)slow; late
xin4 feng4 (信奉)belief; to believe (in sth)
nuo4 (诺)to promise; to yes
mo4 bu4 (莫不)there is no one (who doesn't); probably; perhaps
xie2 hui4 (协会)an association; a society
zhai1 (摘)to borrow; to pick (flowers; fruit); to pluck; to take; to select
cu2 (徂)to go; to reach
li4 yi4 (利益)benefit; (in someone's) interest
ban4 shi4 (办事)to handle (affairs); to work
xin4 (信)letter; true; to believe; sign; evidence
tu3 lu4 (吐露)to tell; to disclose; to reveal
rang4 (让)to ask; to let; permit; have (someone do something); to yield; to allow
da4 yue1 (大约)approximately; about
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 37(25 Vokabeln)
fan3 guo4 lai2 shuo1 (反过来说)on the other hand
wo4 zhu4 (握住)grip; hold
shi1 (施)(surname); distribute (alms); to do; to execute; to carry out
si1 kao3 (思考)think
yi1 (伊)he; she
zheng4 (挣)to earn; to make (money)
duan1 (端)end; extremity; item; port; to hold sth. level with both hands; to carry; regular
bu4 zen3 me (不怎麽)not very; not particularly
bu4 zuo4 sheng1 (不做声)keep silent; not say a word
dang3 (党)party; association; club; society
zhe4 lei4 (这类)this kind (of)
hua4 zhuang1 (化装)(of actors) to make up; to disguise oneself
fu4 (赴)go towards; go to; attend (a banquet, etc.); to go
suo3 yi3 (所以)therefore; as a result
gang1 (刚)hard; firm; strong; just; barely; exactly
bu4 zen3 me yang4 (不怎麽样)not up to much; very indifferent
po3 (叵)not; thereupon
zhan1 (觇)keep at; to spy
bu4 xing2 le (不行了)on the point of death; dying
shou1 (收)to receive; to accept; to collect
ying1 dang1 (应当)should; ought to
jie2 cheng2 (结成)form; forge (alliances, etc)
chong2 xin1 (重新)again; once more; re-
jin3 (仅)barely; only; merely
gao4 zhong1 (告终)end; reach an end
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 38(25 Vokabeln)
chai2 (侪)a class; a company; companion
jiang4 (将)a general
zhu1 (诸)(surname); all; many; various
she4 zhi4 (设置)to set up; to install
xing2 xiang4 (形像)form; image
yun4 zhuan3 (运转)to work; to operate; to revolve; to turn around
an1 sheng1 (安生)peaceful; restful; quiet; still
yu4 (与)take part in
guai3 (拐)kidnap; to turn
wan2 (顽)mischievous; obstinate; to play; stupid; stubborn; naughty
da4 qing1 zao3, yi1 qing1 zao3, ling2 chen2 (大清早, 一清早, 凌晨)early in the morning
bi3 ji4 (笔记)take down (in writing); notes; a type of literature consisting mainly of short sketches
zhi3 (止)to stop; toe
yi4 (役)service
shou3 duan4 (手段)method; mean (of doing sth)
po4 (迫)to force; to compel; pressing; urgent
zi4 ji3 (自己)self; (reflexive pronoun); own
cha2 chu1 (查出)to find out; to discover
fa1 chu1 (发出)to send out; to issue
di4 yi1 ge4 ceng2 ci4 (第一个层次)the first stage
chong2 chong2 (重重)layer upon layer; one after another
guan3 (管)to take care (of); to control; to manage; to be in charge of; to look after; to run; tube; pipe
jun4 (捃)gather; to sort
yao1 (么)one on dice; small
sheng1 cheng1 (声称)to claim; to state; to proclaim; to assert
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 39(25 Vokabeln)
an4 (案)(legal) case; incident; record; file; table
za1 (匝)go round
chu1 xi2 (出席)attend; be present
xu4 shu4 (叙述)relate (a story or information); tell or talk about
qi3 ye4 (企业)company; firm; enterprise
yi2 xiar4 (一下儿)a little bit; a little while
ai4 wu1 ji2 wu1 (爱屋及乌)love me; love my dog
zhong1 duan4 (中断)to discontinue; to break off
ting2 (停)to stop; to halt
xiang4 wang3 (向往)to yearn for; to look forward to
bai3 wu2 yi1 shi1 (百无一失)no danger of anything going wrong; no risk at all
gou4 (构)Broussonetia papyrifera; to construct; to form; to make up; to compose
bing4 jia1 (病家)a patient and his family
zi4 (自)from; self; oneself; since
xi1 wang4 (希望)ro wish for; to desire; to hope
wang3 xi1 (往昔)in the past
hen3 (很)very; extremely
bang1 mang2 (帮忙)help; give (lend) a hand; do a favour; do a good turn
bin1 zhi4 ru2 gui1 (宾至如归)guests feel at home (in a hotel, guesthouse, etc.); a home from home
lai2 wang3 (来往)to come and go
shang4 (上)on; on top; upon; first (of two parts); previous or last (week, etc.); upper; higher; above; previous; to climb; to go into; above; to go up
mian4 mu4 (面目)appearance; facial features; look
fei4 (费)to cost; to spend; fee; wasteful; expenses; (surname)
xi3 ai4 (喜爱)to like; to love; to be fond of; favorite
ji4 (寄)lodge at; to mail; to send; to entrust; to depend
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 40(25 Vokabeln)
fa1 hui1 (发挥)bring to bear; bring into play; unleash
tong1 ji1 (通缉)wanted by the police (fugitive or criminal)
xiang3 fa3 (想法)idea; what (someone) is thinking; to think of a way (to do sth)
suo1 jian3 (缩减)to cut; to reduce
yi1 tian1 (一天)one day
du2 (椟)cabinet; case; casket
xi1 (奚)what why
shi2 ba1 (十八)eighteen; 18
zhan3 (辗)roll over on side; turn half over
wei2 qi1 (为期)(to be done) by (a certain date); lasting (a certain time)
pi1 (披)scatter; separate; to open; to unroll; to spread out
si1 (斯)(phonetic); this
chong1 (冲)to rinse; to collide; to water; to rush; to dash (against); to wash out; to charge; highway; public road
ni3 (你)you
kong3 pa4 (恐怕)(I'm) afraid (that); perhaps; I think
yue4 shi4 (阅世)to see the world
ruo4 da4 (偌大)so big; such a big
zuo4 ai4 (作爱)to make love
tun1 (吞)to swallow; to take
fa1 biao3 (发表)to issue (a statement); to publish; to issue; to put out
wei4 zi (位子)place; seat
qing3 (请)to ask; to invite; please (do sth); to treat (to a meal, etc); to request
bu4 de2 yi3 (不得已)act against one's will; have no alternative but to; have to; to have no choice; must
cheng1 (称)to call; to praise; to weigh; to estimate; to consider; to call; to address; to name; to say; commend
si1 wei2 (思维)(line of) thought; thinking
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 41(25 Vokabeln)
shi4 (式)type; form; pattern; style
yan3 qian2 (眼前)now; present
tuo4 (拓)expand; support on palm; to develop; to open up
zhuan3 bian4 (转变)change; transform
ci4 (次)nth; number (of times); order; sequence; next; second(ary); (measure word)
chuan2 shuo1 (传说)it is said; they say; legend; tradition; legend; tradition
zhu4, fu2 chi2 (助, 扶持)to help; to assist
huo4 (或)maybe; perhaps; might; possibly; or
li4 tu2 (力图)try hard to; strive to
jin4 ri4 (近日)in the past few days; recently; in the last few days
zu3 dang3 (阻挡)to stop; to resist; to obstruct
bu4 ling2 (不灵)not work; be ineffective
duan1 xi4 tong3 (端系统)end system
yue1 han4 san1 shu1 (约翰三书)3 John
ban4 gong1 (办公)handle official business; work (usually in an office)
tai4 (太)highest; greatest; too (much); very; extremely
jia1 jin3 (加紧)to intensify; to speed up; to step up
qian2 xi1 (前夕)eve; the day before
jin4 (进)advance; enter; to come in
ge2 shi4 (格式)form; specification; format
na3 er, nar3 (哪儿, 那儿)where
bu4 ji4 (不济)not good; of no use
jie1 chu4 (接触)contact; to contact; to be in touch with
shang4 che1 (上车)to get on or into (a bus, train, car etc.)
gu3 lao3 (古老)ancient; old; age-old
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 42(25 Vokabeln)
qu4 nian2 (去年)last year
you1 jiu3 (悠久)established; long
shang4 ge4 (上个)first (of two parts); previous or last (week, etc.)
zhong1 zhi3 (中止)to cease; to suspend; to break off; to stop; to discontinue
chao1 ling2 (超龄)too old; overage
zhong4 yao4 de shi4 (重要的是)It is important (that) ...
bu4 de2 (不得)must not; may not; not be allowed; cannot
yong1 you3 (拥有)to have; to possess
gong1 gei3 (供给)furnish; provide; supply
zhao1 zhi4 (招致)incur; lead to
ban4 gong1 ban4 du2 (半工半读)part work; part study; work-study programme
bu2 ke4 (不克)cannot; to not be able (to); to be unable to
yan3 kan4 (眼看)soon; in a moment
zhuang4 tai4 (状态)state of affairs; state; mode
tai2 (台)your
wang3 (枉)in the wrong; in vain
yi1 xie1 (一些)some; a few; a little
guan1 (关)(surname); mountain pass; to close; to shut; to turn off; to concern; to involve
jiao3 (铰)scissors; to cut (with scissors)
li4 (例)example; precedent; rule; case; instance
xian4 xing2 (现行)be in effect; in force
di4 qu1 (地区)area; region
cong2 shi4 yan2 jiu1 (从事研究)to do research; to carry out research
biao3 yan3 (表演)perform; act; play; show; performance; exhibition; demonstrate
qiong2 (邛)mound; place name
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 43(25 Vokabeln)
fan2 (繁)complicated; many; in great numbers
jing4 (靓)make up (face)
qi3 (起)to rise; to raise; to get up
yi4 huir3 (一会儿)a while
bi4 dei3, xu1 yao4 (必得, 须要)must; have to
sheng3 (省)frugal; save; to omit; to leave out; to save (money); province
kai1 shi3 (开始)begin; beginning; start; initial
bei4 zhi4 (备至)to the utmost; in every possible way
jiao3 du4 (角度)angle; point of view
bai3 (捭)spread out; to open
bao4 you3, ju4 you3, you3 zhe (抱有, 具有, 有ぴ)have; possess
yao4 bu (要不)otherwise; or; or else
zhuo2 lu4 (ぴ陆)to land; to touch down
gu4 (锢)obstinate disease; restrain; to stop
zui4 duo1 (最多)at most; maximum; largest (number of sth); the most
bu4 die2 (不迭)cannot cope; find it too much; incessantly
bu4 guo4 (不过)only; merely; no more than; but; however; only
jian1 bing4 (兼并)to annex; to take over; to acquire
shi2 jian1 nei4 (时间内)within (a period of time)
she4 (涉)involve; concern; wade; to experience
chang3 (场)a courtyard; open space; place; field; a measure word; (a measure word, used for sport or recreation)
da4 gong1 (大功)great merit; great service
you3 guan1 (有关)to have something to do with; to relate to; to concern; concerning; related to
suo3 (索)to search; to demand; to ask; to exact; large rope; isolated
jue2 bu4 (决不)not at all; simply (can) not
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 44(25 Vokabeln)
ren4 he2 (任何)any; whatever; whichever; whatsoever
chong2 (重)to double; to repeat; repitition; iteration; again; a layer
ran2 er2 (然而)however; yet; but
yi3 lai2 (以来)since (a previous event)
zhi4 zhi3 (制止)to curb; to put a stop to; to stop; to check; to limit
min2 jian1 (民间)among the people; popular; folk; non-governmental; involving people rather than governments
shen2 me (什麽)what
gong4 (共)all together; in while; to share; common; general; together
zu3 lan2 (阻拦)to stop; to obstruct
zhou1 (周)cycle; week
gai4 (盖)lid; top; cover; canopy; to build
jin4 ru4 (进入)to enter; to join; to go into
bao1 han2 (包含)contain; embody; include
xiang2 (庠)asylum for the aged; school
ang2 (昂)high; soaring; raise; lift; expensive; to raise one's head
er4 shi2 si4 (二十四)24
shu3 yu2 (属於)be classified as; to belong to; to be part of
ben1 ming4 (奔命)rush about on errands; be kept on the run
si4 hu (似乎)apparently; to seem; to appear; as if; seemingly
ci2 (辞)bid farewell; diction; resign; say goodbye; take leave; decline
yi2 jiao1 (移交)transfer; hand over
zhi4 zuo4 (制作)make; manufacture
bao4 fa1 (爆发)to break out; to erupt; to explode; to burst out
wu3 yue4 (五月)May; fifth month
e4 (扼)hold (strategic position)
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 45(25 Vokabeln)
yan3 xia4 (眼下)now; at present
fen1 (吩)leave instructions; to order
li3 jie3 (理解)to comprehend; understanding; comprehension; to understand
guo2 jia1 (国家)country; nation
pian1 fu (篇幅)(take up or devote) space; ink; time (in a printed page or news story); length (of a piece of writing)
man2 (蛮)barbarian; bullying; very; quite; rough; reckless
ji4 xu4 (继续)to continue; to proceed with; to go on with
shuang1 shu4 (双数)even number
su4 (诉)complain; sue; tell
yi1 xiao3 shi2 (一小时)one hour
ting2 zhi3 (停止)to stop; to halt; to cease
o2 (哦)oh is that so
shi4 yi1 shi4 (试一试)to have a try
shen1 (莘)long; numerous
diao4 (调)mode (music); to move (troops); tune; tone; melody; to transfer
ren4 shi (认识)be acquainted with (a person); to know; to be familiar with; to recognize
bi1 xiao4 (逼肖)bear a close resemblance to; be the very image of
ke4 (刻)quarter (hour); (a measure word); to carve; to engrave; to cut; oppressive
zhao3 (找)to try to find; to look for; to call on (sb); to find; to seek; to return; to look for
cheng1 hu (称呼)call; address as
bai3 nian2 (百年)a hundred years; a century; lifetime
geng4 (更)more; even more; further; still; still more
bu4 xie4 (不谢)don't mention it; not at all
shu3 shi2 (属实)turn out to be true; verified; true
gai1 (赅)(surname); include in; prepare
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 46(25 Vokabeln)
er4 zhe3 (二者)both [of them]; neither
dan1 yi1 (单一)single; only; sole
nian2 mai4 (年迈)old; aged
xi3 (喜)to be fond of; to like; to enjoy; to be happy; to feel pleased; happiness; delight; glad
hui4 mian4 (会面)meet with; have a meeting
si4 nian2 (四年)four years
kai1 xin1 (开心)to feel happy; to have a great time; to make fun of somebody
jiang3 hua4 (讲话)a speech; to speak; to talk; to address
ka3 (卡)to check; to stop; to block; card
hong2 (鸿)eastern bean goose; great; large
wen4 shi4 (问世)to be published; to come out
ren4 (认)to recognize; to know; to admit
bai4 fang3 (拜访)pay a visit; call on
yi1 du4 (一度)for a time; at one time; one time; once
you4 (右)right (-hand)
zheng4 zai4 (正在)in the process of (doing something or happening); while (doing)
dai4 (殆)dangerous; perilous; endanger; almost; probably; only
bu4 yao4 jin3 (不要紧)unimportant; not serious; it doesn't matter; never mind; it looks all right; but
du2 (读)to read; to study
ling4 (令)make or cause to be; order; command; decree; honorable
bu4 fen1 sheng4 fu4 (不分胜负)tie; draw; come out even
wei1 (威)power; might; prestige
hu1 huan4 (呼唤)call out (someone's name, etc); shout
jin1 sheng1 (今生)this life
ai4 hu4 (爱护)cherish; treasure; take good care of
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 47(25 Vokabeln)
xun2 ji1 (寻机)to look for an opportunity
pin3 (品)conduct; grade; thing; product; good
you1 (悠)at ease; long (in time); sad
zan4 (赞)to patronize; to support; to praise
dao3 (倒)to fall; to collapse; to topple; to change; to fail; bankrupt
chan3 (产)to reproduce; to produce; give birth; products; produce; resources; estate; property
zuo4 (坐)to sit; to take a seat; to take (a bus, aeroplane etc.)
sha4 (煞)baleful; bring to a stop; very
she3 qi4 (舍弃)to give up; to abandon; to abort
wo3 men (我们)we; us; ourselves
xian1 (先)early; prior; former; in advance; first
gao1 ceng2 (高层)high level; high class
ri4 (日)Japan; day; sun; date; day of the month
yi2 qie4 (一切)all; every; everything
gu4 xiang4 (故乡)home; homeland; native place
zeng4 (赠)give present
bu4 hui4 (不会)improbable; unlikely; will not (act; happen; etc; ); have not learned to; be unable to
bing3 gao4 (禀告)report (to one's superior)
ceng2 jing1 (曾经)(refers to something that happened previously); once; at one time
xiang4 shang4 di4 (向上地)up; upward; upwards
lin4 se4 (吝啬)mean; miser
kan4 bing4 (看病)see a doctor; see a patient
xue2 (踅)to walk around; turn back midway
yi2 mian4 (一面)one side
biao3 shi4 (表示)to express; to show; to express; to say; to state; to indicate
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 48(25 Vokabeln)
cheng2 di4 (呈递)to present; to submit
yin3 (引)to lead; to divert (water); to guide
ban4 jin1 ba1 liang3 (半斤八两)not much to choose between the two; tweedledum and tweedledee
zhu3 (主)to own; to host; master; lord; primary
yi3 (以)to use; according to; so as to; in order to; by; with; because
li2 kai1 (离开)to depart; to leave
bai4 wang4 (拜望)call to pay one's respect; call on
xi4 (戏)trick; drama; play; show
jia1 (挟)hold between
zhi4 yu2 (置于)place; put (at or in a position)
bo2 hui2 (驳回)reject; turn down; overrule
qiang2 jing4 (强劲)powerful; with force
shi2 si4 (十四)fourteen; 14
bang1 (帮)to assist; to support; to help; group; gang; party
qian4 jia1 (欠佳)suboptimal; subpar; not good enough
tuo1 (脱)to shed; to take off; to escape; to get away from
nan2 de2 (难得)seldom; rare; hard to come by
chong1 (充)fill; satisfy; fulfil; to act in place of; substitute; suffcient; full
hen3 hao3 (很好)well
gua4 (挂)to hang; to put up; to suspend
zao1 dao4 (遭到)suffer; meet with (something unfortunate)
xing2 cheng2 (形成)to form; to take shape
bao3 chi2 (保持)to keep; to maintain; to hold; to preserve
cuo4 (厝)bury; to place; dispose
zhuo2 yan3 (ぴ眼)have one's eyes on (a goal); have something in mind
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 49(25 Vokabeln)
di4 yu4 (地域)area; district; region
ba1 jie2 (巴结)fawn on; curry favour with; make up to
che4 (撤)remove; take away; withdraw
cai3 xian4 (踩线)step on the line; footfault
jie1 shi4 (揭示)to show; to make known
bei4 er2 bu4 yong4 (备而不用)have something ready just in case; keep something for possible future use
si1 (思)to think; to consider
zhao3 qian2 (找钱)to give change
xian3 shi4 (显示)to show; to illustrate; to display; to demonstrate
ying2 jie1 (迎接)to meet; to welcome; to greet
qing1 zao3 (清早)early in the morning; early morning
chuang4 zuo4 (创作)to create; to produce; to write; creative work; creation
dong1 xi (东西)thing; person
xiu1 (咻)call out; jeer
xian4 jin1 (现今)now; nowadays; modern
shi2 jiu3 sui4 (十九岁)19 years old
tan2 de2 lai2 (谈得来)able to talk to or get on with; get along with
jin1 tian1 (今天)today; at the present; now
zhe4 ci4 (这次)present; now; current
wei3 yuan2 zhang3 (委员长)head of a committee
chou3 (瞅)to see; look; take a look at
min2 zhong4 (民众)populace; masses; the people
bu2 lun4 (不论)no matter (what, who, how, etc.); whether ... or ...; regardless of
zhan4 (占)to occupy; to constitute; to make up; to account
zen3 (怎)how
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 50(25 Vokabeln)
zhan4 (站)station; to stand; to halt; to stop
dao4 chang3 (到场)show up; be present (at the scene)
chu4 (处)a place; location; spot; point; office; department; bureau; respect
chu2 fei1 (除非)only if (..., or otherwise, ...); only if; only when; only in the case that
fa3 (法)law; method; way; Buddhist teaching; Legalist
na2 (拿)to hold; to seize; to catch; to apprehend; to take
na4 me (那麽)so (much); like that
jiang4 di1 (降低)to reduce; to lower; to bring down
chuang4 li4 (创立)to found; establish; originate
yi3 (已)already; to stop; then; afterwards
xiang3 (想)to think; to believe; to suppose; to wish; to want; to miss
ge4 zi (各自)each; respective; apiece
zhi1 qian2 (之前)before
pei4 bei4 (配备)to allocate; to provide; to outfit with
guo4 huo2 (过活)live one's life; make a living
ji2 tuan2 (集团)group; bloc
mei3 ci4 (每次)every time; each time
da3 bu guo4 (打不过)not to be able to beat or defeat sb.; to be no match for
mian4 dui4 mian4, di2 (面对面, 觌)face to face
bian4 geng1 (变更)change; alter; modify
gou4 (觏)complete; meet unexpectedly; see
yue1 bo2 ji4 (约伯记)Book of Job
chuai1 (揣)put into
dou1 (都)all; both (if two things are involved); entirely (due to)each; even; already
mou3 wu4 (某物)something
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 51(25 Vokabeln)
ling3 (领)neck; collar; to lead; to receive
ya4 jun1 (亚军)second place (in a sports contest); runner-up
ya1 (压)to press; to push down; to keep under (control)
bu4 guang1 (不光)not the only one; not only
she4 (社)society; group
bu4 ceng2 (不曾)never (have done sth; )
zhen4 ying2 (阵营)group of people; camp; faction
ce4 (侧)the side; to incline towards; to lean; inclined; lateral; side
di2 que4, guo3 zhen1 (的确, 果真)really; indeed
an1 (谙)be versed in; know well
hui4 he2 (会合)meet; have a meeting
cai2 jian3 (裁剪)cut out
ai3 xiao3 (矮小)short and small; low and small; undersized
shi2 shi1 (实施)to implement; to carry out
wei4 shen2 me (为什麽)why; for what reason
kan4 dao4 (看到)see (that); note
xiao3 zu3 (小组)a group
bie2 chu1 xin1 cai2 (别出心裁)adopt an original approach; try to be different
jin1 nian2 (今年)this year
ban4 kong1 zhong1 (半空中)in mid air; in the air
qi3 yuan2 (起源)origin; to originate; to come from
xie2 (协)cooperate; harmonize; to help; to assist; to join
da3 zi4 (打字)to type
yu4 (语)tell to
bu4 xia4 yu2 (不下于)as many as; no less than; not inferior to; as good as; on a par with
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 52(25 Vokabeln)
gou4 (购)to buy; to purchase
zhuan3 huan4 (转换)to transform; to change; to covert
kan4 shang qu (看上去)it would appear; it seems (that)
tong2 yi4 (同意)to agree; to consent; to approve
bai2 zhi3 hei1 zi4 (白纸黑字)(written) in black and white
bei4 an4 (备案)put on record; enter (a case) in the records
jie1 (接)to extend; to connect; to receive; to join
zhe4 xiang4 (这项)this (thing)
jiang3 (讲)to talk; speech; to speak; to tell; to explain
zhi4 zao4 (制造)to manufacture; to make
guan1 zhao4 (关照)concern; care; to keep an eye on; to look after
kan1 (看)to look after; to take care of; to watch; to guard
lie4 (列)to arrange; to line up; row; file; series
ke3 (可)can; may; able to; certain(ly); to suit; (particle used for emphasis)
wei3 da4 (伟大)great; mighty; large
chang2 qi1 (长期)long term; long time
bu4 zhuo2 bian1 ji4 (不ぴ边际)not to the point; wide of the mark; neither here nor there; irrelevant
ming4 (命)life; fate
fu3 yang3 (抚养)to foster; to bring up; to raise
ren2 tou2 (人头)number of people; (per) capita
di4 wei4 (地位)position; status; place
ba3 wo4 (把握)grasp; seize; hold; assurance; certainty
xing4, xing4 zhi4 (兴, 兴致)interest
hen3 duo1 (很多)very many; very much; great (quantity)
yu2 (臾)(surname); a moment; little while
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 53(25 Vokabeln)
nan2 yi3 ying4 fu4 (难以应付)hard to deal with; hard to handle
ying1 gai1 (应该)ought to; should; must
ting2 che1 (停车)to stop; to park
yi4 zhi2 (一直)continuously; always; from the beginning of ... up to ...; all along
guo4 qu (过去)(in the) past; former; previous; to go over; to pass by
zai4 zhi1 jian1 (在?之间)between
huai2 (怀)to think of; to cherish; mind; heart; bosom
yu4 (遇)meet with
xie4 (卸)unload; take off
zhuang4 (撞)to hit; to strike; to meet by accident; to run into; to bump against; to bump into
qi3 chuang2 (起床)to get up
shan4 (赡)to support; provide for
cong2 (从)from; obey; observe; follow
guan1 men2 (关门)close down; closed doors
quan2 (全)all; whole; entire; every; complete
han2 (含)to keep; to contain
shao3 shu4 (少数)small number; few; minority
mei3 guo2 ren2 min2 (美国人民)the American people
liao2 (聊)to chat; to have a chat; to kill time
jie1 tong1 (接通)to connect; to put through
ken3 ding4 (肯定)to be sure; to be certain; sure; certain; definite; to confirm; to affirm; affirmative
ru2 tong2 (如同)like; as
di4 fang1 xing4, dang1 di4 (地方性, 当地)local
lou4 (陋)low; humble; plain; ugly; mean; vulgar
niu3 zhuan3 (扭转)reverse; turn around (an undesirable situation)
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 54(25 Vokabeln)
zai4 zhe4 qi1 jian1 (在这期间)during time; in this time
tong2 (仝)together; same
zong3 (总)always; to assemble; gather; total; overall; head; chief; general; in every case
shui4 jiao4 (睡觉)to go to bed; to go to sleep
man4 (曼)handsome; large; long
ji1 (击)to hit; to strike; to break
du2 shu1 (读书)study; read
ren2 men, meng2 (人们, 氓)people
ban4 xiang3 (半响)half the day; a long time; quite a while
lao3 nian2 ren2 (老年人)old people; the elderly
ji4 hua4 (计画)plan
dan4 (但)but; yet; however; only; merely; still
chuang4 zao4 (创造)to create; to bring about; to produce
dang1 nian2 (当年)in those days; then; in those years; during that time
zhi4 (致)to send; to devote; to deliver; to cause; to convey
jie2 shu4 (结束)termination; to finish; to end; to conclude; to close
ye3 (也)also; too
bu4 mo1 tou2 (不摸头)not acquainted with the situation; not up on things
wei4 (未)1-3 p.m.; 8th earthly branch; not yet; did not; have not; not
qi1 (七)seven; 7
shen1 (申)(surname); 3-5 p.m.; 9th earthly branch; extend; to state; to explain
shang4 ge4 yue4, shang4 yue4 (上个月, 上月)last month
yi3 hou4 (以後)after; later; afterwards; following; later on; in the future
sui1 ran2, sui1 (虽然, 虽)although; even though
ren2 (人)man; person; people
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 55(25 Vokabeln)
pei4 (配)to join; to fit; to mate; to mix; to match; to deserve; to make up (a prescription)
lian2 (连)(surname); even; as; join; to link; successively
ting1 shuo1 (听说)to hear told
di4 qu1 xing4 (地区性)regional; local
ge4 ge (各个)various; each; separately one-by-one
shou1 hui2 (收回)to regain; to retake; to take back; to withdraw; to revoke
dai4 (戴)to put on; to respect; to bear; to support; wear (glasses; hat; gloves)
you4 bian1 (右边)right (as opposed to left)
lao3 (佬)male; man (Cantonese)
xiao3 (小)small; tiny; few; young
yan1 (焉)where; how
zai4 xie2 (载携)to carry; to bear
liang3 (两)both; two; ounce; some; a few; tael
he2 (盒)small box; case
dao4 (道)direction; way; method; road; path; principle; truth; reason; skill; method; Tao (of Taoism); a measure word; to say; to speak; to talk
shi4 xian1 (事先)in advance; before(hand); prior
qi3 fei1 (起飞)to take off (in an airplane)
yang2 (扬)hurl; to raise; to scatter
yue4 li4 (阅历)to see; to experience
yue4 lai2 yue4, yue4 lai2 yue4 duo1 (越来越, 越来越多)more and more
bu4 jin3 (不仅)not the only one; not only; not just
yuan2 (元)(dynasty); dollar; primary; first
nei3, nai3 (哪, 哪)which (followed by M or Num)
bao3 bu2 zhu4 (保不住)most likely; more likely than not; may well
fang4 chu1 (放出)to let off; to give out
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 56(25 Vokabeln)
jiang1 (将)(will, shall, €future tense€); ready; prepared; to get; to use
sa1 huang3 (撒谎)tell a lie
bi3 yi1 shi2 ci3 yi1 shi2 (彼一时/此一时)that was one situation; and this is another - times have changed
yi1 bai3 wu3 shi2 duo1 nian2 (一百五十多年)more than 150 years
zhi1 dao (知道)know; be aware of
sai1 (塞)stop up; to squeeze in; to stuff
wei4 le (为了)in order to; for the purpose of; so as to
te4 (忒)excessive; to change
chong1 dang1 (充当)serve as; play the role of
xing2 jiang1 (行将)be about to (do something)
yin2 (夤)late at night
tan2 (弹)impeach; to pluck a string; to play (a stringed musical instrument with fingers)
bao4 gao4 (报告)to inform; report; make known; speech; talk; lecture
gong1 (攻)to attack; to accuse; to study
cheng2 xiao4 (成效)effect; result
shi2 xian4 (实现)to achieve; to implement; to realize; to bring about
bu4 xiang4 yang4 (不像样)in no shape to be seen; unpresentable; beyond recognition
zao3 yi3 (早已)long ago; for a long time
pei2 yang3 (培养)to train; culture; to bring up; to groom (for a position)
chang2 (常)always; ever; often; frequently; common; general; constant
dan4 (旦)dawn; morning; day-break; day
na4 (衲)cassock; to line
shen1 (身)body; torso; person; life; status; pregnancy; (a measure word used for clothes) suit
bian1 zhi4 (编制)weave; plait; braid; work out; draw up; authorized strength; establishment
yong1 dai4 (拥戴)to support (a person)
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 57(25 Vokabeln)
wan3 (晚)evening; night; late
wei4 (位)position; location; (measure word for persons); place; seat
cheng2 bao4 (呈报)to (submit a) report
qi3 (启)to open; to start
ding4 gou4 (订购)to order; to subscribe; subscriber
fen4 (分)part
zeng1 jia1 (增加)to raise; to increase
zhuan3 (转)to convey; to forward (mail); to transfer; to turn; to shift
guang1 shi4 (光是)solely; just
yi2 (移)to move; to shift; to change; to alter; to remove
bi4 (敝)my (polite); poor; ruined; shabby; worn out; defeated
cuo4 (措)put in order; arrange; administer; execute; take action on
ben3 jie4 (本届)current; this year
rang4 bu4 (让步)(make a) concession; to give in; to yield
fen1 kai1 (分开)to separate; to part
kang4 zheng1 (抗争)make a stand and fight (against)
ce4 yan4 (测验)test; to test
guan4 (惯)accustomed to; used to
qi1 dai4 (期待)to look forward to; to await
wei2 (违)to disobey; to violate; to separate; to go against
hua4 (化)to make into; to change into; -ization; to ... -ize; to transform
dao4 di3 (到底)finally; in the end; when all is said and done
chuan1 (穿)to bore through; pearce; perforate; penetrate; pass through; to dress; to wear; to put on; to thread
bao3 guan3 (保管)take care of; certainly; surely
ben3 wen2 (本文)this text; article; etc; the main body of a book
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 58(25 Vokabeln)
se4 (色)color; look; appearance
fou3 (否)to negate; to deny; not
mo4 fei1 (莫非)can it be possible that; could it be
ji4 (既)already; since; both... (and...)
jia1 (家)-ist; -er; -ian; home; family; a person engaged in a certain art or profession
zui4 jin4 ji3 nian2 (最近几年)the last few years; last several years; recent years
zhui4 shu4 (赘述)to say more than is necessary
shen2 me shi4 (什麽是)what is ...?
bai3 li3 tiao1 yi1 (百里挑一)one in a hundred; cream of the crop
xu3 duo1 (许多)many; a lot of; much
yi2 xia4 zi (一下子)in a short while; all at once; all of a sudden
na3 yi1 ge (哪一个)which
bing1 (兵)soldiers; a force; an army; weapons; arms; military; warlike
di4 (递)to hand over; to pass; to give
si4 shi2 duo1 (四十多)more than 40
guan1 kan4 (观看)to watch; to view
chou1 (抽)to draw out; to smoke (cigarettes); to pump
bu4 xing2 (步行)to go on foot; to walk
ri4 qu1 (日趋)gradually; day by day
shi2 jian4 (实践)to practice; to put into practice; to fulfill
bing3 (屏)get rid of; put aside; reject; keep contol; hold back
li4 (历)to experience; to undergo; to pass through; all; each; every; calendar
xi1 (曦)light of day
jia1 ru4 (加入)to become a member; to join; to mix into; to participate in; to add in
zhong4 yao4 wen4 ti2 (重要问题)an important issue
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 59(25 Vokabeln)
rong2 ren3 (容忍)to put up with; to tolerate
zai4 ci4 (再次)one more time; again; one more; once again
fu4 ze2 ren4 (负责任)responsibility for; blamed for; be in charge of
ben3 mo4 (本末)the whole course of an event from beginning to end; ins and outs; the fundamental and the incidental
zhi1 (只)(a measure word, for birds and some animals, etc.); single; only
jiao1 (交)to deliver; to turn over; to make friends; to intersect (lines); to pay (money)
tong1 (通)go through; know well; to connect; to communicate; open
an4 song4 qiu1 bo1 (暗送秋波)make eyes at sb; while others are not looking; stealthily give sb; the glad eye; make secret overtures to sb
feng1 (丰)(surname); abundant; plentiful; great
zao3 (早)early; morning
qiang2 quan2 (强权)power; might
shang4 ci4 (上次)last time
zhi1 hou4 (之後)after(wards); following; later; after
wu2 guan1 (无关)unrelated; having nothing to do (with something else)
xuan3 ze2 (选择)to select; to pick; to choose; to make a choice
ruo4 (若)to seem; like; as; if
han3 (喊)call; cry; to shout
ji4 zai3 (记载)write down; record
bi4 jing4 (毕竟)after all; all in all; when all is said and done; in the final analysis; after all
xiang1 si4 (相似)to resemble; similar; like; resemblance; similarily
shua3 (耍)play with; to juggle
lun2 (轮)wheel; gear; (by) turn; rotate
jia1 ren2 (家人)household; (one's) family
shu4 mu4 (数目)amount; number
guan1 dian3 (观点)point of view; viewpoint; standpoint
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 60(25 Vokabeln)
bao3 (保)to defend; to protect; to insure or guarantee; to maintain; hold or keep; to guard
yao4 de2 (要得)good; fine
cai2 (才)ability; talent; endowment; gift; an expert; only (then); only if; just
yi4 (抑)to restrain; to restrict; to keep down; or
tu1 xian3 (突显)make something stand out; make something prominent
zhuan3 wan1 (转弯)turn (around)
yuan2 shi3 (原始)first; original; primitive; original (document, etc)
tao2 tai4 (淘汰)to die out; to eliminate (in a competition); natural selection
gou4 (勾)affair; to reach for (with hand)
bu4 zhu4 yi4 (不注意)thoughtless; not pay attention to
zong3 shi4, lao3 shi (总是, 老是)always
qi3 dong4 (启动)to start
bu4 zai4 hua4 xia4 (不在话下)be nothing difficult; be a cinch
xi1 (息)news; interest; breath; rest
nian2 du4 (年度)year (eg, school year, fiscal year, etc)
chao1 lu4 (抄录)to make a copy of
ai4 fu3 (爱抚)to show tender care for; to care for (affectionately)
fan1 (翻)flit about; translate; turn over
qi2 shi2 (其实)actually; that is not the case; in fact; really
yao4 jin3 (要紧)important; urgent
bu4 jing3 (布景)(stage) set
tang4 (趟)a time; a trip
xia4 qu (下去)go down (descend); go on (continue)
zao4 cheng2 (造成)to bring about; to create; to cause
mian4 (面)fade; side; surface; aspect; top; face; flour; noodles
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 61(25 Vokabeln)
qian1 wan4 (千万)ten million; millions and millions; very many
duo1 ci4 (多次)many times; repeatedly
dui4 fang1 (对方)counterpart; other person involved; opposite side; other side; receiving party
tian1 (添)to add; to increase; to replentish
biao1 ji4 (标记)sign; mark; symbol; to mark up
fang4 qi4 (放弃)to renounce; to abandon; to give up
zhuan1 (颛)(surname); good; simple
zhu3 zhang1 (主张)to advocate; to stand for; view; position; stand; proposition; viewpoint
bian4 bu4 (遍布)be found everywhere; (spread) all over
si4 qian1 (四千)four thousand; 4 000
bing4 ba3 (并把)to include
bao1 gong1 (包工)undertake to perform work within a time limit and according to specifications; contract for a job; contractor
jin3 liang4 (尽量)as much as possible; to the greatest extent
kai1 chuang4 (开创)initiate; begin
ti1 (踢)kick; play (football or soccer)
pang2 (旁)beside; one side; other; side; self
gang1 gang (刚刚)just recently; just a moment ago
bing4 li4 (并立)exist side by side; exist simultaneously
san1 he2 yi1 (三合一)three in one; triple
bai3 fen1 zhi1 bai3 (百分之百)a hundred percent; out and out; absolutely
li2 (离)(distant) from; to leave
hui2 lai (回来)return; come back
ban4 bian1 tian1 (半边天)half the sky; women of the new society; women folk
kao4 (靠)depend upon; lean on; near; by; against; to support
ren4 he2 qi2 ta1 (任何其他)any other
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 62(25 Vokabeln)
ci4 shu4 (次数)frequency; number of times
cheng2 yuan2, hui4 yuan2 (成员, 会员)member
an1 dun4 (安顿)find a place for; help settle down; arrange for; undisturbed; peaceful
de yi1 zhong3 (的一种)is one (kind of)
ta1 men (它们)they (for inanimate objects)
ba1 (八)eight; 8
dang3 nei4 (党内)within the (Communist) party
ge2 (隔)to separate; to stand or lie between; to divide; to cut off
er4 shi2 liu4 hao4 (二十六号)26th day of a month
tou2 (投)to throw; to send
zhi2 wu4 (职务)a post; a position
bu4 fang1 (不妨)there is no harm in; might as well
jin3 guan3 (尽管)despite; although; even though; in spite of
hou4 (後)back; behind; rear; afterwards; after; later
you2 (游)to walk; to tour; to roam; to swim; to travel
zheng1 (睁)to open (eye)
dang3 (挡)hinder; resist; obstruct; hinder; cover; keep off; a cover; to block; to get in the way of
ming2 lu4 fu2 wu4 (名录服务)name service
ji2 shi2 (及时)in time; promptly; without delay; timely
ban4 xue2 (办学)to run a school
mu4 (目)eye; item
sheng1 tai4 (生态)way of life
wu3 yue4 shi2 wu3 hao4 (五月十五号)May 1 5
qiu2 (求)to seek; to look for; to request; to demand; to beseech
bi4 (痹)numb; paralysis
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 63(25 Vokabeln)
biao1 (标)the topmost branches of a tree; surface; sign; to mark; (outward) sign; indication; prize; award
zhuan3 shen1 (转身)(of a person) to turn round; to face about
ya4 (压)in the first place; to crush
bi3 shi4 (鄙视)despise; disdain; look down upon
jia4 (驾)to drive; to draw; to harness; to mount
shou3 ci4 (首次)for the first time
jie4 (介)introduce; lie between; between
zhi4 yi2 (质疑)call into question; question (truth or validity)
xiu1 shi4 (修饰)adorn; do up
tiao2 (龆)shed the milk teeth; young
zeng1 (增)to increase; to expand; to add
yin1 wei2 (因为)because; owing to; on account of
ge4 ti3 hu4 (个体户)a small private business (used in mainland China only)
pan4 duan4 (判断)to decide; to determine
bang1 zhu4 (帮助)assistance; aid; to help; to assist
xin1 xing1 (新兴)new; up and coming; newly developing; rising
lao4 (落)alight; to fall; drop
xian4 zai4 (现在)modern; current; present; at present; now; nowadays
le4 (泐)write
pi1 lu4 (披露)to reveal; to publish; to make public; to announce
gong1 (工)work; worker; skill; profession; trade; craft; labor
you2 yu2, you2 yu2 (由於, 由于)due to; as a result of; thanks to; because of; owing to
bu3 (补)to repair; to patch; to mend; to make up for; to fill (a vacancy); to supplement
bu4 yong4, beng2 (不用, 甭)need not
qing2 yuan4 (情愿)willingness; would rather (agree to X than Y)
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 64(25 Vokabeln)
yi2 dan4 (一但)if; in case; in a short time; once
ma3 (马)21st of month (tele.); horse; Ma (a surname)
xiao4, xue2 xiao4 (校, 学校)school
zhu4 (住)to live; to dwell; to reside; to stop
qiu1 (丘)Confucius; given name; mound
dou4 zhi4 (斗志)will to fight
ru2 guo3 (如果)if; in case; in the event that
yuan2 shou3 (元首)head of state
bi1 jin4 (逼近)press on towards; close in on; approach; draw near
chao2 (朝)to face; towards; facing; direct; a dynasty; the imperial court
jun1 (均)equal; even; all; uniform
na4 (纳)to accept; to pay (tax etc.)
bu4 ru2 (不如)not equal to; not as good as; inferior to; it would be better to
nie1 zao4 (捏造)to make up; to fabricate
zhi4 shi3 (致使)cause; result in
reng2 jiu4 (仍旧)still (remaining); to remain (the same); yet
pian4 (骗)to cheat; to swindle; to deceive; to full
yun2 (云)say
wei2 (唯)-ism; only; alone
kai1 ban4 (开办)open; start (a business, etc.); set up
yan3 (偃)(surname); to lie supine; to stop; to fall down
cheng2 wei2 (成为)to become; to turn into
lu4 (录)to record; to hit; to copy
qin1 jin4 (亲近)get close to someone; get intimate
zheng3 (整)exactly; in good order; whole; complete; entire; in order; orderly
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 65(25 Vokabeln)
shen2 qing2 (神情)look; expression
geng4 duo1 (更多)more; even more
zhong4 yao4 (重要)important; significant; major
cong2 zhong1 (从中)from; therefrom
ying4 zhan4 (应战)face a challenge; face an attack and meet it
wang2 (亡)to die; to perish
hai2 shi4 (还是)or; still; nevertheless
ta1 (她)she
tai4 (汰)to discard; to elminate; too
ying2 (营)army; to deal in; to trade; to operate; to run; camp; nourishment; to manage
bu2 dang4 yi4 hui2 shi4 (不当一回事)not regard as a matter (of any importance)
wu3 hui4 (舞会)dance; ball; party
kai1 fang4 xi4 tong3 (开放系统)open system
ren4 wei2 (认为)to believe; to think; to consider; to feel
ba4 xiu1 (罢休)give up; abandon (a goal, etc); let it go; forget it; let matter drop
biao1 jia4 (标价)mark a price; marked price
shi1 zu2 (失足)to take a wrong step in life
ji2 zhong1 (集中)to concentrate; to centralize; to focus; centralized; concentrated; to put together
yun2 yun2 (芸芸)all; every
de2 (得)obtain; get; gain; proper; suitable; proud; contented; allow; permit; ready; finished
wai4 jie4 (外界)the outside world; external
gong1 yong4 (公用)public; for public use
qu1 san4 (驱散)disperse; break up
cha4 de2 duo1 (差得多)fall short by a large amount
da4 duo1 (大多)for the most part; many; most; the greater part; mostly
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 66(25 Vokabeln)
wu3 (五)five; 5
ming4 ming2 (命名)name
bu4 (埠)a jetty; port; a city; quai
jie2 (孑)alone; mosquito larvae; small
dao3 (导)to transmit; to lead; to guide; to conduct; to direct
mi4 (幂)power (math.term)
nian2 huar4 (年画儿)New Year (or Spring Festival) picture
fei1 chang2 zhong4 yao4 (非常重要)very important
bi3 (鄙)rustic; low; base; mean
gai3 zheng4 (改正)to correct; to amend; to put right; correction
peng4 (碰)to touch; to meet with; to bump
gong1 ying4 (供应)supply; to provide
qian1 yi2, qian1 xi3 (迁移, 迁徙)to migrate; to move
bu4 yao4 (不要)don't!; must not
jiu3 (九)nine; 9
geng4 chi2 (更迟)later
guo2 wu4 qing1 (国务卿)Secretary of State
bian4 yu2 (便於)easy to; convenient for
er2 yi3 (而已)that's all; nothing more
bao1 luo2 (包罗)include; cover; embrace
zha1 (扎)to prick; to run or stick (a needle, etc.) into
diu1 (丢)to lose; to put aside; to throw
yi4 ban1 (一般)same; ordinary; common; general
chi2 (持)to grasp; to hold; support; manage; direct; maintain
jiang1 hui4 (将会)will, going to
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 67(25 Vokabeln)
hao4 fei4 (耗费)to waste; to spend; to consume; to squander
ji3 (给)to supply; provide
bu4 du2, bu4 te4, bu4 wei2 (不独, 不特, 不惟)not only
hui2 (回)(a measure word for matters or actions) a time; to circle; to go back; to turn around; to answer; to return; to revolve
jing4 (静)still; calm; quiet; not moving
mo4 da4 (莫大)greatest; most important
guan3 (馆)house; establishment
long2 (隆)grand; intense; prosperous; start (a fire)
shi4 shi2 (事实)(the) fact (that)
lei4 (类)kind; type; class; category; similar; like; to resemble
er4 shi2 ba1 hao4 (二十八号)28th day of the month
shi2 (时)O'clock; time; when; hour; season; period
chu2 (除)remove; do away with; wipe out; divide; except
si1 (司)company; control
ju1 (鞠)to bring up; to rear; Ju (a surname)
ju3 li4 (举例)to give an example
fa1 sheng1 (发生)to happen; to occur; to take place
jie1 shou4 (接受)to accept; to receive
bu4 miao4 (不妙)(of a turn of events) not too encouraging; far from good; anything but reassuring
bu4 fu2 (不符)inconsistent; not in agreement with; not agree or tally with; not conform to
pou3 (掊)break up; hit
ba4 (霸)feudal chief; rule by force; tyrant; lord; master; hegemon; usurp
chen4 (衬)give alms; underwear; to line; lining; contrast; assist
yi4 lun4 (议论)to comment; to talk about; to discuss; discussion
shu1 xie3, xie3 (书写, 写)to write
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 68(25 Vokabeln)
yan2 jiu1 ling3 yu4 (研究领域)research area; field of research
ling4 yi1 (另一)another
yang4 (样)manner; pattern; way; appearance; shape
tang3 (躺)to recline; to lie down
e2 (娥)good; beautiful
an4 qing3 (案情)details of a case; case
mai4, chu1 shou4, shou4 mai4, shou4 (卖, 出售, 售卖, 售)to sell
shen4 huo4 (甚或)so much so that; to the extent that; even
hao3 (好)good; well
ji1 hu1 bu4 (几乎不)hardly; seems not
shang4 (尚)still; yet; to value; to esteem
dao4 lu4 (道路)road; path; (eg, pave the) way
du4 jue2 (杜绝)put an end to
jian3 (俭)frugal; to be in need
pai4 (派)clique; school; group; faction; to dispatch
bu4 ji2 (不及)not as good as; inferior to; find it too late
qiao1 ru4, jian4 ru4 (敲入, 键入)to key in; to input
zeng1 duo1 (增多)to increase; to grow in number
die1 dao3 (跌到)to fall; to tumble
li4 yong4 (利用)exploit; make use of; to use; to take advantage of; to utilize
gong1 ke4 (攻克)to capture; to take
xing2 zhuang4 (形状)form; shape
xian4 (献)to offer
yan4 (晏)(surname); late; quiet
ling3 xian1 (领先)to lead; to be in front
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 69(25 Vokabeln)
wei4 shen2 me (为甚麽)why
qu3 (取)to take; to get; to choose; to fetch
tu2 (涂)(surname); to smear; daub; to apply (paint); to spread
fu4 (附)to add; to attach; to be close to; to be attached
xiao1 hao4 (消耗)to use up; to consume
zang1 (臧)(surname); good; lucky
chuang4 jian4 (创建)to found; to establish
gan3 (赶)to catch up; to overtake; to hurry; to rush; to drive away
hu1 (呼)to call; to cry; to shout; to breath out; to exahle
zeng1 zhang3 (增长)grow; increase
dao3 zhi4 si3 wang2 (导致死亡)to lead to death; to result in death
da3 (打)beat; strike; break; mix up; build; fight; fetch; make; tie up; issue; shoot; calculate; since; from
shou1 shi (收拾)to put in order; to tidy up
bao4 (抱)to hold; to carry (in one's arms); to hug or embrace; surround; cherish
ban4 yan3 (扮演)play the part of; act
qu3 de2 (取得)to acquire; to get; to obtain
duo4, tuo2 (驮, 驮)carry on back
zhi2 xing2 (执行)implement; carry out; to execute; to run
zheng4 hao3 (正好)just (in time); just right; just enough; to happen to; to chance to; by chance; it just so happens that
bu4 wei4 (部位)position; place
ang2 (昂)high; raise (head)
kun4 nan (困难)(financial, etc.) difficulty; problem; issue
ben3 lei3 (本垒)home base
bi4 zhu4 (壁助)help; assistant
tian1 tian1, mei3 tian1 (天天, 每天)every day
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 70(25 Vokabeln)
yi2 (宜)proper; should; suitable; appropriate
wu4 (务)affair; business; matter
jie2 (截)a section; cut off (a length)
bu4 liao3 (不了)unable to; without end
bing3 (秉)(surname); to grasp; hold; maintain
qie1 (切)to cut; to slice
zun1 (遵)to observe; to obey; to follow
nei4 (内)inside; inner; internal; within; interior
de2 zhi1 (得知)(find out and) know; learn of
kai1 zhan3 (开展)(begin to) develop; unfold ; to start; to launch; to open
na4 yang4 (那样)that kind; that sort
fu4 ze2 (负责)in charge of; to be responsible for (sth)
jian1 du1 (监督)to control; to supervise; to inspect
jin3 zao3 (尽早)as early as possible
ji2 li4 (极力)do at all costs; make an utmost effort
wei4 zhi (位置)position; place; seat
huo2 (活)to live; alive; living; work; workmanship
bei1 lie4 (卑劣)base; mean; despicable
sa1 (撒)let go
pen2 (湓)flowing of water; name of a river
si4 tian1 (四天)four days
er2 hou4 (而後)after that; then
ji4 yu2 (寄予)to express; to show; to place (importance, e.g.); to have high hopes
di4 dian3 (地点)place; site; location
yi1 dan4 (一旦)in case (something happens); once (something becomes true, then...); in one day
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 71(25 Vokabeln)
di3 (抵)hold up; on the whole; push against; to support; to resist; to reach; to arrive; mortgage
pao3 long2 tao4 (跑龙套)to play a small role
xie2 shang1 (协商)consult with; talk things over
zhen4 ya1 (镇压)suppression; repression; to suppress; to put down; to quell
xing4 (姓)surname; family name; name
xing1 jian4 (兴建)build; construct
gao4 (告)to tell; to inform; to say
ban4 shu4 (半数)half the number; half
qiang2 da4 (强大)large; formidible; powerful; strong
an4 you2 (案由)main points of a case; brief; summary
mei3, ge4 (每, 各)each; every
bu4 ke3 (不可)cannot; should not; must not
xian3 xian4 (显现)appearance; to appear
xin1 shou3 (心手)new hand; novice
ji1 ben3 shang (基本上)basically; on the whole
bai3 bei4 (百倍)a hundredfold; a hundred times
gong1 si1 (公司)(business) company; company; firm; corporation; incorporated
xiang1 (乡)country; village
zhan3 lan3 hui4 (展览会)exhibition; show
yi2 liu2 (遗留)(leave or be a) legacy; left over; hand down (to next generation)
zhong4 yong4 (重用)to put in an important position
bian1 (边)side; edge; margin; border; boundary
hao3 zhuan3 (好转)improve; take a turn for the better
mei2 you3 bi4 yao4 (没有必要)there is no need to (do sth)
du4 (渡)to cross; to pass through; to ferry
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 72(25 Vokabeln)
mei3 nian2 yi1 du4 (每年一度)once a year (every year)
you3 de (有的)(there are) some (who are...); some (exist)
suan4 (算)regard as; to figure; to calculate; to compute
duo1 nian2 yi3 lai2 (多年以来)for many years (in the past)
hui4 (缋)multi-color; to draw
ti3 hui4 (体会)know (through learning or by experience)
zai1 zhong4 (栽种)to plant; to grow
san4 bu4 (散步)to take a walk; to go for a walk
an4 (按)to press (with the hand); to push; to control; to restrain; to check; pressing down (brush movement in painting); according to; in the light of
xiao1 (销)to melt; to do away with; to sell
ya4 (亚)Asia; Asian; second; next to; inferior
jian4 jin4 (渐进)progress step by step; gradual progress; to move forward (slowly)
ding4 (定)to set; to fix; to determine; to decide; to order
bu4 he2 (不和)not get along well; be on bad terms; be at odds; discord
li4 (戾)do violence; go against
chong4 (冲)of great force; towards
qian2 jin4 (前进)to go forward; to forge ahead; to advance; onward
zheng3 tian1 (整天)all day long; all
xian1 hou4 (先後)in succession; one after another
suo3 qu3 (索取)to ask; to demand
zhan3 chu1 (展出)to put on display; to be on show; to exhibit
ze2 (择)to select; to choose; to pick
o1 (喔)I see; oh
shi2 xi2 (实习)to practice; field work
fu2 wu4 (服务)to serve; service
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 73(25 Vokabeln)
ci3 shi2 ci3 ke4 (此时此刻)at this very moment
ge4 zi (个子)height; stature; build; size
xiao3 sheng1 (小声)in a low voice; (speak) in whispers
tong3 zhi4 (统治)(political) rule (over); to rule; to dominate; rule; domination
tan4 shi4 (探视)pay a visit to
he2 fa3 hua4 (合法化)to legalize; to make legal; legalization
tai4 (泰)safe; peaceful; most; Thai(land); grand
qi4, xiu1, xie1 (憩, 休, 歇)to rest
qi3 (岂)how can it be that
da3 dian4 hua4 (打电话)to make a telephone call
shi4 (示)to show; reveal
jiu3 yuan3 (久远)old; ancient; far away
mi3 (弭)to stop; repress
dao3 bi4 (倒闭)to go bankrupt; to close down
kai1 fang4 (开放)lift (restrictions); open; to lift a ban; to make open to the public
wan4 (万)(surname); ten thousand; a great number
zhe4 me (这麽)so (much); like this
bang4 (磅)a measure word; pound (unit of measurement); scale; weigh
er4 shi2 qi1 hao4 (二十七号)27th day of a month
zui4 (最)(the) most; -est
qi1 (期)a period of time; phase; stage; (used for issue of a periodical, courses of study); time; term; period; to hope
cheng2 yuan2 guo2 (成员国)member country
shen3 (渖)place name; pour
fu1 qi1 (夫妻)man and wife
xi2 guan4 (习惯)habit; custom; usual practice; to be used to
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 74(25 Vokabeln)
chang2 (长)length; long; forever; always; constantly
qi4 che1 (汽车)car; automobile
long2 tou2 lao3 da4 (龙头老大)big boss; leader of a group; dominant (position)
tu2 jing4 (途径)way; channel
she4 fa3 (设法)try; think of a way (to accomplish something)
bian4 hua4 (变化)change; vary
jue2 de (觉得)to think; to feel
shi4 fou3 (是否)whether (or not); if; is or isn't
di4 fang (地方)area; place; local
xin1 shu1 (新书)new book
suo1 duan3 (缩短)to curtail; to cut down
zai4 du4 (再度)once more; once again; one more time
bu4 zu2 wei2 xun4 (不足为训)not to be taken as an example; not an example to be followed; not to be taken as authoritative
mian4 xiang4 (面向)to face; to turn towards; -oriented
pi4 (辟)dispel; open up
deng3 dao4 (等到)wait until; by the time when (something is ready, etc)
zhi1 (知)to know; to be aware
bao3 cun2 (保存)to conserve; to preserve; to keep
cong2 qu4 nian2 (从去年)since last year
pu3 bian4 (普遍)universal; general; widespread; commonplace
bu4 ren2 (不仁)not benevolent; heartless; numb
tui4 (退)retreat; to decline; to move back; to withdraw
yao1 qiu2 (要求)request; require; stake a claim (to something); to ask; to demand
lun4 dian3 (论点)argument; line of reasoning; thesis; point (of discussion)
shuang1 (双)two; double; pair; both
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 75(25 Vokabeln)
an4 shi2 (按时)on time; before deadline; on schedule
pai2 dui4 (排队)to line up
bu4 wei2 nong2 shi2 (不违农时)not miss the farming season; do farm work in the right season
jiang4 luo4 (降落)to descend; to land
ren2 jia1, qi1 ta1 de ren2 (人家, 其他的人)other people
dang4 tian1 (当天)that day; the same day
ji2 jin3 (集锦)best of the best; collection of the best (of sth)
cai2 bo2 (财帛)wealth; money
fei4 (芾)small
he2 (曷)why; how; when; what; where
er4 (贰)two (fraudproof)
pao2 (刨)eliminate; to dig; to question
zong3 gong4 (总共)altogether; in sum; in all; in total
di4 er4 (第二)number two; secondly; second
shou3 xian1 (首先)first (of all); in the first place
yi1 qian1 si4 bai3 er4 shi2 jiu3 (一千四百二十九)1429
jian4 ci4 (渐次)gradually; one by one
liao2 (撩)stitch; take; tease
shou1 cang2 (收藏)keep; collect
sui2 shi2 (随时)at any time
yun4 (运)to move; to transport; to user; fortune; luck; fate
dang1 shi4 ren2 (当事人)persons involved or implicated; party (to an affair)
reng2 (仍)still; yet; to remain
qian1 ming2 (签名)to sign (one's name with a pen, etc.); to autograph
da4 gong1 si1 (大公司)large company; corporation
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 76(25 Vokabeln)
hua4 (划)to mark off; draw (a line)
bing4 you3 (病友)a friend made in hospital or people who become friends in hospital; wardmate
gang3 wei4 (岗位)a post; a job
ji2 (汲)draw water from well
ni4 (逆)contrary; opposite; backwards; to go against; to oppose; to betray; to rebel
jing4 jie4 (境界)boundry; state; realm
niu3 (扭)to turn; to twist; to grab; to wring
bie2 ren2 (别人)other people; others; other person
nian2 fen (年份)particular year; certain year; given year
liao4 (撂)to leave (it)
bu4 jiu3 (不久)not long (after); before too long; soon; soon after
shi4 wu4 (事务)(political, economic, etc.) affairs; work
you3 xiao4 (有效)effective; in effect; valid
guan1 (观)to look at; to watch; to observe; to behold
wei2 chi2 (维持)to keep; to maintain; to preserve
ling4 (另)other; another; separate; separately
ren2 jian1 (人间)man's world; the world
qian1 che3 (牵扯)involve; implicate
ba4 (罢)to stop; cease; dismiss; suspend; to quit; to finish
pu3 tong1 lao3 bai3 xing4 (普通老百姓)common people; average people; hoi polloi
xiang1 qian4 (镶嵌)to inlay; to embed; to set (in sth)
shen1 ye4 (深夜)very late at night
xian4 ren4 (现任)at the present; hold an office; occupy a post
wei2 (维)to preserve; to maintain; to hold together; dimension
qian1 ju1 (迁居)to move (from one residence to another)
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 77(25 Vokabeln)
bi4 xiao4 (毕肖)resemble closely; be the very image of; to look very much like; to be the spitting image of
yi4 guo2 liang3 zhi4 (一国两制)one country, two systems (China-Taiwan)
ji4 (计)to calculate; to compute; to count; reckon; ruse; to plan
rang4 lu4 (让路)to make way (for sth)
bai2 tou2 (白头)hoary head; old age
ji4 song4 (寄送)to send; to transmit
bai3 fen1 l` (百分率)percentage; per cent
da3 suan4 (打算)to plan; to intend; to calculate; plan; intention; calculation
tou2 ru4 (投入)put into operation; throw into battle; to put into
su4 (谡)composed; rise; to begin
chou2 (稠)dense; crowded; thick; many
qian2 bu4 jiu3 (前不久)not long before
ban4 gong1 kai1 (半公开)semi-overt; more or less open
pi2 (裨)(surname); assistant; small
ju4 (俱)a social club
wang3 nian2 (往年)in former years; in previous years
su4 shuo1 (诉说)tell (to another person)
fang2, fang2 zi (房, 房子)house
an1 jia1 (安家)settle down; set up a home
luo4 shi2 (落实)to implement; to carry out; practical; workable
ji1 yu2 (基於)because of; in view of; due to; in view of the fact that
na3 li (哪里)where; wherever
zuo3 bian1, zuo3 (左边, 左)left
chu1 xian4 (出现)to appear; to arise; to emerge
ying1 guo2 ren2 (英国人)British person; British people
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 78(25 Vokabeln)
ba1 cheng2 (八成)eighty percent; most probably; most likely
chang4 pian4 (唱片)(vinyl) record; LP
nan2 zi3 han4 (男子汉)man (i.e. manly, masculine)
li4 (立)set up; to stand
bo1 zheng4 (拨正)set right; correct
dao4 mu4 qian2 wei2 zhi3 (到目前为止)until now; so far
shi2 zi4 (识字)to learn to read
sha1 (杀)to kill; to murder; to slaughter
liao2 (寥)empty; lonesome; very few
xin1 ren4 (新任)newly-appointed; newly elected; new (in a political office)
bu4 ri4 (不日)within the next few days; in a few days time
xia4 gong1 fu (下工夫)to put in time and energy; to concentrate one's efforts
jin4 ke3 neng2 (尽可能)as far as possible
bu4 ke3 shou1 shi2 (不可收拾)irremediable; unmanageable; out of hand; hopeless
zai4 yi1 ci4 (再一次)again
dong4 shou3 (动手)to hit with hands or fists; to start work; to touch
jing1 (精)energy; perfect; excellent; refined; very; proficient
can1 guan1 (参观)to look around; to inspect; visit and observe
ren2 min2 (人民)(the) people
li4 (跞)move; walk
jing4 zhi3 (静止)still; stillness
zhi4 (识)to record; write a footnote
bie1 (憋)hold in (urine); to hold (breath); to choke; stifle; restrain; hold back
pan2 (盘)dish; tray; to build; to check; to examine; to transfer; (a measure word used for dishes of food or coils of wire); to coil
yuan2 yin1 shi4 (原因是)the reason is ...
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 79(25 Vokabeln)
nuo2 (挪)to shift; to move
xun2 fang3 (寻访)to inquire after; to look for (sb)
san1 (三)three
qi2 ta1 (其他)other; else
bu4 jin4 zhi4 (步进制)step by step system
lu3 (鲁)crass; place name
chang2 tan2 (长谈)a long talk
ti2 gao1 (提高)raise; increase
mao3 (泖)still water
tong2 (童)(surname); boy; child; children
an1 hao3 (安好)safe and sound; well
ming2 (瞑)close the eyes
jue2 (觉)feel; find that; thinking; awake; aware
shi4 (世)life; age; generation; era; world; lifetime
ran2 (然)correct; right; so; thus; like this; -ly
shou4 (寿)(long) life
lao3 jia1 (老家)native place; place of origin; home state or region
qi4 jin1 (迄今)so far; to date; until now
bei4 (备)to prepare; get ready; to provide or equip
gu3 (贾)merchant; to buy
yi4 yuan2 (议员)member (of a legislative body); representative
she3 (舍)to abandon; to give up
cu4 (簇)crowded; frame work for silkworms; gather foliage; a measure word; bunch
gan3 dong4 (感动)to move (sb); to touch; moving
bu4 de2 jin4 (不得劲)awkward; unhandy; be indisposed; not feel well
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 80(25 Vokabeln)
yu4 dao4 (遇到)to meet; to run into; to come across
ai4 guo2 (爱国)patriotic; love of country; patriotism
shou3 nao3 (首脑)head (of state); summit (meeting); leader
bu4 xing2 (不行)won't do; be out of the question; be no good; not work; not be capable
bi3 l` (比率)ratio; rate; percentage
zhu4 yi4 (注意)take note of; (pay) attention (to)
ju2 shi4 (局势)situation; state (of affairs)
zhong4 shi4 (重视)importance; to pay attention to; attach importance to; value
zhu2 (筑)build; five-string lute
guan4 (冠)to head
gu3 (股)share; portion; section; part; thigh; (a measure word, e.g. use with electric current); whiff
yi4 (轶)disperse; put in order; surpass
bu4 fa2 (不乏)there is no lack of
nan2 zi3 (男子)a man; a male; male (person)
shir4 (事儿)business; thing
yin1 er2 (因而)therefore; as a result; thus; and as a result, ...
mei2 shen2 me (没甚麽)nothing
fu4 (覆)cover; overflow; to reply to a letter
bo1 li2 (剥离)(of tissue; skin; covering; etc; ) come off; peel off; be stripped
jiao4 hao3 (较好)better
er4 (二)two
gu3 (古)ancient; old
ba3 (把)(a measure word); (marker for direct-object); to hold; to contain; to grasp; to take hold of
l` xing2 (履行)fulfill; carry out
shi2 zai4 (实在)in reality; honestly; really; verily; concrete
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 88: Abschnitt 81(25 Vokabeln)
shen4 zhi4 (甚至)even; so much so that
qi2 (齐)(surname); even; to make even
mo1 (摸)feel with the hand; to touch; to stroke; to grope; to feel (one's pulse)
yuan4 yi4 (愿意)to wish; to want; ready; willing (to do sth)
ying2 (赢)to beat; to win; to profit
xun2 hui2 (巡?)to go around; to roam
wanr2 (玩儿)to play
xiu3 (宿)(a) night
bian3 di1 (贬低)belittle; depreciate; play down
jia1 shu3 (家属)family member; (family) dependent
fu4 (咐)to order
bi1 (逼)force; compel; drive; press for; extort; press on towards; press up to; close in on; close
hui2 gui1 (回归)to return (to previous condition); Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty; to regress
bian1 chang2 mo4 ji2 (鞭长莫及)beyond the reach of one's power; too far away for one to be able to help
can1 jia1 (参加)to participate; to take part; to join
yao4 dian3 (要点)main point; essential
zhong1 xun2 (中旬)middle third of a month
pi3 (仳)to part
dan1 wei4 (单位)a unit
wo4 (握)shake hands; to hold; to grasp
ju4 (讵)how (interj. of surprise)
jin4 (近)near; close (to); approximately
chan1 (搀)assist by the arm; mix; support; sustain
ping2 (评)to discuss; to comment; to criticize; to judge; to choose (by public appraisal)
ju3 dong4 (举动)act; (make) a move
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 88: Abschnitt 82(25 Vokabeln)
qie4 (挈)pull out; take family along
dang1 zhong1 (当中)among; in the middle; in the center
ping2 yi4 hui4 (评议会)council
lu4 (露)to show; to reveal; to expose; dew
tang2 (堂)(main) hall; large room
huan4 qu3 (换取)give something and get something in return
zheng4 ru2 (正如)be just like
yi2 zhu3 (遗嘱)testament; will
fei1 chang2 (非常)unusual; extraordinary; extreme; very; exceptional
yan3 jian1 (眼尖)to have good eyes
bu4 cuo4 (不错)correct; right; not bad; pretty good
xun2 shi4 sheng1 fei1 (寻事生非)to look for trouble
zao3 xian1 (早先)previously; before
lao3 pai2 (老牌)old brand; old style; old school
zun1 xun2 (遵循)to follow; to abide by
shu3 (属)category; class; family; to belong to
zhi3 shi4 (指示)point out; (give) directives or instructions
fa1 ji1 (发迹)to rise to power and position
ba1 (扒)climb; pull (out); to strip; hold on to; cling to; dig up; rake; push aside
fu2 (蚨)(water-beetle); money
jie1 ti4 (接替)replace; take over (a position or post)
si3 (死)to die; inpassable; uncrossable; inflexible; rigid
fan4 wan3 (饭碗)rice bowl; job; livelihood; way of making a living
qiang3 (镪)money; string of coins
guo4 yu2 (过於)too much; excessively
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 88: Abschnitt 83(25 Vokabeln)
yi4 zhi4 (抑制)to inhibit; to keep down; to suppress
dao4 na4 ge4 shi2 hou4 (到那个时候)until this moment
tui1 xiao1 (推销)to market; to sell
mei2 wen4 ti2 (没问题)no problem
shang1 hao4 (商号)store; a business
xin4 (囟)skull; top of head
pao3 (跑)to run; to escape
bo2 zhong4 shu1 ji4 (伯仲叔季)eldest; second; third and youngest of brothers; order of seniority among brothers
bu4 zhan4 bu4 he2 (不战不和)no war; no peace
ce4 (策)method; plan; policy; scheme
lian3 (脸)face
fa1 bu4 (发布)to release; to issue; to distribute
jian1, tao2 (湔, 洮)cleanse; name of a river
guan1 (官)official; government
su4 (宿)lodge for the night; old; former
xia4 die1 (下跌)fall; tumble
shu1 fang2 (书房)study (i.e. the kind of room)
bu4 chu1 suo3 liao4 (不出所料)as expected
shi4 tan4 (试探)to sound out; to probe; to feel out; to try out
ji2 (戢)collect oneself; put away
kai1 fa1 guo4 cheng2 (开发过程)development process
duo4 (堕)degenerate; fall
sheng1 yi (生意)business
jian4 yi4 (建议)to propose; to suggest; to recommend; proposal; suggestion; recommendation
bing3 (柄)authority; handle; hilt
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 88: Abschnitt 84(25 Vokabeln)
che1 (车)car; a vehicle; machine; to shape with a lathe
qin4 (揿)to press (bell)
chang3 li3 bai4 (厂礼拜)day off (work)
cong2 lai2 (从来)always; at all times; never (if used in negative sentence)
ban4 (扮)to disguise oneself; to dress up; adorn
jie1 guan3 (接管)take over; assume control
wu2 suo3 wei4 (无所谓)to be indifferent; not to matter
miao2 xie3 (描写)to describe; to depict; to portray
xun4, xun4 (徇, 殉)buried with dead; die for a cause
xia4 xun2 (下旬)last third of the month
hao3 peng2 you (好朋友)good friend
jiu3 (久)(long) time; (long) duration of time
bian1 dao3 (编导)write and direct (a play, film, etc.); playwright - director; choreographer - director; scenarist - director
zhan1 (瞻)gaze; view
yu3 ci3 tong2 shi2 (与此同时)at the same time; meanwhile
xuan4 (炫)to boast; to show off
si1 xiang3 (思想)thought; thinking; idea
qian1 (铅)lead (metal)
huang3 (谎)lies; to lie
jing1 (惊)to start; to be frightened; to be scared; alarm
yi4 nian4, biao3 xiang4 (意念, 表象)idea
fu4 yu2 (富于)to be full of; to be rich in
shi4 jie4 yin2 hang2 (世界银行)World Bank
ben4 (坌)bring together; dust
ji3 bei4 (脊椎)back (of a vertibrate)
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 88: Abschnitt 85(25 Vokabeln)
chang2 cheng2 (长城)the Great Wall
shi4 jie4 (世界)world
gong1 (觥)big; cup made of horn; horn wine container
zhao4 kai1 (召开)convene (a conference or meeting); to convoke; to call together
cai3 (睬)pay attention; take notice of; to care for
bu4 diao4 yi2 zhi4 (步调一致)to be united in action
dang1 qian2 (当前)current; today's; modern; present; to be facing (us)
zhu3 guan3 (主管)(be) person in charge of (a position, etc.); responsible; in charge
bing1 fa3 (兵法)art of war; military strategy and tactics
cheng2 li4 (成立)establish; set up
chan2 (澶)still (as of water); still water
ba1 bu4 de2 (巴不得)anxious; look forward to; earnestly wish for
shuo4 (硕)large; big
fu4 kuan3 (付款)pay; payment
xian4 yu2 (陷於)caught in (a bad situation); fall into (a trap, etc.)
ji1 (笄)15 years old; hairpin for bun
zui4 hou4 (最後)final; last; finally; ultimate
xie3 xin4 (写信)to write a letter
fu4 zuo4 yong4 (副作用)side effect
hui4 (晦)dark; night; unlucky
shan4 (善)good
qian1 (签)a note; a stick; sign one's name
da4 zhi4 (大致)more or less; roughly; approximately
bi4 xiu1 ke4 (必修课)a required course
bie2 li2 (别离)take leave of; leave
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 88: Abschnitt 86(25 Vokabeln)
yu2 (揄)draw out; let hanging
dan4 yuan4 (但愿)if only (it were possible to...)
bi2 er (鼻儿)a hole in an implement; utensil; etc; for something to be inserted into; eye
zeng1 zhi2 (增值)appreciation (of a car, house, etc.); increase in value
da4 (大)big; huge; large; major; great; wide; deep; oldest; eldest
xi2 (席)banquet; woven mat; seat; place
shi4 qing (事情)affair; matter; thing; business
gong1 zhong4, gong1 kai1 (公众, 公开)public
ji3 tian1 lai2 (几天来)for the past few days
fu2 zhi2 (扶植)foster; support
fang2 wu1 (房屋)house; building
shi2 nian2 (十年)ten years
lian4 (潋)full of water; trough
guo2 (国)country; state; nation
bu4 shi1 shi2 ji1 (不失时机)seize the opportune moment; lose no time
ai4 lian4 (爱恋)be in love with; feel deeply attached to
bu4 zhi1 suo3 cuo4 (不知所措)be at a loss; be at one's wits' end
ban3 shang4 ding1 ding1 (板上钉钉)that clinches it; that's final; no two ways about it
shi2 fen1 (十分)fully; completely; very
you2 (犹)Jew; as if; still; to scheme
hao3 ji3 nian2 (好几年)several years
mou2 (谋)to plan; seek; scheme
qie3 (且)further; moreover
duan4 luo4 (段落)part; paragraph
lan3 (览)look over; to view
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 88: Abschnitt 87(25 Vokabeln)
quan2 bing3 (权柄)authority
hao4 (号)day of a month; (suffix used after) name of a ship; (ordinal) number
jia4 kuan3 (价款)cost
yang3 (养)give birth; keep (pets); to support; to bring sb. up; to raise (pig, etc.)
zuo4 wei2 (作为)accomplish; action; to regard (sth as sth); to look upon (sth as); conduct
qu3 (娶)take a wife
zheng3 (拯)to raise; to aid; to support; to save; to rescue
ding4 zuo4 (定做)to have something made to order
jiao4 xue2 (教学)teacher and student; education
ban4 nian2 (半年)half a year
xie4 (谢)(surname); to thank
kai1 mu4 (开幕)to open (a conference, e.g.); to inaugurate
gong1 gong4 (公共)public; common (use)
bian1 (编)weave; plait; organize; group; arrange; edit; compile; write; compose; fabricate
an1 zhi4 (安置)find a place for; help settle down; arrange for
di1 yu2 (低于)be lower than
bu4 tong2 fan2 xiang3 (不同凡响)outstanding; out of the ordinary; out of the common run
wen4 (问)to ask
bu4 zhang3 (部长)head of a (government, etc) department; section chief; section head; secretary; minister
gu4 (故)happening; instance; reason; cause; deceased; old
zi4 (字)letter; symbol; character; word
zhe4 xie (这些)these
shi4 jie4 shang4 (世界上)(of the) world
mo3 (抹)play; to smear
juan3 (卷)to roll (up); to sweep up; to carry on
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 88: Abschnitt 88(25 Vokabeln)
shi1 (失)to lose; to miss; to fail
zhuan3 ji1 (转机)(take a) turn for the better
you3 xie1 (有些)some; somewhat
long2 (龙)dragon; imperial; Long (a surname)
pang2 bian1 (旁边)lateral; side
ban1 (班)team; class; rank; squad; a work shift; a measure word; (a surname)
zhao1 dai4 (招待)to receive (guests); to entertain; reception
zhang4 jia4 (涨价)appreciate; increase in price
tie1 (贴)to stick; to paste; to keep close to; to fit snguly; allowance
zong1 (宗)school; sect; purpose; model; ancestor; family
ba3 feng1 (把风)keep watch (during a clandestine activity); be on the lookout
bi1 po4 (逼迫)force; compel; coerce
bian4 cheng2 (变成)to change into; to turn into; to become
xiang1 tong2 (相同)identical; same
geng1 (更)to change
ren2 shi4 (人士)person; figure; public figure
xia4 ge4 yue4 (下个月)next month
kan4 fa3 (看法)way of looking at a thing; view; opinion
du4 guo4 (渡过)to cross over; pass through
ying1 gai1 shuo1 (应该说)it should be mentioned that ...
dian3 (点)(downwards-right convex character stroke); o'clock; (a measure word); point; dot; (decimal) point)
jia1 qiang2 (加强)to reinforce; to strengthen; to increase
ye4 wu4 (业务)business; profession
ming2 que4 (明确)clear-cut; definite; make clear; clear
mei3 dang1 (每当)whenever; every time
Basiswortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 88: Abschnitt 89(10 Vokabeln)
ta4 (沓)(surname); again and again; many
ben3 di4 (本地)local; this locality
nian2 qing1 ren2 (年轻人)young people
jian1 (戋)narrow; small
er4 ci4 da4 zhan4 (二次大战)World War Two
dan1 (单)bill; list; form; single; only; sole
jie1 ren2 (接人)to meet a person
bao1 lan3 (包揽)undertake the whole thing; take on everything
bao4 li4 (暴力)violence; (use) force; violent
bing3 (禀)natural property or endowment; report to (a superior)
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 1(25 Vokabeln)
ting2 liu2 (停留)stay somewhere temporarily; stop over
zang4 (奘)great
chong1 (舂)to pound (grain); beat
wan2 (玩)curios; antiques; to play; to amuse oneself
ya2 (衙)(surname); office; yamen
li4 lai2 zui4 di1 dian3 (历来最低点)all time low (point)
yuan2 (员)person; employee; member
ju4 (距)at a distance of; distance; to be apart
yun4 song4 (运送)to transport; to carry
bei4 (倍)(two, three, etc) -fold; times (multiplier); double; to increase or multiply
xi4 ju4 (戏剧)drama; play; theater
sun3 hai4 (损害)harm; to harm; to damage; to injure
di3 (底)background; bottom; base
chan3 (阐)to express; disclose; enlighten; open
la4 (落)leave behind
kai1 che1 (开车)to drive a car
la1 (拉)to pull; to play (string instruments); to drag; to draw
ying4 dui4 (应对)response; to answer; to reply
jian3 (戬)carry to the utmost; to cut
ban1 (颁)promulgate; send out; issue; to grant or confer
yan3 (演)to develop; to evolve; to practice; to perform; to play; to act
kuai4 (会)to balance an account; accounting
gu4 (估)old; second-hand (clothes)
qian1 ding4 (签订)to agree to and sign (a treaty, etc)
lang4 (蒗)(herb); place name
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ti3 zhi4 (体制)system; organization
bai2 lian3 (白脸)white face; face painting in Beijing Opera; etc
xi1 mian4 (西面)west side; west
qian2 fu2 (潜伏)to hide; to cover up; to conceal
zui4 (蕞)assemble; small
geng1 (赓)continue (as a song)
ao2 ye4 (熬夜)stay up late or all night
xu1 (须)beard; necessary; must
zhang4 (账)account
ji4 (记)to remember; to note; mark; sign; to record
xiu1 xi (休息)rest; to rest
shang1 ye4 (商业)business; trade; commerce
ling2 qian2 (零钱)change (said of money)
yi2 (诒)a present in writing; bequeath
yu4 (驭)manage; to drive
reng2 ran2 (仍然)still; yet
shang4 ban4 nian2 (上半年)first half (of a year)
tong2, mou2 (瞳, 眸)pupil of the eye
dao4 da2 (到达)to reach; to arrive
guo3 ran2 (果然)really; sure enough; as expected
jiu4 ye4 (就业)get a job; start a career
si4 yang3 (饲养)to raise; to rear
lao3 tao4 (老套)old things; old ways (pejorative)
ceng2 ci4 (层次)arrangement of ideas; administrative level; level; stage; phase
ji2 (即)namely; right away; to approach; to draw near
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bo2 dou4 (搏斗)to wrestle; to fight; to struggle
chu2 (橱)a wardrobe; case; cabinet
chu1 mai4 (出卖)to sell (off)
bi4 ding4 (必定)be bound to; be sure to
chuang2 (床)bed; couch; (a measure word)
yi1 chu4 ji2 fa1 (一触即发)could happen at any moment; on the verge
fa1 yan2 quan2 (发言权)the right of speech
jing4 ting2 (迳庭)very different
jin3 suo1 (紧缩)reduce; tighten; cut back (budget, etc)
yu4 (饫)full (as of eating)
wang4 (望)hope; expect; to visit; to gaze (into the distance); look towards; towards
gai3 shan4 (改善)to make better; to improve
jing1 jian3 (精简)to simplify; to reduce
bei1 bi3 (卑鄙)base; mean; contemptible; despicable
xiao1 xi1 ling2 tong1 ren2 shi4 (消息灵通人士)a well-informed source; a person with inside information
zhang3 (涨)to rise (of prices; rivers)
zong3 tong3 ren4 qi1 (总统任期)presidency; term of office
ke3 shen1 (可身)to fit well (clothes)
yu3 yin1 (语音)voice
he2 zi (盒子)case
bu4 wei2 yi3 shen4 (不为已甚)refrain from going to extremes in meting out punishment; not be too hard on subject
zhi4 wen4 (质问)(ask a) question; inquire; interrogate
sui4 shu (岁数)age (number of years old)
zha2 (札)write down
xia4 ling4 (下令)give an order
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lian2 xi4 (联系)connection; contact; relation; contact; (in) touch (with); to integrate; to link
bu4 ming2 (不明)not clear; unknown; fail to understand
bei1 (杯)cup; a measure word
yuan3 (远)far; distant; remote
tong3 (统)to gather; to unite; to unify; whole
ban1 fa1 (颁发)issue; promulgate; award
gong4 chu3 (共处)coexist; get along (with others)
ding4 jia4 (定价)to set a price; to fix a price
bao4 an4 (报案)report a case to the security authorities
xing2 dong4 (行动)operation; action; to move; mobile
zhi2 zheng4 dang3 (执政党)ruling party; the party in power
ji3 nian2 lai2 (几年来)for the past several years
jing1 guan3 (经管)be in charge of
ce4 (测)side; to lean; to survey; to measure; conjecture
zhan3 kai1 (展开)to unfold; to carry out; to be in full swing; to launch
jia1 yu2 (加?於)impose; add to
ban1 wu4 hui4 (班务会)a routine meeting of a squad; team or class
chu4 (搐)lead; pull
tuo1 yun4 (托运)to book or check through (baggage)
qin3 (寝)lie down
sheng1 ci2 (生词)new word
ling3 dao3 (领导)lead; leading; to lead; leadership
he2 (盍)why not
da4 gang1 (大纲)main point; leading principles
kan4 zuo4 (看做)regard as; look upon as
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jin1 hou4 (今後)henceforth; in the future; from now on
shi1 kong4 (失控)out of control
hu1 yu4 mei3 guo2 (呼吁美国)to call on the United States; to appeal to the U.S.
yue1 han4 er4 shu1 (约翰二书)2 John
shao4, nian2 qing1, you4 (少, 年轻, 幼)young
shi4 jie4 xing4 gu3 lao3 wen4 ti2 (世界性古老问题)a problem as old as the world itself
bu4 shi2 shi2 wu4 (不识时务)show no understanding of the times
jia3 ding4 (假定)to assume; to suppose
ao3 (媪)old woman
duo1 fang1 (多方)in many ways
wai4 zhang3 (外长)foreign minister; secretary of state; minister of foreign affairs
dai4 dong4 (带动)to spur; to provide impetus; to drive
yong1, zhi4 (壅, 窒)obstruct; stop up
ping2 (凭)lean against; proof; to rely on; to depend on; to be based on
hai4 (害)to do harm to; to cause trouble to; harm; evil; calamity
san1 qian1 dao4 wu3 qian1 wan4 (三千到五千万)30 to 50 million
zi3 (仔)minutely; young
zhi1 fu4 (支付)pay (money)
wai4 xing2 (外形)figure; shape
shi2 (拾)pick up; ten (fraudproof)
zhang3 (长)chief; head; elder; to grow; to develop
bu4 tong1 (不通)be obstructed; be blocked up; be impassable; not make sense; be illogical; be ungrammatical
tong1 gao4 (通告)to announce; to give notice
hui4 chang3 (会场)meeting place; place where people gather
kai1 dao1 (开刀)to perform or have an operation; to operate on or to be operated on
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zhen4 (镇)composed; small town; to suppress; to press down; to post
lou2 (楼)house with more than 1 story; storied building; floor
ban4 ye4 (半夜)midnight; in the middle of the night
ri4 jian4 (日渐)(keep increasing, changing, etc.) day by day
xin4 xi2 xi4 tong3 (信息系统)information system
zeng1 gao1 (增高)heighten; raise up
bai3 duan1 dai4 ju3 (百端待举)a thousand things remain to be done; mumerous tasks remain to be undertaken
wo3 guo2 (我国)our country
li4 zheng4 (例证)example; case in point
ai3 zi li3 bai2 jiang1 jun1 (矮子里拔将军)choose the best person available
xian1 qian2 (先前)before; previously
an4 bing1 bu4 dong4 (按兵不动)not throw the troops into battle; bide one's time; take on action
xiao1, ye4 wan3, ye4 (宵, 夜晚, 夜)night
shan1 (芟)cut down; mow; scythe
hui3 (毁)to destroy; to damage; to ruin
bian4 xing2 (变形)be out of shape; become deformed; to morph
bian4 ge2 (变革)transform; change
shou3 (手)hand; convienent
guan3 li3 (管理)to supervise; to manage; to administer; management; administration
zheng4 (帧)frame; one of a pair (scrolls); picture
jing4 (敬)to respect; to venerate; to salute; to offer
shuai1 tui4 (衰退)decline; fall; drop; falter
xin1 (心)heart; mind
su1 (苏)(plant); place name; revive
que4 bu4 (却步)to step back
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xin4 xi2 guan3 li3 (信息管理)information management
bu4 fen (部分)part; share; section; piece
da3 ting (打听)ask about; inquire about
bian4 dong4 (变动)change; alteration
xia4 ke4 (下课)class is over
lu4 cheng2 (路程)course
bu3 huo4 (捕获)to catch; to capture; to seize
fang3 wen4 mei3 guo2 (访问美国)to visit the United States; a trip to the U.S.
ying4 fu (应付)deal with; cope
qing2 (擎)to raise (hand)
cong2 wai4 biao3 lai2 kan4 (从外表来看)looking from the outside; seen from the outside
zhu3 yao4 (主要)main; principal; major; primary
zhong3 lei4 (种类)class; kind; sort; species
zhi4 an1 (治安)law and order; public security
ti3 xi4 (体系)system; setup
sheng1 qi3 (升起)rise
zong3 zheng4 zhi4 bu4 (总政治部)(military) General Political Department
guang1 (光)light; ray; bright
liu2 (留)leave (message); to retain; to stay; to remain; to keep; to perserve
jin4 cheng2 (进程)process; course
ce4 yan4 jie2 guo3 (测验结果)test result
bu4 wai4 (不外)not beyond the scope of; nothing more than
bai3 er2 ba1 shi2 (百儿八十)about a hundred; a hundred or so
ruo4 (弱)weak; feable; young; inferior
jie4 shao4 (介绍)to present; introduction; to introduce
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zhu3 ti3 (主体)main part; subject
ming2 yi4 (名义)titular; (do something) in (someone's) name
xia4 mian (下面)below; next; the following; under; below
tu2 (图)diagram; to plan; picture; drawing; chart
kong1 xi2 (空袭)(military) attack from the air
da4 hui4 (大会)general assembly; general meeting
zhuang4 kuang4 (状况)condition; state; situation
he2 zuo4 (合作)to cooperate; to collaborate; to work together; cooperation
er4 shi2 yi1 shi4 ji4 (二十一世纪)21st century
bie2 guan3 (别管)no matter (who; what; etc; )
kong4 zhi4 (控制)to (have) control (over); to contain
zi1 se4 (姿色)good looking
ji4 nian4 (纪念)to commemorate; to remember
dan4 (淡)insipid; diluted; weak; light in colour; tasteless; fresh; indifferent; nitrogen
zher4, zhe4 li3 (这儿, 这里)here
miao3 (眇)minute (small); subtle
xi1 fang1 (西方)the West; the Occident; Western countries
du2 li4 (独立)to be independent; to stand alone
bian4 mai4 (变卖)sell off (one's property)
dong1 fang1 (东方)the East; Eastern countries
fa1 xing2 (发行)publish; issue
tan2 (谈)to speak; to talk; to converse; to chat; to discuss; (surname)
bai2 ye4 (白夜)white night
an1 fang4 (安放)lay; place; put in a certain place
zhi3 bu4 guo4 ji3 nian2 qian2 (只不过几年前)only a few years ago; just a few years ago
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jing4 (境)border; place; condition; boundary; circumstances; territory
ti2 (题)topic; subject; to inscribe; to superscribe
bu4 wen4 (不问)pay no attention to; disregard; ignore; let go unpunished; let off
bi4 hui4 (闭会)close a meeting
shuai1 (摔)throw on ground; to fall
you3 suo3 (有所)somewhat; to some extent
shi1 qu4 (失去)to lose
dui4 (队)squadron; team; group
shi4 li (势力)power; (ability to) influence
ai3 zi (矮子)a short person; dwarf
tang2 (搪)keep out
jian4 li4 (建立)creation; set up; construction; build; establish; set up
an1 ran2 (安然)safely; peacefully; at a rest
ci2 (词)works; phrases; classical Chinese poem; word; diction
jiao4 you3 (教友)church member
a4 (啊)oh (interjection)
wu4 zhi4 (物质)(physical) matter
zhuan3 dong4 (转动)turn
yu2 (渔)fisherman; to fish
wei3 yuan2 (委员)committee member; committee; council
mo4 (末)end; final stage; latter part
wu3 (妩)flatter; to please
yu4 (愈)heal; the more...the more; to recover; better
bai2 bai2 (白白)in vain; to no purpose; for nothing
yan4 (验)to examine; to test; to check
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 10(25 Vokabeln)
shi3 (始)begin
zai4 qi2 jian1 (在?期间)during
jin3 kuai4 (尽快)as quickly as possible
zhan1 (旃)felt; silken banner
jian4 she4 (建设)to build; to construct; construction; constructive
tou4 (透)to penetrate; thorough; penetrating; to pass through; to pierce
bei4 guang1 (背光)be in a poor light; do something with one's back to the light; stand in one's own light
cheng2 zhen4 (城镇)cities and towns; city; town
ma2 mu4 (麻木)numb
cheng2 shi4 (程式)form; pattern; formula; program
xuan3 piao4 (选票)a vote; ballot
ben3 xing1 qi1 (本星期)this week
ji1 (几)small table
da4 dou1 (大都)general; for the most part; on the whole
ben1 pao3 (奔跑)run
lou4 (漏)funnel; to leak; to let out; to divulge
zhuo2 (着)plan; settlement; to wear
ou1 (区)(ancient volume measure); (surname); area; region; district; small; distinguish
chuan4 (串)to string together; to mix up; to conspire; to connect; (a measure word); string
di4 si4 (第四)fourth; number four
po4 shi3 (迫使)force (someone to do something)
bu4 xiang2 (不详)not in detail; not quite clear
tuan2 ti3 (团体)group; organization; team
hang2 ye4 (行业)industry; business
ba1 xiao3 shi2 gong1 zuo4 zhi4 (八小时工作制)eight hour working day
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 11(25 Vokabeln)
an4 (岸)bank; shore; beach; coast
bing4 lie4 (并列)stand side by side; be juxtaposed
guai3 wan1 (拐弯)to turn a corner
yao4 ren2 (要人)important person
shi4 jie4 mao4 yi4 (世界贸易)world trade; global trade
dang4 (宕)dissipated; put off
lian2 luo4 (联络)communication; get in touch with; contact
jin1 chen2 (今晨)this morning
ben3 ti2 (本题)the subject under discussion; the point at issue
jing1 xiao1 (经销)to sell; to distribute
da4 wen4 ti2 (大问题)great problem; large problem
nian2 ling2 (年龄)(a person's) age
di4 yi1 zhang1 (第一章)chapter one
sha1 ren2 (杀人)homicide; to murder; to kill (a person)
bai2 shou3 qi3 jia1 (白手起家)build up from nothing; start from scratch
mei3 yi1 (每一)every
fan3 dui4 (反对)to fight against; to oppose; to be opposed to; opposition
chan3 wu4 (产物)product; result (of)
tian3 (腆)make strong (as liquors); virtuous
fu1 zi3 (夫子)pedant; (old form of address)
jiao1 chu1 (交出)hand over
ze2 (迮)haste; to press
juan4 (眷)concern; wife and children
dang3 zheng4 (党政)party policy; (Communist) Party and government administration
an4 jian4 (案件)law case; legal case; judicial case
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si4 mian4 ba1 fang1 (四面八方)in all directions; all around; far and near
xin1 xing2 (新型)new type; new kind
biao1 zhi4 (标志)sign; mark; symbol; symbolize; to indicate; to mark
xian1 (跹)manner of dancing; walk around
chuang4 ji4 lu4 (创记录)to set a record
ju4 da4 (巨大)huge; immense; very large; tremendous; gigantic; enormous
bing4 jian1 (并肩)alongside; shoulder to shoulder; side by side; abreast
shi2 da4 shi2 xiao3 (时大时小)sometimes big, sometimes small; varying
dui4 yuan2 (队员)team member
kan4 zuo4 (看作)look upon as; regard as
jue2 ding4 (决定)to decide (to do something); to determine; to resolve
tian1 (天)day; sky; heaven
xun2 (浔)name of a river; steep bank
xi3 xin1 yan4 jiu4 (喜新厌旧)literal: to like the new, and hate the old; figurative: enamored with new people (e.g. new girlfriend), bored with the old
guo3 (果)fruit; result
sui4 (碎)to break down; to break into pieces; fragementary
ban4 sui2 (伴随)to follow; to accompany
chu3 li3 (处理)to handle; to treat; to deal with; to process
mie4 (蔑)belittle; nothing
fu2 (砩)name of a stone
da4 cheng2 shi4 (大城市)major city; big city; metropolis; metropolis; large city
quan2 wei1 xing4 (权威性)authoritative; (having) authority
pu4 (铺)a bed; a store
li3 hui4 (理会)pay attention to; take notice of
biao3 ming2 (表明)make known; make clear; state clearly; indicate; known; to make clear
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 13(25 Vokabeln)
sheng1 yuan2 (声援)support (a cause)
mei3 mei3 (每每)often
cheng2 shou4 (承受)to bear; to support; to inherit
shang4 ren4 (上任)take office
mao4 yi4 zhan4 (贸易战)trade war
ping2 (瓶)bottle; (a measure word); vase; pitcher
min2 yi4 (民意)public opinion; popular will; public will
shi4 chang3 (市场)market
zhi2 (踯)hesitating; to stop
bu4 lu3 wei2 jian1 (步履维艰)have difficulty walking; walk with difficulty
zai4 (再)again; once more; re-; second; another
zuo4 fa3 (做法)way of doing things; a (regular) practice; a behavior
huo4 xu3, ye3 xu3 (或许, 也许)perhaps; maybe
chu3 (础)foundation; base
miao3 (藐)despise; small
qu4 (觑)to spy; watch for
sheng1 (胜)able to bear
biao3 ge2 (表格)form; table
nuo4 (搦)take hold
sheng1 (升)to raise; to hoist; to promote; pint
zhuo2 (琢)to cut (gems)
wen2 (纹)line; trace; mark
xue1 jian3 (削减)to cut down; to reduce; to lower
l` (缕)state in detail; strand; thread
geng4 gao1 (更高)higher; even higher
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 14(25 Vokabeln)
suo1 (挲)feel; to fondle
kai1 duan1 (开端)start; beginning
you3 shi3 yi3 lai2 (有史以来)since the beginning of history
dian4 nao3 xi4 tong3 (电脑系统)computer system
dou4 liu2 (逗留)stay at; stopover at
ji1 (积)to amass; to accumulate; to store; old; long-standing
zhuang1 ban4 (装扮)dress up as; be disguised as
chi4 (踅)walk with one leg
qu4 shi4 (去世)to pass away; to die
jing4 xuan3 (竞选)run for (electoral) office
fen1 lie4 (分裂)split up; to split; to divide; to break up; fission
tian2 ye3 (田野)field; open land
dai3 (逮)arrest; catch; seize; until
tao4 (套)to cover; covering; case; cover; (a measure word, a set of something); sheath
diao4 (掉)to drop; to fall
shu1 (书)book; letter
huang2 (隍)dry moat; god of city
an1 (安)content; calm; still; quiet; to pacify; peace
dong3 shi4 zhang3 (董事长)chairman of the board; chairman
zhu4 zha1 (驻扎)to station; to garrison (troops)
da4 guo2 (大国)a power (ie, a dominant country)
ge4 zhong3 (各种)every kind of; all kinds of; various kinds
fang4 ying4 (放映)show (a movie)
guo2 wu4 wei3 yuan2 (国务委员)member of State Council (in China)
ze2 (啧)(interj. of admiration or of disgust); to click one's tongue; to attempt to (find an opportunity to) speak
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 15(25 Vokabeln)
ju4 (踞)be based upon; squat
bei4 qu3 (备取)be on the waiting list (for admission to a school)
dai4 yu4 (待遇)treatment; pay; wages; treatment; status; salary
zui4 ming2 (罪名)a (criminal) charge; accusation
gong4 zhi2, ren4 zhi2 (供职, 任职)hold an office or post
shou3 (首)head; chief; (a measure word, use with €poem€)
kan4 lai (看来)apparently; it seems that; it appears; it seems
yi4 (异)(interj.); raise; to stop
kai1 fa1 zhou1 ji1 (开发周期)development cycle; development period
long3 (拢)collect; draw near to
yi3 qian2 (以前)before; formerly; previous
wei2 fa3 (违法)illegal; to break the law
shi2 (莳)Peuceclanum gravelens; to plant
san1 nian2 (三年)three years
cha2 (叉)to cross; be stuck
dang4 (挡)arrange; put in order
zheng3 ti3 (整体)overall; as a whole; whole (thing, situation); entirety; integrated
fen1 (分)to divide; minute; (a measure word); (a unit of length = 0.33 centimeter)
ming2 (明)clear; bright; to understand; next
sheng1 yu4 (生育)to bear; to give birth
dai4 ling3 (带领)guide; lead
an1 xi2 (安息)rest; go to sleep; rest in peace; <Ê·> Parthia
mao4 (贸)commerce; trade
gu4 (顾)look after; take into consideration; to attend to
qi3 cao3 (起草)draft (a bill); draw up (plans)
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 16(25 Vokabeln)
hao4 (皓)bright; d (19th); white
jian4 zhu4 (建筑)building; construct
lei4 xing2 (类型)type
qi3 ye4 guan3 li3 (企业管理)business management (as a study)
xian1 (纤)fine; delicate; minute
chong2 dao4 (重蹈)to repeat; to follow the same road as
jiao4 shao3 (较少)less
yun4 (蕴)bring together; collect
yan3 gai4 (掩盖)conceal; hide behind; cover up
yue4 lai2 yue4 yan2 zhong4 (越来越严重)to become more serious every day
di2 (嫡)first wife; son of first wife
shi4 tu2 (视图)view
kan4 dai4 (看待)look upon; regard
mai4 (迈)take a step
chong3 (宠)to love; to pamper; to spoil; to favor
zhi4 li3 (治理)govern; administer; control
fan3 (反)wrong side out or up; anti-
yan2 jiu1 bao4 gao4 (研究报告)research report
shi4 (市)market; city
ban1 bu4 (颁布)promulgate; issue; publish
bao1 bi4 (包庇)shield; harbour; cover up
yan3 chu1 (演出)(acting) play; perform
sang3, sang3 zi (嗓, 嗓子)throat; voice
qi2 (蕲)(herb); implore; pray; place name
jing1, yan3, yan3 jing1 (睛, 眼, 眼睛)eye
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 17(25 Vokabeln)
si4 (四)four
ban4 gong1 shi4, xie4 (办公室, 廨)office
kai1 shi3 yi3 qian2 (开始以前)before the beginning (of sth)
ni4 (昵)familiar; to approach
ce4 (册)book; a measure word for books; booklet
kan1 deng1 (刊登)carry a story; publish (in a newspaper or magazine)
zhan3 lan3 (展览)to put on display; to exhibit; exhibition; show
suo3 (所)actually; place
duan3 shi2 jian1 (短时间)short term; short time
ban4 an4 (办案)to handle a case
chi4 (饬)keep in order; stern; to order; direct
wei3 (伟)big; large; great
ji3 tian1 (几天)several days
bu4 zai4 yi4 (不在意)pay no attention to; take no notice of; not mind; negligent; careless
chang2 da2 (长达)extend as long as; lengthen out to
tuan2 (团)regiment; round; circular; group; society
tao2 (逃)to escape; to run away; to flee
xue2 ling2 (学龄)school age
xia4 yi1 ci4 (下一次)next
chen2 zhong4 (沉重)heavy; hard; serious; critical
zhu3 dao3 (主导)to lead; to manage
si4 (伺)to watch; to wait; to examine; to spy
chang2 (尝)indicator of past tense; to taste; flavor; already; ever; once; test; already; formerly
chai1 (拆)to tear open; to tear down; to tear apart; to open
quan2 (辁)small; wheel without spokes
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jian3 ruo4 (减弱)to weaken; to fall off
chu1 ren4 (出任)start in a new job; take up a new post
gu4 ding4 (固定)fixed; set; regular
gan3 jue2 dao4 (感觉到)feel
fang4 xin1 (放心)to set one's mind at rest; to be at ease; to rest
mu4 (募)canvass for contributions; to recruit; to collect; to raise
zhen3 (稹)accumulate; fine and close
ai4 qing2 (爱情)love (between man and woman)
ban4 ye4 san1 geng1 (半夜三更)in the depth of night; late at night
ken3 (啃)to gnaw; to nibble; to bite
he1 (喝)my goodness; to drink
zheng4 (证)to prove; to demonstrate; to confirm; certificate; proof
ji4 zhu, ji4 de (记住, 记得)to remember
a1 ya1 (啊呀)oh
hun4 (混)to mix; to get along; thoughtless
ai3 ge4 er2 (矮个儿)a person of short stature; a short person
hui4 (绘)to draw; to paint
biao1 ti2 (标题)title; heading; headline; caption; subject
xian4 lu4 (线路)line; circuit
hu2 (囫)whole; in one lump
wei3, shi4 de (唯, 是的)yes
zheng4 fu3 (政府)government
ma2 (麻)(to have) pins and needles; tingling; hemp; numb; to bother
bu4 ju1 yi1 ge2 (不拘一格)not stick to one pattern
bi3 ji1 (笔迹)a person's handwriting; hand
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fan4 fa3 (犯法)to break the law
zhen1 (臻)to reach; utmost
da2 dao4 (达到)to reach; to achieve; to attain
bian1 zhu4 (编着)compile; write
ke1 (科)branch of medicine; subject; division; field; branch; family
da4 huo4 bu4 jie3 (大惑不解)do not understand a certain thing
mo2 (谟)plan; to practice
bu4 guan3 (不管)no matter (what, how); regardless of; no matter
zhang1 (张)(a measure word); (a surname); open up
xie4 xie (谢谢)to thank
ben1 zou3 (奔走)run; rush about; be busy running about
bing4 pai2 (并排)side by side; abreast
xi1 dian3 (西点)West Point
zhe3 (者)-ist, -er (person); person (who does sth)
ke4 yu2 (课余)after school
nu3 li4 (努力)great effort; strive; try hard
he2 (涸)to dry; to dry up
yuan2 yin1 hen3 jian3 dan1 (原因很简单)the reason is very simple
cheng2 guo3 (成果)result; achievement; gain; profit
bu4 han2 hu1 (不含糊)unambiguous; unequivocal; explicit; not ordinary; really good
quan2 guo2 xing4, guo2 min2 (全国性, 国民)national
cai2 tuan2 (财团)financial group
dan1 (担)to undertake; to carry; to shoulder; to take responsibility
qie4 (锲)cut; to carve
xi4 tong3 (系统)system
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 20(25 Vokabeln)
can1 kao3 (参考)consultation; reference; to consult; to refer
chui2 (垂)to hang (down); droop; dangle; bend down; hand down; bequeth; nearly; almost; to approach
fa1 she4 (发射)to shoot; to fire; to launch
que1 shao3 (缺少)lack; shortage of; to be short (of); to lack
sheng1 (生)to be born; to give birth; life; to grow
fen4 (份)(a measure word for gifts, copies of a newspaper); copy (of newspaper, magazine, etc.); share; portion; part; (a measure word)
wu2 suo3 bu2 mai4 (无所不卖)to sell anything; to sell everything
ying4 (应)(surname); to answer; to respond
gui1 (规)compass; rule
bao4 kan1 (报刊)newspapers and periodicals; the press
bu4 ke3 duo1 de2 (不可多得)hard to come by; rare
cha2 (查)to research; to check; to investigate; to examine; to refer to; to search
zhang1 yang2 (张扬)publicize; make known
xing2 xing2 se4 se4 (形形色色)all kinds of; all sorts of; every (different) kind of
chu1 chai1 (出差)be on a business trip
chui2 xia4 (垂下)to hang down
zi1 shi4 (姿势)posture; position
bai3 tuo1 (摆脱)break away from; cast away (old ideas, etc.); to get rid of; to break away (from); to break out (of); free (extricate) oneself from
jia4 zhi2 (价值)value; worth
bao4 (报)to announce; to inform; report; newspaper; recompense; revenge
chen4 (趁)avail oneself of; take advantage of
tong3 yi1 (统一)to unify; to unite; to integrate
cai2 jian3 (裁减)to reduce; to lessen; to cut down
chao1 song4 (抄送)to make a copy (and send it to sb)
bi3 tou2 (笔头)ability to write; writing skill; written; in written form
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mi4 you3 (密友)close friend
jia3 (甲)€A€ (in a sequence of examples involving €A€, €B€, €C€, etc.); 1st heavenly stem; 1st in order; armor
zhong1 duan1 (终端)end; terminal
zeng1 qiang2 (增强)to increase; to strengthen
deng1 (登)scale; climb; ascend; mount; go up; register; note; to publish; to issue; to record
she4 hui4 (社会)society
sheng1 ming4 ji1 xiang4 (生命迹象)sign of life
chi2 xu4 (持续)continue
lian2 tong1 (联通)connection; link; to link together
zhe4 ge4 yue4 (这个月)this (current) month
fu4 zhi4 (复制)to duplicate; to reproduce; to make a copy of; to copy
shang4 ban4 (上半)first half
bi4 (闭)to close; stop up; shut; obstruct
xing1 (星)star; satellite; small amount
za1 (扎)tie with string or ribbon; bind with rope or cord; to stop
cong2 lai2 bu4 (从来不)never
qi2 (歧)divergent; side road
bei3 guo2 (北国)the northern part of the country; the North
zhi1 du2 (只读)read only
hong2 (闳)(surname); big; gate
meng4 jian (梦见)to dream; to see in a dream
kang4 (抗)to resist; to fight; to defy
hu4 (户)a household; door; family
yin2 hang2, yin2 (银行, 垠)bank
bang1 gong1 (帮工)help with farm work; helper
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cheng2 zhang3 (成长)mature; grow up
yue4 lan3, yue4 du2 (阅览, 阅读)to read
yi4 (益)benefit; increase
yao1 (要)demand; ask; request; coerce
chong2 hui2 (重回)return
fu3 (俯)look down; stoop
qian1 zi4 (签字)to sign (a signature)
bo2 de2, ying2 de2 (博得, 赢得)win; gain
san1 tian1 (三天)three days
shao3 (少)few; little; lack
ran3 (染)to catch (a disease); dye
da2 hua4, da2 dui4 (答话, 答对)to reply; to answer
zhi4 han2 (致函)send a letter
zhong4 (种)to grow; to plant
guan1 yuan2 (官员)government official
guo2 you3 (国有)nationalized; public; government owned; state-owned
chong2 (崇)high; dignified; lofty; to honor
zao1 gao1 (糟糕)too bad; how terrible; what bad luck; terrible; bad
gu4 (固)hard; strong; solid; sure
sun3 (损)to damage; injure; to lose; to harm
bu4 zhe2 bu4 kou4 (不折不扣)a hundred per cent; to the letter; out-and-out
zai4 wei4 lai2 (在未来)in the future
qian1 she4 (牵涉)involve; implicated
bian4 hu4 (辩护)speak in defence of; argue in favour of; defend; plead; defend
yuan2 wei3 (原委)the whole story
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 23(25 Vokabeln)
zhong4 da4 (重大)great; important; major; significant
gong1 ji1 (攻击)to attack; to accuse; to charge; (miliary) attack
liu4 shi2 si4 wan4 (六十四万)64 0 000
pai4 chu1 (派出)send; dispatch
zu3 ji1 (阻击)to check; to stop
gong1 si1 hui4 yi4 (公司会议)company meeting
zuo4 hao3 (坐好)to sit properly; to sit up straight
ge4 (个)(a measure word); individual
bao4 ming2 (报名)enter one's name; apply; sign up
ke3 de2 dao4 (可得到)available
xing1 qi1 (星期)week
qiang3 po4 (强迫)compel; force
huan2 (还)(surname); pay back; return
si4 (饲)to raise; to rear; to feed
chong2 fan3 (重返)return (to)
bie2 cheng1 (别称)another name; alternative name
liao1 (撩)lift up (skirt); pull up (sleeve)
fen1 zhong1 (分钟)minute
zun1 zhong4 (尊重)to value (something); to esteem; to respect
jian3 shao3 (减少)to lessen; to decrease; to reduce; to lower
si4 yue4 shi2 qi1 hao4 (四月十七号)April 17
bu4 jie3 (不解)not understand; indissoluble
wen4 ti2 (问题)problem; issue; topic
bu4 shao3 (不少)not (just) a few
ti2 lian4 (提炼)to extract (ore, minerals, etc); to refine; to purify; to process
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yi1 ding4 (一定)surely; certainly; necessarily; fixed; a certain (extent, etc.); given; particular
feng1 (封)to confer; to grant; to seal; (a measure word)
di4 (睇)look down upon
dao4 chu4 (到处)in all places; everywhere
gan3 (赶)catch up; drive away; hurry
bao4 shu4 (报数)number off; count off
jian3 dan1 de shuo1 (简单的说)to put it simply; simply put
bu4 ke3 zhong1 ri4 (不可终日)be unable to carry on even for a single day; be in a desperate situation
ben3 shen1 (本身)itself; in itself; per se
quan2 li4 yi3 fu4 (全力以赴)do at all costs; make an all-out effort
chi2 dao4 (迟到)to arrive late
chu1 zou3 (出走)to flee; to run away
bei1 (背)to be burdened; to carry on the back or shoulder
long3 tong3 (笼统)(in) general (terms); broadly (speaking)
ju4 (锯)a saw; to saw
ran2 fang4 (燃放)light; set off (firecrackers, etc.)
guan3 zhi4 (管制)control; supervision
tian2 (填)to fill in
ying2 (滢)clear; limpid (of water)
xiu1 jian4 (修建)to build; to construct
bu4 dai4 shuo1 (不待说)needless to say; it goes without saying
chai1 san4 (拆散)to break up (a marriage, family, etc.)
yin3 (尹)(surname); to rule
piao1 liu2 (漂流)carried by the current
zhu3 gan4 (主干)trunk; main; core
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shu1 (输)to transport; to lose
shou4 jia4 (售价)to sell for; selling price
biao3 mian4 hua4 (表面化)come to the surface; become apparent
ying2 (盈)full; filled; surplus
chou2 (酬)entertain; repay; return; reward; compensate
fang1 mian4 (方面)respect; aspect; field; side
suo1 (缩)to withdraw; to pull back; to contract; to shrink; to reduce
huo4 cheng1 (或称)also called; also known as; a.k.a.
zhan4 dou4 (战斗)to fight; to battle
kao3 cha2 (考查)investigate; study
shi2 xing2 (实行)implement; carry out; to put into practice
meng4 (孟)first month; eldest brother; (surname)
fu2 wan2 (服完)serve out (a sentence)
ting4 (听)let; allow
yi1 yue4 (一月)first month; January
jia1 (加)to add; plus
ji1 (基)base; foundation; basic; radical (chem.)
cha3 (叉)to diverge; to open (as legs)
sheng1 huo2 (生活)life; activity
liao2 (嘹)clear sound; cry (of cranes etc.)
cha1 (差)difference; error; discrepancy; to differ; to err; to make a mistake; to lack
yuan2 (原)former; original; primary; raw; level; cause; source
yin3 ru4 (引入)to draw into; to pull into
pu1 (噗)sound of escaping laughter; water
tu2 an4 (图案)design; pattern
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 26(25 Vokabeln)
bao3 shou3 (保守)(politically) conservative; guard; keep
zhuo2 (擢)pull out; select
biao3 li3 (表里)the outside and the inside; one's outward show and inner thoughts; exterior and interior
miao2 hua4 (描画)to draw; to describe
bai3 si1 bu4 jie3 (百思不解)remain puzzled after pondering over sth; a hundred times; remain perplexed despite much thought
guo2 li4 (国立)national; state-run; public
lan2 (拦)cut off; hinder
an4 na4 (按捺)restrain; control
xian4 (陷)to fall; trap
xue1 (削)to reduce; to pare (away); to cut (down)
ren2 shen1 (人身)personal; (on someone's) person or body
bian1 hao4 (编号)number; serial number
wei2 yue1 (违约)to break a promise; to violate an agreement
mo2 (磨)to sharpen; to delay; hardship; to grind; to rub
nian2 zhi1 jiu3 (年之久)period of ... years
yu2 (禺)(place); district
ke3 jian4 (可见)it can clearly be seen (that this is the case); it is (thus) clear; clear; visible
l` (率)rate; frequency
you3 lian2 xi4 (有联系)to be connected; to be related
bing3 (丙)the third of the ten heavenly stems; the third position; third; number three
zuo4 (座)to sit; to take a seat
ban1 jia1 (搬家)move (house)
zhai2 (择)pick over
cong2 lai2 mei2 you3 (从来没有)have|has never; never before
bo2 (薄)mean; slight; thin
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 27(25 Vokabeln)
bian4 se4 (变色)change colour; discolour; change countenance; become angry
jiu4 ren4, jiu4 zhi2 (就任, 就职)take office; assume a post
dun1 (敦)kind-hearted; place name
zai4 mi4 qie4 zhu4 yi4 (在密切注意)to pay close attention (to sth)
gao1 (高)high; tall
yan2 (研)grind fine; study; research
lu4 xian4 (路线)route; (political) course
dao4 li3 (道理)reason; argument; sense; principle; basis; justification
liang3 guo2 (两国)both countries; two countries
luo2 (罗)(surname); gauze; to collect; to gather; to catch; to shift
you4 (宥)forgive; help; profound
bi3 de2 qian2 shu1 (彼得前书)1 Peter
bu4 gou4 (不够)not enough; insufficient; inadequate
bu4 qi1 er2 yu4 (不期而遇)meet by chance; have a chance encounter
ti2 yi4 (提议)proposal; suggestion; to propose; to suggest
fu4 (副)secondary; auxiliary; deputy; assistant; vice-; (measure word for a pair)
zhu4 yuan4 (住院)to be in hospital; to be hospitalized
you2 n` (幼女)young girl
ji2 (籍)(surname); record; register; native place
huan4, shi4 (宦, 仕)an official
an4 zhong1 (暗中)in the dark; in secret; on the sly; surreptitiously
shen1 su4 (申诉)to appeal (to sb)
jing1 (经)classics; sacred book; pass through; to undergo; scripture
bian4 lun4 (辩论)debate; argue over
bu4 fan2 (不凡)out of the ordinary; out of the common run
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 28(25 Vokabeln)
cheng2 ji1 (成绩)result; score; mark; achievement
yi2 (仪)apparatus; rites; appearance; present; ceremony
jie2 he2 (结合)to combine; to link; to integrate
ju3 (沮)destroy; to stop
hao4 ma3 (号码)number
wang3 (罔)deceive; there is none
ri4 zi (日子)a (calendar) date; days of (someone's) life; day; date
jin4 nian2 (近年)recent year(s)
zhou1 (州)(United States) state; province; sub-prefecture
bao3 er3 (保尔)(a personal name)
feng2 (逢)every time; meet by chance
shuai4 (率)to lead; command
zheng4 zhi4 (政治)politics; political
cao1 xin1 (操心)to worry about
zhuo2 (茁)increase; sprout
di4 san1 ci4 (第三次)third; third time
beng1 xian4 (崩陷)fall in; cave in
jian3 ming2 (简明)simple and clear; concise
she4 zai4 (设在)located at; set up in a particular location
bu4 zai4 hu1 (不在乎)not mind; not care
gong1 he4 xin1 xi3 (恭贺新禧)Happy New Year
pin2 fan2 (频繁)frequently; often
biao1 chi3 (标尺)surveyor's rod; staff; staff gauge; rear sight
ju4 (剧)drama; play; show; severe
jiu4 shi4 shuo1 (就是说)in other words; that is
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 29(25 Vokabeln)
xie4 (躞)to walk
liu4 (遛)to stroll; walk a horse; to linger
fan3 (返)to return (to)
bing1 shu1 (兵书)a book on the art of war
biao3 jue2 quan2 (表决权)right to vote; vote
liu2 pai4 (流派)school (of thought)
san4 fa1 (散发)distribute; emit; issue
lun2 dun1 (伦敦)London (capital of England)
yi4 (意)idea; meaning; wish; desire
xing2 shi4 (形式)form; shape; situation; circumstance
bai3 shi4 shi2 jiang3 dao4 li3 (摆事实讲道理)present the facts and reason things out
gan3 guan1 (感官)sense
chao1 (超)to exceed; overtake; surpass; transcend; ultra-; super-; to pass; to cross
gan1 (干)dry; to concern; shield
qiu1 (秋)autumn; fall; harvest time; a swing
e4 (遏)to stop; check
jie3 (解)to separate; to divide; to break up; to loosen; to explain; to untie; to emancipate
zu2 gou4 (足够)enough; sufficient
shen1 si1 (深思)to ponder; to consider
bao3 xian3 (保险)insurance; safe; secure; be sure; be bound to
ting3 (梃)a club (weapon)
ti2 qian1 (题签)to write the title of a book on a label
bi3 (俾)to cause; to enable
an1 cha1 (安插)place in a certain position; assign to a job; plant
bian1 ju4 (编剧)write a play; scenario; playwright; screenwriter; scenarist
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 30(25 Vokabeln)
jiao4 (校)proofread; to check; to compare
qu1 ti3 (躯体)the body
qiao2 (翘)outstanding; to raise
ting1 jian4 (听见)hear
guo2 hui4 yi4 zhang3 (国会议长)Speaker of the House
chuan2 (传)to pass on; to spread; to transmit; to infect; to transfer; to circulate; to pass on; to conduct (electricity)
xu1 ruo4 (虚弱)weak; in poor health
wu4 (误)mistake; error; to miss; to harm; to delay; to neglect
wei2 shou3 (为首)head; be headed by
pu3 tong1 (普通)common; ordinary; general; average
ben3 yue4 (本月)this month; the current month
biao3 lu4 (表露)show; reveal
qiu2 (遒)consolidate; end; strong
yu4 (预)to advance; in advance; beforehand; to prepare
chen2 (沉)submerge; immerse; sink; deep; profound; to lower; to drop
song3 (耸)excite; raise up; to shrug; high; lofty; towering
can1 mou2 zhang3 (参谋长)chief of staff
bao4 jing3 (报警)report (an incident) to the police; give an alarm
shu4 bai3 wan4 (数百万)several million
deng1 lu4 (登陆)to land
wu3 bai3 (五百)five hundred
ke3 xi1 (可惜)it is a pity; what a pity; (it's) too bad
zheng4 ce4 (政策)policy
ren4 (任)to assign; to appoint; office; responsibility
zong3 shu4 (总数)a total; a sum
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 31(25 Vokabeln)
kai1 (开)open; operate (vehicle); start
zhuan4 xie3 (撰写)write; compose
jia2 (夹)hold between; lined; narrow lane
shang4 xing1 qi1 (上星期)last week; previous week
qie1 huan4 (切换)to cut over
lang3 (朗)clear; bright
da3 po4 (打破)to break; to smash
jia4 mu4 (价目)(marked) price
chuan1 guo4 (穿过)to pass through
shen1 fen4 (身分)position; rank
bu4 zhi3 (不止)incessantly; without end; more than; not limited to
bao1 chan3 (包产)make a production contract
yu3 (俣)big
tai2 (抬)to lift; to raise; (of two or more persons) to carry
xiang1 xia4 (乡下)country (as opposed to town or city); rural
cheng1 (撑)support; prop-up; to pole a boat; to open; to overfill
bu4 yu2 (不予)not grant
shi3 gao1 xing4 (使高兴)please; make happy; gratify; rejoice
tuo1 li2 (脱离)separate; break away
yuan1 (冤)injustice; to wrong
kai1 men2 (开门)open (the) door
chen2 zhong4 da3 ji1 (沉重打击)to hit hard
bi3 di3 xia4 (笔底下)ability to write
cheng2 du4 (程度)degree (level or extent); level
re4 men2 huo4 (热门货)goods in great demand
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 32(25 Vokabeln)
ming2 (名)name; (measure word for persons); place (e.g. among winners)
ming2 jiao4 (鸣叫)hoot; animal call
zhu4 (注)to inject; to pour into; to concentrate; to pay attention; to note; to comment on; to record; to register; to annotate
mi4 qie1 (密切)close; familiar; intimate; frequent
zheng4 zhi4 xing4 (政治性)political
huo4 (货)goods; money; commodity
kao3 (考)to check; to verify; to test; to examine
fen1 ge1 (分割)to cut up; to break up
deng3 yu2 (等於)equal to; amount to
sheng1 chan3 (生产)to produce; manufacture
xie2 dai4 (携带)to carry; portable
li4 lai2 (历来)always; throughout (a period of time); (of) all-time
xun2 xin4 (寻衅)to provoke; to start a fit
tan4 lu4 (探路)to find a path
nang3 (曩)in former times
ban4 bi4 jiang1 shan1 (半壁江山)half of country
luan4 xie3 (乱写)to write without basis
xiao4 ying4 (效应)effect (eg, greenhouse effect)
wei2 zhi3, zhi2 dao4 (为止, 直到)until
qin2 (噙)hold in the mouth
jie2 (节)festival; section; temperate; point; part
da4 bu4 fen (大部份)(in) large part; (the) greater part; the majority
zhong3 (冢)great; mound
ye4 (业)business; occupation; study
di4 (地)earth; ground; field; place; land
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 33(25 Vokabeln)
da2 cheng2 (达成)to reach (an agreement); to accomplish
zuo4 fa3 (作法)course of action; method of doing something; practice; modus operandi
bang4 wan3 (傍晚)in the evening; when night falls; towards evening; at night fall; at dusk
wei2 sheng1 (为生)to make a living
qun2 (群)crowd; flock; group
lai4 (濑)name of a river; rushing of water
tan3 tu2 (坦途)highway; level road
po1 (颇)quite; rather; uneven; sloping
yi1 ban1 xing4 (一般性)(in) general (terms); generalized
qiang3 (抢)fight over; to rush; to scamble; to grab; to rob; to snatch
yi1 ding4 yao4 (一定要)must
shi4 ji4 mo4 (世纪末)end of the century
guan1 fang1 (官方)official; (by the) government
bu4 zhi2 (不值)not worth
gu4 ji2 (顾及)take into account; take into consideration
bu4 shi1 wei2 (不失为)can still be considered (to be...); may after all be accepted as
zai4 zhi1 shang4 (在?之上)above; upon
gong1 (功)merit; achievement; result; service; accomplishment
xue2 (学)learn; study; science; -ology
zu3 ge2 (阻隔)to separate; to cut off
bao3 zheng4 (保证)to guarantee; to ensure; to safeguard; to pledge
qing2 (晴)clear; fine (weather)
que4 shi2 (确实)indeed; really; reliable; real; true
yin1 (堙)bury; mound; to dam; close
shu4 (数)number; figure; to count; to calculate; several
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 34(25 Vokabeln)
hua4 (划)to delimit; to transfer
hu2 (壶)pot; (a measure word)
ting1 (听)listen; hear; obey
tao1 (掏)fish out (from pocket)
lian4 (练)to practice; to train; to perfect (one's skill); to drill
ying2 feng1 (迎风)in the wind
xing2 wei2 (行为)action; conduct; behavior; activity
bu4 mou2 er2 he2 (不谋而合)agree without prior consultation; happen to hold the same view
zhao4 (召)to call together; to summon; to convene
chi2 le (迟了)late
jian3 (拣)choose; pick up
qia4 (洽)accord; make contact
hua1 (花)flower; blossom; to spend (money, time); fancy pattern
gou4 jian4 (构件)member; component; part
ji2 (级)level; grade; rank; step
jin1 (金)metal; money; gold
jin4 yi1 bu4 (进一步)(one step) further; to move forward a single step; further (onwards)
jie2 wei3 (结尾)ending; wind up; coda
liu4 (六)six
bai2 gong1 (白宫)White House
che4 (澈)clear (water); thorough
bu4 (部)ministry; department; section; part; division; troops; board; (a measure word); (a measure word for works of literature, films, machines, etc.)
jian4 (践)fulfill (a promise); tread; walk
men2 (门)door; gate; field of endeavor
jin4 xing2 diao4 cha2 (进行调查)to carry out an investigation
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 35(25 Vokabeln)
miao2 hui4, miao2 mo2 (描绘, 描摹)to describe; to portray
bi1 zhen1 (逼真)lifelike; true to life; distinctly; clearly
yu2 (舆)carriage; sedan chair; world
kong3 (恐)afraid; frightened; to fear
zheng1 lun4 (争论)to argue; to debate; to contend; argument; contention; controversy; debate
cai3 fa2 (采伐)fell; cut
zhao1 (钊)encourage; to cut; to strain
bi4 he2 (闭合)close
pan4 (畔)bank; field-path
gong1 ju4 (工具)tool; instrument; utensil; means
lu2 (泸)name of a river; place name
xu4 (序)order; sequence; preface
zhi4 (志)sign; mark; to record; write a footnote
cuo1 (撮)bring together; little bit; shovel; gather up; bring together; pick
hao4 (镐)bright; place name; stove
kai1 zhan4 (开战)start a war
lai2 nian2 (来年)next year; the coming year
tong3 cheng1 (统称)collectively called; common name
you3 neng2 li4 (有能力)able
ao3 (拗)bend; break in two
rui4 (芮)(surname); small
fu4 (复)again; recover; reply to a letter; to repeat; to duplicate
zhi4 yue1 (制约)to restrict; condition
yi4 ti2 (议题)topic of discussion; topic; subject; issue (under discussion)
bu4 zan4 yi1 ci2 (不赞一词)keep silent; make no comment
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 36(25 Vokabeln)
chan3 ye4 (产业)industry; estate; property; industrial
an1 xie1 (安歇)go to bed; retire for the night
niu1 (妞)little girl
zhong3 (种)kind; type; race (of people); seed
bao1 han2 (包涵)excuse; forgive; bear with
bu4 dui4 cha2 er (不对碴儿)not proper; not fit for the occasion
tuo3 (妥)secure; sound
zeng1 tian1 (增添)add to; increase
qiu2 tai2 (球?)table (for games using balls)
wu3 bai3 wan4 (五百万)five million
n` ren2, fu4, fu4 n` (女人, 妇, 妇女)woman
zi4 cong2 (自从)since (a time); ever since
yuan2 you2, yuan2 gu4 (缘由, 缘故)reason; cause
yi1 bai3 (一百)a hundred
yi4 (易)(surname); change; easy; simple
dan1 xin1 (担心)anxious; worried; uneasy; to worry; to be anxious; worry
yun3 (陨)fall; meteor; perish
jing1 ji4 (经济)economy; economic
ti3 (体)body; form; style; system
guo2 shi4 fang3 wen4 (国事访问)state visit
bao4 bing4 (抱病)be ill; be in bad health
ren4 ding4 (认定)maintain (that something is true); be of the firm opinion that; to firmly believe
jian1 feng1 (尖峰)peak; top
qing3 kan4 (请看)please see ...; vide
bei1 jian4 (卑贱)lowly; mean and low
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 37(25 Vokabeln)
wu4 (兀)(surname); cut off the feet
ba3 (靶)target; mark
bie2 ming2 (别名)another name
zhi3 hui1 (指挥)to conduct; to command; to direct
ti2 chu1 (提出)to raise (an issue); to propose; to put forward; to post (Usenet)
shi2 chang2, wang3 wang3 (时常, 往往)often; frequently
mei2 you3 cha1 bie2 (没有差别)there is no difference; it makes no difference
shou4 yu3 (授予)to award; to confer
yun3 xu3 (允许)to permit; to allow
guo2 wu4 ci4 qing1 (国务次卿)Under Secretary of State
jing3 se4 (景色)scenery; scene; landscape; view
gui3 (轨)course; path; track; rail
wei4 (谓)speak of
bo2 qu3 (博取)try to gain; court
gao1 zhang3 (高涨)upsurge; (tensions, etc.) run high
wo4 (卧)to lie; to crouch
zheng4 quan2 (政权)regime; (wield) political power
qi1 yue4 san1 shi2 hao4 (七月三十号)July 30
bu3 (捕)to catch; to seize; to capture; to catch
zheng1 qu3 (争取)fight for; compete for (a prize); to struggle
chong2 (虫)an animal; an invertebrate; a worm; an insect
bi4 feng1 (避风)take shelter from the wind; lie low; stay away from trouble
an4 zi (案子)long table; counter; <¿Ú> case; law case; legal case; judicial case
hou4 qi1 (後期)late stage; later period
jiu4 (旧)old (opposite of new); former
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 38(25 Vokabeln)
mian4 ji (面积)area
jiu1 fen1 (纠纷)dispute; issue; to dispute
e4 (阏)shut; stop
chi2 (迟)late; delayed; slow
pou1 (剖)to cut
xin4 jian4 (信件)a letter (ie, sent in the mail)
xing4 qu (兴趣)interest (directed towards, not inherent in something)
qing1 chu (清楚)clear; clearly understood; distinct
cheng2 xian4 (呈现)to appear; to emerge
ai2 da3 (挨打)take a beating; get a thrashing; come under attack
xiang1 dang1 (相当)equivalent to; appropriate; considerably; to a certain extent; fairly
fang3 wen4 (访问)pay a visit (to); to access; to interview
jiu1 jing4 (究竟)after all (when all is said and done); actually; outcome; result
xun2 (旬)ten days; ten years
gao1 jie1 (高阶)high level
jian3 yan4 (检验)to inspect; to examine; to test
gao1 ji2 (高级)high level; high grade; advanced; high-ranking
yue4 fen4 (月份)month
chi1 (嗤)laugh at; jeer; scoff at; sneer at
wen2 (闻)(surname); hear; sniff at
yi4 (呓)talk in sleep
wu3 (伍)associate with; five; company
zi3 (子)11 p.m.-1 a.m.; 1st earthly branch; child; midnight; son; child; seed; egg; small thing
yuan4 (愿)hope; wish; desire; ready; willing
san1 bai3 (三百)three hundred
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 39(25 Vokabeln)
zhu3 (渚)islet; bank
bu3 yi4 (补益)benefit; help
bo4 hua4 (擘画)plan; arrange
bao1 ban4 (包办)take care of everything concerning a job; run the whole show
gong1 yuan2 (公园)a public park
pai1 zhao4 (拍照)to take a picture
shi4 he2, shi4 (适合, 适)to fit; to suit
liu4 dian3 ban4 (六点半)half past six; 6:3 0
ding4 dan1 (订单)(purchase) order
qu1 (驱)to expel; to urge on; to drive; to run quickly
jian3 (柬)card; note; letter
bian4 tiao2 (便条)(informal) note
wei2 li4 (违例)to break the rules
yi3 xia4 (以下)below; under; following
chi1 bu zhu4 (吃不住)be unable to bear or support
fa1 zhan3 (发展)development; growth; to develop; to grow; to expand
shi2 ke4 (时刻)moment
shang4 zhang3 (上涨)rise; go upward
xia4 ge4 xing1 qi1 (下个星期)next week
yu3 xi4 (语系)language system
yun3 luo4 (陨落)fall down; decay
chi1 bu fu2 (吃不服)not be accustomed to eating sth; not be used to certain food
fen1 zi3 (分子)molecule; numerator of a fraction; (political) elements; members (of a group)
jing1 ji4 fa1 zhan3 (经济发展)economic development
xu4 (续)continue; replenish
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 40(25 Vokabeln)
fa2 (乏)short of; tired
tan3 (坦)flat; open-hearted; level; smooth
xu3 (诩)brag; harmony; make known
tong2 yang4 (同样)same; equal; equivalent
shou4 ke4 (授课)to teach; to give lesons
xue2 yuan4 (学院)college; educational institute; school; faculty
chan3 (铲)level off; root up
fa1 dian4 chang3 (发电厂)power plant
chou2 (筹)a tally; counter; ticket; plan; devise; manage
que1 (缺)lack; scarce; vacant post; to run short of
gai4 (概)general; approximate
ba1 ji2 feng1 (八级风)force 8 wind; fresh gale
ju4 xi4 (巨细)big and small
jian1 (尖)point (of needle); sharp; shrewd; pointed
fen4 (瀵)name of a river; valley vapor
si4 bai3 wan4 (四百万)four million
shi4 jie4 yu3, shi4 jie4 de yu3 yan2 (世界语, 世界的语言)world language
zhi1 (只)M for one of a pair
kai1 kuo4 (开阔)wide; open (of spaces)
xin1 wen2 jie4 (新闻界)the press; the media
xi2 juan3 (席卷)engulf; sweep; carry away everything
zhong1 (终)end; finish
bao4 qian4 (抱歉)be sorry; feel apologetic; regret
shui3 ping2 (水平)level (of achievement, etc.); standard
di4 yi1 bu4 (第一步)step one; first step
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 41(25 Vokabeln)
lian2 (联)to ally; to unite; to join
sheng1 yin1 (声音)voice; sound
fa1 biao3 sheng1 ming2 (发表声明)to issue a statement; to issue a declaration
hang2 (颃)fly down
zhang4 hao4 (帐号)account number
ban4 (瓣)petal; section
yi4 (异)different; unusual; strange
pai2 chu2 (排除)exclude; rule out
chai1 (差)send; a messenger; a mission; to comission
chan2 (廛)market place
feng4 (奉)to receive (from superior); to offer; to revere
li3 (里)li, a Chinese unit of length = 1; 2 kilometer; village; within; inside
shi3 yong4 fang1 bian4 (使用方便)easy to use; convenient to use
di4 (的)aim; clear
liang4 (晾)to dry in the air
mei3 ren2 (每人)per person; each person
shi1 wang4 (失望)be disappointed; to lose hope; to dispair
shi1 ti3 (尸体)(lifeless) body; corpse
xie2 (胁)side of body; threaten
cao2 (漕)transport by water; watercourse; canal
ce4 tang3 (侧躺)to lie down (on one's side)
mi4 shi4 (密室)cell; private room
zheng1 duo2 (争夺)fight over; contest; vie over
jue2 (决)breach (a dyke); to decide; to determine
zhu3 ren4 (主任)director; head
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 42(25 Vokabeln)
an4 zhao4 (按照)according to; in accordance with; in the light of; on the basis of
juan3 ru4 (卷入)to draw into; to involve
shou1 pan2 (收盘)market close
hua4 (话)dialect; language; spoken words; speech; talk; words; conversation; what someone said
di1 ji2 yu3 yan2, di1 jie1 yu3 yan2 (低级语言, 低阶语言)low level (computer) language
bai3 xing4 (百姓)common people
shang4 ge4 xing1 qi1 (上个星期)last week
ke4 ti2 (课题)task; problem
mei3 ge2 (每隔)at intervals of; every (so often)
ce4 liang2 (测良)to survey and measure
xin4 xi1 (信息)information; news; message
yi4 xiao3 shi2 yi3 hou4 (一小时以後)a short time later
xiao4 guo3 (效果)result; effect
jiang1 lai2 (将来)(the) future
bu4 yu2 (不虞)unexpected; eventuality; contingency; not worry about
chao1 piao4 (钞票)paper money; a (dollar, etc.) bill
ge4 guo2 (各国)each country; every country; various countries
qing1 (卿)(old) minister; (old) term of endearment between spourses; thou (poet.)
ken3 (肯)to agree; to consent; to be ready (to do sth); willing
bu4 fen (部份)part (of a whole); piece; section; share; shell (Unix)
jian4 zao4 (建造)construct; build
ji2 (殛)put to death
pi4 (譬)give an example
tong2, qian1, ke3, guo1, kong1 (峒, 岍, 岢, 崞, 崆)name of a mountain
qing1 (清)clear; distinct; complete; pure
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 43(25 Vokabeln)
shu2 (熟)familar; skilled; ripe; done; ripe; cooked
an4 shi4 (暗示)drop a hint; hint; suggest; suggestion
ying4 (硬)hard; stiff; strong; firm
sun3 shi1 (损失)a (financial, etc.) loss; to lose
bei4 (焙)to dry over a fire; to bake
kuo4 (括)enclose; include
zhou1 ji1 (周期)period; cycle
shu4 yu3 (术语)term; terminology
qie1 duan4 (切断)cut off (a supply, etc.)
yuan4 yi4 bu2 yuan4 yi4 (愿意不愿意)whether one wants to or not
gui1 hua4 (规划)plan; program
guo4 bu qu4 (过不去)make life difficult for; embarrass; can't make it through
zhi1 xia4, zai4 xia4 (之下, 在下)under
fu2 hao4 (符号)symbol; mark; sign
song4 xing2 (送行)to see someone off
zai4 yu2 (在於)(the problem or explanation or advantage etc.) lies in (the fact that...); to lie in; to reside in; to rest in; to depend on
zhang3 (仉)mother; surname of Mencius
pi4 gu (屁股)buttocks; bottom; arse; end; butt
kui2 (魁)chief; head
jin1 rong2 shi4 chang2 (金融市场)financial market
wang2 zi3 (王子)prince; son of a king
ba4 (爸)father; dad; pa; papa
yuan3 cheng2 (远程)remote; long distance; long range
chuang4 (创)begin; initiate; inaugurate; start; create
bao4 shi2 (报时)give the correct time
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 44(25 Vokabeln)
you3 dai4 (有待)not yet (done); pending
da2 (达)attain; pass through; achieve; reach; realise; clear; inform; notify; dignity
zhu3 ke1 (主科)required courses in the major subject
wang4 (忘)to forget; to overlook; to neglect
jian4 (鉴)example; mirror; to view; eflection; to reflect; to inspect; to warn; (ancient bronze mirror)
jian3 (减)to lower; to decrease; to reduce; to subtract; to diminish
xu4 (畜)to raise (animals)
li4, li4 liang (力, 力量)power; force; strength
nan2 yi3 (难以)hard to (predict, imagine, etc.)
chang3 (昶)bright; long day
mi2 (弥)full; to fill
li4 zu2 yi3 zuo4 (力足以做)afford; able to
chang2 chang2 (常常)frequently; usually; often
xiao3 xing2 qi3 ye4 (小型企业)small business
wei4, ju4 (畏, 惧)to fear
qi4 (迄)as yet; until
qin1 (侵)to invade; to infringe; to approach
da4 ju2 (大局)general situation; present conditions
gong1 zi1 (工资)wages; pay
ren2 wu4 (人物)characters (in a play, novel, etc.); figure; someone who plays a part
nan2 bei3 (南北)north and south
shi3 gu4 ding4 (使固定)rivet; make firm
fu1 (夫)husband; man
cheng2 song4 (呈送)present; render
bin1 (傧)best man; entertain
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 45(25 Vokabeln)
li3 wu4 (礼物)gift; present
san1 yue4 er4 shi2 san1 hao4 (三月二十三号)March 23rd
jian4 wen2 (见闻)what one sees and hears; knowledge; information
chuo4 (辍)stop; cease; suspend
cha4 (差)different; short of; poor; to lack
fan4 chou2 (犯愁)to worry; to be anxious
xiao3 jie (小姐)young lady; miss
kai1 zhi1 (开支)expenditures; pay; expenses
qing1 er2 yi4 ju3 (轻而易举)easy; with no difficulty
kai1 fa1 (开发)exploit (a resource); open up (for development); to develop
ling3 yu4 (领域)domain; sphere; field; territory; area
zhui4, luo4 xia4, die1 luo4 (坠, 落下, 跌落)fall
chun1 (春)spring (time); gay; joyful; youthful; love; lust; life
song4 ren2 (送人)to see (or walk) someone home; to see someone off
bao3 yu4 (保育)child care; child welfare
fu2 (符)mark; sign; talisman; to seal; to correspond (to); tally; symbol; written charm; to coincide
jian4 zhu4 ye4 (建筑业)building industry
zhao1 (着)catch; receive; suffer
zai1 pei2 (栽培)to grow; to cultivate
bi4 (裨)to benefit; to aid; advantageous; profitable
jiao1 ti4 (交替)to replace; alternately; in turn
zai4 tou2 ban3 (在头版)on the front page
man3 (满)Manchurian; to full; to fulfill; filled; packed
ge2 kai1 (隔开)to separate
a2 (啊)an interjection; to express doubt or to question; to show realization; to stress
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 46(25 Vokabeln)
mu3 qin1 (母亲)mother (formal)
jian4 zhu4 wu4 (建筑物)(a) building
bi4 ran2 (必然)inevitable; certain; necessity
zhuan1 (专)for a particular person, occasion, purpose; focused on one thing; special; expert; particular (to sth); concentrated; specialized
ming2 cheng1 (名称)name (of a thing); name (of an organization)
jue1 (撅)break off; stick up (as a tail)
you3, peng2 you, peng2 (友, 朋友, 朋)friend
que4 (确)authenticated; solid; firm; real; true
ti4 (逖)far
shou3 li3 (手里)(a situation is) in (someone's) hands
bu4 men2 (部门)department; branch; section; division
ji1 (几)almost
zhen4 xian4 (阵线)a front (ie, militant group)
zhu3 wang4 (瞩望)to look forward to
gan3 ran3 (感染)infection; to infect; to influence
kui2 (暌)in opposition to; separated from
bao1 gan1 (包干)be responsible for a task unit until it is completed
yu4 (御)defend; imperial; to drive
jiang4 shi4 (降世)come to earth
cheng3 (骋)hasten; run; open up; gallop
ji2 ge2 (及格)to pass a test
kai1 fang4 shi4 xi4 tong3 (开放式系统)open system(s)
mou3 zhong3 (某种)some kind (of)
ban1 (搬)remove; transport; move; shift
zui4 zhu3 yao4 (最主要)main
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 47(25 Vokabeln)
jie1 shou1 (接收)to receive; to accept
tan3 shuai4 (坦率)frank (discussion); blunt; open
tu3 di4 (土地)land; territory
nian2 chu1 (年初)beginning of the year
cheng2 shi4 (城市)city; town
de2 bing4 (得病)to fall ill; to contract a disease
ying4 ci2 pan2 (硬磁盘)hard drive; hard disk
yu4 (妪)brood over; old woman; protect
zhuan4 (赚)earn; make a profit
ce4 hui4 (测绘)to survey and draw; to map
gong1 wu4 (公务)official business
fan4 (贩)deal in; trade in; to peddle; to sell
xin4 shou3 (信守)abide by; keep (promises, etc)
miao2 shu4 (描述)to describe
hui4 tu2, hui4 zhi4 (绘图, 绘制)to draw; to draft
ren4 zhen1 (认真)earnest; serious; take seriously; take to heart
jie2 bao4 (捷报)report of success; report of a victory
san1 fen1 zhi1 yi1 (三分之一)one third
qi4 che1 zhan3 lan3 hui4 (汽车展览会)car show; automobile expo
si3 wang2 (死亡)death; deadly
jia1 yong4 dian4 nao3 (家用电脑)home computer
chao3 (吵)to quarrel; to make a noise; noisy; to disturb by making a noise
hui4 wu4 (会晤)meet; meeting; conference
gong4 xiang3 (共享)to share
qu2 (渠)big; stream or canal; drain; ditch
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 48(25 Vokabeln)
xiang3 ying4 shi2 jian1 (响应时间)response time
zhun3 xu3 (准许)to allow; to grant; to permit
kui4 (溃)be dispersed; break down
lei2 (擂)beat; to grind
yi4 si1 (意思)idea; opinion; meaning
pin1 qi lai (拼起来)to put together
bian1 pai2 (编排)to arrange; to lay out
bao4 jie2 (报捷)report a success; announce a victory
shi4 (释)explain; to release
peng4 chu4 (碰触)to touch
zhang4 hu4 (帐户)(bank, computer, etc.) account
miao3 (秒)(a measure word); second
zhi2 wei4 (职位)post; office; position
qi1 wang4 (期望)hope; expectation
zhi1 chi2 l` (支持率)support level; popularity rating
yi4 (亿)a hundred million; calculate
cang1 (仓)barn; granary; storehouse; cabin; hold (in ship)
ban1 zhu3 ren4 (班主任)a teacher in charge of a class
ji3 ci4 (几次)several times
shen1 (伸)to stretch; to extend
quan2 wei1 (权威)authority; authoritative
gu1 niang (姑娘)girl
jiang1 jin4 (将近)almost; nearly; close to
teng2 (誊)make a (clean) copy
zhuang4 ji1 (撞击)to strike; to hit; to ram
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 49(25 Vokabeln)
zhu3 zai3 (主宰)dominate; rule
guo2 ji4 fa3 (国际法)international law
jia4 shi3, qu1 dong4 (驾驶, 驱动)to drive
bu4 shi2 da4 ti3 (不识大体)fail to see the larger issues; ignore the general interest
huang1 (荒)out of practice; uncultivated
dai4 (代)substitute; replace; generation; dynasty; geological era; era; age; period
bu4 ru4 hu3 xue2 yan1 de2 hu3 zi3 (不入虎穴焉得虎子)how can you catch tiger cubs without entering the tiger's lair; nothing venture; nothing to gain or have
qi2 ci4 (其次)next; secondly
jing1 ying2 (经营)engage in (a business activity, etc.); run; operate
ren2 ci2 (仁慈)benevolent; charitable; kind; kindly; kindness; merciful
bai2 ren2 (白人)white man and woman
bao1 rong2 (包容)pardon; forgive; contain; hold
shi1 wu4 (失误)lapse; miss
zhi4, zhen3 (致, 缜)fine and close
guan1 zhu4 (关注)follow (an issue) closely; to pay close attention to
bu4 fen1 bi3 ci3 (不分彼此)make no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's; share everything; be on very intimate terms
jia1 yuan2 (家园)home; homestead
da3 ji1 (打击)to hit; to strike; to attack
di4 mian4 (地面)floor; ground; surface
bao3 jian4 (保健)health protection; health care
yue4 (阅)peruse; review; to read
kuan3 (款)section; paragraph; funds
mian3 (沔)inundation; name of a river
tou2 bu4, tou2 (头部, 头)head
guan4 che4 (贯彻)implement; put into practice; carry out
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 50(25 Vokabeln)
neng2 li4 (能力)capability; capable; able; ability
ti2 cai2 (题材)subject matter
bu4 (步)a step; a pace; walk; march; stages in a process
jin4 nian2 lai2 (近年来)for the past few years
wang3 ri4 (往日)in former days
fei4 yong4 (费用)cost; expenditure; expense
shan4 (缮)make a fair copy of
zheng3 ge4 (整个)whole; entire; total
qu4 (阒)live alone; quiet
zhang1 jie2 (章节)chapter; section
biao3 mian4 (表面)surface; face; outside; appearance
cu4 jin4 (促进)to promote (an idea or cause); to advance; boost
liang3 bai3 wan4 (两百万)two million
xin4 ren4 (信任)trust; have confidence in
da4 xing2 qi3 ye4 (大型企业)large scale industry; major industry
chou2 (愁)worry about
huo4 (获)to catch; to obtain; to capture
you2 xi4 (游戏)game; play
nan2 mian4 (南面)south side; south
cai2 mao4 (财贸)finance and trade
yuan2 (缘)along; predestined affinity; reason; edge
xu3 ke3 (许可)to allow; to permit
ai3 (矮)short (not tall)
fa1 le yan2 (发了言)(€past tense€ of :·¢ÑÔ) spoke publicly; made a speech
shu1 mian4 (书面)in writing; written (guarantee, etc.)
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 51(25 Vokabeln)
xun2 jing3 (巡警)police officer
yan2 jiu1 (研究)research
bu4 li3 (不理)refuse to acknowledge; pay no attention to; take no notice of; ignore
zhua1 (抓)to grab; to catch; to arrest; to snatch
xian4 jie1 duan4 (现阶段)at the present stage
hao1 (薅)pull out (weed)
ta4, ta4 (踏, 蹋)step on
che4 (辙)to remove; to withdraw
an1 yi4 (安逸)easy and comfortable; easy
bu4 dao4 huang2 he2 xin1 bu4 si3 (不到黄河心不死)not stop until one reaches the Huanghe River - not stop until one reaches one's goal; refuse to give up until all hope is gone
duan4 lian4 (锻炼)to do physical training
zhu3 juer2 (主角)leading role; lead
hui1 (恢)to restore; to recover; great
bi3 jiao4 (比较)compare; contrast; fairly; comparatively; relatively; quite; rather
zhu2 bu4 (逐步)progressively; step by step
ti2 qian2 (提前)to shift to an earlier date; to bring forward; to advance
shang4 men2 (上门)drop in; visit
yan2 yu3 (言语)speech; talk
chu1 yuan4 (出院)to leave hospital
du4 (度)capacity; degree; standard
jing3 cha2 (警察)police; policeman; policewoman
yan2 jun4 (严竣)tight.strict; severe; stern; difficult
liu4 (陆)six (fraudproof)
lao3 tian1 ye3 (老天爷)God; Heavens
yan3 (掩)cover up; to surprise
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 52(25 Vokabeln)
jie2 guo3 (结果)outcome; result
zhi4 (轾)back and lower of chariot; short; low
liang2 (量)to measure
xu3 (许)to allow; to permit; to praise; (surname)
dang3 zu3 (党组)leading party group
zhun3 (准)to allow; to grant; to permit; accurate; standard
niang2 (娘)mother; young lady
si4 (肆)four (fraudproof); market
wei2 shi2 guo4 zao3 (为时过早)premature; too soon
su4 du4 (速度)speed; rate; velocity
ye4 (谒)to visit (a superior)
sheng1 (声)sound; voice; (a measure word, used for sounds); tone; noise
huo4 (豁)clear; open; exempt (from); liberal-minded
bang3 zi3 (膀子)upper arm; arm; wing
kao3 yan4 (考验)(put to the) test
yong3 (永)forever; always; perpetual (ly)
xin1 wen2 chu4 (新闻处)news service; information agency
guo2 ji4 mao4 yi4 (国际贸易)international trade
ming2 bai (明白)clear; obvious; unequivocal; to understand; to realize
po4 bu4 de2 yi3 (迫不得已)have no choice; compelled
gen1 qian2 (跟前)front; in front (of)
ba3 chi2 (把持)control; dominate; monopolize
dang1 chang3 (当场)at the scene; on the spot
dian4 xin4 ju2 (电信局)central office; telecommunications office
bao1 yuan2 er2 (包园儿)buy the whole lot; finish up or off
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 53(25 Vokabeln)
bai1 (掰)to break with both hands
bu4 zou4 (步骤)step; move; measure
mian3 fei4 (免费)free (of charge)
cao1 zuo4 (操作)to operate
ji4 (纪)discipline; age; era; period; order; record
ju2 (局)(a measure word used for games) set or roundoffice; situation; office
jia1 ting2 (家庭)family; household
bai2 qu1 (白区)White Area
ling4 qi3 lu2 zao4 (另起炉灶)to start from scratch; to set up a separate kitchen
cheng2 (程)rule; order; regulations; formula; journey; procedure; sequence; a surname
ba4 gong1 (罢工)strike; go on strike
tong1 hong2 (通红)very red; red through and through; to blush (deep red)
pei2 (培)to cultivate; to earth up
xun2 chang2 (寻常)usual; common; ordinary
li4 ru2, bi3 ru2 (例如, 比如)for example; for instance; such as
yuan2 yin1 (原因)cause; origin; root cause; reason
liu2 (浏)clear; deep (of water); swift
shu3 ming2 (署名)sign (a signature)
di1 cheng2 ben3 (低成本)low cost; inexpensive
gu4 yi4 (故意)deliberately; on purpose
ding4 li4 (订立)agree to (treaty, contract, agreement)
duan3 zan4 (短暂)short
guo2 jia1 an1 quan2 (国家安全)national security
huang3 yan2, huang3 hua4 (谎言, 谎话)lie
dang3 (党)party
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 54(25 Vokabeln)
bian4 zhi4 (变质)go bad; deteriorate; metamorphism
di1 (提)carry (suspended)
hong2 (弘)great; liberal
dang4 an4 (档案)file; record; archive
bi4 li4 (壁立)(of cliffs; etc; ) stand like a wall; rise steeply
zheng3 li3 (整理)arrange; sort out; list systematically
nian2 dai4 chu1 (年代初)beginning of an age; beginning of a decade
jin1 rong2 xi4 tong3 (金融系统)financial system
jie4 (届)arrive at (place or time); period; to become due
zhi3 kong4 (指控)accusation; a (criminal) charge; to accuse
di4 mei4 (弟妹)sister in law (wife's side); younger brother and younger sister
shou1 fei4 (收费)fee; charge
jing3 fang1 (警方)police
cheng2 ren4 (承认)recognize; to acknowledge; to admit
ji1 (迹)footprint; mark; trace; vestige; sign; indication
xiao3 xing2 (小型)small scale; small size
bu4 gui3 (不轨)against the law or discipline
ju4 bo4 (巨擘)thumb; authority (knowledgeable person)
zhai1 you2 (摘由)high points (of a document); resume
bing4 li4 (病历)medical record; case history
ban4 shi4 chu4 (办事处)office; agency
shi2 (实)real; true; honest; really; solid
du3 (堵)stop up
bu4 dong4 sheng1 se4 (不动声色)maintain one's composure; stay calm and collected; not turn a hair; not bat an eyelid
xun4 (汛)high water; sprinkle water
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 55(25 Vokabeln)
quan2 li4 (权力)(wield) power
bai3 bu4 (摆布)order about; manipulate
xiao1 shou4 (销售)sell; market; to sell; sales
gao1 zhong1 (高中)high and middle
da1 ban4 (搭伴)travel with another; accompany another
xiang2 xi4 (详细)detailed; in detail; minute
bi4 mian3 (避免)to avert; to prevent; to avoid; to refrain from
chan3 luan3 (产卵)lay (an egg)
cai2 (裁)cut out (as a dress); cut; trim; reduce; diminish; decision; judgement
chang2 qi1 yi3 lai2 (长期以来)ever since a long time ago
pu3 (普)general; popular; everywhere; universal
su4 l` (速率)speed; rate
ying1 (撄)oppose; to attack
ou1 zhou1 yu3 yan2 (欧洲语言)European language
er4 yue4 (二月)February; second month
yi4 shu4 (艺术)art
fu4 mu3 (父母)father and mother; parents
dang4 (荡)a pond; pool; wash; squander; sweep away; move; shake; dissolute
zheng4 dang3 (政党)political party
song3 (竦)horrified; incite; raise
yue4 guo4 (越过)to cross; to surmount; to surpass
shun4 (顺)to obey; to follow; to arrange; to make reasonable; along; favorable
bi4 (币)money; coins; currency
zhi4 (稚)infantile; young
zhu4 (驻)resident in; stationed in; located at; to station (troops)
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xiao3 hai2, hai2, jian3, hai2 zi, er2 tong2 (小孩, 孩, 囝, 孩子, 儿童)child
ling3 shou4 (领受)to accept
fa3 yuan4 (法院)court of law; court
jian1 gu4 (坚固)firm; firmly; hard; stable
ba1 nian2 (八年)eight years
li3 you2 (理由)reason; ground(s); justification
jia1 chang2 (家常)the daily life of a family
zhen1 qing2 (真情)real situation; the truth
chu3 (储)savings; to save; to deposit; to store; (a surname)
dong4 li4 (动力)power; motion; propulsion; force
ming2 fu4 qi2 shi2 (名副其实)not just in name only, but also in reality
wu3 tian1 (五天)five days
jian1 shi4 (监视)oversee; watch over
ping2 (平)flat; level; equal; to make the same score; to tie; to draw; calm; peaceful
ke4 (课)class; lesson
shi4 ye4 (事业)cause; undertaking; enterprise; plant
bao3 zhang4 (保障)to ensure; to guarantee; to safeguard
luo4 (咯)cough (blood); to argue; debate
bing4 hao4, bing4 yuan2 (病号, 病员)sick personnel; person on the sick list; patient
jie2 hun1 (结婚)to marry; to get married
xue2 ji2 (学级)class
po4 (破)to break; to split; broken; damaged; worn out
luo4 (荦)brindled ox; clear; eminent
di3 da2 (抵达)arrive; reach (a destination)
wan3 shang (晚上)in the evening
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 57(25 Vokabeln)
zai1 zi (栽子)seedling; young plant
gao3 (镐)a pick
gao1 zhi4 liang4 (高质量)high quality
shou1 suo1 (收缩)pull back; shrink; contract
kong1 fang2 (空防)air force; air defence
kua4 yue4 (跨越)to step across; step over
ren4 qi1 (任期)term of office
di1 fei4 yong4 (低费用)low cost
zhi1 ming2 (知名)well known; famous
ge2 (阖)council-chamber; shelf; side door
ku1 (刳)to cut open; rip up; scoop out
bu4 jian4 de (不见得)not necessarily; not likely
ji3 nian2 (几年)a few years; several years
yi1 tong2 (一同)along; together
neng2 yuan2 (能源)energy; power source
gou4 he2 (媾和)to make peace
yin1 (音)sound; noise; news
cao1 chi (操持)to manage; to handle
xian3 ran (显然)clear; evident; obvious
zai4 zhi1 zhong1 (在?之中)amid; among
gai3 ming2 (改名)to change ones name
de2 chu1 (得出)obtain (results); arrive at (a conclusion)
wen2 xue2 jia1 (文学家)writer; man of letters
zhang4 (帐)account; mosquito net; tent; curtain; debt; credit
tui1 chong2 (推崇)value; accord great importance to
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 58(25 Vokabeln)
lai2 li4 (来历)history; antecendents; origin
ben3 lai2 (本来)original; originally; at first; it goes without saying; of course
fu2 he2 mei3 guo2 li4 yi4 (符合美国利益)in line with American interests
zuo4 xia (坐下)sit down
wu3 zhuang1 (武装)arms; equipment; to arm; military; armed (forces)
fang1 an4 (方案)plan; program (for action, etc); proposal
mian4 dui4 (面对)confront; face
yue4 (月)moon; month
jiang1 mian4 (江面)the surface of the river
ning2, ning4, ning2 (宁, 宁, 宁)peaceful; rather
xiao4 she4 (校舍)school building
da4 yi4 (大意)general idea; main idea; careless
shui3 zhun3 (水准)level
zhang4 yi4 zhi2 yan2 (仗义执言)speak out on a matter of principle or justice
chan2 (缠)to bother; wind around; wrap round; coil; involve; annoy; tangle
xian4 nian2 (现年)current age
jiu1 (阄)(draw) lots; lot (in a game of chance)
ban4 jia4 (半价)half price
qiao1 (敲)extort; knock; to strike; to knock (at a door); to hit
gao1 (皋)bank; marsh
ping2 xuan3 (评选)to choose
ta1 ren2 (他人)other person; someone else
ban4 jie2 (半截)half (of a section)
shan4 (擅)usurp; without authority
biao1 ming2 (标明)mark; indicate
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 59(25 Vokabeln)
zhu3 yi (主意)plan; idea; decision
guo2 wu4 yuan4 (国务院)State Department (USA); State Council (China)
wan3 (挽)draw; pull; send funeral ode
en1 (恩)kind act (from above)
wen2 (文)language; culture; writing; formal; literary
shi3 man3 yi4 (使满意)to make content
guan3 li3 xin4 xi1 ku4 (管理信息库)Management Information Base; MIB
sou1 (飕)blow (as of wind); sound of wind
yan2 xu4 (延续)continue; last longer
sun3 shang1 (损伤)to harm; to damage; to injure
san1 ci4 (三次)third; three times
chao3 jia4 (吵架)to quarrel; to have a row
po4 huai4 (破坏)wreck; break; destroy
cha2 kan4 (察看)to watch; to look carefully at
mian4 lin2 kun4 nan2 (面临困难)to be faced with problems
yi4 (仡)strong; brave
qi4 (妻)to marry off (a daughter)
ye4 jie4 biao1 zhun3 (业界标准)industry standard
cai3 (采)to pick; to pluck; to collect; to select; to choose; to gather
ju4 (钜)great; hard iron
da4 lei4 (大类)main type; main class; main category
yi4 ju3 liang3 de (一举两得)kill two birds with one stone
jin1 xi1 (今昔)past and present; yesterday and today
bo4 (擘)thumb; break; tear; pierce; split; to analyze
yi2 bu4 (一步)(single) step
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 60(25 Vokabeln)
ji1 chang3 (机场)airport; management; to manage; to administer
mi4 (密)secret; confidential; close; thick; dense
yi4 pi3 ma3 (一匹马)one horse
wei4 sheng1 bu4 (卫生部)health department
shi3, li4 shi3 (史, 历史)history
sa4 (飒)declining; sound of wind
gen1 cong2 (跟从)follow
jie1 bo2 (接驳)to access
ai1 ya1 (哎呀)Damn; Ah; My God
yan2 (延)to prolong; to extend; to delay
gu3 piao4 (股票)share; stock (market)
jiao4 (较)clear; distinct; compare
bei4 kao3 (备考)(an appendix; note; etc; ) for reference
chou2 da2, chou2 xie4 (酬答, 酬谢)to thank with a gift
niu3 yue1 shi2 bao4 (纽约时报)New York Times (newspaper)
ju3 (矩)carpenter's square; rule
wai4 yu3 (外语)foreign language
chu4 (亍)step with the right foot
jian1 ku3 (艰苦)difficult; hard; arduous
shu4 yue4 (数月)several months
qu1 feng4 (趋奉)to fawn on; to kiss up to
zhong4, zhi2 (种, 植)to plant
mu3 (姥)governess; old woman
bu4 yan4 (不厌)not mind doing sth; not tire of; not object to
ke4 shi2 (课时)class; period
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 61(25 Vokabeln)
bu4 luo4 ke1 jiu4 (不落窠臼)not follow the beaten track; have an original style
hong1 (薨)death of a prince; swarming
ling2 (聆)apprehend; hear; listen
gong1 kai1 yao4 shi (公开钥匙)public key (in encryption)
guan1 bi4 (关闭)close; shut
da4 quan2 (大权)power; authority
zhai1 (斋)a fast; studio
mian3 (娩)give birth to a child
qian2 tu2 (前途)prospects; outlook (for the future); future
huo3 zai1 (火灾)fire (that burns buildings, etc.)
l`e4 (略)plan; strategy; outline; summary; slightly; rather; to rob; to plunder; to summarize
bu4 dui4 (部队)army; armed forces; troops; force; unit
qian1 shu3 (签署)to sign (an agreement)
bu4 li2 er (不离儿)not bad; pretty good; pretty close
guo4 cheng2 (过程)course of events; process
zhu3 ti2 (主题)theme; subject
tao1 (韬)bow case; to cover
xiao1 xi (消息)news; information
bai3 tan1 zi3 (摆摊子)set up a stall; maintain a large staff and organisation
gong1 l`, quan2 neng2 (功率, 权能)power
n` (女)female; woman
kao3 bei4 (拷贝)to copy
bu4 hao3 re3 (不好惹)not to be trifled with; not to be pushed around; stand no nonsense
da4 men2 (大门)entrance; door; gate
bo1 ji2 (波及)spread to; involve; affect
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 62(25 Vokabeln)
liu2 yan2 (留言)to leave one's comments; to leave a message
kai1 lie4 (开列)(make a) list
zai3 zhi4 (宰制)rule; dominate
kao4 jin4 (靠近)near; approach
da4 gong1 gao4 cheng2 (大功告成)successfully accomplished (project or goal); to be highly successful
hou4 liang3 zhe3 (後两者)the latter two
che4 (彻)pervade; penetrate; pass through; thorough; penetrating
peng3 (捧)hold or offer with both hands
bao4 fa1 (暴发)break out
she4 qu1, ti3 tuan2 (社区, 体团)community
zhuan3 xiang4 (转向)change of direction; to change direction
biao1 gao1 (标高)elevation; level
zhuang4 (壮)to strengthen; strong; robust
shi4 ji4 (世纪)century
ge4 di4 (各地)in all parts of (a country); various regions
bei1 xia4 (卑下)base; low
du1 shi4 (都市)city; metropolis
ji4 (季)season; period
bei1 zhai4 (背债)be in debt; be saddled with debts
nan2 fang1 (南方)south; the southern part of the country; the South
ne4 (讷)large; speak cautiously
er4 zhe3 zhi1 yi1 (二者之一)either
kai3 (楷)norm; model; (writing)
bei4 yue1 (背约)break an agreement; go back on one's word; fail to keep one's promise
ba2 (跋)travel; walk
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 63(25 Vokabeln)
jie4 ru4 (介入)intervene; get involved
shi2 ji4 shang4 (实际上)in fact; in reality; as a matter of fact; in practice
chang3 he2 (场合)situation; occasion
mou3 ren2 (某人)a certain person
fu2 wu4 zhi4 liang4 (服务质量)Quality of Service; QOS
shu3 (署)office; bureau
jiao3 bu4 (脚步)footstep; step
jing1 ying2 fei4 yong4 (经营费用)business cost; business expense
gui1 zhang1 (规章)rule; regulation
qiang1, qiang1 (抢, 呛)against wind
lian2 ren4 (连任)continue in (a political) office; serve for another term of office
di2 (籴)buy up (grain)
xi1 nian2 (昔年)former years; previous years
lao2 (牢)firm; fast
hao1 (嚆)sound; noise
gou4 zao4 (构造)structure; composition
da4 jia1 (大家)authority; everyone
huo4 yi4 (获益)obtain a benefit; profit from something
suo3 (锁)to lock up; to lock
pi1 (匹)mate; one of a pair
zi3 n` (子女)children; sons and daughters
zhan4 zhu4 (站住)stand
te4 chan3 (特产)special local product; (regional) specialty
wan3 jian1 (晚间)evening-time; in the evening
zong1 he2 (综合)composite; synthesized; to sum up; to integrate; to synthesize
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 64(25 Vokabeln)
ge1 (割)cut off
shi2 shi2 (实时)real time
chang4 (倡)initiate; instigate; introduce; lead; initiate
dian4 nao3 gong1 si1 (电脑公司)computer company
fa1 bu4 xin1 ruan3 jian4 (发布新软件)to release new software
dong1 bu4 (东部)the east; the eastern part
qiu2 (逑)collect; to match
an1 tu3 zhong4 qian1 (安土重迁)hate to leave a place where one has lived long; be attached to one's native land and unwilling to leave it
shi1 bai4 shi4 cheng2 gong1 zhi1 mu3 (失败是成功之母)€Failure is the mother of success€ (proverb)
cun2 (存)exist; deposit; store; keep; survive
gui1 ju (规矩)rule; custom; well-behaved
zhe1 (遮)cover up (a shortcoming); screen off; to hide; to conceal
da1 (哒)(phonetic); command to a horse; clatter (of horses' hoofs)
shi2 jian4 (识见)knowledge and experience
cheng2 qiang2 (城墙)city wall
yan2 (言)to speak; to say; talk; word
li3 (理)reason; logic; science; inner principle or structure
bang3 bi4 (膀臂)upper arm; arm; reliable helper; right-hand man
da3 si3, lu4 (打死, 戮)kill
bing1 yi4 (兵役)military service
gou4 (媾)to marry; to copulate
sun3 huai4 (损坏)to damage; to injure
zhu4 (祝)invoke; pray to; wish; to express good wishes
fei1 (飞)to fly
mao4 xian3 (冒险)take a risk
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 65(25 Vokabeln)
mu4 ji2 (募集)to raise; to collect
ji2 bie2 (级别)(military) rank; level; grade
fu4 ze2 ren2 (负责人)person in charge (of something)
jiu4 ci3 (就此)and thus; thereupon
bi3 ting3 (笔挺)(standing) very straight; straight as a ramrod; bolt upright; well-ironed; trim
bing1 ge1 (兵戈)weapons; arms; fighting; war
ying2 (嬴)full; overplus; profit; win
hu4 huan4 (互换)to exchange
chu1 mian4 (出面)act in a (official or personal) capacity
ben3 yi4 (本意)original idea; real intention
guan1 cha2 (观察)to observe; to watch; to survey; to examine
jie4 (戒)swear off; warn against
jian1 ju4 (艰巨)very difficult (task)
tu2 pian4 (图片)image; picture
bu4 ju1 (不拘)not stick to; not confine oneself to; whatever
dai4 jia4 (代价)price; cost
da4 gong1 wu2 si1 (大公无私)just and fair
chong4 (冲)strong; powerful; forceful; dynamic; to punch
er4 shi2 wan4 (二十万)200 thousand
zhan4 zheng1 (战争)war; conflict
cai3 zhi4 (采制)collect and process
jian1 (笺)letter; note-paper
zhuo1, zhuo1 (棹, 桌)table
tai4 du (态度)manner; bearing; attitude; approach
ying1 (膺)breast; receive
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 66(25 Vokabeln)
huo4 bi4 (货币)currency; monetary; money
li4 liang4 jun1 heng2, jun1 shi4 (力量均衡, 均势)balance of power
zhi3 ling4 (指令)order; command; instruction
zi4 shen1 (自身)itself; oneself; one's own
bian4 li4 (便利)convenient; easy; facilitate
lin2 xuan3 (遴选)to pick; to choose; to select
bie2 kai1 sheng1 mian4 (别开生面)start something new or original; break a new path; break fresh ground
bian1 ci4 (编次)order of arrangement
qing3 (顷)100 mu; a short while ago
que4 ding4 (确定)definite; certain; fixed; to fix; to determine
mai3 zhang4 (买帐)to show respect (for sb)
qi1 ya1 (欺压)to bully; to push around
bu4 guo4 yi4 (不过意)be sorry; feel apologetic
pei2 tu3 (培土)to earth up
sheng1 cun2 (生存)to exist; to survive
cha4 bu duo1 (差不多)almost, nearly
fang1 zhen1 (方针)policy; guidelines
da4 ye4 (大业)great cause; great undertaking
zi1 (淄)black; name of a river
nie4 (嗫)move the mouth as in speaking
ba2 (拔)pull up; pull out; select; promote
jiao1 huan4 (交换)to exchange; to swap; to switch (telecom)
xing2 zou3 (行走)walk
gong1 hui4 (工会)union
xiang3 ying4 (响应)respond to; answer
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dang4 zuo4 (当作)treat as; regard as
xiang4 dong1 (向东)towards the east
jia4 shi (架势)attitude; position (on an issue, etc)
zhi2 gong1 (职工)workers; staff
xiang1 (厢)box (in theater); side room
ban1 (扳)to pull or draw (up or out)
ling3 xian1 di4 wei4 (领先地位)lead(ing) position
jian1 nan2 (艰难)difficult
bao4 jie4 (报界)the press; journalistic circles; the journalists
li4 ti2 (例题)example
dao4 (焘)cover over; to envelope
fen3 sui4 (粉碎)crash; break up
yi4 (翊)assist; ready to fly; respect
huan4 (患)misfortune; suffer (from illness); trouble; danger; worry; to contract (a disease)
qing1 (倾)to overturn; to collapse; to lean; to tend; to incline; to pour out
kai1 she4 (开设)offer (goods or services); open (for business, etc.)
bu4 xie4 (不屑)disdain to do sth; think sth; not worth doing; feel it beneath one's dignity to do something
zhong1 ou1 (中欧)Central Europe
ku1 (哭)to cry; to weep
da4 xue2 (大学)university
zhun3 (准)accurate; standard
shang1 ye4 xing2 wei2 (商业行为)business activity; commercial activity
peng4 qiao3 (碰巧)by chance; by coincidence; to happen to
xuan1 bu4 (宣布)to declare; to announce; to proclaim
chang2 zheng1 (长征)the Long March
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 68(25 Vokabeln)
fu4 (付)pay
yi4 yuan4 (意愿)aspiration; wish (for); desire
jian3 (硷)base (chem.); soda; alkali
bu4 diao4 (步调)gait; marching order; step; pace
zhi1 cheng (支撑)prop up; support
zhu3 yao4 lai2 yuan2 (主要来源)principle source; main source
jing1 shen2 (精神)vigor; vitality; drive; spiritual
pai4 qian3 (派遣)send (on a mission); dispatch
ji2 shui3 (汲水)to draw water
mian3 chu2 (免除)to prevent; to avoid
wai4 guo2 gong1 si1 (外国公司)foreign company
gong1 wei3 (工委)working committee
liang2 kuai (凉快)nice and cold; pleasantly cool
fan4 (泛)float; general; vague
yu2 (窬)hole in a wall
hou4 lai2 (後来)afterwards; later
shang4 jiang4 (上将)general; admiral; air chief marshal
cuo4 shi1 (措施)measure; step (to be taken)
shi2 ji3 ge4 yue4 (十几个月)ten months or so; about ten months
bing4 zhong4 (并重)lay equal stress on; pay equal attention to
bi3 suan4 (笔算)do a sum in writing; written calculation
lan2 (岚)mist; name of a mountain
xiang1 jin4 (相近)close; similar to
wu4 (晤)meet (socially)
yu3 (宇)room; universe
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 69(25 Vokabeln)
bian4 di4 kai1 hua1 (遍地开花)blossom everywhere; spring up all over the place; to flourish on a large scale
si1 ren2 (私人)private (citizen); private
chuo4 (绰)generous; ample; wide; spacious; well-off
n` zi3 (女子)woman; female
jiao4 yu4 (教育)to educate; to teach; education
xing2 rong2 (形容)describe; look or appearance
xun2 (循)to follow; to adhere to; to abide by
cai2 (财)money; wealth; riches; property; valuables
fu4 wang2 (覆亡)fall (of an empire)
bu3 lao1 (捕捞)fish for (aquatic animals and plants); catch
zhu1 (株)(a measure word, use with plants); trunk of tree
wang2 (王)king; Wang (proper name)
bai2 pi2 shu1 (白皮书)white paper; white book
qiang2 (强)strength; force; power; powerful; better
zhi3 yi4 (旨意)decree; order
gong4 tong2 (共同)common; joint; jointly; together; collaborative
zao3 chen2, zao3 shang (早晨, 早上)early morning
xu4 (蓄)to store
pang2 ting1 (旁听)be a visitor (at a meeting, class, trial, etc)
xun4 (训)example; pattern; to teach; to train; instruction
ju1 (趄)hesitate; mark time
dong3 (董)(surname); supervise; to direct; director
kou3 (口)mouth; (a measure word)
dai4, dai4 (逮, 迨)catch; seize; until
ba4 dao4 (霸道)overbearing; high-handed; (of liquor, medicine, etc) strong; potent; (feudal) rule by force
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 70(25 Vokabeln)
bian4 qian1 (变迁)changes; vicissitudes
ling4 ren2 (令人)cause someone to (be, feel, etc); reader
tan4 (探)to explore; to search out; to scout; to visit
niu3 yue1 (纽约)New York
mei2 you3 sheng1 yu4 neng2 li4 (没有生育能力)infertile; unable to have children
jing1 ji4 ti3 zhi4 (经济体制)economic system
bang4 (镑)pound (sterling)
you2 xing2 (游行)march; parade; demonstration
hua1 fei4 (花费)expense; cost
bai3 (佰)(complicated form of) hundred (used to avoid fraud)
bao3 jing1 feng1 shuang1 (饱经风霜)weather-beaten; having experienced the hard ship of life
huan1 ying2 (欢迎)to welcome; welcome
qi4 (气)air; anger; gas
kun4 jing4 (困境)predicament; in difficulty
hui4 ji2 (汇集)to collect; to compile; to converge
qian2 mian (前面)fore; front
shao4 (绍)connect; to introduce
yuan2 (圆)circle; round; circular; spherical; (of the moon) full; unit of Chinese currency (Yuan); tactful; to justify
deng4 (蹬)step into (as tight shoe)
yue1, shuo1 (曰, 说)to speak; to say
qi4 hou4 (气候)climate; atmosphere; situation
yang4 shi4 (样式)type; style
zai4 hen3 duo1 fang1 mian4 (在很多方面)in many aspects; in many regards
you2 lan3 (游览)to go sight-seeing; to tour; to visit
wang2 quan2 (王权)royalty; royal power
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 71(25 Vokabeln)
ji1 chu3 (基础)base; foundation; basis
yuan3 duan1 (远端)far end; remote end; remote; distant
nian2 xian4 (年限)age limit; fixed number of years
yao2 (摇)shake; to rock
luo4 hou4 (落後)fall behind; lag (technologically, etc.)
shao4 jiang4 (少将)major general; rear admiral; air vice marshal
meng4 (梦)to dream
wo4 bie2, wo4 shou3 (握别, 握手)to shake hands
ju1 kai1 (锯开)saw
gen1 ju4 (根据)according to; based on; basis; foundation
an1 kang1 (安康)good health
mao4 (袤)length; distance from north to south
zheng4 mian4 (正面)front; positive; direct; open
zhu4 zhong4 (注重)pay attention to; emphasize
fa3 ting2 (法庭)court (of law)
dian3 fan4 (典?)model; example
cun4 (寸)a unit of length; inch; thumb
xi1, po2 (皙, 皤)white
shen3 cha2 (审查)to examine; to investigate
xian1 xi4 (纤细)fine; slim; tender
gai3 guo4 (改过)to correct; to fix
qu1 bie2 (区别)difference; to distinguish; to discriminate; to make a distinction
pan2 (磐)firm; stable; rock
yu4 qi1 (预期)expect; expected
bu4 hui4 (不讳)without concealing anything; die
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 72(25 Vokabeln)
ning4 yuan4 (宁愿)would rather; better
feng1 (锋)point or edge of a tool
yi1 qie4 shi4 wu4 (一切事物)everything
ji1 jin1, bi3 qian2 (基金, 笔钱)fund
biao1 shi2 (标识)mark
bo1 fu4 (拨付)appropriate sum of money
bi4 (比)associate with; be near
tong2 (彤)(surname); red
hui4 yi4 (会议)meeting; conference
bo2 fa1 (勃发)thrive; prosper; break out
sheng1 zhi2 (升值)rise in value; appreciate
huang3 bao4 (谎报)to lie
juan3 (卷)coil; to roll
yu4 fu4 (预付)pay in advance
mao4 yi4 e2 (贸易额)volume of trade (between countries)
chu1 xue2 zhe1 (初学者)beginning student
pai4 gei3 gong1 zuo4 (派给工作)to task
ai2 (皑)white (of snow; etc.)
kang4 (伉)husband; wife
shi2 pin3 (食品)foodstuff; food; provisions
bao4 biao3 (报表)forms for reporting statistics; etc; report forms
zu3 zhi3 (阻止)to prevent; to block
gan4 (旰)sunset; evening
mo2 shi4 (模式)mode; method
biao3 hu2 (裱糊)wall paper
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 73(25 Vokabeln)
gun4 bang4 (棍棒)club
mei2 ti3 bao4 dao3 (媒体报导)media report; news report
da4 xuan3 (大选)general election
bi3 shang4 bu4 zu2 bi3 xia4 you3 yu2 (比上不足比下有余)fall short of the best but be better than the worst; can pass muster
xian4 (线)thread; string; wire; line
jing1 li3 (经理)manager; director
cai1 xiang3 (猜想)suppose; guess; suspect
xi1 (淅)sound of rain; sleet etc.
shui4 (睡)to sleep
gao1 ji2 yu3 yan2, gao1 jie1 yu3 yan2 (高级语言, 高阶语言)high level language
bao3 man3 (饱满)full; plump
mian3 qiang3 (勉强)manage (to do something) with difficulty
jiao1 liu2 (交流)exchange; give-and-take; to exchange; to alternate
si4 (俟)until; wait for
qi2 (岐)divergent; side road; steep
cou4 (凑)assemble; put together; press near; come together
shi4 zai4 bi4 xing2 (势在必行)be imperative; be required by circumstances
yuan4 zhang3 (院长)president (of a university, etc.); department head; dean
jie3 gu4 (解雇)to fire; to sack; to dismiss
guo2 ji4 ji2 (国际级)(at an) international level
bai2 re4 hua4 (白热化)turn white hot
kongr4 (空儿)spare time; free time
ben3 gu4 zhi1 rong2 (本固枝荣)when the root is firm; the branches flourish
bi4 ye4 (毕业)graduation; to graduate; to finish school
ta4 shang4 (踏上)set foot on
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 74(25 Vokabeln)
zha2 (札)short note
jiu1 chan2 (纠缠)be entangled; be worried by; to worry; to get entangled in sth
dun1 cu4 (敦促)to press; to urge; to hasten
da2 (答)reply; answer; return; respond; echo
gou3 (苟)(surname); if indeed; thoughtless
zuo2, zuo2 tian1 (昨, 昨天)yesterday
pei2 (赔)lose in trade; pay damage
bo1 nong4 (播弄)order subject about; stir up
di4 san1 fang1 (第三方)third party
tao2 tou2 (抬头)to raise one's head; to gain ground
shi4 (噬)devour; to bite
luo4 de2 (洛德)(Winston) Lord (former assistant Secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific Affairs)
ju4 xi1 (据悉)according to reports; it is reported (that)
bu4 bu4 (步步)step by step; at every step
shu1 song4 (输送)transport; carry
cheng2 (澄)clear; limpid; settle (liquid)
ming2 zi (名字)(a person's) name
bai2 zhong3, bai2 se4 ren2 zhong3 (白种, 白色人种)the white race
lie4 ju3 (列举)(make a) list; enumerate
ban3 zi (板子)board; plank; bamboo or birch for corporal punishment
lin2 mo2 (临摹)to copy (a model of calligraphy or painting, etc.)
yu3, ji1, hua4 (庾, 嵇, 华)(surname); name of a mountain
zi4 you2 (自由)freedom; free; liberty
ying1 you3 jin4 you3 (应有尽有)everything (one could imagine)
wan3, shen3, wei1 xiao4 (莞, 哂, 微笑)smile
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 75(25 Vokabeln)
shang4 shen1 (上身)upper part of the body
li4 chang3 (立场)position; standpoint
gu1 (觚)goblet; rule; law
hui4 l` (汇率)exchange rate
yuan2 (圜)circle; round
zhi2 jie1 (直接)direct (opposite of indirect); immediate
yao2 (遥)distant; remote; far; far away
ju3 (踽)hunchbacked; walk alone
tan2 hua4 (谈话)talk; conversation
san1 yue4 (三月)March; third month
lian2 jie1 (连接)to link; to join; to attach; connection
yuan2 xian1 (原先)former; original
bu4 jing4 er2 zou3 (不胫而走)get round fast; spread like wildfire
zhi1 (枝)branch; (a measure word)
bai3 chi3 gan1 tou2 geng4 jin4 yi1 bu4 (百尺杆头更尽一步)make still further progress
fu4 mu3 qin1 (父母亲)parent
chuang1 (创)a wound; cut; injury; trauma
yao3 (咬)bite; nip
ba1 wang4 (巴望)look forward to
mu4 lu4 (目录)catalog; table of contents; directory (computer); list; contents
fu2 yi4 (服役)serve in the army; be in active service
zhan4 (颤)to tremble; to shiver; to shake; to vibrate
ma3 lu4 (马路)street; road
gai3 shan4 guan1 xi (改善关系)to improve relations
da3 kai1 (打开)to break open
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 76(25 Vokabeln)
bu4 yan2 er2 yu4 (不言而喻)it goes without saying; it is self-evident
zai1 zhi2 (栽植)to plant; to transplant
bing4 chuang2 (病床)hospital bed; sickbed
xiang1 lian2 (相连)to link; to join; link; connection
ge4 ren2 (个人)individual; personal; oneself
yu4 bei4 (预备)to prepare; to make ready; preparation; preparatory
zhai1 ji4 (摘记)to take notes; to excerpt
wu4 (坞)dock; low wall
ji4 yu2 hen3 da4 qi2 wang4 (寄予很大期望)to place great hope or expectation on (sth)
chuang3 (闯)to rush; break through
tiao2 zi (条子)a short note; a slip of paper
dui4 mei3 (对美)(policy, etc.) towards America
ting3 (挺)be straight and stiff; rather (good)
zao3 qi1 (早期)early period; early phase; early stage
ren2 quan2 (人权)human rights
qu1 yu4 wang3 lu4 (区域网路)local area network; LAN
zong3 e2 (总额)total (amount or value)
fa3 guo2 (法国)France; French
mo4 (默)silent; write from memory
ping2 lun4 (评论)comment; to comment on; to discuss; commentary
hao3 gan3 (好感)good opinion; favorable impression
zhuan4 (馔)food; delicacies
chu4 (怵)fearful; timid; to fear
re4 tang4 (热烫)to burn
qing1 (轻)hydrogen; light; easy; gentle; soft
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 77(25 Vokabeln)
di1 (滴)a drop; to drip
xi2, xi2 fu4 (媳, 媳妇)daughter in law
bu4 dui4 (不对)incorrect; wrong; amiss; abnormal; queer
sheng1 (胜)able to bear; peptide
jiang1 jun1 (将军)(army) general
liang3 bai3 (两百)two hundred
yu4 (谕)order (from above)
yue4 lan3 shi4 (阅览室)reading room
ting2 (庭)court; courtyard
tui4 huan2 (退还)return; send back
tong1 yong4 (通用)common (use); interchangeable
feng1 xian3 (风险)risk
xuan1 (宣)to declare (publically); to announce
shi4, fang2 jian1 (室, 房间)room
quan2 mian4 (全面)all-around; comprehensive; total; overall
zhu3 (瞩)to gaze at; to stare at
ti1 (剔)pick (as teeth)
ta1 zi4 ji3 (他自己)himself
zhi2 yuan2 (职员)office worker; staff member
du2 wu4 (读物)reading material
bu3 fa1 (补发)supply again (sth; lost; etc; ); reissue; pay retroactively
duan4 jue2 (断绝)sever; break off
yuan4 (苑)(surname); park
xiao4 (笑)laugh; smile
ya4 (迓)receive (as a guest)
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 78(25 Vokabeln)
zhong1 tou2, xiao3 shi2 (钟头, 小时)hour
geng1 (庚)7th heavenly stem; age
shu4 (术)method; technique
dong4 wu4 (动物)animal
jia4 (价)price; value; valence (on an atom)
pian1 (篇)sheet; piece of writing; (a measure word); chapter; article
fu2 yuan2 (幅员)a country's surface area; extent of a country
lian2 jie1 zhi4 (连接至)to connect to
gong1 xu1 (供需)supply and demand
han2 (邗)name of an ancient river
jia3 (嘏)far; grand
kai3 (恺)joyful; kind
en4 (摁)to press (with finger)
bu4 zi (步子)step; pace
shang4 di4 (上帝)God
zhong1 (盅)cup
yi4 (肄)descendants; distress; practice
mu4 di4 (目的)purpose; aim; goal; target; objective
shu1 xie3 yu3 yan2 (书写语言)written language
ren2 xing4 (人性)human
kong4 gao4 (控告)accuse; charge; sue
feng1 tu3 ren2 qing2 (风土人情)local conditions (human and environmental)
bi4 lin2 (贲临)(of distinguished guests) honour my house; firm; etc; with your presence
jiu4 ban3 (旧版)old version
pi4 (屁)to break wind; to fart
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 79(25 Vokabeln)
bing4 cheng2 (病程)course of disease
ban4 lu4 chu1 jia1 (半路出家)switch to a job one was not trained for
kong1 (空)air; sky; empty; in vain
ji1 (姬)(surname); women
jing3 gao4 (警告)to warn; to admonish
bu4 huan1 er2 san4 (不欢而散)part on bad terms; (of a meeting; etc; ) break up in discord
ke4 cheng2 (课程)course; class
hui4 (汇)remit; to converge (of rivers); to exchange
ying2 (迎)to welcome
bi4 (庇)to protect; cover; shelter; hide or harbour
zhi4 xu4 (秩序)order (orderly); order (sequence)
kuo4 (廓)big; empty; open
shui3 (水)water; river
chu1 qi1 (初期)initial stage; beginning period
guang1 xian1 (光纤)light; ray; optical; optical fiber; fiber optic
ji4 suan4 ji1 gong1 ye4 (计算机工业)computer industry
ru4 (蓐)mat; rushes
suo3 zai4 di4, zhi3 (所在地, 址)location; site
cheng2 guan1 (城关)area outside a city gate
yi4 jian4 (意见)view; opinion
xi1 (昔)past; former
yan2 huan3 (延缓)defer; stay
shuang3 (爽)invigorating; straightforward; frank; open; bright; clear
xiang4 qian2 (向前)forward; onward
ji1 hu1 (几乎)almost; nearly; practically
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 80(25 Vokabeln)
ming2 (暝)dark
cang1 (沧)blue; green(colour of water); cold; vast (of water)
chang2 gui1 (常规)conventional (weapons); conventional; common; routine
zhao4 kai1 hui4 yi4 (召开会议)to call a conference; to convene a meeting
cuan2 (攒)bring together
yi3 wei2 (以为)consider (that); believe
lou1 (搂)graft (money); solicit; to gather; to collect
ban3 zhi3 (板纸)paperboard; board
wan3 bao4 (晚报)evening paper
liang4 (亮)light; bright
qian1 (芊)green; luxuriant growth
diao4 cha2 (调查)investigation; inquiry; to investigate; to survey; survey; (opinion) poll
hui2 bao4 (回报)(in) return; reciprocation; payback; retaliation
yong1 (饔)dressed food; first meal of the day
jian1 (监)hard; strong; solid; firm; to supervise; to inspect; jail; prison
dong4 tai4 (动态)development; trend; dynamic state; movement; moving
sheng1 cheng2 (生成)be produced; generate
bi3 lin2 (比邻)neighbour; next-door neighbour; near; next to
ting1 (厅)(recption) hall; office
can1 (骖)outside horses of a team of 4
bu4 zi (簿子)notebook; book
liu2 liang4 (流量)flow rate; rate (of flow)
zhi3 tong4 (止痛)to relieve pain; to stop pain
chao1 shen1 (抄身)to search (a person); to frisk
pu4 (铺)a store
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 81(25 Vokabeln)
huo4 yuan2 (货源)supply of goods
jie1 (结)knot; sturdy; to bear (fruit); bond; to tie; to bind
fu1 fu4 (夫妇)a (married) couple; husband and wife
yan2 zhan3 (延展)to scale; scalable
wei3 yuan2 hui4 (委员会)committee
wu1 (乌)a crow; black
hu3 (浒)bank of a river
ben3 zi (本子)book; notebook; edition
qian1 (扦)graft (tree); stick in
fan3 ying4 (反映)reaction; response; to reflect; to mirror
san1 yue4 er4 shi2 yi1 hao4 (三月二十一号)March 21
dian4 nao3 qi3 ye4 (电脑企业)computer company; computer firm
zao3 xie1 (早些)(a bit) earlier
jie1 duan4 (阶段)stage; section
she4 ji2 (涉及)involve; touch upon (a topic)
hong2 hai3 (红海)Red Sea
keng1 (铿)jingling of metals; to strike
ba1 zi4 (八字)character 8; Eight Characters
chu2 (雏)chick; young bird
qi4 (弃)abandon; relinquish; to discard; to throw away
que4 you3 qi2 shi4 (确有其事)(confirm to be) true; authentic
chu1 fang3 (出访)visit a foreign country
lian2 jie2 (连结)connect; join; link
hu4 tou2 (户头)bank account
nu2 (孥)child; offspring
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 82(25 Vokabeln)
you2 shui4 (游说)drum up support; sell (an idea)
ben3 jia1 (本家)a member of the same clan; a distant relative with the same family name
qian2 (钱)(surname); coin; money
mo4 sui4 (磨碎)grind
diao4 (吊)to hang a person
wai4 (外)outside; in addition; foreign; external
hao3 ji3 (好几)several; quite a few
bing4 (摒)arrange; drive off; expel
bao4 fen1 (报分)call the score
gen1 jin4 (跟进)follow; follow up
sang4 (丧)lose (by death)
shi4 jian4 (事件)event; happening; incident
cheng2 chi2, yi4 (城池, 邑)city
zhong3 zhong3 (种种)all kinds of
min2 zhu3 dang3 ren2 (民主党人)a Democratic party member
shu1 cai4 (蔬菜)vegetables; produce
ge4 bie2 (个别)individual; respective; respectively
ci2 (慈)compassionate; gentle; merciful; kind; humane
san1 shi2 nian2 lai2 (三十年来)for the past thirty years
wen4 (紊)involved; tangled
hao2 (毫)hair; drawing brush; (in the) least
hong2 (泓)clear; vast and deep
bai3 tuo1 wei1 ji1 (摆脱危机)to break out of a crisis
zhi2 wu4 (植物)botanical; plant; vegetation
fu2 xing2 (服刑)serve a prison sentence
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 83(25 Vokabeln)
ci4 (赐)confer; bestow; grant
xiang3 shou4 (享受)to enjoy (rights, benefits, etc.)
deng3 ji2 (等级)degree; rate
bao3 gui4 (宝贵)valuable; precious; value; treasure; set store by
huan4 zhe3 (患者)patient; sufferer
huai2 yi2 (怀疑)to doubt; to suspect; doubt; suspicion
lao3 po2 (老婆)wife; darling (used in speaking to one's wife)
bi4 huan2 (璧还)return (a borrowed object) with thanks; decline (a gift) with thanks
chao1 (钞)money; paper money
ping2 yuan2 (平原)field; plane
nan2, xiong2 xing4, mu3 (男, 雄性, 牡)male
yun3 nuo4 (允诺)to promise; to consent (to do sth)
dan1 zi4 (单字)individual character; separate character
xin1, xin1, xin1 (欣, 忻, 欣)happy
qi1 kao3 (期?)end of term examination
chuan2 shu1 fu2 wu4 (传输服务)transport service
kai1 wan2 xiao4 (开玩笑)to play a joke; to make fun of; to joke
zhi2 (职)office; duty
cui4 (毳)crisp; brittle; fine animal hair
ji1 ben3 (基本)basic; fundamental; main
yu2 (逾)to exceed; to go beyond; to jump over
xi1 du2 (吸毒)to take drugs
bu4 xue2 wu2 shu4 (不学无术)have neither learning nor skill; be ignorant and incompetent
pai2 (俳)irresolute; not serious; variety show
tong1 xun4 she4 (通讯社)a news service (eg, Xinhua)
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 84(25 Vokabeln)
tao2 (淘)cleanse; eliminate; to clean out; to wash
bian1 yin4 (编印)compile and print; publish
ri4 yi4 zeng1 jia1 (日益增加)to increase daily
deng1 yue4 (登月)go (up) to the moon
shen1 ti3 (身体)(human) body; health
pi1 zhun3 (批准)to approve; to ratify
zhu3 yu3 (主语)(grammatical) subject
shou4 yu3 (授与)grant; confer
hou4 tian1 (後天)day after tomorrow
xuan3 (选)to choose; to pick; to select; to elect
si4 yue4 (四月)April; fourth month
mou2 (缪)to wind round
cheng2 qun2 jie2 dui4 (成群结队)in large numbers; as a large crowd
an4 shuo1 (按说)in the ordinary course of events; ordinarily; normally
jun1 shi4 ke1 xue2 (军事科学)military science
shi4 shi4 (逝世)pass away; die
sheng1 yu4 neng2 li4 (生育能力)fertility; ability to have children
li2 (罹)happen to; sorrow; suffer from
xin4 xi2 shi2 dai4 (信息时代)information age
zhi1 ming2 ren2 shi4 (知名人士)public figure; celebrity
yao1 (邀)invite to come
gao1 su4, gao1 su4 l` (高速, 高速率)high speed
guan3 li3 zhan4 (管理站)management station
bei3 (北)north
qiao3 ji4 (巧计)maneuver; scheme
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 85(25 Vokabeln)
bian4 bai2 (辩白)offer an explanation; plead innocence; try to defend oneself
xia4 tai2 (下?)step down (from office, etc.)
chi1 fan4 (吃饭)to eat a meal
mei2 ti3 fang3 wen4 kong4 zhi4 (媒体访问控制)Media Access Control; MAC
ji1 xie4 (机械)machine; mechanical
zou1 (诹)choose; consult
xiong2 (雄)heroic; male
zhi2 de (值得)to be worth; to deserve
gu2 tou (骨头)bone; man of character
gen1 sui2 (跟随)to follow
deng1 (灯)lamp; light
shan1 jiao3 (山脚)foot of a mountain
mu3 (母)female; mother
shou3 du1 (首都)capital (city)
shi3 fan2 nao3 (使烦恼)worry
gui1 l` (规率)law; pattern
zhao4 (照)according to; in accordance with; to shine; to illuminate; to reflect; photograph
gong1 shen3 (公审)public trial (in a court of law)
gen1 (根)radical (chem.); root; basis
ben3 wei4 (本位)standard; one's own department or unit
xi4 (细)fine; minutely; thin; slender
xian3 de (显得)appear (to be); seem
chong1 ji1 (冲击)(be under) attack
jian1 (艰)difficult; hard; hardship
shu4 ju4 (数据)data; numbers; digital
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 86(25 Vokabeln)
te4 gong1 (特工)secret service; special service
mei3 guo2 ren2 (美国人)American person; American people
jia4 qian, jia4 ge2, jia4 (价钱, 价格, 价)price
yi1 ban4, ban4 la1 (一半, 半拉)half
mu3 yu3 (母语)native language; mother language
zi4 ran2 (自然)nature; natural; naturally
you1 dian3 (优点)merit; strong point
wai4 lai2 (外来)external; foreign; outside
bing4 bao1 er (病包儿)a person who is always falling ill; chronic invalid
ji1 xiang4 (迹象)mark; indication; sign; indicator
she4 xian2 (涉嫌)to be a suspect (in a crime)
bi4 lan2 (碧蓝)dark blue
bi3 mo4 (笔墨)pen and ink; words; writing
da4 zhong1 xue2 sheng (大中学生)university and high school students
xiang1 xin4 (相信)be convinced (that something is true); believe; to accept sth. as true
pu4 (曝)to air; to sun
shou4 ming4 (授命)to give orders
kan1 ce4 (勘测)to investigate; to survey
yun4 dong4 (运动)movement; campaign; sports
ting1 qu3 (听取)hear (news); listen to
cai2 shu1 xue2 qian3 (才疏学浅)have little talent and less learning
zi4 duan4 (字段)(numeric, datda) field
jing1 ji4 li4 liang (经济力量)economic strength
xia4 ta4 (下榻)stay at (a hotel, etc. during a trip)
li4 (砺)grind; sandstone
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 87(25 Vokabeln)
mi2 (麋)(surname); moose; river bank
yan4 (餍)eat to the full
pian1 (扁)(surname); small boat
huan2 (锾)(ancient measure); money
fa2 jin1 (罚金)fine; to forfeit
dang1 (铛)clank; clang; sound of metal
nian2 dai4 (年代)a decade of a century (eg, the Sixties); age; era; period
niang2 (娘)mother; troubled
he2 wu3 qi4 shi4 yan4 (核武器试验)nuclear test
zheng1 zhan4 (征战)campaign; expidition
shou3 ren4 (首任)first person to be appointed to a post
xing2 (陉)border the stove; defile; pass
bian4 fa3 er (变法儿)try different ways
ying2 kui1 (盈亏)profit and loss; waxing and waning
sui2 (随)to follow; to comply with; to allow; (surname)
du1 (都)(surname); metropolis; capital city
da1 (答)to answer; agree
l` (绿)green; chlorine
shi2 ji1 (时机)occasion; opportunity
su1 ge2 lan2 (苏格兰)Scotland
gai4 zi (盖子)cover; lid; shell
shang4 sheng1 (上升)rise; go up
qu1 dong4 qi4, jia4 che1 (驱动器, 驾车)drive
bian1 men2, bian4 men2 (边门, 便门)side door; wicket door
shu2 ren2 (熟人)acquaintance; friend
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 88(25 Vokabeln)
pi3 (庀)prepare
ti2 jiao1 (提交)submit (a report, etc); refer (a problem) to
pan2 (盘)big; wooden tray
cong2 tou2 dao4 jiao3 (从头到脚)from head to foot
zuo4 pin3 (作品)works (of art)
you2 (繇)cause; means
ye4 (页)page; leaf
peng1 ji1 (抨击)attack (verbally or in writing)
cheng2 (澄)clear; limpid; name of a river
jiao1 pian4 (胶片)(photographic) film
mao2 (毛)hair; pore; fur
tiao1 xuan3 (挑选)choose; select
yi1 lai4 (依赖)to depend on; to be dependent on
ji3 qian1 (几千)several thousand
zhu3 yao4 yuan2 yin1 (主要原因)main reason; primary cause
bao1 chang2 (包场)book a whole theatre
xu3 (糈)official pay; sacrificial rice
gang1 cai2 (刚才)(just) a moment ago
ta1 ben3 shen1 (它本身)itself
xian4 zhuang4 (现状)current situation
gua3 (寡)few; widowed
bang1 jiao1 (邦交)relations between two countries; diplomatic relations
qi4 (契)contract
ban1 yun4 (搬运)carry; transport
gu3 shi4 (股市)stock market
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 89(25 Vokabeln)
wan3 (绾)bind up; string together
di4 san1 shi4 jie4 (第三世界)Third World
cai2 yuan2 (裁员)to cut staff; to lay off employes
bao4 dao4 (报到)report for duty; check in; register
ying2 (蝇)fly; musca
beng4 (蹦)to jump; bounce or hop
lin2 (粼)clear (as of water)
bei3 mian4 (北面)northern side; north
da4 lou2 (大楼)large building
chen4 (称)balanced; to fit; well-off; suitable
bo2 (泊)to anchor; touch at; to moor
ze2 ren4 (责任)responsibility; blame; duty
sheng1 ming2 (声明)statement; declaration
li4 hui4 (例会)regular meeting
dao1 kou3 (刀口)cut; incision
she4 ying3 (摄影)to take a photograph
hao3 chu (好处)benefit; advantage
ming2 (鸣)to cry (of birds)
bao3 mi4 (保密)maintain secrecy; keep secret
shu3 (数)to count
ji1 chu3 su4 l` (基础速率)basic rate (as in ISDN)
zhu3 mu4 (瞩目)to focus on
men2 (扪)lay hands on; to cover
bian4 gong1 (变工)exchange work
guo2 (虢)name of an ancient state
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 90(25 Vokabeln)
zhi3 dao3 (指导)to guide; (give) directions; to direct
bai2 tou2 xie2 lao3 (白头谐老)live to ripe old age in conjugal bliss; remain a devoted couple to the end of their lives
jian3 fei2 (减肥)to lose weight
xing4 qing (性情)nature; temperament
bu4 san1 bu4 si4 (不三不四)dubious; shady; neither one thing nor the other; neither fish nor fowl; nondescript
fu1 (敷)announce; apply
qu1 (祛)to exercise
bu4 zhi1 suo3 yun2 (不知所云)not know what sb; is driving at; be unintelligible
jing3 ti4 (警惕)vigilant; alert; on guard; to raise one's guard
an1 quan2 xing4 (安全性)security; safety
tou2 piao4 (投票)to vote; vote
ti3 xian4 (体现)to embody; to reflect; to give expression to; to be reflected in
jiao1 yi4 (交易)(business) transaction; business deal
gong1 an1 bu4 (公安部)Ministry of Public Security
xiu1 li3 (修理)repair; perform maintenance; to overall; to fix
gou4 (彀)enough
qi1 yue4 yi1 hao4 (七月一号)July 1
qi3 cheng2 (启程)set out on a journey
liu2 (刘)(surname); to kill
ye4 (邺)(surname); name of ancient district
shi2 kuang4 (实况)what is actually happening; scene
kui1 (悝)laugh at
bing1 tian1 xue3 di4 (冰天雪地)a world of ice and snow
bing1 ma3 (兵马)troops and horses; military forces
bing4 kuang4, bing4 qing2 (病况, 病情)state of an illness; patient's condition
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 91(25 Vokabeln)
ju4 zi (句子)sentence
shi2 ji4 ying4 yong4 (实际应用)practical application
bu4 ke3 gu1 liang4 (不可估量)inestimable; incalculable; beyond measure
ke4 hu4 ying4 yong4 (客户应用)client application
xiao4 (效)effect; efficacy; imitate
qin1 qie4 (亲切)amiable; friendliness; gracious; hospitality; intimate; cordial; kind; close and dear; familiar
mao4 (冒)brave; bold; to cover
jiao4 shi1, lao3 shi1 (教师, 老师)teacher
xi1 ou1 (西欧)Western Europe
bu4 kuai4 (不快)be unhappy; be displeased; be in low spirits; be indisposed; feel under the weather; be out of sorts
ping2 tan3 (平坦)flat
nai4 xin1, nai4 fan2 (耐心, 耐烦)patient (adjective)
ru4 yu4 (入狱)go to jail; get sent to prison
shen1 ke4 (深刻)profound; deep; deepgoing
zi4 mu3 (字母)letter (of the alphabet)
bi3 shi4 (比试)have a competition; measure with one's hand or arm; make agesture of measuring
ban4 (绊)to trip; stumble; hinder
ceng2 (层)a measure word for layers; laminated; repeated; floor; story (of a building); layer
da4 gui1 mo2 (大规模)large scale; extensive; wide scale; broad scale
dai1 (呆)foolish; stupid; no expression; stay
qu1 yu4 wang3 luo4 (区域网络)local area network ; LAN
zai1 zang1 (栽赃)to frame someone (by planting sth on them)
lun4 wen2 (论文)paper; treatise; thesis
wu2 lun4 ru2 he2 (无论如何)anyhow; anyway; whatever
bu4 yuan3 qian1 li3 (不远千里)make light of travelling a thousand li; go to the trouble of travelling a long distance
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 92(25 Vokabeln)
ji3 ge (几个)several
shuo1 bu ding4 (说不定)can't say for sure; maybe
lao2 gu4 (牢固)firm; secure
er4 shi2 si4 hao4 (二十四号)24 th day of a month
shi4 jie4 zhi1 ming2 (世界知名)world famous
pu1 (扑)to rush at; to throw oneself on
zhan1 (占)to observe; to divine
shi3 xing1 fen4 (使兴奋)exciting; to excite
ji1 di4 (基地)(military) base
ti3 yu4 zhi1 chuang1 (体育之窗)Window on Sports
hui4 (惠)favor; kind act (from above)
chang3 (厂)cliff; slope; factory; yard; depot; workhouse; works
fa4 (发)hair
mian3 (免)to exempt; to remove; to avoid; to excuse
bi4 xie4 (璧谢)decline (a gift) with thanks
hu1 ran2 (忽然)suddenly; all of a sudden
ling3 xiu4, ling3 dao3 ren2, ling3 dao4 zhe3 (领袖, 领导人, 领导者)leader
hong2 se4 (红色)red (color); revolutionary
ji4 lu4 (记录)record
cui1 (崔)(surname); high mountain; precipitous
qian2 yan2 (前言)preface; forward; introduction
chang2 wei3 hui4 (常委会)standing committee
cheng2 ji1 (成绩)performance
nian4 (廿)twenty
you2 (猷)consult with; to scheme
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 93(25 Vokabeln)
jiao3 lai4 (狡赖)to deny (through sophism)
sheng1 qi3 (升起)hoist; raise
jun1 (君)monarch; lord; gentleman; ruler
shi2 zhou3 (实肘)full arm (method of painting)
chun1 (椿)Cedrela chinensis; father
guang3 yu4 wang3 lu4, guang3 yu4 wang3 (广域网路, 广域网)wide area network; WAN
li3 lun4 (理论)theory
bao3 yang3 (保养)take good care of (or conserve) one's health; keep in good repair
gai4 nian4 (概念)concept; idea
xian1 du4 (纤度)size
tian1 ran2 qi4 (天然气)natural gas
bao1 za1 (包扎)wrap up; bind up; pack
zong3 jing1 li3 (总经理)general manager
shuang1 fang1 (双方)bilateral; both sides; both parties involved
fen1 qi2 (分歧)difference (of opinion, position)
fang3 xiao4, zhao4 ban1 (仿效, 照搬)to copy; to imitate
chu1 yu2 (出於)be due to; stem from
ze2, ting3, meng3 (舴, 艇, 艋)small boat
tou4 ming2 (透明)transparent; open (non-secretive)
duan4 qiao2 (断桥)The Broken Bridge (at West Lake in Hangzhou)
bang4 (棒)a stick; club or cudgel; smart; capable; strong
cang2 (藏)to hide away; to conceal; to harbour; store; accumulate
pai2 bian3 (牌匾)board (attached to a wall)
lian2 meng2 (联盟)alliance; union; coalition
qing2 xu4 (情绪)feeling; sentiment
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 94(25 Vokabeln)
qi3 tu2 (企图)attempt
wai4 mian (外面)outside
chong1 fen4 (充份)ample; sufficient; abundant; full
shou1 dao4 (收到)receive
you3 sheng1 yi3 lai2 (有生以来)since birth; for one's whole life
xi2 fur (媳妇儿)wife; young married woman
jia1 you2 (加油)to make an extra effort; to cheer sb. on
jing3 jie4 (警戒)to warn; to be alert for
yu2 (舁)to lift; raise
gou3, quan3 (狗, 犬)dog
che1 zhan4 (车站)(bus) station
te4 bie2 dai4 yu4 (特别待遇)special treatment
da4 xing2 (大型)large scale; wide scale; broad scale
wu4 (骛)fast; greedy; run rapidly
jing1 ji4 an1 quan2 (经济安全)economic security
gua4 nian4 (挂念)concerned
bing1 quan2 (兵权)military leadership; military power
zhi4 du4 (制度)(political) system or institution
chu4 dian4 (触电)to get an electric shock
yan3 (衍)to spead out; to develop; to overflow; to amplify
zhang4 fu (丈夫)husband
gao1 zhong1 sheng1 (高中生)senior high school student
jiao3 (脚)a kick; foot; role
diao4 dong4 (调动)transfer; maneuver (troops, etc.)
jing1 ji4 qian2 tu2 (经济前途)economic future; economic outlook
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 95(25 Vokabeln)
xi3 (洗)to wash; to bathe
bu4 jian3 dan1 (不简单)not simple; rather complicated; remarkable; marvellous
bi4 zhi2 (币值)value of a currency
ang4 ran2 (盎然)abundant; full; overflowing; exuberant
deng1 guang1 (灯光)(stage) lighting; light
wai4 liu2 (外流)outflow; to flow out; to drain
ju4 hao4 (句号)period
mang2 (邙)name of a hill
yao2 wang4 (遥望)to look into the distance
bian1 cheng2 (编程)to program
dai1 (待)stay; delay
gong1 (躬)body; oneself; personally; to bow
shi4 jie4 he2 ping2 (世界和平)world piece
kong1 jun1 (空军)air force
qiang2 diao4 (强调)to emphasize (a statement); to stress
huai4 (坏)bad
shi4 fang4 (释放)release; liberate (a prisoner)
chi1 (吃)eat; eradicate; destroy; receive
jue2 (橛)a peg; low post
gao1 ji2 guan1 yuan2 (高级官员)high ranking official; high level official
zu1 shui4 (租税)land tax
bao4 shi1 (报失)report the loss to the authorities concerned
wu2 lun4 he2 shi4 (无论何事)anything; whatever
tang4 (烫)to scald; to burn; to iron; hot
yong1 ji3 (拥挤)to crowd
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 96(25 Vokabeln)
ye4 (晔)bright light; to sparkle
du4 jia4 (度假)go on holiday
jing3 (警)to alert; to warn
que4 (阕)section of a song; shut
lai2 fang3 (来访)pay a visit
zai4 qian2 (在前)forward
wei3 ren2 (伟人)great person
lang4 dang4 (浪荡)to loiter; to hang around
shuai4 (帅)commander-in-chief; to command
an4 yu3 (按语)note; comment
zhi2 (值)value; (to be) worth; to happen
nan2 ti2 (难题)difficult problem
wang3 luo4 guan3 li3 xi4 tong3 (网络管理系统)network management system; NMS
po2 (鄱)name of a lake
bing4 gu4 (病故)die of an illness
an1 xin1 (安心)feel at ease; be relieved; set one's mind at rest; keep one's mind on something
fa1 song4 gong1 l` (发送功率)transmission power; output power
zi1 (赀)fine instead of punishment; property
zhan4 (战)to fight; fight; war; battle
chi1 bu shang4 (吃不上)be unable to get something to eat; miss a meal
jiang3 jie3 (讲解)to explain
bu4 jing1 yi4 (不经意)carelessly; by accident
gen1 ben3 (根本)(not) at all; simply; fundamental; basic; root
bu3 zu2 (补足)bring up to full strength; make up a deficiency; fill (a vacancy; gap; etc; )
meng2 (虻)Tabanus trigonus; house fly
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 97(25 Vokabeln)
zou4 (揍)beat up; break to pieces
zun1 jing4 (尊敬)respect; respectfully; revere; reverence
yi3 (乙)€B€ (in a sequence of examples involving €A€, €B€, €C€, etc.); 2nd heavenly stem; 2nd in order
chi3 du4 (尺度)scale; yardstick
bai3 ting1 bu4 yan4 (百听不厌)worth hearing a hundred times
bu3 shi2 (捕食)catch and feed on; prey on
bo2 (驳)argue; parti-colored; tranship
bi3 ci3 (彼此)each other; one another
cuo4 (锉)to file
dui1 (堆)a pile; a mass; heap; stack
xi1 (嘻)laugh; giggle
di1 ceng2, di1 jie1, di1 ji2 (低层, 低阶, 低级)low level
jiu4 (救)to save; to assist; to rescue
gao4 jie4, jing3 (告诫, 儆)warn; admonish
qian2 zhe3 (前者)the former
a1 (啊)(interj.); ah
dui4 wai4 zheng4 ce4 (对外政策)foreign policy
lei4 si4 (类似)similar; analogous
quan2 bu4 (全部)whole; entire; complete
cai3 (踩)step upon; tread on; stamp
wei4 lai2 (未来)future; tomorrow; approaching; coming; pending
jian3 dan1 (简单)simple; not complicated
jiao1 tong1 (交通)(automobile) traffic; communication
yi2 mi4 (一秘)first secretary
zi1 (孳)industrious; produce; bear
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 98(25 Vokabeln)
yun2 liu (匀溜)even and smooth
bing3 (邴)(surname); ancient city name; happy
za2 (杂)mixed; miscellaneous; various; to mix
fa3 an4 (法案)bill; proposed law
he2 fa3 (合法)lawful; legitimate; legal
gong1 zhong4 dian4 xin4 wang3 lu4 (公众电信网路)public telephone network
you2 di4 (邮递)to send by mail; to post
cun3 (忖)ponder; consider; guess
zhong3 (种)kind; race (of people); seed
tai4 yang2 (太阳)sun
si1 hui3 (撕毁)tear up (a contract, etc)
kai1 fang4 shi4 wang3 lu4 (开放式网路)open network
xie4 (屑)crumbs; filings; worth while
you3 xian4 (有限)limited
chuang2 (幢)(measure word for houses); tents
lai2 yuan2 (来源)source (of information, etc); origin
yin4 (印)stamp; seal; mark; print
nuan3, wen1 nuan3, yu4 (暖, 温暖, 燠)warm
bei1 (卑)low; base; vulgar; inferior; humble
sun3 hao4 (损耗)wear and tear
nian2 ji4, ling2 (年纪, 龄)age
chang2 (嫦)a legendary beauty who flew to the moon; the lady in the moon
dan1 (儋)carry
ji3 bai3, shu4 bai3 (几百, 数百)several hundred
yi4 (弋)to shoot
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 99(25 Vokabeln)
li2 (黎)(surname); black
bu4 tuo3 (不妥)not proper; inappropriate
cheng2 ben3 (成本)(manufacturing, production, etc.) costs
te4 zhi4 (特制)special; unique
bang1 hui4 (帮会)secret society; underworld gang
gong1 gao4 (公告)post
pai2 chi4 (排斥)reject; exclude; eliminate; remove
tian2 (阗)fill up; rumbling sound
ba4 ba, fu4 qin, fu4 (爸爸, 父亲, 父)father
xun4 su4 (迅速)rapid; speedy; fast
jie3 fu (姐夫)brother in law (husband's side)
xiang4 (向)guide; opposite to
mei3 guo2 zhi1 yin1 (美国之音)Voice of America radio
zhen4 jing1 (震惊)to shock; to astonish
te4 shu4 (特殊)special; particular; unusual; extraordinary
mai3 (买)buy
shen3 pan4 (审判)put (someone) to trial
dian4 nao3 ruan3 jian4 (电脑软件)computer software
xue2 sheng (学生)student
diu1 diao4, reng1, zhuai1 (丢掉, 扔, 拽)throw
ti2 xing3 (提醒)remind; call attention to; warn of
zhi2 (摭)pick up; to select
biao3 jue2 (表决)decide by vote; vote
meng4 xiang3 (梦想)to dream of (in vain)
tun2 (屯)to station (soldiers); to store up
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 100(25 Vokabeln)
wu1, li4, hao3 (邬, 郦, 郝)(surname); ancient place name
xi3 yue4 (喜悦)happy; joyous
gui1 huan2 (归还)return; revert
bang1 (傍)near (approaching)
bing1 qi4 (兵器)weaponry; weapons; arms
xing2 shi3 (行驶)(vehicles, etc.) travel along a route
tiao4 (跳)jump; hop; skip (a grade); to leap; to bounce; to beat
wu4, du4 (鋈, 镀)-plated; to plate
jian3 yi4 (简易)simple; easy
wai4 lai2 tou2 zi, wai4 zi1 (外来投资, 外资)foreign investment
jin4 xing2 xing4 jiao1 (进行性交)to have sex; to have sexual intercourse
man4 (蔓)creeper; to spread
ren2 quan2 guan1 cha2 (人权观察)Human Rights Watch (organization)
xi1 (西)west
pu3 ji2 (普及)widespead; popular; universal; ubiquitous
chan3 pin3 jing1 li3 (产品经理)product manager
te4 ding4 (特定)special; specific; designated; particular; designated
zhi3 nan2 (指南)to guide
tui1 dong4 li4 (推动力)driving force
shi4 ying4 (适应)suit; fit; be suitable
bai3 fen1 zhi4 (百分制)hundred mark system
dui4 zhang3 (队长)captain; team leader
chi3 cun (尺寸)size; dimension; measurement
ba3 chang3 (靶场)shooting range; range
yi4 (缢)hang; strangle oneself
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 101(25 Vokabeln)
qi4 (气)gas; air; smell; weather; vital breath; to make sb. angry; to get angry; to be enraged
qing1 (青)9th of month (tele.); blue-green
bu4 ke3 gao4 ren2 (不可告人)hidden; kept secret; not to be divulged
zai4 nei4 (在内)including
shi4 (侍)attend on
yao3 (窈)deep; quiet and elegant
wu3 ku4 (武库)arsenal; store of arms
zhui1 cha2 (追查)investigate; track down (information)
cao1 lian4 (操练)drill; practice
shi2 yue4 (十月)October
an1 quan2 li3 shi4 hui4 (安全理事会)the U; N; security Council
ji1 zhun3 (基准)data; standard
xi1 (晰)understanding
huan1 le4 (欢乐)gaiety; gladness; glee; merriment; pleasure; happy; joyous; gay
yao4 (药)medicine; drug; cure
jin1 rong2 gai3 ge2 (金融改革)financial reform
guang3 fan4 (广泛)extensive; wide range
lian2 xiang3 (联想)associate
kai3 (锴)high quality iron
yue1 shu4 (约束)restrict; limit to
du4 liang4 (度量)measure
jian1 ding4 (坚定)firm; steady; staunch
guan1 lian2 (关联)be related; be linked
ke1 mu4, zhu3 ci2 (科目, 主词)subject
cou4 (腠)the tissue between the skin and the flesh
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 102(25 Vokabeln)
shu3 xing4 (属性)attribute; property
qu3 de2 da4 xue2 xue2 wei4 (取得大学学位)to obtain a university education
ce4 zhong4 (侧重)place extra emphasis on
shuan1, mi2 (拴, 縻)tie up
an4 ji4 er2 (暗记儿)secret mark
dong1 (东)east
ping2 men2 (屏门)screen door
pian1 zhang1 (篇章)writing; sections and chapters
dian4 ying3 (电影)movie; film
jue2 se4, jue2 (角色, 脚)role
jiao4 yan4 (校验)to check; to examine
ying2 (萦)wind around
xiao3 xue2 (小学)primary school
jing1 jian3 kai1 zhi1 (精简开支)to reduce spending; to cut spending
yi1 bi4 zhi1 li4 (一臂之力)(lend) a helping hand
mu4 (暮)evening; sunset
yi3 jing1, ye4 jing1 (已经, 业经)already
di4 xiong1 (弟兄)brother
chou2 bao4 (酬报)to repay; to reward
lao3 er4 (老二)the second child or brother (or sister)
na2 shou3 (拿手)expert in; good at
xia4 jue2 xin1 (下决心)determine; resolve
da4 zi4 ran2 (大自然)nature (as in Mother Nature)
you3 yong4 (有用)useful
tu1 (突)to dash; to move forward quickly
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 103(25 Vokabeln)
hua2 (划)to row
cha2 (槎)a raft made of bamboo or wood; to fell trees; to hew
jing1, ben3 qian2 (京, 本钱)capital
gao1 (睾)bank; marsh; testicles
yuan2 li3 (原理)principle; theory
bin4 qi4 (摈弃)abandon; discard; cast away
jiong3 (炯)bright; clear
tui1 xuan3, tui1 ju3 (推选, 推举)elect; choose
yi1 yuan4 (医院)hospital
bian4 dang4 (便当)convenient; handy; easy
zhen1 shi2 (真实)true; real
min2 zhu3 dang3 (民主党)Democratic Party
ba3 shi4 (把式)person skilled in a trade; skill
bai4 lu4 (败露)(of a plot; etc; ) fall through and stand exposed
ye4 yu2 da4 xue2 (业余大学)college for people who attend after work (lit.: spare-time college)
jie2 jin4 quan2 li4 (竭尽全力)to spare no effort; do one's utmost
sang3 (搡)push back; push over
wan2 quan2 (完全)complete; whole; totally; entirely
bi2 liang2 (鼻梁)bridge of the nose
hui4 (汇)class; collection
jun1 yong4 (军用)(for) military (use)
mu4 biao1 (目标)target; goal; objective
ge2 (格)frame; rule
nong2 cun1 (农村)rural area; village
zheng4 ming2 (证明)prove
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 104(25 Vokabeln)
miao2 (瞄)to aim
lai4 (癞)scabies; skin disease
jiao1 cha1 (交叉)cross; intersect
yuan2 jian4 (元件)element; component
fa1 da2 guo2 jia1 (发达国家)developed nation
jun1 bei4 (军备)(military) arms; armaments
bu1 (哺)evening meal
han2 leng3 (寒冷)cold (climate); frigid; very cold
jian1 bang3, jian1 (肩膀, 肩)shoulder
cha2 zheng4 (查证)investigate; check out (a story)
ju4 jue2 (拒绝)to refuse; to decline; to reject
ming2 pian4 (名片)(business) card
ge3 (哿)excellent; happy; well-being
cheng2 xu4 (程序)procedures; sequence; order
shou4 hai4 (受害)to be injured; to be killed
jing1 ji4 gai3 ge2 (经济改革)economic reform
hong2 cha2 (红茶)black tea
hua1 dian4 (花店)flower shop
jiu1 pian1 (纠偏)to correct an error
fa3 li3 (法理)legal principle; jurisprudence
lu4 (渌)clear (water); strain liquids
ji4 zhe3 zhao1 dai4 hui4, ji4 zhe3 hui4 (记者招待会, 记者会)press conference
di4 zhi3 (地址)address
yi4 (悒)anxiety; worry
yi1 qian1 (一千)one thousand
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 105(25 Vokabeln)
ai4 ren2 ru2 ji3 (爱人如己)love others as self
l`, fa3 l` (律, 法律)law
zhu4 jie3 (注解)comment
jian3 yue4 (检阅)inspect; review (troops)
pi4 (僻)low; rustic; secluded
bo1 luan4 fan3 zheng4 (拨乱反正)bring order out of chaos; set to rights things which have been thrown into disorder
di4 qiu2 (地球)the Earth; planet
jiu3 yue4 (九月)ninth month; September
kuan3 xiang4 (款项)funds; a sum of money
que4 bing4 (却病)to prevent or treat a disease
bu4 rong2 (不容)not tolerate; not allow; not brook; not admit
bai2 ri4 zuo4 meng4 (白日做梦)day dream; indulge in wishful thinking
yi4 ban1 lai2 shuo1 (一般来说)generally speaking
fu4 zhai4 lei3 lei3 (负债??)heavily in debt
jie3 xi1 (解析)to analyze; to resolve
qiang1 (羌)educated; name of a tribe; strong
chen2 (臣)statesman; vassal; courtier; minister; official
jiu4 xu4 (就绪)ready; in order
fang3 hua2 (访华)visit China
guo4 le wu3 fen1 zhong1 (过了五分钟)five minutes passed
you4 (侑)urge to eat
ji4 zhe3 bao4 dao3 (记者报导)press report
xue2 qi1 (学期)term; semester
fan3 dui4 dang3 (反对党)opposition (political) party
bu4 bian4 zi1 ben3 (不变资本)constant capital
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 106(25 Vokabeln)
zong3 ji1 (总机)central exchange; telephone exchange; switchboard
hu2 (觳)(measure); frightened
an1 quan2 kao3 l` (安全考虑)security consideration
shi4 yang4 (试样)style; type; model
huan2 rao4 (环绕)to surround; to rotate
xi4 (系)connect; to tie
jun1 zheng4 (军政)army and government
jing1 gan4 (精干)crack (troops); special (forces); highly capable
wang3 luo4 ying4 yong4, wang3 lu4 ying4 yong4 (网络应用, 网路应用)network application
an1 quan2 (安全)safe; secure; safety; security
mao4 yi4 (贸易)(commercial) trade
dao4 qi1 (到期)become due (eg, loans)
chu1 sheng1 ri4 qi1 (出生日期)date of birth
qing2 xing (情形)circumstances; situation
de2 (德)Germany; virtue; goodness; morality; ethics; kindness; favour; character; kind
gong1 (供)offer (information etc.); supply
yu4 (豫)beforehand; honan; prepare
dui4 (兑)to cash
jun1 xiao4 (军校)military school; military academy
she1 (赊)buy on credit
huo3 (火)fire
ben3 shi4 (本事)ability; skill; source material; original story
tan4, kui4 (叹, 喟)to sigh
wang3 lu4 fu2 wu4 (网路服务)network service
pai2 jia4 (牌价)list price
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 107(25 Vokabeln)
hui4 zhang3 (会长)president of a club, committee, etc.
yan3 jiang3 (演讲)(give) a speech or lecture
bu4 bian4 (不便)inconvenient; inappropriate; unsuitable; short of cash
xun4 ling4 (训令)order; instruction
jiao3, hao4 (皎, 颢)bright; white
lian2 jie2 (联结)to bind; to tie; to link
dang1 ju2 (当局)authorities
bao4 zu2 (暴卒)die of sudden illness; die suddenly
zong4 (纵)even if; release
ru4 wu3 (入伍)enter the army; enlist
di4 pi2 (地皮)lot, section of land, ground
san1 bai3 yi4 (三百亿)30 billion
ci4 (伺)wait on
zhuo1 qu3 (捉取)to capture
ji1 (机)machine; opportunity; secret
chang3 zhi3 (厂址)factory site; location
yang4 zi (样子)manner; air; looks; aspect
mo2 hua4 (摹画)describe
ying1 wen2, ying1 yu3 (英文, 英语)English (language)
yi2 han4 (遗憾)regret; pity; sorry
miao2 (描)depict; to trace (a drawing); to copy; to touch up
zi1 liao4 (资料)data; material
jiu4 (僦)hire; to rent
geng1 zhong4 (耕种)to till; to cultivate
bu4 zhun3 (不准)not allow; forbid; prohibit
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 108(25 Vokabeln)
xiao1 chu2 (消除)to eliminate; to remove
shi2 zi4 jia4 (十字架)cross
jian4 ding4 (鉴定)to appraise; to identify; to evaluate
mei3 lian2 she4 (美联社)Associated Press (AP)
lie4 che1 (列车)train (railway term)
ya4 (揠)eradicate; pull up
zun1 shou3 (遵守)comply with; respect (an agreement)
che4 chu2 (撤除)remove
mu4 cai2 (木材)wood
bao3 luo2 (保罗)Paul
ci2 xing4, ci2, pin4 (雌性, 雌, 牝)female
shu1 (姝)pretty woman
bai2 jing4 (白净)(of skin) fair and clear
gua1 (刮)to scrape; to blow
bai3 wan4 (百万)million; millions
you3 qu4 (有趣)interesting; fascinating; amusing
guo2 ji4 jian4 wen2 (国际见闻)International Background Knowledge
xin4 yang3 (信仰)firm belief; conviction
yi3 (舣)moor a boat to the bank
he2 liu2, he2, jiang1 (河流, 河, 江)river
xia4 chun2 (下唇)lower lip
zong3 tong3 (总统)president (of a country)
xing2 zhuang4 (型状)shape
jiao3 (搅)to disturb; to annoy; to mix; to stir
kai1 ting2 (开庭)begin a (judicial) court session
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 109(25 Vokabeln)
zai3 (宰)slaughter; butcher; govern; rule; official
zhu4 yi4 kan4 (注意看)watch carefully
xing1 qi1 liu4 (星期六)Saturday
lian2 he2 fa1 biao3 (联合发表)joint statement; joint announcement
zhi3 hui1 zhe3 (指挥者)conductor; director
dao3 (岛)island
cheng2 (城)city walls; city; town
yue4 ye3 (越野)cross country
gan4 (干)manage; stem
nan2 ai2 (难捱)trying, difficult
shao4 (召)(surname); name of an ancient state
hang2 (行)a row; profession; professional
ke1 (磕)to tap; knock
chu3 cun2 (储存)stockpile; to store; to stockpile
ping2 chang2 (平常)ordinary; common; usually; ordinarily
bao3 (葆)dense foliage; to cover
li4 (俪)husband and wife
de2 yi2 (得宜)proper; appropriate; suitable
er3 zi (耳子)handle (on a pot)
chu1 yu4 (出狱)leave prison
da3 zhen1 (打针)to give or have an injection
wen2 xian4, gong1 wen2 (文献, 公文)document
juan1 zhu4 (捐助)offer; contribution; donation
wai4 jiao1 guan1 xi4 (外交关系)foreign relations; diplomatic relations
pan4 ding4 (判定)judge; decide; judgement; determination
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 110(25 Vokabeln)
dian4 ding4 (奠定)establish; fix; settle
fa1 zhan3 de guo2 jia1 (发展的国家)developing country; developing nation
liao2 (疗)to treat; to cure
mai3 mai4 (买卖)buying and selling; business dealings; transactions
jun4 (竣)complete; finish
yun4 xing2 zhuang4 kuang4 (运行状况)operational state; running state
yu4 jian4 (遇见)meet
tao2 hua1 yun4 (桃花运)luck with the opposite sex
bai2 gan1 er2 (白乾儿)spirit
guang1 yuan2 (光源)light source
cen2 (岑)a small hill; (a surname)
bi3 shi4 (笔试)written examination
cheng2 jie4 (惩戒)to discipline; reprimand
di2 (敌)enemy; match
bi4 (辟)king; emporer; monarch; royal
jiao1 (姣)(surname); cunning; pretty
bao4 (暴)sudden; violent; cruel; to show or expose; to injure
bian4 jie3 (辩解)explain; justify; defend (a point of view, etc); provide an explanation; try to defend oneself
wai4 bu4 (外部)external part; external
gan3 mao4 (感冒)to catch cold; (common) cold
an4 ran2 (岸然)solemn; serious
bo2 you2 ceng2 (薄油层)oil sheet
zhi3 (旨)imperial decree; purport; aim; purpose
qian2 bei4 (前辈)senior; older generation
xiang4 pian4 (相片)image; photograph
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 111(25 Vokabeln)
tuan2 (抟)roll round with hand
qi3 si3 hui2 sheng1 (起死回生)arise from the dead
tui1 chu1 (推出)to release
sheng1 zhang3 (生长)grow
hua4 ti2 (话题)subject (of a talk or conversation); topic
quan1 (圈)circle; ring; loop
bo2 dao3 (驳倒)demolish sb; 's argument; refute; outargue
jue2 (绝)cut short; extinct; to disapper; to vanish; absolutely; by no means
ka1 fei1 guan3 (咖啡馆)cafe; coffee shop
zhao1, shang4 wu3, su4 (朝, 上午, 夙)morning
you3 jue2 xin1 (有决心)determined
quan2 (铨)estimate; select
zu2 (足)foot; to be sufficient
qi1 bai3 wan4 (七百万)seven million
guan1 fang1 yu3 yan2 (官方语言)official language
wu4 jian4, bin1 yu3 (物件, 宾语)object
ying3 xiang4 (影像)image
sen1 lin2, sen1 (森林, 森)forest
shou3 fa3 (手法)technique; trick; skill
ben3 yuan2 (本源)origin; source
yun4 shu1 (运输)transit; transport
fang2 (防)to protect; to defend; to guard (against)
tuan2 dui4 (团队)team
dou4 (斗)to fight; to battle; to struggle; to incite
yi4 qi3 (一起)together
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 112(25 Vokabeln)
dun1 (墩)block; gate pillar; pier
ru2 (孺)(surname); child
ming2 wen2 (明文)(laws, rules, etc) state in writing
bei4 zhan4 (备战)prepare for war; be prepared against war
yi1 bai3 wu3 shi2 yi4 (一百五十亿)15 billion
rong2 na4 (容纳)contain; accomodate
zong3 cai2 (总裁)chairman; director-general (of a company, etc)
fei1 fei1 (菲菲)very fragrant; luxurious; beautiful
dian1 (颠)inverted; jolt; top
wo4 (沃)fertile; rich
dian4 shi4 jie2 mu4 (电视节目)television program
ban4 li3 (办理)to handle; to transact; to conduct
zao4 (燥)dry; parched; impatient
heng2 liang (衡量)weight; measure
an1 bu4 dang4 che1 (安步当车)walk over leisurely instead of riding in a carriage; walk rather than ride
jie2 ran2 (截然)completely; sharply (differing)
chou4 (臭)stench; stink; smelly; to smell (bad)
shi2 (蚀)eat up slowly; eclipse
shou3 xiang4 (首相)(Japanese) prime minister
qi3 ye4 ji2 tuan2 (企业集团)industry association
bing4 dao3 (病倒)be down with an illness; be laid up
lian2 xu4 (连续)continous; in a row
bi3 jia4 (比价)price relations; parity; rate of exchange
kuo4 chong1 (扩充)to expand
ping2 ban3 (平板)tablet; flat
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 113(25 Vokabeln)
xin4 hao4 tai2 (信号?)signal station
qiang3 xian3 (抢先)to rush (to do sth urgent)
si3 hu2 tong4 (死??)dead end; blind alley
ke3 xuan3 ze2 diu1 qi4 (可选择丢弃)discard eligible (Frame Relay); DE
ge2 (革)leather; remove
bao3 xiu1 (保修)guarantee to keep in good repair
jiao4 (教)religion; teaching
ming2 (溟)drizzle; sea
qian1 (阡)road leading north and south
jiao4 tang2 (教堂)church; chapel
bai4 ye4 (拜渴)pay a formal visit; call to pay respects; pay homage (at a monument, mausoleum, etc)
bao4 zha4 (爆炸)explosion; to explode; to blow up; to detonate
biao3 shuai4, bang3 yang4 (表率, 榜样)example; model
bing3 cheng2 (秉承)take orders; receive commands
xian2 (舷)sides of boat
man3 yi4 (满意)to be satisfied; to be pleased; satisfied; pleased
xian3 (鲜)few; rare
bai2 fan4 (白饭)plain cooked rice; rice with nothing to go with it
jun1 fei4 (军费)military expenditure
guo2 fang2 (国防)national defence
yi4 (劓)cut off the nose
qian2 (乾)(surname); male; strong
zhang1 xiao4 yan2 (章孝严)John Chang (Taiwan Foreign Minister)
di4 san1 (第三)third; No. 3
bai2 se4 (白色)white (colour); White (as a symbol of reaction)
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chong1 tu1 (冲突)conflict; conflict; clash of opposing forces; contention
pei4 (佩)girdle ornaments; wear (belt; etc.)
cheng2 dan1 (承担)undertake; assume (responsibility, etc.)
xian4 cheng2 (现成)ready made
bao4 (刨)a plane; to plane
bang4 (谤)to slander; defame; speak ill of
man2 (埋)to blame
xing3 (醒)to wake up; to be awake
te4 ding4 han2 yi4 (特定含义)specific meaning
wang3 qiao2 (网桥)(network) bridge
cheng2 shi4 quan3 li3 yuan2 (程式理员)program manager (Windows)
xiong1 (胸)chest; busom; heart; mind; thorax
bu4 fa2 (步伐)pace; (measured) step; march
kai1 fa1 huan2 jing4 (开发环境)development environment (computer)
shen1 qing3 shu1 (申请书)application
ji4 qiao3 (技巧)skill; technique
bao4 guan3 (报馆)newspaper office
jia2 (戛)a lance; standing alone
ke3 wang4 (渴望)desirous; wishful; desire
kan1 (戡)kill; suppress
bao3 wai4 jiu4 yi1 (保外就医)(of a prisoner) released for medical treatment
wang3 luo4 huan2 jing4, wang3 lu4 huan2 jing4 (网络环境, 网路环境)network environment
ju1 (俱)entirely; without exception
lian4 jie2, lian4 lu4 (链结, 链路)link
bin1 (滨)shore; beach; coast; bank
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gao1 su4 wang3 luo4 (高速网络)high speed network
shi2 bei4 (十倍)tenfold; ten times (sth)
zong1 se4 (棕色)brown (the color)
dong1 xi1 (东西)east and west
xun4 lian4 (训练)drill; exercise; train; training
zhi4 (秩)order (liness)
shi2 dai4 (时代)age; era; epoch; period
du2 (渎)ditch; trouble (some one to do)
an1 ning2 (安宁)peaceful; tranquil; calm; composed; free from worry
guang4 (逛)to stroll; to visit
bai3 lun2 (摆轮)balance (of a watch or clock); balance wheel
xia4 (夏)summer; Xia (proper name)
nao4 shi4 (闹事)cause trouble; create a disturbance
gu3 jia4 (股价)stock price; share price
dan1 (丹)red; pellet; powder; cinnabar
ben3 mo4 dao3 zhi4 (本末倒置)take the branch for the root; put the incidental before the fundamental; put the cart before the horse
xin1 wen2 (新闻)news
ba2 ying2 (拔营)strike camp
gu4 zhu3 (雇主)employer
zhou4 (纣)name of an emperor; saddle crupper
zheng3 zheng3 (整整)whole; full
you3 ze2 ren4 (有责任)liable; responsible
da4 xie3 (大写)capital letters; block letters
tong2 mou2 (同谋)to conspire with someone; (be an) accomplice; to plot; (co)conspirator; partner in crime
jian3 l`e4 (简略)simple; brief
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nong2 chang3 (农场)farm
sheng1 ya2 (生涯)career
bei4 song4 (背诵)recite; repeat from memory
l` se4 (绿色)green
biao3 (裱)hang (paper); mount (painting)
cai2 li4 (财力)financial resources
bu4 zhi4 ke3 fou3 (不置可否)decline to comment; not express an opinion; be noncommittal; hedge
xiang1 dui4 (相对)relatively; opposite (side of the table); to resist; to oppose
wei4 (尉)(surname); milit. official; to quiet
die2 (叠)fold up; repeat
wen2 ming2 (闻名)well-known; famous; renowned; eminent
qi1 (戚)(surname); relative
dui4 shou3 (对手)opponent; adversary; match
jinr1, jin1 ri4 (今儿, 今日)today
gai1 (陔)step; terrace
yan2 ci2 (严词)(criticize, etc.) forcefully; using strong words
hun1 shi4 (婚事)wedding; marriage
wei1 zhang1 (违章)to break the rules; to violate regulations
shuo1 fu2 (说服)to persuade; to convince; to talk sb. over
long2 (窿)cavity; hole
bang3 (膀)upper arm; wing
fa3 guan1 (法官)a judge; judge; to judge
che4 (掣)pull; obstruct; hinder; draw
jiao4 cai2 (教材)teaching material
ren3 shou4 (忍受)bear; endure
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 117(25 Vokabeln)
jiao1 wang3 (交往)association; contact
bu4 bian4 shu1 mai4 (不辨菽麦)be unable to tell beans from wheat - have no knowledge of practical matters
xi3 shua1 (洗刷)wash; brush; scrub
ke3 kou3 (可口)tasty; to taste good
jing3 bu4 (颈部)the neck area of the body
an4 yan4 (案验)investigate the evidence of a case
gong1 gong4 qi4 che1, qi4 che1 (公共汽车, 气车)bus
chuan2 shu1 mei2 jie4 (传输媒界)transport method
nei4 ge2 (内阁)(government) cabinet
yun3 (殒)perish; die
bing1 zhong3 (兵种)(military) branch of the armed forces
ai4 mo4 neng2 zhu4 (爱莫能助)willing to help but unable to do so
zhen1 cang2 (珍藏)collection; collect (valuables)
lin2 (遴)(surname); select for appointment
zhong4 liang4 (重量)weight
long2 (砻)grind; mill
sui2 hou4 (随後)soon after
zhong1 guo2 ren2 min2 (中国人民)the Chinese people
guo2 ji4 shang1 ye4 ji1 qi4 (国际商业机器)International Business Machines; IBM
chu2 le zhi1 wai4 (除了之外)except
pao3 dao4 (跑道)athletic track; runaway; track
cheng1 (瞠)stare at something beyond reach
bai2 mei2 (白煤)anthracite; hard coal; white coal; waterpower
diao4 (吊)condole with; hang
bu4 jian4 guan1 cai2 bu4 luo4 lei4 (不见棺材不落泪)not shed a tear until one sees the coffin - refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 118(25 Vokabeln)
xun4 (逊)to yield
bian4 gu4 (变故)an unforeseen event; accident; misfortune
bu4 shou4 li3 (不受理)reject a complaint; refuse to entertain (a proposal)
ban3 (板)board; plank; plate; slab
shen1 qing3 (申请)apply (for); application (form, etc.)
tu2 xing2 (徒刑)(prison) sentence
wen3 (吻)kiss; mouth
yi2 (疑)to doubt; to misbelieve; to suspect
cuo4 (锉)a file (tool for shaping metal); to file
huo2 yue4 (活跃)active; vigorous
shi2 bie2 (识别)to distinguish; to discern
dai4 (贷)lend on interest; borrow; loan; make excuses; pardon; forgive
hui4 tan2 (会谈)talks; discussions
pian1 (翩)fly fast
mou2 qu3 (谋取)try to gain; seek; obtain
qiu3 (糗)(surname); dry provisions
da4 xue2 sheng (大学生)university student
yi1 dai4 (一带)region; district
qian4 (欠)deficient; owe; to lack; yawn
li2 (璃)colored glaze; glass
biao1 bing1 (标兵)parade guards (usually spaced out along parade routes); example; model; pacesetter
bo2 (驳)argue; parti-colored; tranship; dispute; contradict; refute
dian4 deng1 (电灯)electric light
pei2 (陪)to accompany; to keep sb. company
da4 rong2 liang4 (大容量)high capacity
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 119(25 Vokabeln)
qian1 jiu4 (迁就)to yield; to adapt to; to accomodate to (sth)
e4 zhi4 (遏制)check; contain; hold back or within limits
bai4 zhen4 (败阵)be defeated on the battlefield; be beaten in a contest
tu2 xiang4 (图像)image; picture; graphic
duan3 (短)lack; short
chan3 quan2 (产权)property right
shi2 (石)rock; stone
ban3 mian4 (版面)space of a whole page; layout (makeup) of a printed sheet
qiang2 du4 (强度)strength; intensity
lun2 xian4 (沦陷)(territory) fall to enemy occupation
zhen1, zhen1 zheng4 (真, 真正)real; true; genuine
shi2 wu4 (食物)food
wei2 (闱)door to women's room; gate to palace
pao3 jing3 bao4 (跑警报)to run for shelter
yao4 wu4 (药物)medicaments; pharmaceuticals; medication; medicine; drug
yun4 suan4 huan2 jing4, zuo4 ye4 huan2 jing4, cao1 zuo4 huan2 jing4 (运算环境, 作业环境, 操作环境)operating environment
jie1, jie1 dao4 (街, 街道)street
xian4 (县)a district; county
xu1 qiu2, bi4 yao4 tiao2 jian4 (需求, 必要条件)requirement
he2 (核)nuclear; atomic; stone (of fruit)
xian4 jin1, xian4 kuan3 (现金, 现款)cash
bu4 ke3 ming2 zhuang4 (不可名状)indescribable; beyond description
xian1 jin4 (先进)advanced (technology); to advance
ju1 zhu4 (居住)reside; be a resident (of)
ri4 bao4 (日报)daily newspaper
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 120(25 Vokabeln)
bing1 tuan2 (兵团)large military unit; formation; corps; army
zhu3 xiu1 (主修)(school) major
qia4 hao3 (恰好)as it turns out; by lucky coincidence
xin1 de2 (心得)knowledge gained
pin1 (拼)piece together; stake (all); spell; join together
chang2 duan3 (长短)length; duration
guang3 (广)wide; numerous; to spread
an4 tan2 (暗探)secret agent; detective
le4 (乐)(surname); happy; laugh; cheerful
xin1 shang3 (欣赏)to appreciate; to enjoy; to admire
bai3 fen1 dian3 (百分点)percentage point
zhe4 ci4 wei1 ji1 (这次危机)present crisis; current crisis
qi1 (柒)seven (fraudproof)
jiang3 jie3 yuan2, xiang4 dao3 (讲解员, 向导)guide
tai4 ping2 (太平)peace and security
fu4 (富)rich
bin1 (镔)fine steel
zai4 mou3 zhong3 cheng2 du4 shang4 (在某种程度上)to a certain extent
ke1 yan2 (科研)(scientific) research
sui2 zhe (随ぴ)along with; in the wake of
xuan1 cheng1 (宣称)assert; claim
sao1 (骚)have sex appeal
bu4 ji2 bu4 li2 (不即不离)be neither too familiar nor too distant; keep sb; at arm's length
san1 shi2 yi4 (三十亿)three billion
wan3 can1 (晚餐)evening meal; dinner
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zhong4 (中)hit (the mark)
jin4 zhan3 (进展)to make headway; to make progress
yan2 zhong4 wen4 ti2 (严重问题)serious problem
zhuang4 jian4 (撞见)to meet by accident
wen3 (刎)cut across (throat)
te4 qu1 (特区)special (administrative) region
gao1 ke1 ji4 (高科技)high tech; high technology
mo4 (陌)raised path; street
ke4 (裸)subject; class; lesson
cai2 wu4 (财物)property; belongings
han4 zi4 (汉字)Chinese character
da2 an4 (答案)answer; solution
da4 chi1 (大吃)gobble; eat quickly
guang3 bo1 wang3 lu4 (广播网路)broadcast network
tan2, tan2 (覃, 潭)(surname); deep
liu2 xia4 (留下)remain
bi3 zhi2 (比值)specific value; ratio
lu4 (陆)(surname); shore; land; continent
qing1 shuang3 (清爽)fresh and cool
zi4 fu4 (自负)conceited; responsible
bian4 yi2 xing2 shi4 (便宜行事)act at one's discretion; act as one sees fit
hu4, you4 (护, 佑)protect
zao4, hei1 se4 (皂, 黑色)black
zhong1 duan1 yong4 hu4 (终端用户)end user
chong1 xi3 (冲洗)to rinse; to wash
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 121 bis 125: Abschnitt 122(25 Vokabeln)
xuan2 (玄)black; mysterious
yu3 yin1 tong1 xun4 tong1 dao4 (语音通讯通道)voice (communications) channel
shi1 (师)a division (milit.); teacher; master; expert; model
dui4 bu4 (队部)office; headquarters
zhan1, mao2 zhan1 (毡, 毛毡)felt
bing4 ren2 (病人)sick person; [medical] patient; invalid
wan2 shan4 (完善)perfect; complete
chang2 wei3 (常委)member of standing committee
ban4 bao4 (办报)to run a newspaper
bu4 hao3 yi4 si (不好意思)feel embarrassed; be ill at ease; find it embarrassing (to do sth; )
kong1 qi4 (空气)air; atmosphere
zheng4 zhi4 guan1 xi4 (政治关系)political relations
jie1 na4 (接纳)admit (into membership of an organization)
jin1 rong2 feng1 bo1 (金融风波)financial crisis; banking crisis
you2 (尤)outstanding; particularly; especially
ming4 ling4 (命令)(an) order or command
sha1 ren2 an4 (杀人案)murder case; homicide case
rong2 huo4 (荣获)prize; award
shi2 li4, li4 qi, jin4 (实力, 力气, 劲)strength
hang2 yun4 (航运)shipping; transport
zui4 (罪)guilt; crime; fault; blame; sin
shi4 jie4 jing1 ji4 (世界经济)global economy; world economy
bu4 kan1 (不堪)cannot bear; cannot stand; utterly; extremely
che3 (扯)pull; tear; to talk casually
shu4 lin2 (树林)woods; grove; forest
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 121 bis 125: Abschnitt 123(25 Vokabeln)
ya3 ge4 shu1 (雅各书)James
pao4 (炮)cannon; gun; firecracker
bi4 (蔽)to cover; to shield; to screen; to conceal
ben1 chi2 (奔驰)run quickly; speed
zhuo1 zi (桌子)table; desk
fu2 du4 (幅度)width; extent
xi1 (吸)to breathe; to suck in; to absorb; to inhale
liao2 fa3 (疗法)therapy; treatment
chuai3 (揣)estimate; guess; figure; surmise
bao4 yang3 (抱养)adopt (a child)
bei3 mei3, bei3 mei3 zhou1 (北美, 北美洲)North America
bang3 (榜)a notice or anouncement; a list of names; public roll of successful examinees
guan4 (贯)pierce; to string
zhi3 (纸)paper
gun3 (滚)to boil; to roll
zhong1 (钟)clock; time as measured in hours and minutes; bell
jing1 xuan3 (精选)chosen
zang3 (驵)powerful horse
zheng1 (正)Chinese 1st month of year
zhu3 (拄)post; prop
shi4 er2 bu4 jian4 (视而不见)turn a blind eye to
bao4 fei4 (报废)report as worthless; discard as worthless; reject; scrap
bao4 dao4 (报导)to cover (report) news; news reporting; story; article
shou1 ting1 (收听)to listen (to); to listen (in)
xi2 (檄)dispatch; order
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 121 bis 125: Abschnitt 124(25 Vokabeln)
ping2 guo3 dian4 nao3 (苹果电脑)Apple computer
zhi1 shi4 gong1 cheng2 shi1 (知识工程师)knowledge worker
ben1 (奔)to hurry or rush; to run quickly; to elope
bao1 guan3 (包管)assure; guarantee
bo1 nong4 (拨弄)move to and fro (with hand; foot; stick; etc; ); fiddle with; stir up
gui1 ge2, gui1 fan4, biao1 zhun3 gui1 ge2 (规格, 规?, 标准规格)standard; norm
an4 (暗)to shut the door; unilluminated
jun1 shi4 wei1 xie2 (军事威胁)military threat
ding4 wei4 (定位)position; location
wu3 nong4 (舞弄)to wave; to brandish
hui2 gui1 zhong1 guo2 (回归中国)to return to China (e.g. Hong Kong)
mei3 guo2 zheng4 fu3 (美国政府)U.S. government; American government
he2 ping2 (和平)peace
bian1 yan2 (边沿)edge; fringe
da4 liang4 (大量)great amount; large quantity; numerous
du2 da3, ou1 da3 (毒打, 殴打)beat up
jun1 shi4 (军事)military affairs; military matters; military
ge4 da4 jun1 qu1 (各大军区)€the greater military areas€
bi4 zhi4 (币制)currency system
yuan2 ze2 (原则)principle
bu4 wu4 zheng4 ye4 (不务正业)not engage in honest work; ignore one's proper occupation; not attend to one's proper duties
bian1 mu4 (编目)make a catalogue; catalogue; list
sheng1 chan3 neng2 li4 (生产能力)manufacturing ability
ju4 (窭)poor; rustic
chao1 xie3 (抄写)to copy; to transcribe
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 121 bis 125: Abschnitt 125(25 Vokabeln)
bi4 bang3, shou3 bi, bi4 (臂膀, 手臂, 臂)arm
xia4 chi3 (下齿)bottom teeth
gua1 fen1 (瓜分)partition; divide up
yu3 (雨)rain
jiang3 jin1 (奖金)premium; award money
yue1 ding4 (约定)engage; promise; make an appointment
zhou4 (籀)(surname); (writing); develop
ye4 zhu3 (业主)owner; proprietor
guo2 chan3 (国产)made in one's own country; made in China
kuan1 kuo4 (宽阔)expanse; wide
sheng1 chan3 dui4 (生产队)production team
shuai1 (衰)decay; decline
nian2 qing1 hua4 (年轻化)make more youthful; promote younger staff
tong1 chang2 (通常)regular; usual; ordinary; normal
yi4 (衣)gown; to dress; to wear
zong3 can1 mou2 bu4 (总参谋部)(military) General Staff Headquarters
jun1 heng2 (均衡)equal; balanced
bei1 e2 (碑额)the top part of a tablet
jian1 jue2 (坚决)firm; resolute; determined
an1 quan2 wen4 ti2 (安全问题)safety issue; security issue
chi2 wu4 (迟误)to delay; to procrastinate
nan2 hua2 zao3 bao4 (南华早报)South China Morning Post (newspaper in Hong Kong)
xian4 shi2 qing2 kuang4 (现实情况)current state; current situation
xi2 juan3 ya4 zhou1 (席卷亚洲)to sweep through Asia
cong2 qian2 (从前)previously; formerly
Aufbauwortschatz: Abschnitt 121 bis 125: Abschnitt 126(3 Vokabeln)
tai4 (态)attitude
sao3 sao (嫂嫂)sister in law (husband's side)
da4 li4 fa1 zhan3 (大力发展)vigorous expansion; rapid development
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 1(25 Vokabeln)
xing1 (兴)flourish; it is the fashion to; to become popular
nei4 xin1 (内心)heart; innermost being
chuai4 (踹)kick; trample
xian2 (衔)hold in mouth
nian2 lao3, mao4, mao4 (年老, 耄, 旄)aged
ying3, bin1 (郢, 豳)name of an ancient city
chou2 (仇)hatred; animosity; enmity; a rival; an enemy; feud
yi4 yi4 (意义)meaning; significance
xia4 zhi4 shang4 (下至上)bottom to top
jin4 shi2 (禁食)fast (not eat)
ye1 su1 ji1 du1 (耶稣基督)Jesus Christ
si1 ying2 (私营)privately-owned; private
fen1 bie2 (分别)difference; distinction; apart; separate; separately; respectively
chu4 (黜)dismiss; expel
bao4 bing4 (暴病)sudden attack of a serious illness
ying2 (潆)eddy; small river
ban4 zhong1 yao1 (半中腰)middle; halfway
yan1 wu4 (烟雾)smoke
an4 (暗)dark; gloomy; hidden; secret
shi4 (适)fit; suitable
bing1 yuan2 (兵员)soldiers; troops
cai2 pan4 (裁判)judgment ; act as referee; referee; umpire; judge
wo3 men2 zi4 ji3 (我们自己)ourselves
zi1 chan3 (资产)property; assets
zheng4 que4 (正确)correct; proper
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 2(25 Vokabeln)
tong1 zhi1 (通知)notify; inform; notice; notification
bai3 fa1 bai3 zhong4 (百发百中)every shot hits the target; shoot with unfailing accuracy; be a crack shot
cun2 chu3 (存储)memory; storage
ju4 lun2 (巨轮)large ship; large wheel
zhi4 pin3 (制品)products; goods
qiao3 (悄)quiet; sad
bu3 chong1 (补充)to replenish; to supplement; to completement; additional; supplementary
xi2 (袭)inherit; raid; suit of clothes
mei3 li4, jin3 xiu4, luan2, li4, wu4, yan2 (美丽, 锦绣, 娈, 丽, 婺, 妍)beautiful
zuo4 ke4 (做客)to be a guest or visitor
gui4 (刿)cut; injure
bu4 de2 ren2 xin1 (不得人心)not enjoy popular support; be unpopular
ying1 guo2 (英国)England; Britain; English
jia1 kuai4 (加快)to accelerate; to speed up
zuo4 jia1 (作家)author
quan2 cheng2 (全程)(during an) entire journey
cha2 diao4 (查调)inquiry; inquire
ying2 li4 (盈利)profit; gain
shan4 liang2 (善良)good and honest; kind-hearted
quan2 ti3 ren2 yuan2 (全体人员)crew
di1 su4 l` (低速率)low speed
ke4 zhuo1 (课桌)school desk
ji3 biao1 (指标)norm; index; target
si4 (驷)team of 4 horses
mei4 fu (妹夫)brother in law (wife's side)
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 3(25 Vokabeln)
jie3 shi4 (解释)explanation; to explain; to interpret; to resolve
pin3 zhi4, zhi4 liang4 (品质, 质量)quality
chi1 bu xia4 (吃不下)not feel like eating; be unable to eat any more
bian4 pen2 (便盆)bed pan
zheng1 yi4 (争议)controversy; dispute
xia4 tian1 (夏天)summer
zai4 hou4, hou4 bian1 (在後, 後边)behind
bai2 (白)white; snowy; empty; blank; bright; clear; plain; pure; gratuitous
ling2 deng3 dai4 zhuang4 tai4 (零等待状态)zero wait state
qian2 ren4 (前任)predecessor; ex-; former
fu4 shang4 (附上)attach
bao1 gan1 zhi4 (包干制)a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash
zao1 (糟)to waste; spoil
ji2 (急)hurried; worried
meng2 (盟)oath; pledge; union; to ally
ping2 mu4 (屏幕)(TV or movie) screen
yi4 yuan4, yi4 hui4 (议院, 议会)parliament; legislative assembly
bing4 tiao2 (并条)drawing
yu2 (腴)fat on belly; fertile; rich
ceng4 (蹭)rub against; walk slowly
zhe1 yan3, fu4 gai4 (遮掩, 覆盖)to cover
lan2 se4, lan2 (蓝色, 蓝)blue
hei1 (黑)black; dark
gao1 ji4 shu4 (高技术)high technology; high tech
kun3 (困)a bunch; tie together
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 4(25 Vokabeln)
yang4 pin3 (样品)sample; specimen
qin1 chen2 (侵晨)towards dawn
shi4 chuang1 (视窗)Windows (operating system)
bi4 xu1 (必需)essential; indispensable
zui4 jia1 li4 yi4 (最佳利益)best interests
chang3 zi (厂子)yard; depot
quan2 (泉)fountain; spring
xian4 fa3 (宪法)constitution (of a country)
shi2 yi4 (十亿)one billion; giga-
bi3 diao4 (笔调)(of writing) tone; style
lai4 (睐)gaze; stare
chang3 zhu3 (厂主)factory owner
ji2 hui4 (集会)gather; assembly; meeting
xing1 qi1 ri4, xing1 qi1 tian1 (星期日, 星期天)Sunday
qi2 (綦)dark grey; superlative; variegated
ji2 (极)extremely; pole (geog.; physics); utmost; top
gong1 neng2 ji2 (功能集)function library
bo1 fang4 ji1 (播放机)player (e.g. CD player)
bian4 ji2 (遍及)to extend (everywhere)
dang4 an4 jian4 li4 (档案建立)file creation
ju4 ti3 ji4 hua4 (具体计划)a concrete plan; a definite plan
zhao4 pian4 (照片)photograph; picture
qi4 zhi4 (弃置)to throw away; to discard
tong2 shi2 dai4 (同时代)contemporary
chou2 ji2 (筹集)collect money; raise funds
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 5(25 Vokabeln)
ji4 zhang4 (记帐)charge
bu4 yao4 lian3 (不要脸)have no sense of shame; shameless
tui1 guang3 (推广)popularize; make more widespread
qu3 xiao1 jin4 ling4 (取消禁令)to life a prohibition; to lift a ban
pa2 (爬)crawl; climb
xiu1 zheng4 (修正)to revise; to ammend
cheng2 jiu4 (成就)accomplishment; success; attain a result; achievement
ren4 yong4 (任用)to appoint; to assign
fu4 xi2 (复习)to revise; to review
yi3 jing1 jin4 xing2 (已经进行)already underway; already in progress
bo1 (波)wave; ripple; storm; surge
shu1 (抒)to strain; pour out
ye4 ma3 (页码)page number
wen2 zhang1 (文章)article; essay
xu4 (绪)beginnings; clues; mental state; thread
bu3 na2 (捕拿)arrest; capture; catch
han2 (韩)(former) Chinese state; (surname)
bai4 zhang4 (败仗)lost battle; defeat
an1 wei1 (安危)safety and danger; safety
ju4 (据)according to; act in accordance with; seize
jie2 wai4 sheng1 zhi1 (节外生枝)new problems complicate an issue; deliberately create such problems
cai2 kuai4 (财会)finance and accounting
jiao4 dao3 (教导)instruct; teach
dian4 nao3, ji4 suan4 ji1 (电脑, 计算机)computer
zi3 zi3, jie3 jie, zi3, jie3 (姊姊, 姐姐, 姊, 姐)older sister
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 6(25 Vokabeln)
ru4 (入)to enter
yi4 (译)to translate; to interpret
nan2 bei3 ji2 (南北极)south and north poles
ji4 suan4 ji1 wang3 luo4, dian4 nao3 wang3 lu4 (计算机网络, 电脑网路)computer network
xian4 (见)appear
zhi3 (徵)note in Chinese musical scale
bu4 qiao3 (不巧)unfortunately; as luck would have it
hou4 xuan3 ren2 (候选人)candidate
xi4 jie2 (细节)details; particulars
tian1 fu4 (天赋)gift; innate skill
bi3 zhong4 (比重)proportion; specific gravity
wai4 hui4 (外汇)foreign (currency) exchange
shi2 (食)animal feed; eat; food
jian1 qiang2 (坚强)staunch; strong
guang3 kuo4 (广阔)wide; vast
shuo1 fa (说法)statement; statement; wording; (someone's) version (of events)
pei2 tong2, pei2 ban4 (陪同, 陪伴)accompany
chu1 ji2 (初级)junior; primary
liu2 xue4 (流血)shed blood
jian4 bu de2 (见不得)may not be seen by or exposed to
you2 yong3 (游泳)swim
du3 (笃)serious (illness); sincere; true
zi1 (姿)beauty; disposition; looks; appearance
bai3 chuan1 gui1 hai3 (百川归海)all things tends in one direction
fang2 di4 chan3 (房地产)real estate
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 7(25 Vokabeln)
bao4 she4 (报社)general office of a newspaper; newspaper office
qi2 (圻)boundary; a border
yue1 (约)appointment; agreement; to arrange; to restrict; approximately
dou4 (斗)fight; incite
ye3 (野)field; plain; open space; limit; boundry; rude; wild
cai2, liao4 zi (材, 料子)material
shi1 shi4 (失事)(have an) accident
ke1 xue2 bian1 ji2 (科学编辑)science editor (of a publication)
ben4 niao3 xian1 fei1 (笨鸟先飞)clumsy birds have to start flying early - the slow need to start early
shou3 zu2 (手足)movement
bu4 an1 (不安)intranquil; unpeaceful; unstable; uneasy; disturbed; restless; worried
zhuan1 men2 (专门)specialist; specialized; customized
lao3 liang3 kour3 (老两口)an old married couple
ju4 e2 (巨额)a huge sum (of money); large amount
chi1 wan2 (吃完)to finish eating
bing4 ji1 (病机)interpretation of the cause; onset and process of an illness; pathogenesis
xian4 shi2 (现实)reality; actuality; real; actual
xian1 sheng (先生)sir; mister; teacher; (title of respect)
dian4 shi4 ji1 (电视机)television (set)
ao4 (坳)a depression; cavity; hollow
tong1 xin4 ji4 shu4 (通信技术)communications technology
yang2 (阳)positive (electric.); sun
jue2 (蹶)stumble; trample; to kick (as a horse)
qian2 (潜)hidden; latent; secret; to hide; to conceal; secret; hidden; to submerge
wu3 hao4 (五号)the fifth; fifth day of a month
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 8(25 Vokabeln)
pin4 (聘)betrothed; engage (teacher)
luo1 (捋)strip (cow; leaves; branch)
ji1 du1 jiao4 (基督教)Christianity; Christian
yu2 (虞)forewarned; peace; worry
dan1 bao3 (担保)guarantee; vouch for
xin4 lai4 (信赖)confide; trust
dian4 nao3 wang3 (电脑网)computer network; Internet
hu4 zhu3 (户主)head of the household
shu4 (树)tree
bu4 bo2 shu1 su4 (布帛菽粟)cloth; silk; beans and grain; food and clothing; daily necessities
zhu3 chi2 (主持)preside over; direct
xiang1 (香)fragrant; incense; (of food) savory; appetizing; sweet; scented; popular
quan1, gai3 ge2 (悛, 改革)to reform
fu2 (辐)spoke of a wheel
lang2 (郎)(surname); a youth
duo1 fang1 mian4 (多方面)many-sided; in many aspects
guan1 ce4 (观测)(scientific, etc) observation; to observe
cha1 e2 (差额)balance (financial)
zou1 (鲰)(surname); minnows; small fish
he2 shi4 (合适)suitable; fit; decent
bian4 su4 (变速)speed change; gear shift
ren2 kou3 (人口)population
qi2 shu4, dan1 shu4 (奇数, 单数)odd number
qing1 dan1, dan1 zi (清单, 单子)list of items
ji2 bing4 (疾病)disease; sickness; ailment
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li4 (利)advantage; benefit; profit; sharp
biao1 (髟)hair; shaggy
bao4 xi4 (报系)newspaper chain; syndicate
cheng2 (枨)door post
ren4 mian3 (任免)to appoint and dismiss
ti2 mu4 (题目)subject; tite; topic
ren4 (仞)(measure)
ji1 fa1 (激发)to arouse; to excite
guo2 nei4 zhan4 zheng1 (国内战争)civil war; internal struggle
ben3 di4 guan3 li3 jie4 mian4 (本地管理界面)Local Management Interface; LMI
mei3 guo2 (美国)America; American; United States; USA
zheng4 shi2 (证实)confirm (something to be true); to verify
chang3 fang2 (厂房)a building used as a factory; factory (building)
wei1 (微)micro; tiny; minuature
fan4 (饭)food; cuisine; cooked rice; meal
chuang1 kou3, chuang1 hu (窗口, 窗户)window
lao1 (捞)fish up
lian2 (怜)to pity
cai3 qu3 cuo4 shi1 (采取措施)to adopt a measure
shen1 gao1 (身高)(a person's) height
jian4 ding4 wei3 yuan2 hui4 (鉴定委员会)evaluation committee; review board
shou4 ruo4 (瘦弱)thin and weak
l`e4 (锊)(ancient unit of weight)
mi4 ma3 (密码)(secret) code; password
qu3 dai4 (取代)substitute; to replace; to supplant
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 1 bis 10: Abschnitt 10(25 Vokabeln)
qing3 qiu2 (请求)request
wai4 jiao1 bu4 (外交部)Foreign Affairs ministry; foreign office; Dept. of State
si1 (澌)drain dry; to exhaust
tian2 (田)(surname); field; farm
yin1 yue4 (音乐)music
xi1 shao3 (稀少)rare; rarely
ya1 li4 (压力)pressure
bo2 geng3 er (脖颈儿)back of the neck; nape
dui4 zhun3 (对准)aim
biao3 guan1 (表观)apparent
ti3 chong2 (体重)(body) weight
cao1 zuo4 xi4 tong3, zuo4 ye4 xi4 tong3 (操作系统, 作业系统)operating system
bian4 fu2 (便服)everyday clothes; informal dress; civilian clothes
zha4 (榨)salted vegetable; to extract
yin1 ying3 (阴影)shadow
chan2 (躔)course of stars; follow precedent
pin3 zhong3 (品种)breed; variety
da4 jing1 xiao3 guai4 (大惊小怪)much fuss about nothing
bei3 fang1 (北方)north; the northern part of the country especially the area north of the Yellow River (Huang-He)
lei4 shui3 (泪水)teardrop; tears
chu1 jia4 (出价)bid
hong1 hong1 lie4 lie4 (轰轰烈烈)strong; vigorous; large-scale
zhu3 dong4 (主动)(to take the) initiative
hua4 lang2 (画廊)gallery
ren2 ti3, qu1 (人体, 躯)human body
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 11(25 Vokabeln)
dian4 hua4 ji1 (电话机)telephone equipment
dian4 tai2 (电?)radio (or broadcasting) station
ren4 he2 ren2 (任何人)anyone
bu4 bing1 (步兵)infantry; foot; infantryman; foot soldier
zhou1 wei2 (周围)surroundings; environment
dou4 (读)comma; phrase marked by pause
che4 di3 (彻底)thorough; complete
jian4 kang1 (健康)health
kuai4 (快)fast; quick; swift
liu2 xue2 (留学)to study abroad
ban1 (瘢)mark; scar on the skin
guan1 qie4 (关切)be deeply concerned; be troubled (by)
chuan3 qi4 (喘气)to breathe deeply; to pant
kuang4 (矿)ore; mine
chang2 ren4 li3 shi4 guo2 (常任理事国)permanent member state (of UN Security Council)
mu4 yu4, zao3 (沐浴, 澡)bath
ou1 (欧)Europe
shun4 xu4 (顺序)sequence; order
fan1 (番)(measure word for acts); deeds; foreign
fan4 (范)pattern; model; example; (surname)
huan1 (欢)joyous; happy; pleased
hen4, dan4 (恨, 瘅)to hate
leng3 zhan4 (冷战)(the) Cold War
cai3 you2 (采油)oil extraction; oil recovery
que1 dian3 (缺点)weak point; fault; shortcoming
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 12(25 Vokabeln)
jing1 ji4 wei1 ji1 (经济危机)economic crisis
wei3 shu1 (伪书)(forged, dubious, misclassified) old books
ren2 lei4 (人类)humanity; human race; mankind
bi3 de2 hou4 shu1 (彼得後书)2 Peter
bao4 hong2 (暴洪)a sudden; violent flood; flash flood
sheng1 chan3 she4 shi1 (生产设施)production facility
hui3 mie4 (毁灭)perish; ruin; destroy
zheng1 zha2, zheng1 (挣扎, 挣)struggle
chi4 (彳)step with left foot
pan4 ni4 (叛逆)to rebel; to revolt
guo2 (帼)cap worn by women; feminine
jian3 (检)to check; to examine; to inspect
bo2 xing1 (勃兴)rise suddenly; grow vigorously
hu3 (唬)intimidate; tiger's roar; to fool
huang2 (黄)(surname); sulfur; yellow
gua4, xuan2 (挂, 悬)hang; suspend
dian4 hua4 xin4 hao4 (电话信号)telephone signal
ai4 (隘)a pass or defile; narrow; confined; in distress
jian4 (间)interstice; separate
bang1 zi3 qiang1 (梆子腔)a general term for local operas in Shangxi; Henan ; Hebei; Shandong; etc; the music of such operas
dian4 hua4 (电话)telephone; phone call
jin4 (缙)red silk
lun2 (囵)complete
suo3 zhang3 (所长)head of an institute, etc.
shi1 (诗)poem; poetry; verse
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 13(25 Vokabeln)
ba3 shou3 (把守)guard
bing4 jia4 qi2 qu1 (并驾齐驱)run neck and neck; keep abreast of; or keep pace with; be on a par with one another
jun1 qu1 (军区)a military region; a geographical area of command
ji1 (激)to arouse; to incite; to excite; to stimulate; sharp; fierce; violent
ge2 shi4 hua4 (格式化)to format
gong4 you3 (共有)to have altogether; in all
tian1 ran2 (天然)natural
liang4 (辆)(a measure word for vehicles)
bao4 zhang3 (暴涨)rise suddenly and sharply
liao2 (缭)lines for a sail; wind round
cui1 cu4 (催促)urge
shai4 (晒)to sun
wei4 xing1 cheng2 (卫星城)€satellite€ town; edge city; exurb
kuai1 (块)piece; chunk; lump; (measure word for chunks, lumps)
jin4 xing2 tong1 xin4 (进行通信)to communicate; to carry out communications
chong2 fu4 (重复)to repeat; to duplicate
cai2 wu4 ruan3 jian4 (财务软件)financial software; accounting software
ling2 hun2 (灵魂)soul; spirit
sheng1 chan3 she4 bei4 (生产设备)production equipment; manufacturing equipment
yi1 ge4 zhong1 guo2 zheng4 ce4 (一个中国政策)one China policy
zheng3 jiu4 (拯救)to save; to rescue
chu2 (锄)a hoe; to hoe or dig; to weed; get rid of
shou1 ji2 (收集)to gather; to collect
mei3 duan1 kou3 jia4 ge2 (每端口价格)price per port
zhen1 dui4 xing4 (针对性)direction
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 14(25 Vokabeln)
zheng4 ju2 (政局)political situation
you3 (黝)black; dark green
qu3 jue2 (取决)depend upon; hinge upon
jian4 li4 zheng4 shi4 wai4 jiao1 guan1 xi4 (建立正式外交关系)formally establish diplomatic relations
bing1 qi1 (冰期)glacial epoch; ice age
yong4 jin1 (佣金)commission
shang1 wu4 (商务)commercial affairs
wu3 qi4 (武器)weapon; arms
gang1 qiang2 (刚强)firm; unyielding
jun1 shi4 bu4 men2 (军事部门)military branch
shuo1 ming2 (说明)to explain; to illustrate; explanation; directions; caption
ai3 (霭)cloudy sky; friendly
sui2 yi4 (随意)as one wishes; according to one's wishes
ma4 (骂)scold; abuse
shang1 ye4 ying4 yong4 (商业应用)business application
biao3 ce4 (表册)statistical form; book of tables or forms
ke4 hu4 (客户)client
mao2 tou2 (矛头)spearhead; barb; an attack or criticism
yi1 dui4 (一对)couple; pair
dong4 jie2 (冻结)(loan, wage, price) freeze
yan2 lun4 zi4 you2 (言论自由)(constitutional) freedom of speech
zang1 hua4 (脏话)bad language; speaking rudely
bang4 zi3 (棒子)stick; club; cudgel; maize (corn); ear of maize; corncob
juan1 (涓)(surname); brook; to select
hua4 mian4 (画面)(picture) frame
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 15(25 Vokabeln)
ke4 che1 (客车)coach
jing1 ji4 shuai1 tui4 (经济衰退)(economic) recession
qing4, qing4 zhu4 (庆, 庆祝)celebrate
wu2 sheng1 (无声)noiseless; noiselessly; silent
jie2 she4 zi4 you2 (结社自由)(constitutional) freedom of association
xing1 (惺)tranquil; understand
xun2 huan2 (循环)circle; loop
shi2 xiang4 (识相)sensitive; tactful
jin3 (锦)brocade; embroidered work; bright
hun1 yin1 (婚姻)matrimony; wedding; marriage
bo1 bo (饽饽)pastry; steamed bun; cake
hun1 qi1 (婚期)wedding day
jing4 (胫)lower part of leg
hua2 (华)(abbreviation for) China; (surname) Hua; magnificent; splendid; flowery
xi1 yi2 (析疑)to resolve a doubt
jian3 cha2 (检察)to inspect; check up (on)
gun4 zi (棍子)stick; rod
gong1 an1 guan1 yuan2 (公安官员)public safety officials
gui1 ze2 (规则)rule; regulation; rules and regulations
mu4 qian2 shi4 jie4 (目前世界)modern world
yuan2 lao3 yuan4 (元老院)upper house; senate; senior statesmen's assembly
zhen4 xing1 (振兴)promote; cause to develop
ding3 ti4 (顶替)to replace
hao2 wu2 yi2 wen4 (毫无疑问)certainty; without a doubt
you2 ju2 (邮局)post office
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 16(25 Vokabeln)
bei3 hai3 (北海)the North Sea
fei1 chang2 gan3 xie4 (非常感谢)extremely grateful; very thankful
lan2 (篮)basket; goal
fa2 jiu3 (罚酒)to drink as the result of having lost a bet
xun2 di4 (寻的)homing; target seeking
shou4 ge2, zhi3 qu4 (受格, 旨趣)objective
lian4 (殓)prepare body for coffin
guo2 jia1 ji1 mi4 (国家机密)state secret
gan1 bei1 (乾杯)to drink a toast; to propose a toast; here's to; cheers
ren2 yuan2 (人员)staff; crew; personnel
lian2 tong2 (连同)together with; along with
li4 l` (利率)interest rates
shi2 (十)ten
gu1 (沽)buy; sell
zhen4 dong4 (震动)shake; shock
zong3 can1 mou2 zhang3 (总参谋长)(military) Chief of Staff
hun2, po4 (魂, 魄)soul
quan2 yao4 (权钥)keys of authority
bu4 qiu2 shen4 jie3 (不求甚解)not seek to understand things thoroughly; be content with superficial understanding
shu4 fu4 (束缚)bind; restrict; tie
chui1 (吹)to blow; blast; puff; boast; brag; end in failure
feng1 fu4 (丰富)rich; plentiful
ni4 (匿)to hide
jiao4 qu1 (教区)parish
pai4 ren4, xuan3 pai4 (派任, 选派)set apart
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 17(25 Vokabeln)
si4 ge4 xiao3 shi2 (四个小时)four hours
ba3 zi (靶子)target
gong1 yuan2 qian2 (公元前)before Christ; BC
du4 (杜)(surname); fabricate; restrict; to prevent
cha4 (刹)Buddhist monastery or temple; a brief moment
zhang4 (障)to block; to hinder; to obstruct
liang2 (踉)jump
bu4 zai4 le (不在了)be dead
lie4 feng4 (裂缝)crack; crevice
chang2 wen4 wen4 ti2 (常问问题)frequently asked questions; FAQ
qian1 ru4 (签入)to log on; to log in
kan1 (刊)to print; publish
tan4 xian3 (探险)to explore
pei4 (佩)to respect; wear (belt; etc.)
fa1 shao1 (发烧)have a high temperature (from illness); have a fever
liao3 (了)clear
fu2 (俘)prisoner of war
chang2 gui1 wu3 qi4 (常规武器)conventional weapon
kai1 xue2 (开学)school opens; new term begins
bei1 xi3 jiao1 ji2 (悲喜交集)mixed feelings of grief and joy
bie4 (别)contrary; difficult; awkward
fa2 kuan3 (罚款)(impose a) fine; penalty; fine (monetary)
zhi4 (制)manufacture
jie2 ju2 (结局)conclusion; ending
qu1 (趋)to hasten; to hurry; walk fast
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 18(25 Vokabeln)
pang2 da4 (庞大)huge; enormous; tremendous
bing1 yuan2 (兵源)manpower resources (for military service); sources of troops
bu4 de2 yao4 ling3 (不得要领)fail to grasp the main points
e2 (峨)lofty; name of a mountain
liu4 yue4 (六月)June; sixth month
jiao3 luan4 (搅乱)to confuse
jian4 jiao1 (建交)to establish diplomatic relations
luo2 ma3 (罗马)Rome; Roman
ai4 ren (爱人)spouse; husband; wife; sweetheart
xin1 ku3 (辛苦)hard; exhausting; with much toil
dang4 (当)at or in the very same...; to pawn; suitable; adequate; fitting; proper; replace; represent
tu1 ran2 (突然)sudden; abrupt; unexpected
bu4 ming2 yi1 wen2 (不名一文)without a penny to one's name; penniless; stony-broke
jie1 kou3 (接口)interface; port; connector
hu4 nong (糊弄)to fool; to deceive
hao2 (豪)grand; heroic
ben3 zu2 yu3 (本族语)native language; mother tongue
gai4 ceng2 (盖层)cap rock
gou4 (诟)sense of shame; to abuse
ceng2 jian4 die2 chu1 (层见迭出)to occur frequently; to occur repeatedly
zhuan1 yuan2 (专员)assistant director
yin3 man2, yin3 cang2 (隐瞒, 隐藏)to hide; to conceal
yan4 hui4 (宴会)banquet; feast; dinner party
yan3 shuo1 zhe3 (演说者)orator; speaker
mao1 (猫)cat; pussy
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 19(25 Vokabeln)
wei3 zhuang1 (伪装)to fake; to feign; to pretend
ran2 liao4 (燃料)fuel
wei4 wei2 (蔚为)to afford (a view of sth, e.g.)
yin4 xiang4 (印像)impression
rang3 (嚷)blurt out; to shout
sai4 (塞)strategic pass
kong1 jian1 tan4 ce4 (空间探测)space probe
wei2 chi2 fei4 (维持费)maintenance costs
shi2 ti3 ceng2 (实体层)physical layer (OSI)
chun2 (纯)pure; simple; unmixed; genuine
ba4 chu4 (罢黜)dismiss from office; ban; reject
beng1 (绷)to stretch; taut; to tie; to bind
bian4 tong1 (变通)be flexible; accommodate something to circumstances
zhi1 shi chan3 quan2 (知识产权)intellectual property rights
lu4 yin1 ji1 (录音机)(tape) recording machine; tape recorder
bei4 pin3 (备品)machine parts or tools kept in reserve; spare parts
gao1 xing4 neng2, geng1 gao1 xing4 neng2 (高性能, 更高性能)high performance
ze2 cheng2 (责成)give somebody a task
ke1 (柯)(surname); handle of axe; stem
ban4 piao4 (半票)half-price ticket; half fare
ban4 shi1 ye4 (半失业)semi-employed; partly employed; underemployed
yin3 bi4 (隐蔽)conceal; covert; under cover
gu4 shi4 (故事)narrative; story; tale
ke1 xue2 jia1 (科学家)scientist
you1 (忧)worried
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 11 bis 20: Abschnitt 20(25 Vokabeln)
bian4 (辩)dispute; debate; argue; discuss
li4 (吏)minor official
bian4 ren4 (辨认)identify; recognize
ren3 (忍)to beat; to endure; to tolerate
xie2 zhu4 (协助)provide assistance; aid
bin4 chi4 (摈斥)reject; dismiss
xiong1 (凶)fierce; terrible; ominous
shuang1 ren2 fang2 (双人房)double room
han4 wei4 (捍卫)defend; uphold; safeguard
zu2 (族)race; nationality; ethnicity; clan
liang3 bai3 yi4 (两百亿)twenty billion
zong3 li3 (总理)premier; prime minister
nan2 hai3 (南海)South China Sea
xi4 lie4 (系列)series
xin4 yong4 ka3 (信用卡)credit card
cai2 xue2 (才学)talent and learning; scholarship
bao3 (饱)to eat till full; satisfied
dian4 hua4 wang3 lu4, dian4 hua4 wang3 (电话网路, 电话网)telephone network
yu2 (盂)container; cup
xiang1 ge2 (相隔)be separated by (distance or time, etc)
ying3 xiang4 chu3 li3 (影像处理)image processing
xi3 tang2 (喜糖)sweet given on a happy occasion (esp. wedding)
qing2 (情)feeling; emotion; passion; situation
bai4 ju2 (败局)lost game; losing battle
juan1 tao4 (圈套)trap
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 21(25 Vokabeln)
zu1 (租)rent; taxes
lai2 lin2 (来临)approach; come closer
gu2, gu3 (骨, 骨)bone
ren4 ping2 (任凭)no matter what; despite
hui3 (毁)blaze; destroy by fire
an4 ying3 (暗影)shadow; umbra
dang3 pai4 (党派)partisan; political party related
chang4 (畅)smooth; fluent; joyful; happy
ban3 yan3 (板眼)measure in traditional Chinese music; orderliness
wu3 wan4 (五万)50 thousand
fa1 ming2 (发明)to invent; invention
chu1 bu4 (初步)initial; preliminary; tentative
cheng2 nuo4 (承诺)effort; undertaking; promise (to do something)
li2 (篱)a fence
leng2, leng2 (楞, 棱)corner; square beam
bao4 zhi3 (报纸)newspaper; newsprint
shou4 ku3 (受苦)suffer
dong4 zuo4 (动作)movement; motion; action
yao3 (杳)dark and quiet; disappear
jiu1 (究)after all; to investigate; to study carefully
fen4 liang4 (份量)quantity
guo3 duan4 (果断)firm; decisive
wan2 (纨)white; white silk
bian1 (砭)a stone probe; acupuncture
xin4 xi2 zi1 yuan2 (信息资源)information resource
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 22(25 Vokabeln)
ming2 xian3 (明显)clear; distinct; obvious
pi2, pi2 jiu3 (啤, 啤酒)beer
wei2 mu4 (帏幕)screen; backdrop
shuo4 (数)frequently; repeatedly
heng2 (横)horizontal; across; (horizontal character stroke)
zhi1 pei4 (支配)dominate; allocate
xi4 bao1 (细胞)cell
yuan3 jing3 (远景)prospect; long-range view
lu4 gong4 (录共)to take down a confession
zu2 qiu2 mi2 (足球迷)football fan
gao3 (缟)plain white silk
bing1 gai4 (冰盖)ice sheet
fan4 du2 (犯毒)illegal drug; narcotic
dian4 hua4 hui4 yi4 (电话会议)(telephone) conference call
gua4, wai4 tao4 (褂, 外套)coat
xi1 yan1 (吸烟)to smoke
chang3 zhang3 (厂长)factory director
qing1 wei2 (轻微)slight
shua4 (刷)to select
dang4 an4 shu3 xing4 (档案属性)file attribute
wu2 yi2 (无疑)no doubt; undoubtedly
cai3 mai3 (采买)purchase; buy
qing1 dao4 (倾倒)pour; empty out
ben3 shai3 (本色)natural colour
qin1 zhan4 (侵占)to invade and occupy (territory)
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 23(25 Vokabeln)
zhong3 (踵)arrive; follow; heel
bao3 dan1 (保单)guarantee slip
chou2 lao2 (酬劳)reward
da4 ju3 (大举)carry out a large-scale (military) operation
bei4 xin4 qi4 yi4 (背信弃义)break faith with somebody; be perfidious
xia4 lie4 (下列)following
wan2 cheng2 (完成)complete; accomplish
jia1 zhang3 (家长)the parent or guardian of a child
nan2 fei1 (南非)South Africa
bao1 cang2 (包藏)contain; harbour; conceal
yi1 bei4 zi (一辈子)(for) a lifetime
hao4 (灏)vast (of water)
dian4 (垫)pad; cushion; mat
xia2 zhai3, ju2, zhai3 (狭窄, 局, 窄)narrow
bai2 yi1 zhan4 shi4 (白衣战士)warrior in white; medical worker
ai4 hao3 zhe3 (爱好者)lover (of art, sports, etc); amateur; enthusiast; fan
gu3 li4 (鼓励)to encourage
gong1 di4 (工地)construction site
mu4 shi1 zhi1 zhi2 (牧师之职)ministry
juan1 (蠲)bright; glow-worm; remit taxes
ben4 zhong4 (笨重)heavy; cumbersome; unwieldy
xian4 (限)limit; bound
shou3 zhi3 (手指)finger
xun2 kai1 xin1 (寻开心)to make fun of
l`e4 duo2 (掠夺)harry; plunder; raven; robbery
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 24(25 Vokabeln)
bai3 nong4 (摆弄)move back and forth; fiddle with
chan3 ming2 (阐明)clarify; explain clearly
you3 huo2 li4 (有活力)energetic; vital
zhai4, zhai4 wu4 (债, 债务)debt
di1 (低)to lower (one's head); to let droop; to hange down; low; to incline; beneath; low
gu3, sou3, mang2, xia1 (瞽, 瞍, 盲, 瞎)blind
xiong2 (熊)bear; to scold; to rebuke
dai1 (呆)stay; stupid
cha1 jin4, pin2 (差劲, 贫)poor
fen1 fa1 (分发)distribute; distribution
di4 ban3 (地板)floor
bu4 ju2 (布局)arrangement; composition; layout
jiao1 feng1 (交锋)cross swords; have a confrontation(with someone)
cai2 liao4 (材料)material; data; makings; stuff
yi4 (怿)pleased; rejoice
xu4 lie4 (序列)sequence
gu3 ji1 (古迹)places of historic interest; historical sites
qi2 guai4 (奇怪)strange; odd
ye3 sheng1 dong4 wu4 (野生动物)wild animal
zhen4 (阵)disposition of troops; short period; wave; spate; burst; spell
jing1 ji4 zhi4 du4 (经济制度)economy
you3 li4 (有利)advantageous; to have advantages; favorable
yong1 bao4 (拥抱)to embrace; to hug
ji1 li4 (激励)encourage; urge
yu4 (欲)desire; longing; appetite; wish
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 25(25 Vokabeln)
ge2 ming4 (革命)(political) revolution
piao4 (票)bank note; ticket
ba2 chu2 (拔除)pull out; remove
sheng1 ming4 de yi2 ji1 (生命的遗迹)trace of life; vestige of life
xian4 you3 (现有)currently existing; currently available
yi2 (彝)normal nature of man; rule
bi3 (比)(particle used for comparison and €-er than€); to compare; to contrast; to gesture (with hands); ratio
bing1 li4 (兵力)military strength; armed forces; troops
dong1 ou1 (东欧)Eastern Europe
lu2 (栌)capital (of column); smoke tree
ji3 yang4 (几样)several kinds
wa1 (挖)to dig; to excavate; to scoop out
fen1 bu4 shi4 huan2 jing4 (分布式环境)distributed (computing) environment
bei1 bao1 fu2 (背包袱)have a weight on one's mind; take on a mental burden
bao4 lu4 (露韩)to expose; to reveal
di3 zhi4 (抵制)resistance; refusal (to cooperate); boycott
yue4 dui4 (乐队)band
zhu3 (煮)to cook; to boil
wei2 (帷)curtain; screen
ai4 kou3 (隘口)(mountain) pass
you3 dian4 (有电)(of a dwelling) supplied with electricity
bi4 (碧)green jade; blueish green; blue; jade
zheng4 yi4 (正义)justice; righteous; righteousness
zhuan1 an4 zu3 (专案组)special (legal|judicial) investigations group
zhuan1 yong4 (专用)special; dedicated
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 26(25 Vokabeln)
lao4 (烙)bake; flat iron; large cake
xiang1 (镶)to inlay; to embed; ridge; border
mou2 qiu2 (谋求)seek; strive for
guang1 she4 xian4 (光射线)light ray
can1 (餐)eat; meal
zhu4 jiao4 (助教)teaching assistant
zhou1, xiao3 chuan2 (舟, 小船)boat
ze4 (昃)afternoon; decline
gong1 du2 xue2 xiao4 (工读学校)the reformatory; reform school
chu4 (畜)livestock; domesticated animal; domestic animal
fan4 (泛)broad; vast; float; pan-
cao1 zuo4 su4 l` (操作速率)operating speed
xiao4 jing4 (孝敬)to respect; to give presents (to one's elders or superiors)
chu2 ci3 zhi1 wai4 (除此之外)apart from this; in addition to this
xi1 bu4 (西部)western part
qi4 ju4 (器具)implement; ware
yi2 ti3 (遗体)remains (of a dead person)
an4 cheng4 (案称)counter scale
bai2 miao2 (白描)line drawing in traditional ink and brush style; simple and straightforward style of writing
dang4 an4 zhuan3 song4 cun2 qu3 ji2 guan3 li3 (档案转送存取及管理)File Transfer, Access and Management; FTAM
jian4 shang3 (鉴赏)to appreciate
tiao2 jian4 (条件)condition; prerequisite; factor
bao1 zhuang1 (包装)pack; package
liang4 jie3 (谅解)(reach) an understanding
zai4 pang2 bian1 (在?旁边)alongside
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 27(25 Vokabeln)
bi3 gan3 (笔杆)the shaft of a pen or writing brush; pen-holder; pen
bang3 zhu4 (绑住)fasten; bind
shan4 (扇)(a measure word for doors, windows, etc.)
li4 jia4 (例假)legal holiday; menstrual period
gong4 (供)offer; sacrificial offering
e2 (俄)Russia; suddenly
zhong1 xin1 (中心)center; heart; core
bing1 shi4 (兵士)ordinary soldier
yue4 (刖)cut off the feet as punishment
jian4 (槛)bar; railing
kuai4 (块)yuan (unit of currency); fast (of a watch); swift; rapid; happy; joyful; soon; quick; (a measure word, for cloth, cake, soap)
xiao1 fang2 (消防)fire-fighting; fire control
zui4 shao3 (最少)smallest; least
zi1 yuan2 (资源)(natural) resources
jin3 biao1 (锦标)prize; trophy; title
ceng2 ceng2 (层层)layer upon layer
xian2 (衔)hold in mouth; nominal office
you2 xi4 (游戏)game
su4 she4 (宿舍)dormitory; living quarters
ben1 bo1 (奔波)rush about; be busy running about
zhong1 xin1 yu3 (中心语)qualified word
yi2 hai2, yi2 gu2 (遗骸, 遗骨)(dead) human remains
zhi1 jue2 (知觉)perception
ai2 (癌)cancer
zhuang3 (奘)fat; stout
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 28(25 Vokabeln)
huan2 (鬟)a knot of hair on top of head
nan2 (南)south
tao3 lun4 hui4 (讨论会)symposium; discussion forum
yan3 bian4, yan3 bian4 (衍变, 演变)to develop; to evolve
kun3 (捆)a bunch; tie together; bundle
xian1 jin4 wu3 qi4 (先进武器)advanced weapon
xiao1 (枵)empty; hollow of a tree
wei2 xin1 (违心)against ones will or feelings
zhu4 li3, er4 (助理, 佴)assistant
zhi4 bing4 (治病)treat an illness
za1, zeng4 (扎, 缯)to tie; to bind
xie2 yi4 (协议)agreement; pact; protocol
bei4 bu3 (被捕)be under arrest
shun4 jian1 (瞬间)moment; momentary
you3 xian4 gong1 si1 (有限公司)corporation
bei4 hai4 ren2 (被害人)victim
cheng2 fang2 (城防)city defence
bai3 bu4 chuan1 yang2 (百步穿杨)shoot with great precision
bao3 you4, you4 (保佑, 佑)bless; protect
jie1 dai4 (接待)receive (a visit); admit (entry to)
wu4 pin3 (物品)articles; goods; materials
yi1 (依)according to; depend on; near to
pan4 chu3 (判处)to sentance; to condemn
bu4 de2 er2 zhi1 (不得而知)unknown; unable to find out
ji1 (犄)ox-horns; wing of an army
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 29(25 Vokabeln)
dui4 huan4 (兑换)to convert; to exchange
xiang3 you3 (享有)enjoy (rights, privileges, etc.)
lu4 (麓)foot of a hill
shu4 ju4 ku4, zi1 liao4 ku4 (数据库, 资料库)database
wai4 guo2 (外国)foreign (country)
cai3 (采)affairs; gather
zhi2 tong1 che1 (直通车)€through train€ (refers to the idea of retaining previous legislature after transition to Chinese rule in Hong Kong or Macau)
leng3 (冷)cold
wei1 xing2 (微型)tiny; minuature
chun1 tian1 (春天)spring (season)
cai2 shi2 (才识)ability and insight
xiang3 xiang4 (想像)imagine; visualize
tan3 ke4 che1 (坦克车)tank (armored vehicle)
tong1 xun4 hang2 ye4 (通讯行业)communications industry
tiao1 (挑)carry on a pole; choose
wa2 (娃)baby; doll
shi4 yang4, feng1 ge2 (式样, 风格)style
zhi2 ye4 (职业)job occupation; profession
jian4 zheng4 ren2, zheng4 ren (见证人, 证人)witness
bi3 fa3 (笔法)technique of writing; calligraphy; or drawing
ban3 (板)boss
shu4 ye4 (树叶)tree leaves
hai2 (骸)bones of the body
liang3 qian1 (两千)two thousand
du2 shu1 ren2 (读书人)a scholar; an intellectual
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 21 bis 30: Abschnitt 30(25 Vokabeln)
ku4 (酷)ruthless; strong (as of wine)
miao2 jin1 (描金)to outline in gold
chou2 (俦)comrades; friends; companions
xu2 xu2 (徐徐)slowly; gently
sui1 (睢)(surname); stare
qiao4 (窍)intelligence; opening
duan3 jian3 (短简)brief
kuai3 (蒯)a rush; scirpus cyperinus
ba3 guan1 (把关)guard a pass; check on
zhao4 liao4 (照料)tend
liang4 (量)capacity; quantity; amount; to estimate
duo4, yi1 dui1 (垛, 一堆)pile
bie2 dong4 dui4 (别动队)special detachment; commando; an armed secret agent squad
zhan4 tai2 (站台)railway platform
ou1 zhou1 (欧洲)Europe; Europen
qiong1 (銎)eye of an axe
bi3 wu4 (笔误)a slip of a pen
kan1 wu4 (勘误)to correct printing errors
lian2 (帘)wine shop sign
l` you2 zhe3 (旅游者)tourist; traveler; visitor
yang2 sheng1 qi4 (扬声器)speaker
you1 xiu4 (优秀)outstanding; excellent
kuan1 (宽)lenient; wide; broad
zhu3 jiao4 (主教)bishop
mei3 (美)America; beautiful
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 31(25 Vokabeln)
bo1 dong4 (波动)undulate; fluctuate; wave motion
tie3 fan4 wan3 (铁饭碗)€iron rice bowl€ -- secure employment
she4 xian2 ren2 (涉嫌人)(criminal) suspect
an1 ru2 tai4 shan1 (安如泰山)as secure as Mount Taishan; as solid as a rock
jie3 da2 (解答)answer; explanation
dan4 sheng1, chu1 sheng1 (诞生, 出生)to be born
xing4 jie1 chu4 (性接触)sexual encounter
kuai4 (浍)drain; stream
huang2 (簧)metallic reed; spring of lock
chou2 (畴)arable fields; cultivated field; class; category
re3 (惹)to provoke; to exasperate; to annoy
chan3 pin3 (产品)goods; merchandise; product
cheng2 gong1 (成功)success; to succeed
shang1 (伤)injure; injury; wound
bu4 duan4 (不断)unceasing; uninterrupted; continuous; constant
ye1 su1 (耶稣)Jesus
yi4 (忆)remember
she3 ming4 (舍命)to risk one's life
qing2 bao4 guan1 yuan2 (情报官员)intelligence official
biao3 ceng2 (表层)surface layer
ci2 zhi2 (辞职)resign
wo4 fang2, wo4 shi4 (卧房, 卧室)bedroom
he2 huo3 ren2 (合夥人)partner
jun1 shi4 shi2 li4 (军事实力)military strength; military power
da4 tong2 xiao3 yi4 (大同小异)almost similar; except slight differences
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 32(25 Vokabeln)
zheng4 wu4 (政务)government affairs
ying1 (英)(surname); English; brave
duan1 wu3 jie2 (端午节)The Dragon Boat Festival (the 5th day of the 5th lunar month)
bie2 ju4 yi1 ge2 (别具一格)having a unique or distinctive style
luan4 zuo4 jue2 ding4 (乱作决定)to make arbitrary decisions
cong2 er2 (从而)thus; thereby
jing3 cha2 ju2 (警察局)police department
bao3 shi2 zhong1 ri4 wu2 suo3 yong4 xin1 (饱食终日/无所用心)eat three square meals a day and do no work; be sated with food and remain idle
mao2 wu1 (茅屋)cottage
xiang1 fang3 (相仿)similar
ming2 (茗)Thea sinensis; young leaves of tea
ge2 li2 (隔离)to separate; to isolate
yang2 (徉)walk back and forth
zhan4 (湛)deep; clear (water)
heng2 sao3 (横扫)to sweep away
zong1 jiao4 (宗教)religion
bu3 piao4 (补票)buy one's ticket after the normal time
jue2 shi4 (爵士)knight; Sir
ni3 zi4 ji3 (你自己)thyself; yourself
kuang4 cang2 (矿藏)mineral resources
jian1 yu4, ling2, yu4 (监狱, 囹, 狱)prison
deng1 guang3 gao4 (登广告)advertise
jun1 zi (君子)nobleman; person of noble character
dian4 hua4 fu2 wu4 (电话服务)telephone service
zheng4 jian4 (政见)political views
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 33(25 Vokabeln)
xie4 (渫)(surname); get rid of; scatter
qi3 su4 (起诉)to sue; to bring a lawuit against
pin2 (频)frequency; frequently; repetitious
qi2 yu2 (其余)rest; remaining; remainder
rong2 yi4 (容易)easy; likely; liable (to)
bu3 ru3 (哺乳)breast-feed; suckle; nurse
fou3 ding4 (否定)negative
ti2 sheng1 (提升)to promote; to upgrade
hua4 (画)draw; picture; painting
cu2 (殂)die
ju1 liu2 (拘留)detain (prisoner); keep (someone) in custody
bu4 yi1 er2 zu2 (不一而足)by no means an isolated case; numerous
hao4 (昊)clear summer sky; vast
pan4 (叛)to betray; to rebel; to revolt
qi4 (砌)to build by laying bricks or stones
gang3 kou3 (港口)port; harbor
zan4 shang3 (赞赏)to admire; to praise; to appreciate
shuo4 (铄)bright; melt; fuse (metal)
fu3 zhu4 (辅助)to assist; to aide
an4 niu3 (按钮)push button
ba1 ji2 gong1 (八级工)eight grade worker; top-grade worker
han4 (捍)ward off (a blow)
jie1 mu4 (揭幕)opening
yuan3 dong1 (远东)Far East
yue4 bing1 (阅兵)to review troops
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 34(25 Vokabeln)
zhi3 fa3 (指法)finger method (in painting)
yin4 du4 ren2 (印度人)Indian (person)
zhuang4 suo3 (撞锁)lock
li2 (骊)black horse; good horse
dang4 (档)cross-piece; official records; grade (of goods); file; records; shelves
tui1 dong4 (推动)to push (for acceptance of a plan); to push forward; to promote
jian4 (荐)recommend (a person)
chui2 (锤)to hammer; weight of steel yard
li4 shi3 jiu3 yuan3 (历史久远)ancient history
an4 yu3 (暗语)code word
ju1 (据)sickness of hand
tai2 (骀)tired; worn out horse
ri4 yu3, ri4 wen2 (日语, 日文)Japanese (language)
fei1 zhou1 (非洲)Africa
ke1 xue2 (科学)science; scientific knowledge; scientific
zhi4 liao2 (治疗)to treat; to cure; (medical) treatement; cure
bei3 bu4 (北部)northern part
yong4 yu3 (用语)syntax; user of words
lu4 (禄)good fortune; official salary
xi1, xi1 shuai4, shuai4, qu1 (蟋, 蟋蟀, 蟀, 蛐)cricket
yan2 zhi4 (研制)to manufacture; to develop
shao1 (稍)somewhat; a little
gong3 (廾)hands joined
bei4 cheng2 jie4 yi1 (背城借一)make a last-ditch stand before the city wall; fight to the last ditch; put up a desperate struggle
liu2 xue2 sheng1 (留学生)student studying abroad; (foreign) exchange student
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 35(25 Vokabeln)
ying2 ye4 e2 (营业额)sum or volume of business; turnover
shang4 chi3 (上齿)upper teeth
kong1 jian1 zhan4 (空间站)space station
diao4 (铫)pan with a long handle
cai1 (猜)to guess
sou1 (搜)to search
bian4 yi4, bian4 zou4 (变异, 变奏)variation
che1 jian1 (车间)workshop
qiao1 qiao1 de (悄悄地)gently; softly; stealthily
bing4 (病)ailment; sickness; illness; disease; fall ill; sick; defect
ju4 li2 (距离)distance; to be apart
yu3 hang2, hang2 tian1 (宇航, 航天)space flight
an1 wei4 (安慰)comfort; console
wu3 dao3 (舞蹈)dance
cun1 (村)village
wang3 (网)a net
huang2 (煌)brilliant
chi1 (吃)eat
xuan1 (轩)covered carriage; pavilion
tiao3 (窕)quiet and elegant
bo1 lan2 qi3 fu2 (波澜起伏)of a piece of writing with one climax following another
leng3 que4 (冷却)cooling; cool off
pi1 liang4 (批量)batch; lot
shi2 zhi4 shang4 (实质上)virtually; essentially
ke2 sou (咳嗽)to cough
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 36(25 Vokabeln)
sheng1 wu4 (生物)living creature; organism; biological
min2 shu4 ji4 (民数记)Numbers
bu4 liang2 (不良)bad; harmful; unhealthy
heng2 (衡)to weigh; weight; measure
zi4 you2 mao4 yi4 (自由贸易)free trade
tan3 ran2 (坦然)calm; undisturbed
guang1 liang4, bi4 (光亮, 贲)bright
mou2 sha1 an4 (谋杀案)murder case
shou4 piao4 yuan2 (售票员)ticket seller
ai1 yue4 (哀乐)funeral music; dirge
you3 ming2 (有名)famous; well-known
qi2 che1 (骑车)cycle
bi2 qing1 lian3 zhong3 (鼻青脸肿)a bloody nose and a swollen face; badly battered
tiao4 wu3 (跳舞)to dance
ou1 zhou1 lian2 meng2 (欧洲联盟)European Union; EU
nie4 (蹑)chase; step; tread
tiao4 jin4 (跳进)plunge; jump into
hui1 chen2 (灰尘)dust
xi3 di2 (洗涤)rinse; wash; washing
chu3 (楚)(surname); ancient place name; distinct; clear; orderly; pain; suffering; (a surname)
yue4 (跃)to jump; to leap
jia3 shi3 (假使)suppose
jin3 ji2 shi4 jian4 (紧急事件)emergency
bo2 mo2 (薄膜)membrane; film
li2 hun1 (离婚)to divorce; to be divorced from (one's wife or husband)
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 37(25 Vokabeln)
dong4 yi4 (动议)motion; proposal
gong4 he2 dang3 (共和党)Republican Party
cai2 duan4, cai2 duo2 (裁断, 裁夺)consider and decide
chui1 (炊)dress food; to steam; to cook food
tui1 jian4 xin4 (推荐信)recommendation letter
da4 guan1 (大关)(reach a) critical point
san1 wan4 (三万)thirty thousand
chen1 (嗔)to be angry at
tao2 (陶)(surname); pleased; pottery
ci3 wai4 (此外)besides; in addition; moreover; furthermore
zhang4 ai4 (障碍)barrier; obstruction; hindrance; impediment
shan4 (嬗)changes and succession
fan2 (樊)(surname); cage; fence
sou1 cha2 (搜查)search
man4 (缦)plain thin silk; slow; unadorned
chou1 chu1, yin3 chu1 (抽出, 引出)extract
bei4 (贝)cowries; shell; valuables; shellfish
ban1 ji1 (班机)airliner; airplane; plane
jie2 zhang4 (结帐)to settle accounts
bao1 wei2 (包围)surround; encircle
duan1 kou3 (端口)interface; port
duo3 (垛)battlement; target
mu4 ban3 (木版)plank; board
zheng4 zhi2, gang1 zheng4 (正值, 刚正)honest; upright
li4 (砾)gravel; small stone
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 38(25 Vokabeln)
jun1 huo3 (军火)arms; weapons (industry)
zhao4 hui2, ji4 qi3, ba4 mian3 (召回, 记起, 罢免)recall
bai2 xiong2 (白熊)polar bear; white bear
yan3 lei4, si1 po4 (眼泪, 撕破)tear
di4 wu3 lei4 (第五类)category 5; CAT 5 (cable)
yan4 (酽)strong (of tea)
xian1 (鲜)fresh
shui3 guo3 (水果)fruit
fan4 yun4 (贩运)to transport (for sale); to traffic (in sth)
jiao1 (教)teach
jin1 tie1 (津贴)allowance
tiao4 dong4 (跳动)to beat; to pulse
zhou1 (洲)continent; island
wang3 luo4 guan3 li3, wang3 guan3 xi4 tong3, wang3 guan3 (网络管理, 网管系统, 网管)network management
she3 de (舍得)to be willing to part with (sth)
you2 qi2, ge2 wai4 (尤其, 格外)especially; particularly
wei4 bing4 (胃病)stomach trouble; stomach illness
jiao1 jin1 (骄矜)haughty; proud
he2 gong1 cheng2 (核工程)nuclear engineering
bian1 jie4 xian4 (边界线)boundary line; border line
wan2 quan2 dong3 de (完全懂得)to understand completely
dui4 dai4 (对待)treat; treatment
nong2 ren2, dian4 (农人, 佃)farmer
huang2 jin1 (黄金)gold
nie4 (臬)provincial judge
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 39(25 Vokabeln)
jiu1 ji2 (纠集)to gather together; to muster
bu4 ji2 zhi1 wu4 (不急之务)a matter of no great urgency
ai4 (唉)alas; oh dear
bi4, xiang1, zuo3 (弼, 襄, 佐)assist
pan4 (判)to judge; to sentence; to discriminate; to discern
sheng4 bao3 luo2 (圣保罗)St. Paul
bu3 (哺)feed
cuo2 (矬)short; dwarfish
shi4 chang3 jing1 ji4 (市场经济)market economy
guang1 er4 ji2 guan3 (光二极管)light emitting diode; LED
fang2 zhi3 (防止)to prevent; to guard against; to take precautions
man4 yan2, yan2 shen1 (蔓延, 延伸)to extend; to spread
yi1 xue2 (医学)medicine; medical science; study of medicine
he2 tong (合同)(business) contract
liang3 shou3 (两手)double tactics; twin strategies
jiao4 xun (教训)(teach someone or learn a) lesson (ie, obtain wisdom from an experience)
hai4 pa4 (害怕)to be afraid; to be scared
zhu4 ru4 (注入)pour in; empty into
yin3 jiu4 (引咎)take the blame; accept responsibility (for a mistake)
qian1, qian1 (仟, 千)thousand
jia1 yi3 (加以)in addition; [before a verb] handle, deal with
bao4 gao4 hui4 (报告会)public lecture (with guest speakers, etc)
e4 (谔)honest speech
man4 yan2 quan2 guo2 (蔓延全国)to spread throughout the entire country
xing2 zong1 (行踪)whereabouts; (lose) track (of)
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 31 bis 40: Abschnitt 40(25 Vokabeln)
ao2 you2 (遨游)roam; travel
ti2 (啼)mourn; to cry; hoof
zhong4 yi4 yuan2 (众议员)member of the US House of Representatives
lin2 xie3 (临写)to copy (a model of calligraphy or painting)
bi3 ming2 (笔名)pen name; pseudonym
gu4 yuan2 (雇员)employee
gu4 gong1 (故宫)The Imperial Palace
yan1 (烟)cigarette; tobacco; smoke
ti2 an4 (提案)proposal; motion (to be debated)
you3 hao3 (友好)friendly (relations)
yu3 (窳)bad; useless; weak
zhu4 (蛀)termite; to bore (of insects)
bu4 kui4 (不愧)be worthy of; deserve to be called; prove oneself to be
yan2 jun4 (严峻)grim; severe; rigorous
ji1 xie4 yu3 yan2 (机械语言)machine language
qing2 kuang4 xia4 (情况下)under (this) circumstances
xiao1 (骁)brave; good horse; strong
you2 ke4 (游客)traveller; tourist
ca1 (擦)to wipe; to erase; rubbing (brush stroke in painting); to clean; to polish
bao3 song4 (保送)recommend (for admission to school)
bai4 tui4 (败退)retreat in defeat
zhan4 l`e4 (战略)strategy
gu3 wu3 (鼓舞)heartening (news); boost (morale)
hui1 (辉)bright; glorious
zheng4 fu3 jing3 gao4 (政府警告)government warning
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 41(25 Vokabeln)
chen1, bao3 shi2 (琛, 宝石)precious stone; gem
meng2 (蒙)Mongolia; cover
bu4 yi4 zhi1 lun4 (不易之论)perfectly sound proposition; unalterable truth; irrefutable argument
mou3 chu4 (某处)somewhere
shi3 chi1 jing1 (使吃惊)astonish; surprise
kuo4 zhan3 (扩展)extend; expand
dai4 (袋)a pouch; bag; sack; pocket
ying2 ye4 yuan2 (营业员)clerk; shop assistant
wai4 biao3 (外表)external; outside; outward appearance
qi3 dian3 (起点)starting point
yu4 ji4 (预计)to forecast; predict; to estimate
tian2 (甜)sweet
wu3 (舞)to dance; to wield; to brandish
ren2 qun2 (人群)a crowd
wang3 zhi3 (网址)(Internet) site
fu3 ke4 (辅课)subsidiary course
gong1 zhong4 yi4 jian4, yu2 lun4 (公众意见, 舆论)public opinion
yin1 su4 (因素)element; factor
yang2 (洋)foreign; ocean
wang3 duan4 (网段)network segment
gao1 er3 fu1 qiu2 (高尔夫球)golf
qian2 zai4 wei1 xie2 (潜在威胁)potential threat; potential menace
zhang4 (涨)to swell; distend
xie2 (颉)(surname); fly upwards; neck
zhan4 xian4 (占线)busy (telephone)
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 42(25 Vokabeln)
bing1 bu4 xue4 ren4 (兵不血刃)the edges of the swords not being stained with blood - win victory without firing a shot
bing1 pi3 (兵痞)army riffraff; army ruffian; soldier of fortune
yao4 ji4, yi1 yao4 (药剂, 医药)medicine
shen1 fen4 (身份)identity; status
yong3 (恿)urge; incite
zhong1 yang1 (中央)central; middle; center
jiao1 hu4 (交互)mutual; each other; alternately; in turn
zhan4 guan3 li3 (站管理)station management
xian2 (闲)to stay idle; to be unoccupied; not busy; leisure; enclosure
kuang4 quan2 shui3 (矿泉水)mineral spring water
ben4 zhuo1 (笨拙)clumsy; awkward; stupid
di4 chan3 (地产)estate
dan4 (担)a picul (133.33 lbs.); burden; a load; responsibility
yin3 qing2 (引擎)engine (transliteration)
xing4 xing2 (性行)sexual activity
gong1 cheng2 shi1 (工程师)engineer
shao1 hui3 (烧毁)burn down
yi4 sheng1 (一生)all one's life; throughout one's life
sui4 dao4 (隧道)tunnel
bang1 xian2 (帮闲)hang on to and serve the rich and powerful by literary hack work; etc
huo2 zhe (活着)alive
ban1 zu3 (班组)teams and groups (in factories; etc; )
pa1 (趴)to lie on one's stomach
dian4 zi3 wang3 luo4 (电子网络)electronic network
re4 (热)heat; to heat up; feverent; hot (of weather); warm up
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 43(25 Vokabeln)
zhan4 li4 (颤栗)to tremble; to shiver
bei3 ban4 qiu2 (北半球)the northern hemisphere
e2 wai4 (额外)extra
xin4 dao4 (信道)signal path
shen1 suo1 (伸缩)to extend; to stretch; flexible
bi4 xia4 (陛下)Your Majesty; His or Her Majesty
fei2 (腓)calf of leg; decay; protect
jin1 huang2 (金黄)golden yellow; golden
wang3 luo4 she4 ji4 (网络设计)network design; network plan
gong3 (巩)secure; solid
huang2 hun1 (黄昏)dusk; evening; nightfall
ai4 (碍)to hinder; to obstruct; to block
ri4 ben3 (日本)Japan; Japanese
gu4 ke4 (顾客)client; customer
mi4 (觅)seek
deng4 (瞪)stare at
fen1 dan1 (分担)share responsibility
zhang1 (章)(surname); chapter; seal; section
guai4 bu de (怪不得)no wonder
xiao4 yi4 (效益)benefit
wu2 jia4 zhen1 zhu1 (无价珍珠)Pearl of Great Price
peng1 (抨)attack; impeach
fu4 xie3 zhi3 (复写纸)carbon paper
cheng1 zhong4 (称重)to weigh
gu3 (罟)implicate; net for birds or fish
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 44(25 Vokabeln)
shu3 re4 (暑热)hot (summer) weather
bu4 sui4 (不遂)fail; fail to materialize
zhai1 (侧)lean on one side
huan4 (奂)(surname); excellent
xia4 mian4 qing3 kan4 (下面请看)please see below
yi3 zi, yi3 (椅子, 椅)chair
hua4 xue2 (化学)chemistry; chemical
ming2 yan2 (名言)saying
yan2 hu2 cheng2 (盐湖城)Salt Lake City
chang2 cheng2 ka3 (长城卡)Great Wall Card (credit card issued by Bank of China)
shuang1 chong2 (双重)double
huang2 he2 (黄河)Yellow River (Huang He)
bai4 luo4 (败落)decline (in wealth and position)
que4 ren4 (确认)confirm; verify
bing4 tong4 (病痛)slight illness; indisposition; ailment
ba1 (捌)complicated form of the numeral eight; split
tiao2 li4 (条例)regulations; rules
ben3 ren2 de guan1 dian3 (本人的观点)(one's) personal view
gao1 jia4 (高价)expensive
zhi4 (帙)(surname); book cover
qiao3, que4, niao3 (雀, 雀, 鸟)bird
jing1 ji4 xue2 (经济学)economics (as a field of study)
pi4 (媲)to match; to pair
jie4 (解)transport under guard
shu1 mian4 xu3 ke3 (书面许可)written permission; written authorization
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 45(25 Vokabeln)
chui2 si3 (垂死)dying
suan1 (酸)sour; sore; ache; acid
ba3 xi4 (把戏)acrobatics; jugglery; cheap trick; game
xi1 yin3 (吸引)attract (interest, investment, etc.)
fu1 ren (夫人)lady; madam; Mrs.
cheng2 ke4 (乘客)passenger
ben4 kou3 zhuo1 she2 (笨口拙舌)awkward in speech
kuang4 shan1 (矿山)mine
zhuang1 (装)adornment; adorn; costume; dress; clothing
you2 zhi1 (油脂)grease; oil; fat
yi2 (酏)elixirs; sweet wine
fa1 song4 (发送)to transmit; to dispatch
di2 (迪)direct; follow
pao4 (炮)gun; cannon
dun4 (遁)disappear; to escape
qin2 lei4 (禽类)bird species; birds
cun4 cao3 bu4 sheng1 (寸草不生)€not even a blade of grass grows€
gui1 shu3 (归属)be under the jurisdiction of
yuan2 zhu1 bi3 (圆珠笔)ball point pen
xi1 (羲)(surname); name of an emperor
tou1 (偷)to steal; to pilfer
shen2 (神)God; unusual; mysterious; soul; spirit; divine essence; lively; spiritual being
fu4 za2 (复杂)complicated; complex
qun2 dao3 (群岛)group of islands; archipelago
la1 mei3 (拉美)Latin America
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 46(25 Vokabeln)
chuang1 (窗)shutter; window
nao3 (恼)get mad
jiao1 gou4 (交媾)to have sex; to copulate
shou3 (守)to guard
duo3 cang2 (躲藏)hide
pan4 ming2 (判明)to distinguish; to ascertain
wan3 (宛)(surname); similar; winding
diao4 yu2 yong4 ju4 (钓鱼用具)tackle
shang4 xian2 (上弦)wind; tighten
tui1 jian4 (推荐)recommend
guo2 ji4 (国际)international
xin1 zang4 (心脏)heart
wei4 sheng1 (卫生)health; hygene; sanitation
wang3 lu4 zuo4 ye4 xi4 tong3, wang3 luo4 cao1 zuo4 xi4 tong3 (网路作业系统, 网络操作系统)network operating system
bian4 bu4 zou3 (便步走)march at ease; route step
chong3 wu4 (宠物)house pet
xia4 (罅)crack; grudge
zai3 xiang4 (宰相)prime minister (in feudal China)
li2 (黧)dark; sallow color
hua1 qiao4 (花俏)fancy
he2 da4 guo2 (核大国)a nuclear power (country)
wang3 luo4 ceng2 (网络层)network layer
cao1 (糙)rough; coarse (in texture)
ai4 lu4 (隘路)defile; narrow passage
chuan2 bo1 (传播)to disseminate; to propagate; to spread
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 47(25 Vokabeln)
biao3 ji4 (表记)something given as a token; souvenir
jian3 yao4 (简要)concise; brief
xiao4 (啸)to hiss; to whistle
huo4 wu4 (货物)goods; commodity; merchandice
jiao1 jie4 (交界)common boundary; common border
l` (旅)trip; travel
tie3 (帖)invitation card; notice
wen2 shu1 chu3 li3 (文书处理)word processing
ke4 (客)customer; visitor; guest
lao3 gong1 (老公)husband; darling (used in speaking to one's husband)
zhe2 kou4 (折扣)discount
yuan2 ding4 (原定)originally planned; originally determined
bai4 (败)be defeated; to defeat; loss
chuan2 song4 fu2 wu4 (传送服务)delivery service
zeng1 zhang3 l` (增长率)growth rate
zheng4 zhi4 fan4 (政治犯)political prisoner
you3 shi2 hou (有时候)sometimes
xing2 dong4 dian4 hua4, yi2 dong4 shi4 dian4 hua4, yi2 dong4 dian4 hua4 (行动电话, 移动式电话, 移动电话)mobile telephone
chi1 bu lai2 (吃不来)not be fond of certain food
ban4 tu2 er2 fei4 (半途而废)give up halfway; leave sth; unfinished
tong1 xing2 (通行)licence (computer)
bi4 yao4 (必要)necessary; essential; indispensable; required
xuan1, hua2 (喧, 哗)clamor; noise
li3 (悝)sad
huan3 man4, man4 (缓慢, 慢)slow
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 48(25 Vokabeln)
bu4 li4 (不力)not do one's best; not exert oneself
qia1 (掐)pick (flowers); to pinch
ji1 chu3 she4 shi1 (基础设施)base station; base installation
bing4 yin1 (病因)cause of disease; pathogen
bo2 mu3 (伯母)wife of father's elder brother; aunt; (polite form of address for a woman who is about the age of one's mother)
hua2 er3 jie1 ri4 bao4 (华尔街日报)Wall Street Journal
bian4 bo2 (辩驳)dispute; refute
wei2 bei4 (违背)to violate; to be contrary to
bi3 yu4 (比喻)metaphor; analogy; figure of speech
fa1 kuang2 (发狂)crazy; mad; madly
cha2 ju4 (茶具)tea set; tea service
ye4 jie4, gong1 ye4 (业界, 工业)industry
yang4 ben3 (样本)sample; specimin
ban4 zou4 (伴奏)to accompany (musically)
weng1 (翁)(surname); elderly person
yao1 (夭)tender; gentle; to die prematurely
hao3 haor1 de (好好儿地)properly; thoroughly
yu4, yuan4 wang4 (欲, 愿望)desire; wish
juan3 dai4, jiao1 dai4 (卷带, 胶带)tape
wu3 li4 (武力)(make use of) military force; military force; military power; military might
bian4 nan4 (便难)retort with challenging questions; debate
wei2 zhu4 (围住)gird; surround
shi4 (弑)murder a superior
pai2 (牌)cards; game pieces; signboard; plate; tablet
geng3 (鲠)blunt; fish bones; unyielding
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 49(25 Vokabeln)
ban4 chang3 (半场)half of a game or contest; half-court
chan3 (蒇)complete; prepare
chuan2 shu1 tong1 dao4 (传输通道)transport channel
sheng4 dan4 jie2 (圣诞节)Christmas time; Christmas season; Christmas
huo3 ban4 (夥伴)partner; companion
ji1 ben3 gai4 nian4 (基本概念)basic concept
cha1 yi4 (差异)difference; discrepency
wang4 ji4 (忘记)forget
feng4 xian4 (奉现)offering
zhao2 shi2 (ぴ实)truly
n` hai2 (女孩)girl; lass
xing2 shi3 (行使)exercise (a right, etc.)
jiao4 (醮)perform sacrifice
fen1 hui4, fen1 zhi1 (分会, 分枝)branch
zao1 shou4 (遭受)suffer; sustain (loss, misfortune)
yao1 qing3 (邀请)invite
wang4 yue4 (旺月)busy (business) month
shen2 jing1 guo4 min3 (神经过敏)jumpy; nervous; oversensitive
zong1 he2 bao4 dao3 (综合报导)summary report; press release; brief
ji1 (唧)(onomat.); to pump (water)
bao3 cang2 (保藏)keep in store; preserve
te4 xing4 (特性)property; characteristic
na4 (呐)battle cry
zheng1 zhi2 (争执)dispute; disagree
ban1 ci4 (班次)order of classes or grades at school; number of runs or flights
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 41 bis 50: Abschnitt 50(25 Vokabeln)
ji1 ben3 yuan2 li3 (基本原理)fundamental principle
wang3 zhan4 (网站)network station; node
zheng4 chang2 gong1 zuo4 (正常工作)normal operation; proper functioning
jie2 (捷)victory; triumph; quick; prompt; rapid
run4 hua2 (润滑)smooth
bo2 shi4 (博士)doctor; court academician (in feudal China); Ph. D.
ban4 he2 (拌和)mix and stir; blend
sheng4 li4 (胜利)victory
bi3 hua1 (比画)gesture; gesticulate
lian4 lu4 ceng2 (链路层)link layer
kang4 ri4 zhan4 zheng1 (抗日战争)(China's) War of Resistance against Japan (1937-1945)
bang1 chu2 (帮厨)help in the mess kitchen
qian1 (牵)lead along
shou4 (瘦)tight; thin; lean
you1 mei3 (优美)graceful; fine; elegant
zhu3 ye4 (主页)home page
yi4 (翳)feather screen; to screen; to shade
qin1 shou3 (亲手)personally; with one's own hands
pai2 zi (牌子)sign; trademark
cai2 zheng4 (财政)finances (public); financial
bang4 (傍)near; nestle
xiao3 huo3 zi (小伙子)lad; young fellow; youngster
fang3 (访)inquire; seek; visit
chu1 bing1 (出兵)send troops
ping2 fen1, bu4 mu4 (屏风, 布幕)screen
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 51(25 Vokabeln)
yin1 xin4, xun4 xi1 (音信, 讯息)message
xiao3 fei4 (小费)tip
bian4 han2 (便函)an informal letter sent by an organization
jia1 ke4 (夹克)jacket
zhuan1 jia1 (专家)expert; specialist
bu4 si3 xin1 (不死心)unwilling to give up; unresigned
hai3 xia2 (海峡)straight; channel; straits
you3 li4 (有力)powerful; forceful; vigorous
shen1 shi4 (绅士)gentleman
shi4 yan4 (试验)experiment; test; experimental
shi3 neng2 gou4 (使?能够)enable
dui4 kang4 zhe3 (对抗者)adversary; opponent
jian4 (涧)mountain stream
lian2 xi2 hui4 yi4 (联席会议)joint conference
nan2 guai4 (难怪)(it's) no wonder (that...); (it's) not surprising (that)
bi3 gan3 zi (笔杆子)pen; an effective writer
qiang1 (腔)cavity of body; tune
chen2, shui3 cao2 (沈, 水槽)sink
wen2 hua4 (文化)culture; civilization; cultural
zou4 (骤)sudden (ly)
xian4 zhi4 (限制)(impose) restrictions; to limit; to bound; to restrict
jiao4 (峤)highest peak
di4 (谛)examine; truth (Buddhist)
zhen4 (赈)to relieve (the distressed)
du4 liang4 heng2 (度量衡)measurement
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 52(25 Vokabeln)
dian4 shi4 tai2 (电视?)TV station
bian3 (匾)a tablet; a board with an inscription; a sign hung above a door
zhi3 shu4 (指数)(numerical, statistical) index
ling2 (灵)alert; departed soul; efficacious; quick; effective; intelligence
wei1 er3 shi4 yu3 (威尔士语)Welsh (language)
gong1 da3 (攻打)attack; assault
zhe2 (哲)philosophy; wise
ji1 xie4 zhuang1 zhi4 (机械装置)machinery
ke1 yan2 ren2 yuan2 (科研人员)(scientific) researcher
fa1 liang4 (发亮)shine; shiny
zhong1 (锺)(ancient measure); (surname)
ji3 shi2 nian2 (几十年)several tens of years; several decades
zhuo2 zhong4 (ぴ重)put emphasis on; to stress; to emphasize
zan3 (趱)hasten; urge
ji1 hu1 mei2 you3 (几乎没有)scarcely; hardly any
qin1 shen1 (亲身)personal; oneself
wang3 fan3 (往返)to go back and forth; to go to and fro
bi3 tan2 (笔谈)conversation by writing; sketches and notes
zong3 tong3 fu3 (总统府)presidential palace
bu4 deng3 (不等)to vary; to differ; depending
zhi2 (殖)grow; reproduce
ai1 (埃)dirt; dust; angstrom
bu4 fu2 shui3 tu3 (不服水土)(of a stranger) not accustomed to the climate of a new place; not acclimatized
xuan1 pan4 (宣判)pronounce a (judicial) sentence (after a verdict in a court of law)
bing4 ju3 (并举)develop simultaneously
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 53(25 Vokabeln)
shu3 di4 (属地)dependency; possession; annexed territory
bu4 yi3 wei2 ran2 (不以为然)object to; take exception to; not approve
duan4 (断)absolutely; decidedly (in negative constructions); break; to judge
zheng4 shi4 (正式)formal; official
han4 (汉)Chinese; name of a dynasty
bai3 du2 bu4 yan4 (百读不厌)be worth reading a hundred times
tong4 (痛)ache; pain; sorrow
ni4 xiang4 (逆向)backwards; reverse direction
ming2 dan1 (名单)list (of names)
meng4 hua4 (梦话)daydream; to talk in one's sleep
l` zhi3 (滤纸)filter paper
you2 (油)oil; sly
liao2 (獠)fierce; hunt; name of a tribe
chi1 bu xiao1 (吃不消)be unable to stand (exertion; fatigue etc; )
zhi3 hui1 guan1 (指挥官)commander
zheng3 he2 (整合)to conform; to integrate
xiao3 jie2 (小结)summary; short; brief
ju2 zi (桔子)tangerine; orange
bai4 bei3 (败北)suffer defeat; lose a battle
kou3 yu3 (口语)spoken language
qie4 (怯)afraid; rustic
pu4 lu4 (曝露)expose; exposure
qi3 (稽)bow to the ground
qing1 ting1 (倾听)hark; listen
bi3 yi4 (笔译)written translation
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 54(25 Vokabeln)
ning2 shi4 (凝视)gaze
ju4 liu2 (巨流)strong current
ke4 biao3 (课表)school timetable
ping2 zhu4 (评注)commentary; remark
meng3 die1 (猛跌)drop sharply (eg, stock prices)
hu1 xi1 (呼吸)breathe
bing4 yuan2 (病原)cause of disease; pathogeny
xun4 (迅)rapid
gan3 xie4 (感谢)(express) thanks; gratitude; grateful; thankful; thanks
cai2 jian3 jun1 bei4 (裁减军备)arms reduction
jue2 (攫)seize (bird or animal)
ke1 xi4 (科系)department
tie3 lu4 (铁路)railroad; railway
tu4 (堍)side of bridge
ying1 chi3 (英尺)(English) foot (unit of measurement)
xiao3 xing2 gui4 chu2 (小型柜橱)cabinet
bing1 lin2 cheng2 xia4 (兵临城下)the attacking army has reached the city gates; the city is under siege
bao4 sheng1 (爆声)pop
ping2 bi4 (屏蔽)screen; shield
mi2 (迷)bewilder; crazy about; fan; enthusiast; lost; confused
ye4 (烨)blaze of fire; glorious
hong2 (红)bonus; popular; red; revolutionary
tang2 (糖)sugar; sweets; candy
da4 tong3 (大桶)barrel; vat
tong1 xun4 (通讯)communications; a news story (eg, dispatched over the wire)
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 55(25 Vokabeln)
sui4 (燧)fire; speculum
ri4 fang1 (日方)the Japanese side or party (in negotiations, etc.)
bu4 dong4 chan3 (不动产)real estate; immovable property; immovables
zhuan3 song4 (转送)transfer
chu1 kou3 shang1 pin3 (出口商品)export product; export goods
chang2 du4 zhi3 shi4 fu2 (长度指示符)length indicator
shi4 (谥)confer such title; posthumous title
jie2 gou4 (结构)structure; composition; makeup; architecture
jia1 (家)furniture; tool
zui4 di1 dian3 (最低点)lowest point; minimum (point)
huan1 teng2 (欢腾)jubilation; great celebration
ca1 liang4 yan3 jing1 (擦亮眼睛)remove the scales from one's eyes; sharpen one's vigilance
ci4 (刺)thorn; sting; prick; pierce; stab; thrust; assassinate; murder
su4 (嗉)crop of a bird; fat
ka3 pian4 (卡片)card
zhu1, kuai4, gao4, tai2, yan1 (邾, 郐, 郜, 邰, 鄢)(surname); name of a feudal state
cai4 (菜)dish (type of food); vegetables
pi1 liang4 sheng1 chan3 (批量生产)to mass produce
shou4 (狩)hunting-dog; imperial tour
zui4 da4 su4 l` (最大速率)maximum speed; maximum velocity
fa3 guo2 ren2 (法国人)Frenchman; French person
fu3 (抚)to comfort; touch gently with hand
ban1 xing2 (颁行)issue for enforcement
jian3 zhi2 (简直)simply; at all
wang3 lu4 ping2 tai2 (网路平台)network platform
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 56(25 Vokabeln)
yi2 ji1 (遗迹)trace; vestage; remain
ru4 kou3 (入口)entrance
bai2 she2 zhuan4 (白蛇传)Tale of the White Snake; Madam White Snake
ting2 dun4 (停顿)pause
hong1 (訇)(surname); sound of a crash
jiao1 yi4 zhe3 (交易者)dealer
dang4 an4 zhi2 xing2 (档案执行)file execution; executable file
liang2 (粮)provisions
gua3 (剐)cut off the flesh as punishment
bing3 (饼)round flat cake; cookie; cake; pastry
xi1 ban1 ya2 (西班牙)Spain
chang1 pi1 (猖披)wild; unrestrained
yi4 (埸)border
fang3, mo2 fang3 (仿, 模仿)to imitate; to copy
zhong1 yang1 yin2 hang2 (中央银行)central bank
lu2 (舻)bow of ship
bu4 bo2 (布帛)cloth and silk; cotton and silk textiles
tou2 fa (头发)hair (on the head)
zheng4 fang1 xing2 (正方形)square
wo4 quan2 (握拳)to make a fist
bao4 xing2 (暴行)savage act; outrage; atrocity
bing1 zhan4 (兵站)army service station; military depot
ping2 xin4 (平信)ordinary mail (as opposed to air mail, etc.)
an1 na4 (安娜)Anna (person's name)
pa4 (怕)to be afraid; to fear
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 57(25 Vokabeln)
bin4 (殡)a funeral; to encoffin a corpse; to carry to burial
bi3 ni3 (比拟)compare; draw a parallel; match; analogy; metaphor; comparison
xiu4 (臭)sense of smell; smell bad
an4 li3 (按理)according to reason; in the ordinary course of events; normally
liu2 ru4 (流入)flow into
gao3 (槁)dry; rotten (as wood)
bian4 huan4 she4 bei4 (变换设备)converter; conversion device
ce4 liang4 (测量)survey
wang4 (往)toward; (of a train) bound for
he2 cheng2 (合成)compound; synthesis; mixture
rang4 qiu2 (让球)to concede points (in a game)
yu4, sheng1 jia4 (誉, 声价)reputation
jian3 cha2 guan1 (检察官)the prosecution (in a court case)
pi2 ge2 (皮革)leather
die2 (牒)(official) document; dispatch
zhong1 guo2 shi4 (中国式)Chinese style; a la chinoise
shang1 ye4 guan3 li3 (商业管理)business administration
yi3 zhong4 (倚重)to rely heavily upon
zhuo2 sheng1 (擢升)exalt; promote
yu4 (熨)reconciled; smooth
guan1 xin1 (关心)caring; concerned
te4 (特)special; unusual; extraordinary
jian4 hu4 ren2 (监护人)guardian
huo1 (豁)opening; stake all; sacrifice; crack; slit
tian1 cai2 (天才)talent; gift; genius; talented; gifted
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 58(25 Vokabeln)
sha1 ren2 an4 jian4 (杀人案件)(case of, incident of) murder
tian2 se4 (填塞)stuff
yong3 (泳)swimming; to swim
chuang1 lian2 (窗帘)window curtains
pang4 (胖)fat; plump
yu4 fang2 (预防)to prevent; to take precautions against; to protect; to guard against
guo2 wai4 (国外)abroad; external (affairs); overseas; foreign
jian4 cao2 (键槽)key slot
mao2 bi3 (毛笔)writing brush
bi3 fen1 (比分)score
chuang2 dan1, yi1 zhang1 (床单, 一张)sheet
lu4 ying2 (露营)camp
zhun1 (屯)difficult; stingy
da4 duo1 shu4 (大多数)(great) majority
ju4 xing1 (巨星)giant star
guan1 jian4 (关键)crucial; key
bao4 feng1 (暴风)storm wind; storm (force 11 wind)
gao1 ceng2 l` guan3 (高层旅馆)luxury hotel; high class hotel
qiong2 (穷)exhausted; poor
pin2 l` (频率)frequency
meng4 mei4 (梦寐)dream; sleep
cheng2 bao3 (城堡)castle
cu1 bao4 (粗暴)rough; cruel
jie4 mian4, jie4 mian4 (介面, 界面)interface
si1 (丝)silk; thread; trace
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 59(25 Vokabeln)
bao4 zi, shui3 ping2 mian4 (刨子, 水平面)plane
jiao4 yuan2 (教员)teacher; instructor
nan4 min2 (难民)refugee
xiang1 cun1 (乡村)rustic; village
bi4 (跸)to clear streets when emperor tours
tou1 lan3 (偷懒)to goof off; to be lazy
shi3 (驶)hasten; proceed to; sail a vessel
ta1 men2 zi4 ji3 (他们自己)themselves
xian4 du4 (限度)limitation; limit
gang4 (杠)carrying pole; horizontal bar
ye4 tai4 shui3 (液态水)liquid water (as opposed to steam or ice, e.g.)
ba1 yue4 (八月)eighth month; August
long2 (胧)rising moon
bu4 jia1 si1 suo3 (不加思索)without thinking; without hesitation; readily; offhand
ting1 zhong4 (听众)audience; listeners
bo1 fang4 (播放)broadcast; transmit
zu3 ai4 (阻碍)to obstruct; to hinder; to block
jun1 shi4 (军士)sergeant
qian2 zai4 (潜在)hidden; potential; latent
ji1 xie4 fan1 yi4 (机械翻译)machine translation
xiao1 (消)consume; news; subside; to disappear; to vanish
tang3 (淌)drip; to shed (tears)
hui4 bian1 (汇编)collection; compilation
fang1 xiang4 (方向)direction; orientation; path to follow
bao4 kao3 (报考)enter oneself for an examination
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 51 bis 60: Abschnitt 60(25 Vokabeln)
chao1 guo4 (超过)surpass; to surpass; to exceed; to outstrip
jia4 (嫁)marry (a husband)
tu3 qi4 (吐气)aspirated; to blow off steam
li3 (里)Chinese mile; neighborhood
jing4 zhong4 (敬重)to respect deeply; to revere; to esteem
hun1 jia4 (婚嫁)marriage
bu4 shi4 (不适)unwell; indisposed; out of sorts
ruan3 ying4 jian4 (软硬件)software and hardware
xin1 (薪)fuel; salary
ji2 qi2 (极其)extremely
jie2 mu4 (节目)program; item (on a program)
ning3 (拧)mistake; to twist
shen1 (诜)inform; inquire
she4 (慑)afraid; be feared; to fear; to frighten; to intimidate
sui4 pian4 (碎片)chip; fragment; splinter; tatter
er4 shi2 wu3 (二十五)twenty five
jiao1 huan4 qi4 (交换器)(telecom or network) switch
wai4 jiao1 bu4 zhang3 (外交部长)minister of foreign affairs
you3 zhu4 yu2 (有助于)contribute to; promote
lai2 hui2 lai2 qu4 de (来回来去地)backwards and forwards
zhi2 jie1 jing4 zheng1 (直接竞争)direct competitor; direct competition
xiao1 yan1 (硝烟)smoke (from guns)
ting2 huo3 xie2 yi4 (停火协议)cease fire agreement
ying4 yong4 cheng2 shi4 (应用程式)application; (computer) program
hua2 xue3 (滑雪)to ski; skiing
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 61(25 Vokabeln)
fang1 cheng2 shi4 (方程式)equation
bai4 dao3 (拜倒)prostrate oneself; fall on one's knees; grovel
pai4, peng2 (湃, 澎)sound of waves
yan2 (癌)cancer; carcinoma
shi3 yong4 zhe3, yong4 hu4 (使用者, 用户)user
nei4 zhan4 (内战)civil war
jing4 xuan3 huo2 dong4 (竞选活动)campaign
chu1 se4 (出色)remarkable; outstanding
jing4 sai4 zhe3 (竞赛者)player
jing4 yu4 (境遇)circumstance
qiu1 tian1 (秋天)autumn
pi2 (皮)leather; skin; fur
zhu3 huan2 (主环)primary ring
bian4 pin2 (变频)frequency conversion
shai1 (筛)to filter; to sift; to seive
ju4 ti3 (具体)concrete; definite; specific
yu3 (语)dialect; language; speech
ba1 tian1 (八天)eight-day; eight days
jing4 ji1, jing4 sai4 (迳迹, 迳赛)track
shan4 (讪)abuse; slander
feng1 wei4 (风味)local flavor; local style
zhan1 (粘)to stick; paste
ban4 zhi2 (半职)part-time work
cong1 (聪)quick at hearing; wise; clever; sharpwitted; intelligent; acute
gui1 xin1 zhe3 (归心者)religious convert
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 62(25 Vokabeln)
fu4 ben3 (复本)copy
xin1 (鑫)(used in names)
chao2 liu2 (潮流)tide; current; trend
cui4 (淬)dip into water; to temper
chan2 (潺)flow; trickle (of water)
quan4 (劝)to advise; to urge; to try to persuade
wang3 (网)net; network
can3 (惨)miserable; wretched; cruel; inhuman; seriously; badly; tragic
zheng4 fu3 bu4 men2 (政府部门)government branch
xin1 xi1 lan2 (新西兰)New Zealand
lun2 (仑)arrange
xia2 (匣)box
que4 (悫)honest
lu2 (垆)clay; shop
fen1 xi1 (分析)to analyze; analysis
ling2 (铃)(small) bell
yun4 fu4 (孕妇)pregnant woman
san3 (散)leisurely; loosen; powdered medicine; to scatter; to come loose
bai4 (拜)to pay respect; worship; visit; salute
tong3 tong3 (统统)totally
jun1 guan1 (军官)(military) officer
cong1 cu4 (匆促)hastily; in a hurry
guan4 mu4 (灌木)bush; shrub
xi3 (蓰)(grass); increase five fold
zhe2 (辙)rut; track
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 63(25 Vokabeln)
shou3 nao3 hui4 yi4 (首脑会议)leadership conference; summit meeting
chang2 tu2 wang3 lu4 (长途网路)long distance network
zan4 ting2 (暂停)suspend
tiao3 zhan4 (挑战)challenge
xin1 wen2 mei2 ti3 (新闻媒体)news media
jin1 rong2 wei1 ji1 (金融危机)financial crisis
ju2 zi (橘子)orange
sui4 (穗)ear of grain
dian4 zi3 wen2 jian4 (电子文件)electronic document
bei3 dou3 xing1 (北斗星)the Big Dipper; the Plough
zheng4 (证)certificate; proof
qi4 shui3 (汽水)soda; pop
zi4 gu3 (自古)(since) ancient times; (from) time immemorial
ban3 hua4 (版画)a picture printed from an engraved or etched plate; print
kua4 (跨)step across; step astride
hang2 kong1 mu3 jian4 (航空母舰)aircraft carrier
zi1 (缁)Buddhists; black silk; dark
liang4, qiang4 (踉, 跄)stagger; sway from side to side
gan3 lan3 shu4 (橄榄树)olive tree
zhuo2 (酌)consider; pour wine
mei2 ti3 (媒体)(news) media
nuan3 huo2 (暖和)warm; nice and warm
kai1 pai1 (开拍)begin shooting (a film)
zhi3 ding4 (指定)appoint; designated
mou2 (鍪)iron pot; metal cap
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 64(25 Vokabeln)
duan4 (段)(surname); paragraph; section; segement
gong1 fu (功夫)skill; art; kung fu; labor; effort
you2 jia4 (油价)oil (petroleum) price
ne (呢)(question particle)
can1 liang3 yuan4 (参两院)both houses of US Congress
shu3 (薯)potato; yam
biao1 qian1 (标签)label; tag
juan1 (捐)to contribute; to donate; tax; to abandon
tong1 xin4 wang3 luo4 (通信网络)communications network
kong4 bai2 (空白)blank space
qin1 (亲)dear; intimate; parent; relation; closely related
bian4 shu4, bian4 liang4, hui4 bian4 (变数, 变量, 会变)variable
bao4 mu4 (报幕)announce the items on a (theatrical) programme
yi4 wu4 (义务)volunteer; voluntary; duty; obligation
gu1 li4 (孤立)isolate; isolated
ao4 an4 (傲岸)proud; haughty
geng3 (耿)(surname); bright
ju3 li4 lai2 shuo1 (举例来说)for example
chuang1 (疮)sore; skin ulcer
bian4 lan3 (便览)brief guide
xiong1 (匈)Hungary; thorax; chest
bi4 (毖)careful; prevent
bao1 xiao1 (包销)have exclusive selling rights; be the sole agent for a production unit or firm
tong1 dao4 (通道)(communications) channel; thoroughfare; passage
fa1 da2 (发达)developed (country, etc.); flourishing; to develop
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 65(25 Vokabeln)
di4 zhu3 (地主)a host
yi4 ji2 (亦即)namely; that is
yi4 shi2 (一时)temporary; momentary
da2 (鞑)Tartar; a tribe in China
chi2 (坻)islet; rock in river
wei3 yuan2 hui4 hui4 yi4 (委员会会议)committee meeting
ping2 guo3, ping2 (苹果, 苹)apple
mei3 shu4 (美术)the fine arts; art
shu3, lao3 shu3 (鼠, 老鼠)rat; mouse
lang4 tou, bo1 lang4 (浪头, 波浪)wave
ger1 (哥儿)brothers; boys
biao3 meng2 zi (表蒙子)watch glass; crystal
ruan3 ti3 (软体)software
ren4 zhi1 (认知)acknowledge
jin4 zhi3 he2 wu3 qi4 shi4 yan4 tiao2 yue1 (禁止核武器试验条约)nuclear test ban treaty
kou1 (抠)dig out (with finger); stingy
cang1 (舱)cabin; the hold of a ship or aeroplane
deng4 zi3 (凳子)stool; small seat
jian4 (健)healthy
pi1 ping2 jia1 (批评家)critic
xu2 (徐)slow; gentle; Xu (a surname)
huang1 wu2 (荒芜)barren; uncultivated; waste(land)
er3, qi4, bin1 (迩, 汔, 濒)near
cha2 bei1 (茶杯)cup; mug
guai4 ren2 (怪人)strange person; eccentric
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 66(25 Vokabeln)
bai3 mi3 sai4 pao3 (百米赛跑)100-metre dash
zai3 (崽)young of animals
wai4 mao4 (外贸)foreign trade
bai3 dong4 (摆动)swing; sway
zhong4 yi4 yuan4 (众议院)House of Representatives (USA)
leng3 dan4 guan1 xi4 (冷淡关系)cold relations (e.g. between countries)
huan2 (环)bracelet; ring (not for finger); to surround; to loop; loop
wan2 qiang2 (顽强)tenacious; hard to defeat
qiang2 hua4 (强化)to strengthen; to intensify
jian4 (楗)door lock
shi3 kun4 jiong3 (使困窘)embarrass
yao2 yao2, yao2 yuan3 (遥遥, 遥远)distant; remote
mao2 she4 (茅舍)cottage; hut
jia1, jia1 (佳, 嘉)excellent
bi3 mao4 (笔帽)the cap of a pen; pencil; or writing brush
yu4 ding4 (预定)schedule in advance
tao2 zou3 (逃走)escape; flee
zhi4 zao4 zhe3 (制造者)maker
yi1 kao4 (依靠)rely on (for support, etc); depend on
tuan2 jie2 (团结)(hold a) rally; join forces
ai4 lian2 (爱怜)show tender affection for
bao4 jia4 (报价)quoted price
tan4 (碳)carbon
hua1, huar1 (华, 花儿)flower
yi4 (艺)skill; art
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 67(25 Vokabeln)
qie4 (窃)I beg to presume; steal
da3 yin4 (打印)to print; to seal; to stamp
yi3 zhang4 (倚仗)to lean on; rely on
bei4 liao4 (备料)get the materials ready; prepare feed (for livestock)
zhong1 gong4 zhong1 yang1 (中共中央)Chinese Communist Party Central Committee
mei2 xiang1 (煤箱)coal box
quan2 qiu2 qi4 hou4 (全球气候)global climate
guan3 xia2 (管辖)administer; have jurisdiction (over)
jia4 ri4 (假日)holiday; non-working day
lu4 qu3 (录取)to recruit; to enroll
huo4 shi4 (获释)obtain release (from prison)
kuai4 su4 (快速)fast; high-speed; rapid
you2 jian4 (邮件)mail; post
zhou2 (妯)wives of brothers
zao3 shu4 (枣树)jujube tree; date tree; Zizyphus vulgaris
ben3 yi4 (本义)original meaning; literal sense
ke4 wen2, an4 wen2 (课文, 案文)text
gong1 he2 zheng4 ti3 (共和政体)republican
deng1 ji4 yong4 hu4 (登记用户)registered user
xi4 xian4 (细线)string; thread
xia4 (吓)to frighten; to scare; to intimidate; to threaten
shang1 feng1 (伤风)catch cold
shu3 qi4 (暑气)(summer) heat
zhong1 mei3 zhou1 (中美洲)Central America
yi4 (义)justice; righteousness; meaning
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 68(25 Vokabeln)
ke1 xue2 yuan4 (科学院)academy of sciences
bing4 jia4 (病假)sick leave
nen4 (嫩)tender; soft
ruan3 jian4 shi4 chang3 (软件市场)software market
si1 ji1 (司机)chauffeur; driver
cai2 shen2 (财神)the God of Wealth
shi1 bai4 (失败)be defeated
chai4 (虿)(scorpion); an insect
you3 zi1 ge2 (有资格)entitle
wan1 qu3 (弯曲)bend; bent; curve; warp; wind
shi2 yan4 shi4 (实验室)laboratory
ban4 zai4 (半载)half load
jian3 cha2 (检查)inspection; examine
qi2 (祈)implore; pray; please
xian1 xiao3 (纤小)fine; delicate
bao4 (刨)a plane; to plane; level or make smooth
rang3 (攘)throw into confusion
wa1 (洼)depression; sunken; swamp
chang3 shi3 (厂史)factory history
xuan1 (谖)Hemerocallis flava; false; forget
he2 fan3 ying4 dui1 (核反应堆)nuclear reactor
zheng1 (征)attack; levy (troops or taxes); journey; trip; expidition
tang2 huang2 (堂皇)imposing; grand
zi1 (訾)(surname); backbite; wealth
rang4 zuo4 (让坐)to give up one's seat; to be seated
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 69(25 Vokabeln)
xiao3 lu4 (小路)lane
shi2 wu3 nian2 (十五年)fifteen years
huo4 (和)mix together; to blend
hui4 fei4 (会费)due
cai3 na4 (采纳)accept; adopt
yuan2, yuan4 (媛, 媛)a beauty
xiao1 fei4 (消费)to consume
lian3 jia2 (脸颊)cheek
ji1 neng2, han2 shu4, gong1 neng2 (机能, 函数, 功能)function
cha2 (搽)apply (ointment; powder); smear; paint on
cong2 (丛)cluster; collection; collection of books; thicket
ban4 dian3 (半点)the least bit
bao3 bao3 (宝宝)darling; baby
gang1 (扛)lift overhead with both hands
bi4 qi2 gong1 yu2 yi1 yi4 (毕其功于一役)accomplish the whole task at one stroke
ying1 you3 (应有)proper
chang2 gui1 tong2 dian4 hua4 xian4 (常规铜电话线)ordinary copper telephone line
hua2 sheng4 dun4 (华盛顿)Washington (D.C.)
ji4 shu4 biao1 zhun3 (技术标准)technology standard
yi4 ren2 (艺人)performing artist; actor
jian4 bie2 (鉴别)to differentiate; to distinguish
chu3 fen1 (处分)disposal
zi1 ben3 jia1 (资本家)capitalist
zhen1 li3 (真理)truth
ju2 mian4 (局面)aspect; phase; situation
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 61 bis 70: Abschnitt 70(25 Vokabeln)
jie1 jin4 (接近)near; close to
jian4 quan2 (健全)robust; strong
kuang4 quan2 (矿泉)mineral spring
bu4 xu1 ci3 xing2 (不虚此行)the trip has not been made in vain; the trip has been well worthwhile; it's been a worthwhile trip
gua4 hao4 (挂号)to register (a letter, etc.)
gu3 (汩)confused; extinguished
qi1 (漆)paint; lacquer
liu2 wang2 (流亡)to (force into) exile
chuan2 shu1 mo2 shi4 (传输模式)transfer mode; transmission method
chang4 (唱)sing; to call loudly; to chant
qi2 (骑)to ride (an animal or bike); to sit astride
ben3 xing4 (本性)natural instincts; nature; inherent quality
chou1 (瘳)convalesce; recover; heal
tao2 qi4 (淘气)naughty; bad
shui4 mian2 (睡眠)sleeping; slumber
gan3 qing2 (感情)feeling; emotion; affection; sensation
jiang3 (耩)to plough; to sow
da4 ren (大人)adult; grownup
chi4 (斥)blame; reprove; reprimand
ruo4 jian3 (弱硷)weak base
peng2 zhang4 (膨胀)to expand; to inflate; to swell
liang2 (凉)cool; cold
xia4 ding4 yi4 (下定义)to define
gong4 he2, gong4 he2 guo2 (共和, 共和国)republic
yuan2 liao4 (原料)raw material
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 71(25 Vokabeln)
can1 yu4 (参与)to participate (in sth)
jiong1 (扃)shut
fu1 hua4 (孵化)breeding
li4 run4 (利润)profits
bu3 fu2 (捕俘)capture enemy personnel (for intelligence purposes)
zhuai4, ji3, ye4, ye4 (拽, 掎, 拽, 曳)drag
fa1 bing4 l` (发病率)incidence of a disease; disease rate
ping2 (屏)(standing) screen
min3 gan3 (敏感)sensitive (issue)
ji1 dong4 (激动)to excite; to agitate; exciting
miao3 (杪)the limit; tip of branch
shi4 yan2 (誓言)oath; promise; pledge
shang1 dian4 (商店)store; shop
yan2 shi2 (岩石)rock
po1 (泼)splash; to spill
jie2 (诘)investigate; restrain; scold
ye3 xin1 (野心)wild schemes; wild ambitions
xue4 rou4 (血肉)flesh
tao2 zhi1 yao1 yao1 (逃之夭夭)escape; make a getaway (from the scene of a crime)
chang2 yi3 (长椅)bench
bei1 bao1 (背包)knapsack; rucksack; infantry pack; field pack; blanket roll
bai4 ji1 (败绩)be utterly defeated; be routed
shi2 yan4 (实验)to experiment; experiments
tou2 zi1 (投资)investment; to invest
you3 shui3 (有水)(of a dwelling) supplied with water
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 72(25 Vokabeln)
lu4 hai3 kong1 san1 jun1 (陆海空三军)army, navy, air force
zeng1 (罾)large square net
zong1 (踪)footprint; trace; tracks
jin1 shu3 (金属)metal
jue2 dui4 shu4 zi4 (绝对数字)absolute (as opposed to relative) number
bo2 (搏)fight; combat; seize
kuang4 chuang2 (矿床)(mineral) deposit
bei4 cha2 (备查)for future reference
bin1 lin2 (濒临)on the verge of; close to
jing4 zi, jing4 (镜子, 镜)mirror
fei4 qi4 (废气)waste (exhaust) gas; steam
n` peng2 you (女朋友)female friend; girlfriend
chi4 zi4 (赤字)(financial) deficit
han2 shou4 (函授)correspondence course
yi1 ju4 (依据)according to; basis; foundation
jin4 jie1 fu2 wu4 (进接服务)access server
jing1 huang1 (惊慌)panic
ya4 zhou1 (亚洲)Asia; Asian
huo2 li4 (活力)energy; vitality
cai2 gan4 (才干)ability; competence
bu3 xi2 (补习)take lessons after school or work
ben1 liu2 (奔流)flow at great speed; pour; racing current
li3, ying1 li3 (哩, 英里)mile
biao3 jie3 (表姐)older female cousin
shi1 huo3 (失火)catch fire; fire (alarm)
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 73(25 Vokabeln)
qie4 (惬)cheerful; satisfied
lei4 bie2 (类别)classification; category
hu4 (笏)tablet held at an audience
dan4 (澹)tranquil; placid; quiet
fu2, bian1, bian1 fu2 (蝠, 蝙, 蝙蝠)bat
lin2 chuang2 (临床)clinical
jia1 wu4 (家务)household duties; housework
xiao3 wu1 (小屋)cabin; lodge
shi4 yong4 (适用)be applicable
zhao2 (着)(resultat. compl.); ignited; to touch
huo2 dong4 (活动)activity; exercise; behavior
biao1 ke4 (镖客)armed escort (of travellers or merchants' caravans)
yuan4 (愿)sincere; willing
shen2 hua4 (神话)fairy tale; mythology; myth
shou4 ming4 (寿命)life span; life expectancy
bao3 wei4 (保卫)defend; safeguard
dian4 bao4 (电报)telegram; cable; telegraph
ye4 tai4 (液态)liquid (state)
shi3 yong4 liang4 (使用量)volume of use; usage amount
zhuan1 yong4 wang3 lu4 (专用网路)dedicated network
bi4 bing4 (弊病)malady; evil; malpractice; drawback; disadvantage
mo4 guang1 (磨光)polish
que4 (阙)(surname); imperial city
zhan1 (詹)(surname); excellent; verbose
yuan2 lin2 (园林)gardens; park; landscape garden
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 74(25 Vokabeln)
bu4 yue1 er2 tong2 (不约而同)take the same action or view without prior consultation; happen to coincide
kou3 jiao1 (口交)oral sex
nu2 (驽)worn out old horses
wei4 (喂)(interjection) hello; to feed (someone or some animal); hey; telephone greeting
cui4 (脆)crisp; brittle; clear and loud voice
chuan3 xu1 xu1 (喘吁吁)to blow
bai3 wen2 bu4 ru2 yi1 jian4 (百闻不如一见)seeing for oneself is a hundred times better than hearing from others
ban1 lun2 (班轮)regular passenger or cargo ship; regular steamship service
zong3 ji4 (总计)(grand) total
bei4 shu4 (倍数)multiple
gu1 ji4 (估计)estimate; reckon
fang2 ke4 (房客)tenant
shang4 shu1 (尚书)high official in ancient China
cheng2 wen2 (成文)written; statutory
huo4 zhun3 (获准)obtain permission
ban3 fu3 (板斧)broad axe
bo1 lan2 yu3 (波兰语)Polish (language)
zhan4 qu1 (战区)war zone; (military) theater of operations
shang1 ye4 ji1 gou4 (商业机构)commercial organization
bai3 long2 men2 zhen4 (摆龙门阵)chat; gossip; spin a yarn
zai4 jian4 (再见)good bye
bu4 bian4 jia4 ge2 (不变价格)fixed price; constant price
xiang4 zheng1 (象徵)emblem; symbol; token
chuo4 (啜)drink; taste; sip; suck
bu4 ce4 (不测)accident; mishap; contingency
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 75(25 Vokabeln)
deng3 deng3 (等等)et cetera; etc; etcetera; and so on
chun1 jie2 (春节)Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
que4 (确)authenticated; solid; firm
nei4 ke1 (内科)medical department
qian1 (骞)defective; raise
sao3 (扫)to sweep
wei1 ju4 (危惧)afraid; aprehensive
ti2 (缇)orange red silk
bai2 ban3 er (白班儿)day shift
shi4 tou2 (势头)momentum; tendency
ban3 ben3 (版本)version; edition; release
cui1 (摧)break; destroy; devastate; ravage; repress
jiao4 (觉)a nap; a sleep
po4 chan3 (破产)to go bankrupt; to become impoverished
ye4 (叶)(surname); leaf; page
bao4 xi3 (报喜)announce good news; report success
bing4 lian2 (并联)parallel connection
chi2 (池)pond; reservoir
shu3 (暑)heat; hot weather; summer heat
lian2 he2 guo2 (联合国)United Nations
xue2 shu4 (学术)learning; science; academic
zhuan3 rang4 (转让)transfer (technology, goods, etc.)
qing1 xiao1 (倾销)to dump (goods, products)
ming2 sheng4 (名胜)a place famous for its scenery or historical relics; scenic spot
yi1 yi4 (一亿)1 00 million
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 76(25 Vokabeln)
zhao4 xiang4 ji1, she4 ying3 ji1 (照相机, 摄影机)camera
sui4 (祟)evil spirit
rao2 shu4 (饶恕)forgiveness; spare
lao4 (络)small net
feng1 chao2 (风潮)campaign; storm and stress
shui3 chi2, zhao3 (水池, 沼)pond; pool
zan4 yang2 (赞扬)praise; approve of
ci2 (祠)ancestral hall; temple
e2 (讹)error; exhort; false
kong1 zhan4 (空战)air war; air warfare
bo1 rong3 (拨冗)find time in the midst of pressing affairs
kuang2 (狂)conceited; mad
jing4 zi4 (迳自)on one's own; without consulting others
yan3 shuo1 (演说)(deliver a) speech
shao1 (艄)stern of boat
xiang4, long4 (巷, 弄)lane; alley
de2 piao4 l` (得票率)percentage of votes obtained
hun4 he2 wu4 (混合物)mixture
jian3 (蹇)(surname); difficulty; lame
nei4 qing2 (内情)inside information
bi1 ze4 (逼仄)narrow; cramped
he2 yue1, he2 ping2 tiao2 yue1 (和约, 和平条约)peace treaty
zhong1 dong1 (中东)Middle East
jing3 xiang4 (景象)scene; sight (to behold)
de2 fen1 (得分)to score
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 77(25 Vokabeln)
xian4 yi4 (现役)(military) active duty
bao4 (趵)jump; leap
sui2 ji1 shi2 jian1 (随机时间)random period of time; random interval
jian3 huan3 (减缓)to slow down; to retard
weng3 (蓊)a plant in bloom; thick
zi4 dong4 (自动)automatic
yuan2 su4 (元素)(chemical) element
gu3 dai4 (古代)ancient times; olden times
da2 xie4 (答谢)to express one's thanks
xiao3 dao3 (小岛)isle
bi1 (匕)an ancient type of spoon
cang1 (苍)dark blue; fly; musca; deep green
gu3 (鼓)convex; drum; to rouse; to beat
hu4 (互)mutual
ying3 xiang4 hui4 yi4 (影像会议)video conference
li2 (喱)grain weight
bi3 fang (比方)analogy; instance
jian4 ge2 (间隔)compartment; gap; interval
jun1 shi4 li4 liang (军事力量)military strength; military force(s)
jian4 zhu2 shi1 (建筑师)architect
min2 zhu3 zheng4 zhi4 (民主政治)democracy; democratic
jian4 jie4 (鉴戒)warning
yang3 ji1 chang3 (养鸡场)chicken farm
bing1 bu4 yan4 zha4 (兵不厌诈)there can never be too much deception in war; in war nothing is too deceitful; all's fair in war
da2 (怛)distressed; alarmed; shocked; greived
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 78(25 Vokabeln)
ji4 yi4 (记忆)memories; remember; memory
chu2 (躇)hesitate
chuo1 (戳)poke; pierce; prick; wooden or rubber stamp or seal
jue2 (抉)dig; pick
jin4 kou3 (进口)import
juan1 kuan3 (捐款)donate money; contribute funds
qi2 (琦)curio; valuable stone
ke3 guan1 (可观)considerable
mei2 (枚)M for small objects
chao1 wang3 (抄网)dip net
juan4 (卷)chapter; examination paper
ben3 cao3 (本草)a book on Chinese (herbal) medicine; Chinese materia medica
shou4 huo4 (售货)to sell goods
xiang1 hu4 (相互)each other; mutual
zao1 (糟)dregs; to waste; spoil
sun3 yi4 (损益)profit and loss; increase and decrease
yan2 chi2 (延迟)delay; latency
bian1 zhi1 (编织)weave; knit; plait; braid
ying2, fen2 (茔, 坟)a grave
qi1 yue4 (七月)July; seventh month
guan4 jun1 (冠军)champion
zheng4 ming2 shu1, zheng4 shu1 (证明书, 证书)certificate
kang4 zhan4 (抗战)war of resistance, especially the war against Japan (1937-1945)
piao1 (漂)to float; to drift
he2 hong1 zha4 (核轰炸)nuclear bomb
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 79(25 Vokabeln)
bao4 zhang1 (报章)newspapers
shu1 xie3 fu2 hao4 (书写符号)writing symbol
shi2 ji4 (实际)actual; reality; practice
mo2, mo2 (摹, 摸)imitate; copy
lin2 guo2 (邻国)bordering country; neighbor country; neighboring countries; surrounding countries
zheng4 chang2 (正常)regular; normal; ordinary
ti2 ming2 (题名)autograph; to sign one's name
ting3 (铤)big arrow; walk fast
zi4 ji2 (字集)character set
si4 hu hen3 an1 quan2 (似乎很安全)to appear (to be) very safe
wai4 jiao1 (外交)diplomacy; diplomatic; foreign affairs
chuan2 shu1 su4 l` (传输速率)transmission rate; transmission speed
zhou1 wei2 (周围)encompass; surrounding
fen1 xi1 ren2 shi4 (分析人士)analyst; expert
gong1 dun1 (公吨)tonne; metric ton
ao4 shi4 (傲视)turn up one's nose; show disdain for; regard superciliously
ji4 shu4 qi4 (计数器)counter; register
suo3 wei4 (所谓)so-called
guo2 fang2 li4 yi4 (国防利益)(national) defence interests
bing4 xing2 bu4 bei4 (并行不悖)both can be implemented without coming into conflict; not be mutually exclusive; run parallel
su4 (嗉)crop (of bird)
zhuan1 ye4 ren2 cai2 (专业人才)expert (in a field)
tan2 pan4 (谈判)to negotiate; negotiation; conference
hang2 xing2 (航行)sail or fly (in air, water, or space); to navigate
chi3 (尺)a Chinese foot (M); a ruler
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 71 bis 80: Abschnitt 80(25 Vokabeln)
cai3 zhong3 (采种)seed collecting
you3 yi4 si (有意思)interesting
jie3 shi4 zhi2 xing2 (解释执行)interpreted (computer)
pei2 yu4 (培育)to train; to breed
guan4 (掼)fling; smash
bing4 gen1 (病根)an incompletely cured illness; an old complaint; the root cause of trouble
bo2 wu4 (博物)natural science
jiao1 ji2 (焦急)anxiety; anxious
pao3 ma3 (跑马)horse race
mo4 ming2 qi2 miao4 (莫名其妙)odd; baffling; unacountable; mysterious
che4 (坼)to crack; split; break; to chap
cong2 (淙)noise of water
zeng4 (甑)caldron; rice pot
xue4 zhi4 pin3 (血制品)blood products
l` (闾)gate of a village; village
shan1 shui3 (山水)landscape
ban1 men2 nong4 fu3 (班门弄斧)display one's slight skill before an expert
chen2 mo4 (沈默)silence
ji2 ju4, ju4 ji2 (集聚, 聚集)assemble; gather
zheng1 (争)struggle; fight
zui4 da4 (最大)biggest; largest; maximum
yong3 xian4 (涌现)spring up; emerge prominently
qian1, qian1 xu1 (谦, 谦虚)modest
zhong1 hua2 (中华)China (alternate formal name)
ling4 pai2 huan2, fu2 ji4 huan2 (令牌环, 符记环)token ring
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 81(25 Vokabeln)
gai3 kou3 (改口)to correct oneself; to withdraw or modify one's previous remark
wai4 jiao1 shou3 wan4 (外交手腕)diplomatic
ang1 zang1, ang1, zang1 (肮脏, 肮, 脏)dirty; filthy
rou4 ti3 (肉体)physical body
pei2 zhi2, pei2 xun4 (培植, 培训)to cultivate; to train
yan2 zhi4 guo4 cheng2 (研制过程)manufacturing environment
xi1 (夕)evening
mianr4 (面儿)cover; outside
ai4 (嫒)your daughter (hon.)
lou4 (镂)engrave; hard steel
ji1 (鸡)fowl; chicken
jiu1 ban4 (究办)to investigate and deal with
pai1 ji1 (拍击)smack; beat
zai4 wai4 (在外)outer
bao4 guan1 (报关)declare at customs; apply to customs
chu4 mo1 (触摸)touch
gong1 ren2 (工人)worker
da4 dao1 kuo4 fu3 (大刀阔斧)bold and decisive
xun2 luo2 (巡逻)be on (police) patrol
hui1 fu4 (恢复)to reinstate; to resume; to restore; to recover; to regain
bian1 min2 (边民)people living on the frontiers; inhabitants of a border area
pan4 jue2 (判决)judgment (by a court of law)
fu1, pi2 fu1 (肤, 皮肤)skin
wen1 (温)(luke)warm; to review
zhen4 tong4 (镇痛)analgesiac; pain killer
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 82(25 Vokabeln)
ti4 (涕)nasal mucus; tears
jian1 (兼)double; twice; simultaneous; holding two or more (official) posts at the same time
jian1 (坚)strong; solid; firm; unyielding; resolute
cuan4 (窜)flee; escape; run away; leap
yao4 ping2 (药瓶)medicine bottle
fen1 san4 shi4 (分散式)distributed
xiu1 ding4 (修订)revise
de (得)a sentence particle used after a verb to show effect; degree or possiblility
deng3 hou4 (等候)waiting
ji4 nian4 jiang3 (纪念奖)trophy
ji3 ge4 xiao3 shi2 (几个小时)several hours
chang2 du4 (长度)length
ca1 bian1 qiu2 (擦边球)edge ball; touch ball
pei4 yao4 (配药)dispense (drugs); prescribe
chi3 (褫)strip; deprive of; to discharge; dismiss; undress
fei1 (霏)fall of snow
chen2 (晨)morning; dawn; daybreak
niao3 (袅)delicate; graceful
du2 te4 (独特)unique; distinct; having special characteristics
bi3 jiao4 xin1 (比较新)comparatively new; relatively new
ao1 xian4 (凹陷)hollow; sunken; depressed
zhi4 li4 (智力)intelligence; intellect
xuan1 (揎)pull up sleeves; strike with fists
shi2 wu3 yi4 (十五亿)one and a half billion
mang3 (漭)vast; expansive (of water)
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 83(25 Vokabeln)
an1 ying2 (安营)pitch a camp; camp
dang4 an4 zhuan3 song4 (档案转送)file transfer
xiang1 (箱)box; trunk; chest
mian4 lin2 (面临)be faced with (a problem); to be confronted with
dan4 bai2 (蛋白)egg white; protein; albumen
cai2 zhi4 (才智)ability and wisdom
shou3 yi4 (手艺)craft; workmanship
qing2 kuang4 (情况)circumstances; state of affairs; situation
luo3 (裸)naked
mu4, ai3, you3 shan4 (睦, 蔼, 友善)friendly
ping2 (坪)a plain
he2 wu3 qi4 (核武器)nuclear weapon
hui1 bai2 (灰白)grey; ash-colored
qiang2 lie4 (强烈)intense; (violently) strong
yu4 shi4 (浴室)bathroom (room used for bathing)
bing1 dong4 (冰冻)freeze
wei1 miao4 (微妙)subtle
yu4 xi2 (预习)to prepare a lesson
cu4 (蹙)urgent; wrinkled; contracted; to kick
shi4 (逝)depart; die
zi4 you2 xuan3 ze2 quan2 (自由选择权)free agency
zuo4 wei4 (座位)seat
zheng4 yan4 (证验)real results; to verify
dan1 fang1 (丹方)folk remedy
an1 zhuang1 (安装)install; erect; fix; mount; installation
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 84(25 Vokabeln)
da4 jie1 xiao3 xiang4 (大街小巷)large streets and small lanes
ha1 (哈)laughter; yawn
qiu2 bang4 (球棒)(baseball) bat
jie4 zhi4 fang3 wen4 kong4 zhi4 (介质访问控制)Medium Access Control; MAC
chao2 zhe (朝ぴ)facing; advancing (towards)
cuan1 (蹿)jump up
zheng4 jie4 (政界)political and government circles
an1 shi4 (安适)quiet and comfortable
bu4 gou3 (不苟)not lax; not casual; careful; conscientious
bu4 deng1 da4 ya3 zhi1 tang2 (不登大雅之堂)not appeal to refined taste; be unrefined; be unpresentable
cuo1 (搓)to rub or roll between the hands or fingers; to twist
xian3 mu4 (显目)outstanding; conspicuous
neng2 gan4 (能干)capable; competent
bi3 re4 (比热)specific heat
ting3 li4 (挺立)to stand erect; to stand upright
yue4 (岳)mountain
bian4 xi1 (辨析)differentiate and analyse; discriminate
jiao4 yu4 jie4 (教育界)academic world; academic circles; academia
wu4 mian4 (晤面)interview
xiao4 l` (效率)efficiency
mei2 (煤)coal
bao3 xue2 (饱学)learned; erudite; scholarly
zhong1 guo2 shi2 bao4 (中国时报)China Times (newspaper)
yi1 dianr3, yi1 dian3 (一点儿, 一点)a bit; a little
shi4 (士)scholar; warrior; knight
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gu3 dian3 (古典)classical
kang4 yi4 (抗议)protest
er2, er2 zi (儿, 儿子)son
shi4 chuang1 xin1 ji4 (视窗新技)Windows NT
huang2, song3 (惶, 悚)frightened
shu4 ju4 wang3 luo4 (数据网络)data network
l`e4 ma3 (略码)code
you3 guan1 ren2 shi4 (有关人士)persons involved; those connected with (sth)
zhao4 (罩)cover; fish trap (basket); shade
hua1 dao3, liu4 zou3 (滑倒, 溜走)slip
zhuan4 de2 (赚得)earn
diao4 cha2 jie2 guo3 (调查结果)results (of an investigation, poll)
gong1 cheng2 (工程)engineering; an engineering project; project; undertaking
bao3 (堡)an earthwork; castle; position of defense; stronghold
cuo4 (错)mistake; error; blunder; fault; cross; uneven; wrong
tui4 yi4 (退役)retire from the military
ling2 min3 (灵敏)sensitive
ju1 gong1 (鞠躬)to bow
qi1 xian4 (期限)time limit; deadline; allotted time
ding1 (盯)stare; gaze
ao2, ji2 (聱, 佶)difficult to pronounce
da1 ying (答应)reply; promise
da4 ting1 (大厅)hall
jian4 zheng4 (见证)witness; testimony
gan1 zao4 (乾燥)dry; arid
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ji3 (挤)crowded; to squeeze
chang2 (裳)lower garment; skirts; petticoats; garments
che1 liang4 (车辆)vehicle
ruan3 jian4 kai1 fa1 ren2 yuan2, dian4 nao3 ye4 zhe3 (软件开发人员, 电脑业者)software developer
luo2 ji2 zha2 dan4 (逻辑炸弹)logic bomb
guo2 qi2 (国旗)flag (of a country)
jia1 huo (家伙)chap
shuan1 (闩)to bolt
yi4 (瘗)bury; sacrifice
tu3 rang3 (土壤)soil
shou4 huan1 ying2 (受欢迎)popular; welcome
qiu2 hun1 (求婚)propose marriage
kuang4 jing3 (矿井)mine (shaft)
ke4 ye4 (课业)lesson; schoolwork
kao3 (烤)to roast; bake; to broil
zi1 liao4 liang4 (资料量)quantity of data
lan2 (谰)make a false charge
fen1 mian3 (分娩)delivery; labor
lian2 he2 (联合)to combine; to join; unite; alliance
zhuan4 (篆)seal characters
bu4 yi2 (不宜)not suitable; inadvisable; inappropriate
tian2 chong1 (填充)pad; padding
mi3 (敉)peaceful
jing3 shan1 gong1 yuan2 (景山公园)name of a park in Beijing
chu1 ban3 zhe3 (出版者)publisher
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 87(25 Vokabeln)
bing1 ying2 (兵营)military camp; barracks
ao4 sang1 (懊丧)dejected; despondent; depressed
zui4 da4 neng2 li4 (最大能力)maximum capacity
bu2 xing4 de shi4 (不幸的是)unfortunately
bai3 fen1 zhi1 (百分之)percent
cuo1 (磋)deliberate; to polish
gao1 xiao4 l` (高效率)high efficiency
jin4 (噤)unable to speak; silent
shai1 xuan3, guo4 l` (筛选, 过滤)to filter
da3 rao3, rao3 (打扰, 扰)disturb
you4 (囿)park; to limit
dong1 ya4 (东亚)East Asia
wei4, zai4 bao3 zheng4 (慰, 再保证)reassure
wu4 li3 jie2 gou4 (物理结构)physical composition
ai3 gan3 pin3 zhong3 (矮杆品种)short-stalked variety; short straw variety
he2 yuan2 liao4 (核原料)nuclear material
fu2 wu4 ti2 gong4 shang1 (服务提供商)(Internet) service provider
da4 chen2 (大臣)chancellor
bei4 jing3 (背景)background; backdrop
sheng2 suo3, sheng2 (绳索, 绳)rope
cha2 (楂)fell trees; raft; to hew
e2 wen2, e2 yu3 (俄文, 俄语)Russian (language)
dian4 nao3 yu3 yan2 (电脑语言)programming language; computer language
da4 yi1 xie1 (大一些)a bit bigger
bing4 li4 (病例)[medical] case [of illness]
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 88(25 Vokabeln)
yue4 (乐)(surname); music
chuan2 dan1 (传单)leaflet
zai4 zhi1 xia4 (在?之下)below
bu4 zhi4 yu2 (不至於)cannot go so far; be unlikely
yun4 suan4 (运算)(mathematical) operation
xiao4 xiang4 (肖像)portrait
bao4 tou2 shu3 cuan4 (抱头鼠窜)cover the head and sneak away like a rat; scurry off like a frightened rat
duan1 zhan4 (端站)end station
zhi2 (执)execute (a plan); grasp
zhi4 (质)hostage; substance; nature; quality
die1 (爹)dad
chen2 zhong4 (沈重)heavy
bei4 shu1 (背书)recite a lesson from memory; repeat a lesson; endorsement (on a cheque)
xia2 (柙)cage; pen; scabbard
zong3 ti3 (总体)completely; totally; total; entire; overall
qu1 (屈)bent; feel wronged
ke1 ji4 (科技)science and technology
xu1 (墟)old burial grounds
pan4, rong2 hua4 (泮, 溶化)melt
ling4 ji4 (另寄)to mail separately
gui1 (皈)comply with; follow
chi2 (驰)run fast; speed; spread; gallop
yan2 zhe, yan2 (沿着, 沿)along
cheng2 nian2, cheng2 ren2, cheng2 nian2 zhe3 (成年, 成人, 成年者)adult
chuai3 ce4 (揣测)guess; guessing
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 89(25 Vokabeln)
kui4 (篑)basket for carrying soil
kang4 heng2 (抗衡)contend against
kao3 da3 (拷打)to beat; to flog
jie1 (揭)lift off (a cover)
mi2 zhu4 (迷住)fascinate
ji2 (疾)sickness; disease; hate; envy
chan1, hun4 za2 (掺, 混杂)mix
hao2 (嗥)howl; bawl; to bark; roar
bian1 zu3 (编组)organize into groups; marshalling
can4 (粲)beautiful; bright; splendid; smilingly
mi4 tan2 (密谈)commune; private discussion
kui2 (揆)consider; estimate
he2 ji4 shu4, he2 neng2 ji4 shu4 (核技术, 核能技术)nuclear technology
jian1 rui4 pi1 ping2 (尖锐批评)sharp criticism
da3 sao3 (打扫)to clean; to sweep
shu4 zi4 tong1 xin4 (数字通信)digital communications
di4 (蒂)stem (of fruit)
xing2 qi1 (刑期)prison term
zi4 shen1 li4 yi4 (自身利益)one's own interests
bu4 gong1 zi4 po4 (不攻自破)collapse of itself
you3 ji1 ti3 (有机体)organism
bie2 zhen1 (别针)pin
wan3, ou1 (碗, 瓯)bowl; cup
ban4 chang4 (伴唱)vocal accompaniment; accompany a singer; support of sb; echo sb; chime in with sb
dong1 de2 (东德)(former) East Germany
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 81 bis 90: Abschnitt 90(25 Vokabeln)
zui4 xin1 (最新)latest; newest
wan2 xiao4, xiao4 hua4 (玩笑, 笑话)joke; jest
bai2 kou3 tie3 (白口铁)white iron
xiang3 xiang4 (想象)to imagine; to fancy
yao2 dong4 (摇动)shake; sway
qiao2 (谯)(surname); drum tower
bei4 yong4 (备用)reserve; spare; alternate; backup
wu3 tai2 (舞台)(theatrical or political) stage; arena
jiu4 en1 ji4 hua4 (救恩计划)plan of salvation
zao2 shi2 chang3 (凿石场)rock quarry
ao4 (懊)to regret
cuan4 wei4 (篡位)to seize the throne
an1 quan2 deng1 (安全灯)safety lamp; safelight
qi4 yue1 (契约)agreement; contract
xiang4 mu4 (项目)item; project; sports event
bing1 yi3 (兵蚁)soldier ant; dinergate
te4 bie2 (特别)especially; special; particular; unusual
sheng1 wu4 wu3 qi4 (生物武器)biological weapon
ba1 (芭)a herb; banana
jing3 quan3 (警犬)police dog
jiao4 you3 da4 hui4 (教友大会)church conference
zhong1 xue2 (中学)middle school
ye3 sheng1 (野生)wild; undomesticated
bei4 zhe shou3 (背ぴ手)with one's hands clasped behind one's back
ke4 (嗑)to crack (seeds) with front teeth
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 91(25 Vokabeln)
zhong1 deng3, mei2 zhi4 (中等, 媒质)medium
zheng4 fu3 ji1 gou4 (政府机构)government organization
shou4 piao4 chu4 (售票处)ticket office
sa1 mu3 er3 ji4 shang4 (撒母耳记上)1 Samuel
fei4 li4 (费力)great effort; to strain (oneself)
chu2 xi1 (除夕)(New Year's) Eve
mei3 chai1 shi4 (美差事)a terrific job
cui1 (催)urge; press; expedite; prompt; hurry
yi2 (颐)cheeks; nourish
cao1 ke4 (操课)military drill
gou1 yin3 (勾引)seduce; tempt
qing1 lian2 (清廉)honest; uncorrupted
l` shi1 (律师)lawyer
bu4 shi4 yong4 (不适用)not applicable; NA
dao4 zhi1 shang4 (到?之上)onto
ai4 zi1 bing4, ai4 zi3 bing4 (艾滋病, 爱滋病)AIDS
lu3 (卤)crass; halogen; salt; brine
xu3 (醑)spiritus; strain spirits
cuo2 (鹾)brine; salt
xian4 xiang4 (现象)appearance; phenomenon
liu2 fang4 (流放)banishment; exile
lun4 zheng1 (论争)controversy
bo2 yun4 (驳运)transport by lighter; lighter
ma3 da2 (马达)motor
you2 tai4 ren2 (犹太人)Jew
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 92(25 Vokabeln)
bo2 (舶)sea-going vessels; ship
kuai4 huo (快活)gay, happy
yi3 wai4 (以外)apart from; other than; except for; external; outside of
jing3 bei4 (警备)guard; garrison
xing2 bu tong1 (行不通)won't work; will get (you) nowhere
huo4, can3 shi4 (祸, 惨事)disaster
zheng4 zai4 zhong1 guo2 fang3 wen4 (正在中国访问)during a trip to China
hui1 huang2 (辉煌)splendid; glorious
you3 (卣)wine container
bu3 yu4 (哺育)feed; nurture; foster
xian1 jin4 shui3 ping2 (先进水平)advanced level
cuo1 (蹉)error; slip; miss; err
te4 bie2 xing2 zheng4 qu1 (特别行政区)Special Administrative Region
guo3 (裹)wrap around
ying4 (映)reflect; shine
qi2 zi4 shen1 (其自身)one's own (respective); proprietary
kan1 (勘)to investigate; to survey; to collate
xue2 ji2 (学籍)school roll(s)
yi1 kuai4 (一块)piece
bu4 ping2 (不平)injustice; unfairness; wrong; grievance; indignant; resentful
guan1 (冠)hat; crown; crest; cap
shi4 (贳)borrow; buy on credit; rent out
yin1 diao4 (音调)tone
yong4 shan4 (用膳)dine
xiang3 xiang4 li4 (想像力)conception; imagination
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 93(25 Vokabeln)
wai4 guo2 zi1 ben3 (外国资本)foreign capital
bu4 liao3 liao3 zhi1 (不了了之)settle a matter by leaving it unsettled; end up with nothing definite
xiang4 jia4 (相架)picture frame
cai2 chan3 (财产)property
mo2, chi1 (嫫, 媸)ugly woman
xie2 po4 (胁迫)coerce; compel
chi2 yan2 (池盐)lake salt
n` hair2, n` er2 (女孩儿, 女儿)daughter
gao4 (诰)enjoin; grant (a title)
bin4 (摈)reject; expel; discard; exclude; renounce
lou4 mian4 (露面)appear (in public)
you3 xian4 dian4 shi4 (有线电视)cable television
zhan4 shi4 (战事)fighting
you3 cai2 gan4 (有才干)capable
la4 (腊)December; preserved (meat)
she2 (折)broken (as of rope; stick)
huang2 se4 (黄色)yellow; pornographic
qin2, wei4, song4 (秦, 魏, 宋)(surname); name of a dynasty
du2 (牍)documents
bao1 guo3 (包裹)wrap up; bind up; bundle; package
bo1 (玻)glass
yu4 (钰)hard metals
mao4 fan4 zhe3 (冒犯者)offender
gu4, gu4 yong4, gu4 (雇, 雇用, 雇)hire
song1, song1 kai1 (松, 松开)loose
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 94(25 Vokabeln)
lie4 (躐)step across
tian1 xiao3 de (天晓得)Heaven knows!
feng1 jing3 (风景)scenery; landscape
shi4 wei1 you2 xing2 (示威游行)a (protest) demonstration
zhong1 ya4 (中亚)Central Asia
xie2 (挟)clasp under the arm; coerce
xin1 ling2 shang4 (心灵上)spiritual
bei1 ju4 (悲剧)tragedy
ben4 dan4 (笨蛋)fool; idiot
shi4 zhang3 (市长)mayor
ti2 chang1 (提倡)to promote; to advocate
tang3 ruo4 (倘若)provided
min2 shi4 (民事)civil matters
kou3 qi4 (口气)(friendly or unfriendly) tone (of comments)
lou2 ti1 (楼梯)stair; staircase
le4 qu4 (乐趣)delight; pleasure; joy
you1 ya3 (优雅)grace; graceful
nian2 zhang3 (年长)senior
zhi4 shang4 (至上)supreme
huan1 ying2 guang1 lin2 (欢迎光临)welcome
zheng4 ju4 (证据)evidence; proof; testimony
han2 guo2 (韩国)Korea; Korean
mao2 tou2 zhi3 xiang4 (矛头指向)target someone or something (for attack, criticism, etc.)
e4 (颚)jaw; palate
rong2 jie3 (溶解)dissolve; solution
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 95(25 Vokabeln)
xiu4 (嗅)sense of smell
chuan2 zhi1 (船只)ships; vessels
hong2 li4 (红利)bonus; dividend
liu1 (溜)slip away; to skate
lang4 fei4 (浪费)to waste; to squander
he4 se4 (褐色)brown
fa1 xian4 wu4 (发现物)finding
yi1 liao2 jing1 yan4 (医疗经验)medical expertise
xin1 (昕)dawn
hua2 luo4 (滑落)slide
xing4 zhi4 (性质)nature; characteristic
dian4 ying3 yuan4 (电影院)cinema; movie theater
di2 (的)really and truly
gan3 lan3 qiu2 (橄榄球)football
mo4 (漠)desert; unconcerned
dong3 hang2 (懂行)to know the ropes
tao1 (叨)be in receipt of
wan4 wei2 tian1 luo2 di4 wang3 (万维天罗地网)World Wide Web (WWW); literal: ten-thousand dimensional net covering heaven and earth
bian1 zhe3 (编者)editor; compiler
bing1 gui4 shen2 su4 (兵贵神速)speed is precious in war
yan2 mi4 (严密)strict; tight (organization, surveillance, etc.)
ji1 mi4 (机密)secret; classified (information)
chu3 li3 qi4 (处理器)processor
gou4 wu4 (购物)shopping
dai4 zi (带子)band; belt
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 96(25 Vokabeln)
dian1 (掂)weigh in the hand
yi4 cheng2 (议程)agenda
hua2 sheng4 dun4 shi2 bao4 (华盛顿时报)Washington Times (newspaper)
xing2 zheng4 (行政)administration; administrative
yao1 guai4 (妖怪)monster; devil
si4 (姒)(surname); wife of older brother
he2 neng2 (核能)nuclear energy
ke1, wo1, wo1 chao2, chao2 (窠, 窝, 窝巢, 巢)nest
bai4 huai4 (败坏)ruin; corrupt; undermine
tang1 (镗)noise of drums
zi1 (仔)duty; responsibility
chuan2 (遄)hurry; go to and fro
cai2 zheng4 bu4 (财政部)Ministry of Finance
ke1 (颗)(measure word for small spheres)
an4 (黯)deep black; dark
chui2 (椎)a hammer
bao3 shi4 (保释)release on bail; bail
gan1 (乾)dry
xi1 qu3 (吸取)to absorb; to draw [a lesson or an insight]; to assimilate
pin2 ji2 (贫瘠)barren; infertile; poor
shan1 (煽)fan into a flame; incite
zhun3 bei4 (准备)preparation; prepare
hen3 kuai4 (很快)quickly
ao4 hui3 (懊悔)feel remorse; repent; regret
beng3 (绷)to have a taut face
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 97(25 Vokabeln)
bai3 fen1 bi3, bai3 fen1 shu4 (百分比, 百分数)percentage
ling2 luo4 (零落)withered and fallen; scattered; sporadic
su4 xing2 (速行)rush
yi4 xi2 (议席)seat in a parliament or legislative assembly
mian4 ju4 (面具)mask
xian4 (宪)statuate; constitution
jian1 chi2 (坚持)to continue upholding; to remain committed to; persistence; to persist; to uphold; to insist on
jing4 sai4 (竞赛)race
zong1 (综)to sum up
tan4 ce4 (探测)probe; take readings
lao3 (潦)flooded; heavy rain
ri4 qi1 (日期)date
zhuo1 deng1 (桌灯)desk lamp
dan3 liang4, shen2 jing1 (胆量, 神经)nerve
chun2 (醇)rich; pure; good wine; sterols
bian4 fa3 (变法)political reform
bao4 guang1, pu4 guang1 (暴光, 曝光)exposure
da2 bian4 (答辩)to reply (to an accusation, e.g.)
qin1 (钦)royal
hun1 mi2 (昏迷)to lose consciousness; to be in a coma
sai4 (赛)to compete; competition; match
cai3 zhai1 (采摘)pluck; pick
zi3 (訾)backbite; dislike
bi3 (秕)grain not fully grown; husks; withered grain; unripe grain
za2 zhi4 (杂志)magazine
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 98(25 Vokabeln)
de2 yi4 (得意)(be) proud of oneself; pleased with oneself; complacent
zong3 de lai2 shuo1 (总的来说)generally speaking; to sum up; in summary; in short
bei1 zi (杯子)cup; glass
zuan1 kong3 (钻孔)bore a hole
wang3 luo4 gui1 hua4 ren2 yuan2 (网络规划人员)network planner
kui2 (睽)separated; stare
li3 mian4 (里面)inside; interior
yu2 (妤)handsome; fair
fu2 dian3 yun4 suan4 (浮点运算)floating point operation
shan4 (膳)meals
yang3 (氧)oxygen
bu4 deng3 hao4 (不等号)sign of inequality
bei4 fen4 (辈分)seniority in the family or clan; position in the family hierarchy
quan2 tou2, quan2 (拳头, 拳)fist
jia1 chu4 (家畜)cattle
jing1 you2 (经由)via
xun4 kuang4 chuan2 song4 fu2 wu4 (讯框传送服务)frame relay service
nei4 zheng4 bu4 (内政部)Ministry of the Interior
cheng2 fa2 (惩罚)penalty; punishment; to punish
he2 wei1 (核威)nuclear strength; nuclear might
tao3 lun2 de yi4 ti2 (讨论的议题)topic of discussion
bai3 fei4 ju4 xing1 (百废俱兴)all neglected tasks are being undertaken; full scale reconstruction is under way
qi4 you2 (汽油)gas; gasoline
xiang1 deng3 (相等)equal; equally; equivalent
fu2 she4 bo1 (辐射波)radiation (wave); radiated wave
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 99(25 Vokabeln)
ji2 ta1 (吉他)guitar
yuan2 lai2 (原来)original; former; originally; formerly; at first
dao3 dan4 (导弹)guided missile; cruise missile; missile
min2 yong4 (民用)(for) civilian use
shun4 li4 (顺利)smoothly; without a hitch
tui1 ce4 (推测)conjecture; speculate; speculation; surmise
yu3 yan2 (语言)(spoken) language
bi4 wa3 (碧瓦)green; glazed tile
yan1 (咽)narrow pass; throat
yu4 (育)nourish; to rear
xiong1 di4 (兄弟)brothers; younger brother; brethren
ye4 (液)liquid; fluid
qi3 (杞)(willow); name of a feudal state
bai4 jin1 zhu3 yi4 (拜金主义)money worship
shi3 peng2 zhang4 (使膨胀)dilate; expand
pu3 tong1 wen4 ti2 (普通问题)common questions; general questions
chuang4 ban4 ren2 (创办人)founder (of an institution, etc)
ke4 ting1 (客厅)drawing room (room for arriving guests)
dao3 guo2 (岛国)island nation
zhan1 (沾)infected by; moisten; receive favors
nong2 li4 (农历)the traditional Chinese calendar; the lunar calendar
fang4 mu4 (放牧)graze
da3 jin4 (打进)to breach; to invade
qiu1 gao1 qi4 shuang3 (秋高气爽)clear and refreshing autumn weather
wu2 ming2 (无名)nameless; obscure
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 91 bis 100: Abschnitt 100(25 Vokabeln)
wu2 fa3 (无法)unable; incapable; uncapable
fu4 zhi4 pin3 (复制品)reproduction
ji1 ji2 (积极)active; energetic; vigorous; positive (outlook); proactive
jie1 ban1 ren2, ji4 cheng2 zhe3, ji4 ren4 zhe3 (接班人, 继承者, 继任者)successor
bu4 chuai3 mao4 mei4 (不揣冒昧)venture to; presume to; take the liberty of
ge1 ci2 (歌词)song lyric
ka1, fei1, ka1 fei1 (咖, 啡, 咖啡)coffee
wei3 (诿)shirk; give excuses
ru4 mi2 (入迷)to be fascinated; to be enchanted
wang2 guan1 (王冠)crown
jin4 gong1 (进攻)attack (militarily)
dian1 (巅)summit
lao4 (酪)Chinese cream; cheese
jiao1 (骄)proud; arrogant
hang2 cheng2 (航程)flight
an4 hao4 (暗号)secret signal (sign); countersign; cipher
mai4 (劢)put forth effort
zhi4 (峙)peak; to store
kuang4, lai4 (贶, 赉)bestow; confer
shen4 keng1 (渗坑)sewage pit
zhu4 ci2 (助词)particle (grammatical)
lie4 ren2 (猎人)hunter
tui4 chu1 (退出)to withdraw; to abort; to quit
ban4 lao2 dong4 li4 (半劳动力)one able to do light manual labour only; semi-ablebodied or part time (farm) worker
cheng2 jiao1 (城郊)suburbs; outskirts of a city
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 101(25 Vokabeln)
suo3 yin3 (索引)index
xiao1 (潇)river name; sound of rain and wind
zong3 tong3 xuan3 ju3 (总统选举)presidential election
xin1 jiao4 (新教)protestant
san1 guo2 yan3 yi4 (三国演义)name of a classic novel, €Romance of the Three Kingdoms€
hong1 zha4 (轰炸)(drop a) bomb
lao3 banr4 (老伴儿)(of an old married couple) husband or wife
bu4 ze2 shou3 duan4 (不择手段)by fair means or foul; by hook or by crook; unscrupulously
zhen4 jing4 (镇静)calm; cool
yan1 (腌)to salt; pickle
zhu4 shu4 (着述)writing
bu4 sheng4 mei2 ju3 (不胜枚举)too numerous to mention individually or one by one
kan4 (瞰)bird's-eye view; glance
cai2 zhu3 (财主)rich man; moneybags
bei4 chu1 (辈出)come forth in large numbers
yan1 (奄)castrate; to delay
fang1, lu4 (匚, 簏)box; basket
ou1 zhou1 ren2 (欧洲人)European (person)
an4 bu4 jiu4 ban1 (按步就班)follow the prescribed order; keep to conventional ways
wang3 jia4 (网架)rack
xiang4 (相)appearance; portrait; picture
bo1 (剥)peel; to skin
jian4 (键)(door lock) key
ke3 ai4 (可爱)amiable; cute; lovely
xia4 wu3 (下午)afternoon
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 102(25 Vokabeln)
shi3 ming4 (使命)a (diplomatic or other) mission
bo1 la (拨刺)splash (of a fish)
ben3 tu3 (本土)one's native country; metropolitan territory
yan3 jie4 (眼界)ken; scope
yin1 (阴)(of weather) overcast; Yin; feminine; moon; cloudy; negative (electric.); shady
man4 (漫)free; unrestrained; inundate
qun2 ti3, zhi2 min2 di4 (群体, 殖民地)colony
xiang1 bi3 (相比)compared to
hai3 an4 (海岸)coastal; seacoast
xing1 qi1 si4 (星期四)Thursday
qu3 er2 dai4 zhi1 (取而代之)substitute; remove and replace (someone)
zha4 (咋)loud noise; shout; suddenly
lei4 (擂)beat (a drum)
dian4 zi3 (垫子)cushion; mat
hao4 qi2 xin1 (好奇心)curiosity
die2 (谍)to spy
shen1 zao4 (深造)advanced (studies)
an1 fen4 shou3 ji3 (安分守己)abide by the law and behave oneself; know one's place
cheng2 xiang1 (城乡)city and countryside
da2 ci2 (答词)reply; thank-you speech
xian3 (铣)shining metal
deng1 (簦)large umbrella for stalls
diao4 (钓)to fish with a hook and bait
qiang2 ying4 (强硬)tough
fei1 xiang2 (飞翔)fly
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 103(25 Vokabeln)
bian3 dan1 (扁担)carrying pole; shoulder pole
biao4 jiao1 (鳔胶)isinglass; fish glue
fei2 pan2, zhi1 (肥胖, 脂)fat
bian4 (卞)(surname); hurried
ba1 hui4 xue2 (八会穴)the Eight Strategic Nerve Points
wen2 jian4 (文件)document; file
xun4 xi1 chu3 li3 xi4 tong3 (讯息处理系统)Message Handling System; MHS
zheng4 zhi4 jia1 (政治家)statesman; politician
qing4 (磬)musical stone
cai3 ban4 (采办)buy on a considerable scale; purchase
pin1 ming4 (拼命)to be ready to risk one's life (in fighting, work, etc.)
han4, hui3 (憾, 悔)regret
ruo4 suan1 (弱酸)weak acid
diao1 ke4 pin3 (雕刻品)sculpture
jiu1 (揪)to clutch
bi3 zhe3 (笔者)the author; the writer
cao3 gao3 (草稿)outline; sketch
yu4 (昱)bright light
jing4 (径)path
ji4 (济)aid; ferry; frugal
ze2 bei4 (责备)blame; be critical of (someone)
mi4 du4 (密度)density; thickness
yu4 zhi1 (预知)anticipate; foresee
ben3 lai2 mian4 mu4 (本来面目)true colours; true features
nai3 niu2 chang3 (奶牛场)dairy farm
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 104(25 Vokabeln)
duo3 (朵)M for flowers
wei3 ren4 (委任)appoint
zi4 hao2 (自豪)(feel a sense of) pride
bao1 cheng2 zhi4 (包承制)responsible crew system
suo3 you3 quan2 (所有权)ownership; possession
su1 lian2 (苏联)Soviet Union
ben3 di3 (本底)background
jian4 dui4 (舰队)fleet
zhou1 mo4 (周末)weekend
jiang3 pin3 (奖品)award; prize
fen1 bu4 shi4 jie2 gou4 (分布式结构)distributed architecture
si4 nian2 qian2 (四年前)four years previously
gui3 fan4 (轨范)standard; criterium
e2 (额)volume; amount; quantity; forehead; quota
guang1 ming2 (光明)bright (future); promising
zhen1 (榛)hazel tree; Corylus heterophylla
shen1 qing3 ren2 (申请人)applicant
wei4 yuan2 (位元)bit
hui2 da2 (回答)reply; answer
bai2 ti3 (白体)lean type
ye4 zi (叶子)foliage; leaf
yi4 (熠)to glow; flash
chi1 (蚩)(surname); ignorant; worm
an1 xiang2 (安祥)serene; composed; unruffled
bai2 tang2 (白糖)(refined) white sugar
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 105(25 Vokabeln)
su4 cai4 (素菜)vegetable dish
cao1 dian3 (操典)drill book
guo1 (郭)(surname); outer city wall
ying4 yong4 ruan3 jian4, ying4 yong4 ruan3 ti3 (应用软件, 应用软体)application software
wei4 sheng1 guan1 yuan2 (卫生官员)health official
si1 li4 (私利)personal gain; (one's own) selfish interest
cai3 fang3 (采访)cover (a news story)
nei4 luan4 (内乱)internal disorder; civil strife
zi4 yuan4 (自愿)voluntary
mei3 zhou1 (美洲)the Americas
zhuo1 shang4 xing2 dian4 nao3 (桌上型电脑)desktop computer
ai4 li3 bu4 li3 (爱理不理)look cold and indifferent; be standoffish
feng1 bao4 (风暴)storm
qiao1 ji1 (敲击)pound; rap
fen1 gei3 (分给)divide
zhu4 hua2 (驻华)stationed in China; located in China
zi1 liao4 chuan2 shu1, shu4 ju4 chuan2 shu1 (资料传输, 数据传输)data transmission
jia2 (铗)pincers for use at a fire; sword
qing3 yuan4 (请愿)petition (for action to be taken)
yong1 (佣)hire; servant
yu4 shu3 shu3 (玉蜀黍)corn
dan1 yun4 mu3 (单韵母)simple finals
xiao3 chi1 dian4 (小吃店)snack bar; lunch room
pi3 (否)clogged; evil
zhui1 qiu2 (追求)seek; pursue (a goal, etc)
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 106(25 Vokabeln)
chong1 (冲)dash against
shuo4 (朔)beginning; first day of lunar month
guang3 chang3 (广场)a public square (eg, Tiananmen Square)
bing4 di4 lian2 (并蒂莲)twin lotus flowers on one stalk - a devoted married couple
ju4 (拒)to resist; to repel; to refuse
ying1 (鹰)eagle; falcon; hawk
ran3 (苒)luxuriant growth; passing (of time)
chan2 (蟾)moon; (striped) toad
ji1 e4 (饥饿)hunger; hungry; starve
te4 xie3 (特写)feature article
yun3 dang4 (允当)proper; suitable
shi1 tiao2 (失调)imbalance; out of tune
yong4 hu4 duan1 she4 bei4 (用户端设备)customer premise equipment; CPE
zai4 da4 duo1 shu4 qing2 kuang4 xia4 (在大多数情况下)in most instances
qi2 (奇)strange; odd; weird; wonderful
zhi4 cai2 (制裁)(economic) sanctions
cheng2 (橙)orange tree; the color orange; orange
dai4 li3 (代理)acting (temporarily filling a position)
yu2 kuai4 (愉快)cheerful; cheerily; delightful; pleasant; pleasantly; pleasing; happy; delighted
dai4 zi (袋子)bag
gun4 (棍)stick
bo2 (勃)flourishing; prosperous; suddenly; abruptly
bi4 duan1 (弊端)malpractice; abuse; corrupt practice
zhuang4 (戆)simple; stupid
yao2 (肴)mixed; viands
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 107(25 Vokabeln)
fu4 kan1 (副刊)supplement
zun3 (撙)regulate; restrain
chou2 he4 (酬和)to respond to a poem with a poem
mi2 ren2 (迷人)fascinating; enchanting; charming; tempting
cheng3 (秤)steel yard; scales
shang4 ke4 (上课)to attend class
san3 (糁)to mix (of powders)
mian3 (缅)Burma; distant
cheng2 fen4 (成份)composition; ingredients; element; makeup
mei3 ge ren2 (每个人)everybody; everyone
shen4 zhong4 (慎重)cautious; careful; prudent
jing1 (兢)to be fearful; apprehensive
bi4 (壁)wall; rampart
qing1 nian2 (青年)youth
bi4 gua4 (壁挂)wall hanging
zhu3 bian1 (主编)editor
pin3 wei4, wei4, zi1 wei4 (品味, 味, 滋味)taste
xin4 hao4 (信号)signal
n` shi4 (女士)lady; madam
he1 (呵)expel breath; my goodness
gao1, xi1 bo4 (糕, 西薄)cake
lu4 jing4 (路径)route (networking)
mian2 (眠)sleep
jiao3 dong4 (搅动)to mix; to stir
xing3 (省)comprehend; introspect; visit
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 108(25 Vokabeln)
dang1 xuan3 (当选)be elected
ku4, shun4, yu3 (喾, 舜, 禹)name of an emperor
dong4 ji1 (动机)motive; motivation; intention
da3 lie4 (打猎)hunt
bei4 ke4 (备课)(of a teacher) to prepare lessons
she2 (蛇)snake; serpent
biao3 xiong1 (表兄)male cousin with a different surname (older than oneself)
zan3 (攒)collect; hoard
mu4 dao4 you3 (慕道友)religious investigator
zhan3 wang4 (展望)outlook
shi1 li4 (失利)suffer defeat
kao3 (拷)to beat; to flog; to examine by torture
kou4 (扣)10 percent; button; detain
jiao3 huo4 (搅和)to mix (up); to blend; to spoil
ying4 jian4 ping2 tai2 (硬件平?)hardware platform
biao1 zhun3 zu3 zhi1 (标准组织)standards organization; standards body
niu3 (忸)accustomed to; blush; be shy
fu3 bai4 zui4 (腐败罪)the crime of corruption
xun4 xi1 chuan2 di4 zhong1 jie4 (讯息传递中介)message transfer agent; MTA
zha2 (闸)gear; watergate
wan2 mei3 (完美)perfect; perfection; perfectly
li2 ming2 (黎明)dawn; daybreak
cha1 ru4 (插入)insert; stick; thrust
chun3 (蠢)blunt; stupid; to wiggle (of worms); sluggish
yi2 huo4 (疑惑)(a sense of) uncertainty; feel unsure about something
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 109(25 Vokabeln)
fan4 (畈)field; farm
quan2 guo2 (全国)entire country; nationwide
fan2 chuan2, fan1, peng2 (帆船, 帆, 篷)sail
zhong1 wen2 ban3 (中文版)Chinese (language) version
shu1 ji (书记)secretary; clerk
dan1 ju4 (单据)receipts; invoices; transaction records
yan2 liao4 (颜料)paint
bu4 yi4 le4 hu1 (不亦乐乎)extremely; awfully
biao1 zhun3 (标准)(an official) standard; norm; criterion
qian3 (缱)attached to; loving
tou4 lu4 (透露)to leak out; to divulge; to reveal
si1 (撕)to tear
chou2 cuo4 (筹措)raise (money)
ju4 da4 ya1 li4 (巨大压力)enormous pressure; tremendous pressure
han4 mi4 er3 dun4 (汉密尔顿)Hamilton
za2 luan4 (杂乱)mess
di4 zhi3 de zhuan3 huan4 (地址的转换)address translation
zhe2 xue2 jia1 (哲学家)philosopher
tao1 (涛)big wave
jian3 xing2 (减刑)reduce penalty; shortened or commuted (judicial) sentence
cong1 (匆)hurried; hasty
gong4 chan3 dang3 yuan2 (共产党员)communist party member
zhu3 ji1 (主机)core
hua4 xiang4 (画像)portrait; portray
cai3 mei2 (采煤)coal mining; coal extraction; coal cutting
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 101 bis 110: Abschnitt 110(25 Vokabeln)
qu1 (曲)bent; crooked; wrong
ji4 (霁)sky clearing up
ri4 chang2 gong1 zuo4, li4 xing2 (日常工作, 例行)routine
kan3 (坎)pit; threshold
di1 da sheng1 (滴答声)tick (tock)
kai1 chu2 xue2 ji2 (开除学籍)to expel from school
chu1 kou3 chan3 pin3 (出口产品)export product
sheng4 yue1 (圣约)covenant
ren4 wu (任务)mission; assignment; task; duty; role
piao4 (骠)white horse
hei1 (嘿)hey
dou4 zheng1 (斗争)struggle (with); fight; battle
xun1 rou4 (熏肉)bacon
qing2 gan3 (情感)feeling; emotion
tong3 ji4 jie2 guo3 (统计结果)statistical results
zhai1 yin3, yin3 zheng4 (摘引, 引证)quote
lin3 (懔)fear
he2 ping2 hui4 tan2 (和平会谈)peace talks; peace discussions
ri4 ben3 ren2 (日本人)Japanese person or people
xie2 ding4 (协定)(reach an) agreement; protocol
ben3 ling3 (本领)skill; ability; capability
shi2 pu3 (食谱)cookery book; cookbook; recipe
bo4 (簸)dust pan; toss (as waves)
mi2 huo (迷惑)to puzzle; to confuse; to baffle
yu4 chi2 (浴池)public bath
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 111(25 Vokabeln)
mu4 liao4 (木料)lumber; timber
cai2 jing1 (财经)finance and economics
yin3 (隐)secret; hidden; concealed
hong2 l` deng1 (红绿灯)(red and green) traffic light; traffic signal
xi2 (锡)tin
chi2 dun4 (迟钝)slow (witted)
jie2 (讦)accuse; pry
pao1 (抛)to throw; to toss; to fling; to cast; to abandon
biao4 (鳔)air bladder of fish
mian2 (绵)cotton; incessant; soft; downy
qiang2 jia1 (强加)impose by force
shen3 yi4 (审议)deliberation; pondering; due consideration
zan4 mei3 (赞美)admire; applause; praise; to eulogize
qiao4 (撬)to lift
zhuan3 bo1 (转播)relay; broadcast (on radio or TV)
feng1 (风)wind; news; style; custom; manner
ba1 fang1 (八方)the eight points of the compass; all directions
cuo2 (瘥)disease
zhuan4 (撰)compose; compile; discourse in praise
can1 kao3 shu1 (参考书)reference
kuai4 su4 fa1 zhan3 (快速发展)rapid growth; rapid expansion
tan3 bai2 (坦白)honest; forthcoming; to confess
zha4 (炸)explode
he2 (合)Chinese musical note; fit; to join
l` cheng2 (旅程)journey; trip
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 112(25 Vokabeln)
pie1 (瞥)blink; glance
ban3 (版)a register; a block of printing; an edition; version; page
gu1 (估)estimate
zu3 fu4 (祖父)grandfather (father's side)
bi3 tao4 (笔套)the cap of a pen; pencil; or writing brush; the sheath of a pen (made of cloth, silk or thread
yi1 fu, yi1 (衣服, 衣)clothes
ben1 tao2 (奔逃)flee; run away
fu4 (傅)(surname); tutor
que4 bao3 (确保)ensure; guarantee
tuo1 yang3 he2 tang2 he2 suan1 (脱氧核糖核酸)DNA
gu3 lei4, he2 (谷类, 禾)cereal; grain
luan4 (乱)in confusion; disorderly
fu2 (袱)bundle wrapped in cloth
shang4 su4 (上诉)appeal (a judicial case)
dun4 (沌)confused; turbid
nai3 lao4, gan1 lao4 (奶酪, 乾酪)cheese
jin4 hua4 (进化)evolution
zi1 (锱)ancient weight; one-eighth of a tael
gua4 gou1 (挂钩)couple; link together
chuan2 tong3 (传统)tradition
san1 wei2 (三维)three dimensional; 3D
bu4 ji2 ge2 (不及格)fail
fu4 bu4 (腹部)abdomen; belly; flank
ren4 chu1 (认出)recognition; recognize
ci2 (磁)magnetic; magnetism; porcelain
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 113(25 Vokabeln)
wei3 ye4 (伟业)exploit; great undertaking
guan3 li3 yuan2 (管理员)manager; administrator
ji4 shu4 fa1 zhan3 (技术发展)technological development
feng1 qin2 (风琴)organ (musical instrument)
jin4 (赆)farewell presents
si1 pei4 lin2 (斯佩林)Spelling (eg, Spelling Entertainment Group)
wu2 li4 (无力)powerless; lacking strength
shang1 hui4 (商会)chamber of commerce
gong1 an1 (公安)(Ministry of) Public Security; public safety; public security
fu3 dao3 (辅导)to coach; to tutor; to give advise (in study)
zao4 yin1 (噪音)rumble; noise
yang2 (佯)pretend
hu1 jiao4 (呼叫)to shout; to yell
duo1 zhong3 (多种)many kinds of; multiple; diverse; multi-
shi4 pin2 jie2 mu4 (视频节目)video program
cong1 (囱)window; chimney
bu4 chi3 (不齿)despise; hold in contempt
gong1 jiang4 (工匠)artisan; smith
ai1 yuan4 (哀怨)sad; plaintive
jin1 wan3 (今晚)tonight
ba2 ran3, pai2 chu1 (拔染, 排出)discharge
liang3 an4 (两岸)bilaterial; both shores; both sides; both coasts; Taiwan and mainland
shi2 jiu3 (十九)nineteen
zhao2 ji2 (ぴ急)feel anxiously
bing1 dai4 (冰袋)ice bag
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 114(25 Vokabeln)
zhen3 (轸)d (11th); strongly (as of emotion)
wei3 ji1 (伟绩)great acts
dan1 xin1 (丹心)loyalty
tu3 er3 qi2 (土耳其)Turkey
ji2 (集)to gather; to collect; collected works
ke3 qin1, he2 ai3 (可亲, 和蔼)kindly; nice; amiable
feng1 (蜂)bee; wasp
qu1 shi2 (趋时)to follow fashion
bu4 bi4 jian1 xian3 (不避艰险)shrink or flinch from no difficulty or danger; make light of difficulties and dangers
bao4 po4 (爆破)to blow up; to demolish (using explosives); dynamite; blast
ping2 wen3 (平稳)smooth; steady
fen4 nu4 (愤怒)angry; indignant
mao4 (貌)appearance
gao1 deng3 xue2 xiao4 (高等学校)colleges and universities
mai3 fang1 (买方)buyer (in contracts)
xi1 (析)to seperate; to divide; to analyze
cui4 (粹)pure; unmixed; essence
xing4 yu4 (性欲)sexual desire
you3 yi4 (有意)intend; intentionally
guang1 jie1 shou1 qi4 (光接收器)optical receiver
fang3 (纺)spin
ri4 ben3 jing1 ji4 xin1 wen2 (日本经济新闻)Japanese Economic News
bao1 xiang1 (包厢)box (in a theatre or concert hall)
yuan2 pan2 (圆盘)disk
gu2 fa3 (骨法)bone (property of a brush stroke)
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 115(25 Vokabeln)
wei1 dai4 (危殆)grave danger
cheng2 qu1 (城区)city proper
dan4 (蛋)egg; oval shaped
nai3 niu2 (奶牛)milk cow; dairy cow
nei4 bu4 (内部)interior; inside (part, section); internal
fan2 mang2, mang2 lu4 (繁忙, 忙碌)busy; bustling
ku4 (库)warehouse; storehouse
mai3 jin4, gou4 mai3 (买进, 购买)purchase
dun4 zu2 (顿足)stamp (one's feet)
cun2 fang4 (存放)to deposit; to leave in sb's care
mi2 (糜)dissolved; rice-gruel; wasted
yi1 pai2 (一排)row
ji1 jiao3 (犄角)horn
mai3 jia4 (买价)buying price
huo2 (和)soft; warm
zhu3 gan4 wang3 luo4 (主干网络)core network
jiu1 ge2 (纠葛)entanglement; dispute
qiu2 (泅)submerge; swim under water
shou3 xi2 (首席)chief (representative, correspondent, etc)
fei1 dan4, dan4 dao4 dao3 dan4 (飞弹, 弹道导弹)missile
gan3 tan4 (感叹)to sigh (with feeling)
chang3 gong1 (厂工)factory worker
e4 (饿)to be hungry; hungry
peng2 zi (棚子)shack; shed
dui4 hua2 (对华)(policy, etc.) towards China
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 116(25 Vokabeln)
he2 bing4 (合并)annex; merge
mu4 biao1 di4 zhi3 (目标地址)destination address; target address
bo2 (帛)silk
zhao4 xiang4 (照相)take a photograph
cui1 hui3 (摧毁)destroy; wreck
shi4 pin2, dong4 tai4 ying3 xiang4 (视频, 动态影像)video
hua2 bing1 (滑冰)to skate; skating
xi4 fen3 (细粉)powder
gong1 shang1 yin2 hang2 (工商银行)Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
xian4 chang3 (现场)scene (of event or incident)
zhuo1 shang4 xing2 (桌上型)desktop
mian4 fen3 (面粉)flour
chou2 ying4 (酬应)social interaction
ti2 dao4 (提到)mention
zi3 (紫)purple
pu1 (扑)rush on
fa1 zhan3 he2 wu3 qi4 (发展核武器)to develop nuclear weapons
bo4 he2 (薄荷)field mint; peppermint
gong1 (弓)a bow (weapon)
qian1 (搴)seize
bu4 yi4 (不意)unexpectedly; unawareness; unpreparedness
bu4 gong4 dai4 tian1 (不共戴天)will not live under the same sky (with one's enemy) - absolutely irreconcilable
shou1 huo4 (收获)acquisition
mou2 sha1, sha1 hai4 (谋杀, 杀害)murder
chi2 yan2 (迟延)to delay
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 117(25 Vokabeln)
you3 yi4 shi4 (有意识)conscious
ji2 da4 (极大)enormous
mao2 mao2 yu3 (毛毛雨)drizzle; light rain
ang4 (盎)abundant; bowl; dish; pot
ruan3 ti3 chu1 ban3 xie2 hui4 (软体出版协会)Software Publishers Association
da4 kuai4 ren2 xin1 (大快人心)to the satisfaction of everyone
chou3 hua4 (丑化)defame; libel; to defile; to smear; to vilify
ru4 qin1 (入侵)to invade
gua1 (刮)blow (of the wind)
fu2 wu4 gui1 zhang1 (服务规章)service regulation
ling2 de shi4 jie4 (灵的世界)spirit world
huo4 lun2 (货轮)freighter; cargo ship
shang1 tan2 (商谈)confer; discuss; engage in talks
zi4 zhi4 qu1 (自治区)autonomous region (in China)
zhui1 (追)pursue (a problem); to chase
bu2 zhu4 (不住)repeatedly; continuously; constantly
yin2 (淫)excessive; wanton; lewd; kinky; obscene
jing3 zhong1 (警钟)alarm bell
fei3 (斐)(phonetic); (surname); elegant
qiang2 bi4, qiang2, yuan2 (墙壁, 墙, 垣)wall
wei3 ding3 (伪顶)false roof
qi4 (器)device; tool; utensil
xing1 qi1 yi1 (星期一)Monday
kuai4, jing1 ji4 ren2 (侩, 经纪人)broker
han2 gou4 (函购)mail order
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 118(25 Vokabeln)
yan2 li4 (严厉)severe; strict
jiao1 huan4 xu1 dian4 lu4 (交换虚电路)Switched Virtual Circuit; SVC
gan4 (绀)violet or purple
zhuan4, zhuan4 ji4 (传, 传记)biography
jiang1 jie4, jiang1 (疆界, 疆)border; boundary
shang4 ceng2 (上层)upper layer
xia4, sha4 (厦, 厦)tall building
cao3 di4 (草地)lawn; meadow; sod; turf
xiang1 ying4 (相应)relevant; corresponding (reaction)
xi2 (隰)(surname); low; marshy land
zhi4 yuan4 zhe3 (志愿者)volunteer
qian4 (歉)apologize; deficient; to regret
fen1 san4 (分散)scatter; disperse; distribute
bing4 zao4 (病灶)focus (of infection)
xin1 han2 (心寒)be very disappointed
yu3 hang2 ju2 (宇航局)space agency
wang3 guan3 jie1 kou3 (网管接口)network management interface
bin4 fa4 (鬓发)hair on the temples
dang3 (谠)advice; counsels
liu2 lang4 zhe3 (流浪者)rover; vagabond; vagrant; wanderer
zhuang1 huo4 (装货)shipping
zhuo1 (捉)to clutch; to grab; to capture
yi4 ban1 yuan2 ze2 (一般原则)general principle
bao3 quan2 (保全)save from damage; preserve; maintain; keep in good repair
ju4 ren2 (巨人)giant
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 119(25 Vokabeln)
wei3 jun1 (伪军)puppet army
xiao1 shi1 (消失)disappear; fade away
zheng4 quan4 (证券)(financial) securities; negotiable securities
ban4 (伴)a partner; companion or associate; to accompany; comrade
geng1 zheng1 (更正)correction
zhuo2 (灼)brilliant; cauterize
jing1 mei3 (精美)delicate; fine; refinement
dan1 (箪)round basket for cooked rice
bi1 zhai4 (逼债)press for payment of debts; dun
wang3 lu4 lian2 jie1 ceng2 (网路连接层)network link layer
xi3 (葸)feel insecure; unhappy
pie3 (撇)(downwards-left curved character stroke); throw
xing2 xing1 (行星)planet
nao4 (淖)(surname); slush; mud
lai4 (籁)music; musical pipe with 3 reeds
sha1 ji1 gei3 hou2 kan4 (杀鸡给猴看)€kill a chicken in front of a monkey€ -- make an example out of someone (by punishing them) to frighten others
hua2 (豁)play Chinese finger game
ji3 jin4 (挤进)tuck
ming4 yun4 (命运)fate
su4 xiao4 (速效)quick results
re4 xin1 (热心)enthusiasm; zeal; zealous; zest; enthusiastic; ardent; warmhearted
di4 tu2 (地图)map
chuan2 dao4 zhe3 (传道者)missionary; preacher
ding1 (疔)boil; carbuncle
xian1 ling4 (先令)shilling
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 111 bis 120: Abschnitt 120(25 Vokabeln)
yan2 (盐)salt
fen2 (鼢)(mole)
jie1 wen3 (接吻)kiss
yin3, sha4 (饮, 歃)drink
kuan1 xian4 (宽限)extend (a deadline, etc.)
bu3 zhui4 (补缀)mend (clothes); patch
gong1 yue1 (公约)convention (ie, international agreement)
chang2 (徜)sit cross-legged; walk back and forth
ren4 zheng4 (认证)authenticate; approve
bao4 guo2 (报国)dedicate oneself to the service of one's country
qiao1 da3, zhua1 (敲打, 挝)beat
xun2 (巡)to patrol; to make one's rounds
qiao2 jie1 qi4 (桥接器)bridge (networking)
bang3 piao4 (绑票)kidnap (for ransom)
kong3 (孔)(surname); hole
ying1 mou3 (英亩)acre
bai3 fen1 zhi1 jiu3 shi2 (百分之九十)90 percent
zhang1 kai1 (张开)stretch
ben1 teng2 (奔腾)(of waves) to surge forward; to roll on in waves; to gallop
qi4 quan2 (弃权)to abstain from voting; to forfeit; to waive one's right to vote
mai4 dian3 (卖点)selling point
zhong1 gao4 (忠告)advice; advise
ding3 shi4 (顶事)useful; fitting
you3 hai4 de (有害的)destructive; harmful; damaging
qiao3 (愀)change countenance; worry
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 121 bis 130: Abschnitt 121(25 Vokabeln)
shi1 zong1 (失踪)be missing; be unaccounted for
pi1, li4, ting2 (霹, 雳, 霆)clap of thunder
cao1 shou3 (操守)personal integrity
xu1 (虚)devoid of content; void; false; empty; vain
lu2 (鲈)common perch
dui4 mian4 (对面)opposite
qiang2 jian1 (强奸)rape
chuang1 zi3 (窗子)casement; window
yi1 wu4 suo3, zhen3 suo3 (医务所, 诊所)clinic
kou4 ya1 (扣押)detain; keep (someone) in custody
shi3 yan4 fan2 (使厌烦)disgust
jin4 yi1 xia4 (浸一下)dip
ru2 (儒)scholar; Confucian
ju1 (车)vehicle on land
yi1 tuan2 (一团)regiment
song3 dong4 (耸动)to create a sensation
duo1 dang3 xuan3 ju3 (多党选举)multiparty election
song1 (松)loose; pine
wu2 lun4 he2 chu4 (无论何处)anywhere; wherever
yu4 (蜮)mythical creature; toad; worm
you3 tan2 xing4, ji1 dong4 (有弹性, 机动)flexible
xian2, wen2 ya3 (娴, 文雅)elegant; refined
xiang3 (享)enjoy
guang1 xian1 jie1 kou3 (光纤接口)optical interface
yong3 heng2 (永恒)eternal
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 121 bis 130: Abschnitt 122(25 Vokabeln)
shi2 shi2 cao1 zuo4 huan2 jing4 (实时操作环境)real time operating environment
yan2 jiu1 ji1 gou4, yan2 jiu1 suo3 (研究机构, 研究所)research institute
hu4 zhao4 (护照)passport
bu3 ding1 (补丁)patch
qin2 (檎)(fruit)
bin1 (缤)helter-skelter; mixed colours; in confusion
shou4 hai4 zhe3 (受害者)casulties; victims; injured and wounded; sufferer
yu3 zhi1, yu3 zu2 (语支, 语族)language branch
gan3 (杆)M for guns
yao1 (妖)goblin; witch; devil; bewitching; enchanting; monster; phantom
qiu1 ji4 (秋季)autumn; fall semester
quan4 (券)deed; bond; contract; ticket
qi4 ren2 (气人)to get someone angry; to get someone annoyed
shuang1 sheng1 xiong1 di4 (双生兄弟)twin brothers
dian4 hua4 xian4 (电话线)telephone line; telephone wire
cha2 (茶)tea; tea plant
lei4 (累)implicate; tired
jia1 zu2 (家族)household; clan
bu4 jian4 le (不见了)disappear; be missing
mou2 (侔)similar; comparable; equal
jin1 rong2 (金融)banking; finance; financial
bi4 yin1 (庇?)(of a tree; etc; ) give shade; shield
yi2 (痍)bruise; sores
zi4 you2 pai4 (自由派)liberal
zhi4, zhi4 hui4 (智, 智慧)wisdom; knowledge
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 121 bis 130: Abschnitt 123(25 Vokabeln)
qi4 xi1, bi2 xi1 (气息, 鼻息)breath
bai2 mi3 (白米)(polished) rice
bao4 chou2 (报仇)to revenge (oneself); to avenge
chuan2 song4 (传送)to convey; to deliver
wai4 guo2 l` you2 zhe3 (外国旅游者)foreign traveller
yi2 he2 yuan2 (颐和园)Summer Palace (in Beijing)
huai2 (踝)ankle (bone)
l` fei4 (旅费)travel expenses
tou1 ting1 (偷听)to evesdrop; to monitor (secretly)
ye3 shou4 (野兽)beast
jie3 chu2 (解除)remove; relieve (someone of their duties)
jia4 shi3 yuan2 (驾驶员)pilot
quan2 qiu2 (全球)entire; total; global
bei1 gong1 qu1 jie2 (卑躬屈节)bow and scrape; cringe; act servilely
xue2 zhe3, xue2 jia1 (学者, 学家)scholar
du2 zou4 (独奏)solo
shi2 ti3 (实体)entity; substance
zhong1 gong4 (中共)(abbreviation for) Chinese Communist (party, regime, etc.)
qian1 xun4 (谦逊)humble; humility; modesty
la1 ding1 yu3 (拉丁语)Latin (language)
shou3 xi2 dai4 biao3 (首席代表)chief representative
zhong4 (重)heavy; serious
dai4 biao3 tuan2 (代表团)delegation
ba3 zi, ba3, ba3 bing3 (把子, 把, 把柄)handle
fan3 er2 (反而)instead; contrary (to expectations)
Spezialwortschatz: Abschnitt 121 bis 130: Abschnitt 124(25 Vokabeln)
xi4 ju4 xing4 (戏剧性)dramatic
bi4 xu1 pin3 (必需品)necessity; essential (thing)
qie1 wang4 (切望)crave; eager; longing
she4 jiao1 (社交)(social) interaction
ba3 shou (把手)handle; grip; knob
gong1 ping2 (公平)fair; impartial
yin3 yan2 (引言)forward; introduction
yuan2 (圜)circle; encircle
fu2 tiao2 (辐条)(wheel) spoke
zhu4 fang2 (住房)housing
shi3 (矢)arrow; dart
yi3 hun1 (已婚)married
chu2 fang2, chu2, pao2 (厨房, 厨, 庖)kitchen
bi3 zhao4 (比照)according to; in the light of; contrast
bao3 wen1 (保温)heat preservation
qi4 jiu4 tu2 xin1 (弃旧换新)to turn over a new leaf
lang4 (浪)wave; breaker; unrestrained; dissipated
zhi2 (絷)connect; tie up<